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    • @ParkMan,   I hear ya. But sadly the new uniforms are not made as well as the older ones, and for the quality they are not worth the price. I bought a CU shirt brand new, and letters started coming off. Wife had to embroider "Boys Scouts of America." Oldest son bought a pair of pants, and within 3 months they were ripped in the seam. Scout Shop didn't want to take them back because of "normal wear and tear" until I showed them the receipt, discussed how the tear was a seam and not in the pants, and that I wanted to speak to the manager about their "lifetime guarantee." Middle son's Cub Scout pants ripped in the seat after about 2 or three months. Compare that to the older pants. I have 20+ year old pants and shorts that I rotated wearing on a daily basis for 5 summers of staffing, and 2 years working at the Scout Shop. Still in great shape and i even handed down a pair of shorts to my son. And don't forget the 40+ year old shirt I use for camping.  
    • In its quest to emasculate scouting completely, Philmont now offers a glamping option that completely removes the possibility that participants might actually experience outdoor life. The new tents have permanent, full floors, electricity, queen size tempurpedic mattresses with Egyptian 800-thread count sheets, in-tent maid service, in-tent massage, and big screen canvas wall mount televisions with your choice of Netflix or Hulu. Covered parking is provided with valet service available on demand. The story:
    • Folks who find scout uniforms expensive should be aware that Scout Shops are offering a 25% off sale. (https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2019/08/19/unprecedented-scout-shop-sale-on-uniform-shirts-is-too-cool-to-miss/) I went to the 25% off sale and it was great. I got a pair of khaki pants with one long leg and one short leg.
    • First, trust the scouts.  I have to have this conversation almost every year with some of my adults.  For all the goofiness that might be said during the process, and you really need to be patient during it,  they want the program to be successful and they are going to ultimately act responsibly. This is a time when your relationship and mentoring with the SPL are critical.  Make sure you've had some in depth conversations both in terms of how he runs the planning and in what kind of goals or outcomes you both want from it.  A common problem is what Perdidochas describes, they'll often regress to the mean and do what they've done before.  If that's a concern you have then talk to your SPL about it in one of your several conversations, does he see it, does he agree that some variety would be better, how can he then lead the scouts to see and find the same.  Sometimes, after talking to the SPL you can have a shorter version of that conversation with some of the other older scouts who tend to have a big influence on these things.
    • We do it a bit different than others. I have list of 50 places and possible activities (backpacking Porcupine MTS, Backpacking SHT, Rafting Wolf River, Canoing Wisconsin river, Canoeing Fox river, Shooting Elgin etc..) I print out 1 page for each of the 50. Each page contains a description of activity, a link to some site and location. Each of the 40 scouts are required to either choose one of the 50 and add more detail, choose one of the 50 and modify activicty/location or bring their own idea. Each scout then does a 3- minute 2-3 slide presentation on where, what, when and why the troop should pick their trip. The PLC then decides which campout should happen in which months and we vote. This gives everyone a say in what we do. Where did I get 50 ideas? - I stole them from other troop websites and calendars. Some really great ideas out there and because they cam from other troops I assume they are scout appropriate and fun.  
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    • qwazse

      A chill weekend taking my church youth camping,  a much needed change of pace. All of my Jambo neckers were around some boy's neck for most of the day. They never got the memo that American scouts would melt if they wore them!
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    • Longhaired_Mac

      Just back from Wood badge. W1-604-19 100th anniversary. Bobwhite Patrol. My friend got his Silver Beaver this year and landed in the beaver Patrol. And He is working on a scout camp's pond for me during an OA weekend. Seems he's stuck with the Beaver as a personal scouting totem lol.
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    • qwazse

      Hello, World .... at subcamp Charlie, SBR ... World Scout Jamboree.
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