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  1. New Volunteers vs the Old Guard

    My experience is type A personalities will persevere. Either the unit leadership will learn to use the volunteers energy to the units advantage, or the type A person will eventually be the unit leader. As for recruiting, nothing works better than asking in person. I learned to match personal skills to the required need. I was rarely turned down because our human nature is to feel flattered when our time is requested specifically for our skills. And more often than not, the volunteer stayed in the position for a long time. Barry
  2. Benefits of Scouting for Scouters

    Oh, I forgot. I enjoy people watching too. Barry
  3. Benefits of Scouting for Scouters

    I'll be the nerdy one, I really really enjoy watching the scouts get it with decision making. I also found that I enjoyed being an adult trainer for the same reason. And it is the main reason I hang around here. I love this scouting stuff. Barry
  4. OK So I have a personal story that reminds of the last few post. A personal friend brought here son around to visit our troop. Her expectations, like many parents new to the troop program, where different from her son. She want her son in a troop were all the adults looked sharp while working with the scouts who looked just as sharp. She didn't care for our troop where the adults sat in one room while the scouts did there thing in other rooms. And not all the scouts looked as sharp as the scoutmaster. ( Anyway, she and her son visited our troop FIVE times because he kept saying we were his choice. She kept resisting by visiting the two to choices until he decided with her choice. Well, her son won in the end. But even though we are friends, she was suspicious of the "boys" club of ASMs. So, even thought she attended all the meetings and campouts, she kept her distance. It was an odd situation, but we felt she would eventually fit in once she saw how our program worked. And sure enough, she visited me at summer camp to express how she finally got it. From her small tent she set up away from the other adults (boys club) and in the middle of camp, she observed older scouts on their own offering to help younger scouts with their classes. I don't know why that was the light bulb that turn on for her, but it changed her so much that she moved her tent to near the boys club. She bought in to our patrol method so much that she went and marketed for new scouts from her kids schools and church every year. She wrote a parents guide for new scouts that would make Badon Powel and Bill Hilcourt proud. She became the best CC we ever had. And all three of her sons became Eagles in our troop. I fully expect that same thing to happen with new members and the boys club on this forum because I think new members will learn what my friend learned, there is no boys club. Just like-minded people gathering in a place of their passion. Barry
  5. I guess, but even your reply is contradictory. "Stories told over and over", AND, "babies made all over the place". Where does "don't blame the girls" come from. I really don't feel you understand the members of this forum. Most of us are older with a lot of life and scouting experience. We have been Dancing for quite a long time. Barry
  6. A professional a few years back told me that there are, what he called, scout babies floating around. That was back in the 90's. Based from what I hear about the more laid back European Scout Units, I have always wondered if they have that same issue. Never underestimate the power of raging hormones. As for the importance of adults in scouting, I am a big proponent of boy run patrol method. I am also convinced that adults set the tone of growth in all scouting units. As a result of that observation over the years, adults (the right adults) are the most important part of the program. BSA scouting is an adult program for preparing boys for adulthood. Err, um, preparing youth for adulthood. Barry
  7. Stosh, you have posted chapters on your two scouts experience over the years. Your early posts speak of endepth coaching for the one scout. I'm not saying it is wrong, others here do it too. But it will never make sense to me. An Eagle is either ready for the world of adulthood, or he is not. That is my perspective. If a scout is treated unfairly, well then we go from there. As for continued maturing, yep. Barry Good answer. Barry
  8. Yes, but based on whose perception of how to guide scouts through the Eagle requirements. I remember you asking how to lead a few MBs classes and your perception was not in line with how most experienced Scoutmasters would do it. So, who will set the standards for your sons. I think this is exactly the concerns are with what folks are calling helicopter parents. I don't know if you fit in that parent description, but your post seem to be a bit centered. Most of the better Scoutmasters don't base their actions from personal objectives. This is why I like this forum. Barry
  9. Mr. stosh, I agree with the point your are making, I truly do. But there is something missing. The scout you describe in your post doesn't need any coaching for the EBOR. For any reason. Sounds more like a helicopter Scoutmaster. A lesson for all of us is no matter how old and how experienced we scoutmasters are, we Scoutmasters can keep learning to grow and mature more. Barry
  10. Scouter Magazine

    My best friend growing up was the youngest of three boys, so we spent many hours in his room reading old Boys Life and Mad Magazines. Both were very appropriate and entertaining for boys in that day. One reflected the typical boys dreams for adventure. The other reflected the typical boys' sarcastic view of the culture. I'm going to have to disagree with Fred: If the BLs today are what boys today need, they are a very boring generation. My sons thought they were a waste of money. I haven't looked at Mad Magazine in a long time. Barry
  11. This issue has been hashed out here long before you joined the forum. I think even the liberal members (and moderators) on this forum would agree the discussion has pretty much moved past sexist dialog. I believe rose colored glasses are the cause of the responses lately. Barry
  12. The BSA did not get it right. I sent the original post mentioning this ceremony to point out Nationals dishonesty when they justified their ban as a form of hazing. They could have just said it is dangerous, and everyone would have said fine. But their justification of hazing was at the very least unprofessional. National has made a lot of decisions that have given me pause to their motivation and management ability of the organization. But, calling the Bobcat Ceremony an act of hazing was my first Red Flag of their callus unprofessionalism toward the organization's members. That was the mid 90s. Barry
  13. Scouter Magazine

    Not at all. The complaints are of the sudden big picture policy change. Or rather how Nationals less than honest approach toward the change. I don't ever recall National discouraging family camping. So, it is certainly gonna raise suspicion. Barry
  14. BSA Hammock Rules

    I tried the hammock because I'm always looking for something to smooth out the hard ground. But I couldn't fall a sleep while shaped like a taco shell. Scouts enjoyed it for naps. Barry