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  1. Scouter Magazine

    Bobby Fischer wrote a chess for awhile. I liked the Space Conquerors strip. Back then the space race was on. Why didn't they just go at night?
  2. New Volunteers vs the Old Guard

    All too common. I joined a troop where only the ASM's had scouts in the troop; the Troop Committee were all grumpy lifers. Term limits anyone? Let me know if you want the Topic title changed.
  3. Getting off-topic I split @WisconsinMomma recent post
  4. I hid @Col. Flagg recent post, pending review by moderators. How others parent their own kids is not part of the discussion.
  5. New Necker Colors

    Well er, umm, well surely I can't be the first on this forum to satirize , exaggerate, misspeak, tell a ripping yarn,....
  6. About rumored new Den Chief training, the thought was what to do with girl dens? Can they have Boy Scouts as Den Chiefs?
  7. BSA Hammock Rules

    Ok then, back to hammocks. Has anyone tried the Sierra Madre hammocks? I saw their sales pitch on Shark Tank recently. I was impressed and so was Branson.
  8. Speaking of which, I heard a rumor of an updated YPT and Den Chief training coming this spring. Anyone else hear about this?
  9. I did not blame girls or women, in fact I did not state the genders, dating is inappropriate at a scout activity. Or did that change?
  10. There is coffee all over my screen. Scouts going on a date while at a scout activity? Not happening.
  11. Scout Related Secret Santa Gifts

    Rabbi (Captain) Cass was involved with Boy Scouts. One day, scouts presented him with a large sand timer. “But how can I use it?” he asked with seeming innocence. “To time your sermons,” came the cheeky reply. Interesting story about Hanukah during WW2 in Europe at link above
  12. Bridgeville town council in November voted to rename Locust Alley to Eagle Way in honor of BSA Troop No. 2. Nearly 70 scouts from have earned Eagle Scout since the troop started in 1982 http://www.post-gazette.com/local/west/2017/12/08/Street-in-Bridgeville-to-be-renamed-in-honor-of-Boy-Scout-Troop-2-Eagle-Scouts/stories/201712070001 Nice way to get Eagles and the BSA on the map.
  13. @an_old_DC have you heard of other "soft launch" councils? So far, this is the only one which I have found.
  14. New Necker Colors

    I don't think girls do primary colors. Camelian or Crimson neckers maybe, but definitely not Red.
  15. IMO girls, particularly girls who excel in classwork, will have an easier time than boys in completing the current Eagle requirements. If they should comment "it was easy", then I think we will see a return to harder requirements, maybe even pull-up minimums in Personal Fitness. Good-bye 300lb Eagle scouts.