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  1. Eagledad

    Sloooooow advancement

    You may be surprised to learn that your son is average. Boys his age want adventure. They would rather not waste time with the boring administrative stuff. I'm not sure what advice to suggest because a lot depends on his program and how they value advancement in the program. We don't push our scouts either, but we do try to guide the to some small responsibilities where they have to set small goals and make plans to reach those goals. Our approach is for the scout develop habits that will lead him later to work his advancement at his pace. I would not worry about it for another few months because he is having fun. The only reason I would have any concern is we want the scouts to learn the skills of surviving in the woods. But you said he seems to be doing the requirements, he just hasn't done he boring admin stuff. Let him have his fun and see how it goes. See how the troop handles it, or if they handle it. And when you are tempted to ask about it, ask him about what he is learning instead of going directly to rank. He might be more excited to talk about that, and you can measure if he is growing in the program. Trust me, he has plenty of time to catch up. Keeping him in the program because he likes it is a lot more important at this stage of his troop experience. Has he set up his tent on a dark rainy night? That is pretty cool stuff. Barry
  2. I came from the sand lot generation. I played sand lot baseball, football, Street hockey kickball. No parents or adult coaches, just us. The only thing our kids know about sand lot is the movie. Barry
  3. Soccer is just one symptom of the larger situation that all the little league sports are seeing a decrease. My opinion is the parents are burning out from keeping their kids active. The kids are still getting involved in activities, but not several activities. Not that parents arent part of the problem, they are. I was a soccer coach for several years and being confronted by parents was scary as were opposing coaches. At least the team benches were across the field from each other, baseball is down right scary because the parents of both teams sit together. Like scouting, parents struggle to approach their kids involvement in sports from a youth development perspective because it isn’t presented that way. The only goal they understand is winning. Their sons are dragged along with their emotional ride. Barry
  4. Eagledad

    Is this the new normal?

    I don’t know what handgun my son uses, it has a lot of custom work done to it. But he shoots a tight grouping at 100 yards with hand loads also. I can hardly see the target at 100 yards, much less hit it with a iron sighted hand gun.😱 Barry
  5. Eagledad

    Is this the new normal?

    I was wondering, I have a friend who was talking about hunting moose with a handgun. I thought he said Maine, but I might be remembering wrong. 22 caliber can be more dangerous than larger calibers because they tend to bounce and ricochet, especially when shooting near body’s of water. Barry
  6. Eagledad

    Is this the new normal?

    Are sure about that? 22 and 223 calibers aren’t allowed here for large game because they aren’t large enough for a 1 shot kill. Rabbits and squirrels are ok. That is one reason why the AR15 is not a common hunting rifle, at least in our state. Barry
  7. Eagledad

    Denied a court of honor.

    As you communicate with these people, keep in mind, excepting for the DE, everyone else are volunteers. Their backgrounds can be anything from truck driving to a Fortune 500 CEO. I wouldn’t expect experts in their scouting responsibilities. Barry
  8. Eagledad

    Denied a court of honor.

    I’ve seen a lot, but I’ve not heard of this before. As others have said, your son is an Eagle and the ECOH is not part of the advancement process, which has been completed. The Troop, District, and Council have completed their official part in the process. From here forward, it’s personal. Yes, even the BSA says there should be a celebration and recognition, but that’s just a traditionally recognized formality, kind of like taking off the or putting the hand over the heart during the National Anthem. Nobody is obligated to give your family a ECOH. But, I’ve never heard of an Eagle being told the unit would skip their part of of the ceremony. I Only say this so you can approach the situation from a perspective that it’s personal . Is it wrong? I think so and I, as a parent, would be offended and angry. It’s not about the ECOH, it’s about disrespect directed at the whole family. ECOH are typically family events, as important as weddings for some families. NYCscouter has good instructions for proceeding, I would personally contact the CC to find out what is going on. I might even ask the DE (district executive) and DC (district commissioner) to stand with me as I ask the question. Keep in mind this may all be a misunderstanding, so always keep your composure, but something seems amiss from how it’s been communicated up to this point. Barry
  9. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management

    Well, I am a can-do kind of guy, so no-way doesn't work for me. Barry
  10. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management

    Feelings of the volunteers aren't false. The way National implements most of their policy changes lately is dragging their membership behind them and letting them deal with the fallout without support. Now that isn't all the time, National did a pretty good job of introducing their new leadership training back in 2000. They prepared the Council professionals of the new changes so that they could support the districts and units. Folks were still annoyed by some of the changes, but at least everyone felt they were in it together. I would like to give National some credit and even some benefit of the doubt, but it irks me that volunteers have no path of holding National accountable for their management. It's pretty much of a just sit and wait to see what will happen next type of relationship. Barry
  11. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management

    Unless things have changed recently, my experience is National doesn't sluff off liability if the unit didn't follow policy. Barry
  12. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management

    I don't know Calico, you didn't score any points on National hiding in the bushes looking to catch volunteers breaking policy. National isn't held accountable by anybody accept National. Criticism is warranted if for nothing else than balance. Barry
  13. Eagledad

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    Another thought is educate the Scouts the benefits of changing the “non-cotton” socks before the troop leaves for camp and let them learn from their decisions. They will figure it out and the adults don’t get accused of hovering. I’m always amazing of how little scouts require to be comfortable compared to adults. Because I’m a skin cancer survivor, I did warn our scouts on every camp out that I would nag them about one thing, sunscreen.
  14. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management

    I have a couple of questions that I'm not sure anyone on the forum can answer, when did women start taking positions at policy making level of National and how many are there now? Barry
  15. Eagledad

    BSA National and Change Management