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  1. OK, but ThenNow is saying that he is here to provide information, but in providing information, he keeps giving a personal, not so kind opinion, of the BSA, Then defends himself as just the messenger. Continued Unleasing on him. All of us here whine now and then about National, but at least we admit it. He needs to be a scout like with us as he says the BSA is supposed to be.
  2. If trend is a unit problem, correct with instruction at the unit level. Trends aren't personal, so don't make the correction personal. When the correction involves the parents and scouts, then instruct the parents and scouts together. Barry
  3. I have coached a lot of folks on their tickets. My first question is have you talked to CC and SM. I know that you said the CC step down, but he could still advised some direction for the troop needs. Talk to the SM as well. I am not one to suggest being very diversified, especially if you are new. Keep it simple. Don't take on big projects that require skills you've never used. How many camporee disasters were planned by a scouter working a ticket item. Too many. And, instead of being a planning leader for activities like fund raising or Scouting for Food, , write your ticket to
  4. I thought the 4th law of motion was "a scout is always hungry". Hmm, I can't seem to google it..
  5. Yes, I agree. But now the culture and community don't show agreement of the bad behavior because activist promote self expression of the youth. Not all that long ago, neighbors would stop and report concerning behaviors to the parents and the parents would take care of their children's issues. Today the community turns a blind eye to the behavior by youth because they don't want to get involved with a hostile response from the parents, and possibly the community. It doesn't even have to be sexual, often the police are called by concerned citizens when they see a child walking to school.
  6. It's just balance to the few here marketing the program as unsafe against predators. Barry I appreciate that, thanks. Barry
  7. I'm sorry for your pain, I really am. But, I don't know why you are even here. I've talked to a lot of people about this subject and accepting for a couple of angry posters on this forum, nobody believes the BSA is haven for abused boys or predators. Sure, scouts were abused by bad people and laws were broken. The historical reputation of the scouting program holds it's integrity. I hope you get what is coming to you, but I also hope you get the help for getting a healthy mind and back to a normal life because telling off BSA members on a BSA forum is not going to do it. The BSA and it'
  8. I agree as far as not allowing such things, but not calling it abuse. Barry
  9. Yes, but when we are talking about 600 claims, skinny dipping and strip poker doesn't rate up their with some of the monstrous stuff being talked about. Barry
  10. I would have thought there would have to be some predator motivation to make a claim. I don't see a predator in your incident. A lot of scouts used to go down stream at summer camp to skinny dip. Claims? Barry
  11. I took qwazse's post as more of; YP has done all it can, not it's up to family and community. Maybe that isn't what he said, but I can't see changes improving YP guidelines at the unit level. Barry
  12. Really! Now that seems sticky. How, in a patrol method program where scouts tent with each other away from the adult camp, can an adult not create context for a youth predator? Barry
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