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  1. Whatever minimum you want but allow units to select their council service center. Councils become market driven to meet that minimum and service to customers (units) improves. Community strip (from back in the day) or CO patch replaces Council patch. My $0.02,
  2. Found this news story: Beaver Dam (WI) scouts camp in hometown during pandemic Traditionally each July, Scout Troop 724 heads to a Bay-Lakes Council camp in Wisconsin for a week-long camp out. Scoutmaster Mike Kraintz said plans changed this summer due to the pandemic. “Our committee made the decision not to attend a council camp which could include up to 300-400 scouts,” he said. “We thought that it was prudent that we didn’t expose ourselves to greater risk so we decided to do a quarantine camp.” Two former Boy Scout leaders, Chuck Frinak and his neighbor Mike Emmet, offered their backyards to the troop to use. Frinak has a grandson in the troop. The week’s adventures are being dubbed as the Scoutmaster’s Viral Camp Out. The first class on Monday was COVID-19 prevention training and was held at nearby Waterworks Park. Social distancing is being practiced and masks are being worn even though the days have been very hot and humid. He said the generosity of the neighborhood the troop is camping in continued to provide Thursday night as severe weather approached. The Girl Scout House opened its doors so the troop could take shelter. More and photos at source link: https://www.wiscnews.com/bdc/news/local/beaver-dam-scouts-camp-in-hometown-during-pandemic/article_cde3c797-5670-53bd-b4ba-c8216d618f4c.html
  3. for me, Consistent brand standards. Whenever I hear babble-speak about brand ,... ugh BTW, how old is a "youth adolescence expert" ?
  4. All good points. Another question, the amount our insurers will contribute to victims fund. Maybe the victims fund will roll into an annuity with annual victim payments?
  5. 7/9/2020: Council asset transfers were also argued. Boy Scout local councils own most of the youth organization’s wealth, with more than $3 billion in land, facilities, artwork, investments and other assets, compared with the $1.4 billion that is on the books of the national group. They didn’t join in with the February bankruptcy filing of the national organization. However, more than 250 of them are sharing the bankruptcy shield that automatically blocks lawsuits over alleged decades of abuse at the hands of Boy Scout volunteers. In exchange for a reprieve from lawsuits, local councils are supposed to alert the national Boy Scouts of asset transfers, and the national group is supposed to pass the information along to the official survivors committee... the committee is reportedly finding out about campground sales from Google searches and news accounts, rather than from the Boy Scouts themselves. https://www.wsj.com/articles/boy-scouts-bankruptcy-roiled-by-suspicions-about-asset-transfers-11594325864?st=13a1m1qe8kdgpax
  6. 7/9/2020: Chapter 11 Judge Silverstein gives BSA more time. The exclusive period for the Debtors to file a chapter 11 plan (the “ExclusiveFiling Period”) is hereby extended by approximately 120 days, to and including October 15, 2020. The period during which the Debtors have the exclusive right to solicit acceptances thereof (the “Exclusive Solicitation Period” and, together with the Exclusive Filing Period, the “Exclusive Periods”) is hereby extended by approximately 120 days, to and including December 15, 2020. ~ Judge Silverstein https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/831747_996.pdf Note: The exclusive periods under section 1121(d) of the Bankruptcy Code are intended to afford the Debtors a full and fair opportunity to formulate and propose a chapter 11 plan and to solicit acceptances there of without the disruption that might be caused by the filing of competing plans of reorganization by non-Debtors parties. Where the exclusive periods prove to be unfeasible timeframes (e.g. covid-19), the judge may extend.
  7. @TMSM @revdmv topicNorthern Tier Route - Moose Lake to where moved to Camping and High Adventure
  8. Boy Scout Troop 174 and the VFW (Newville, PA) planted 400 pounds of seed potatoes during two days in the middle of May, and hope to harvest 3,000 pounds for the food bank by the fall. Don Flagle, Commander of VFW, said last month the Scouts were tasked with removing large rocks and weeds from the garden, straightening the irrigation line, hilling the potatoes and repositioning the sunflowers that are also planted in the field, when harvested the potatoes are divided into 5-pound bags for the food bank to distribute to those in need in the community. “We thought it would be great to get the boys involved in the planting and harvesting,” Scoutmaster Gordon Holl noted. More details and photos at source link http://www.shipnc.com/valley_times_star/free_announcements/article_842f150c-c092-11ea-94b5-3b619ec4f45e.html
  9. ditto.. more wandering off OP BSA's Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice. I will again lock topic and move posts to
  10. Good story https://www.dailyleaderextra.com/news/local/article_cf23e9e6-c094-11ea-b80a-779d86c7364d.html snippet: In looking back, some memories remind Kenyon why he stuck with the scouting program so long. He shared one of those stories. One summer during camp, a teen had trouble climbing the tower. Kenyon encouraged him when he wanted to quit halfway up. Years later, the young man sent Kenyon a letter from boot camp in which he said, "When you gave me that confidence in myself to go up that tower, that allowed me to get through this training." "That is the paycheck you can't cash but is absolutely priceless," Kenyon said.
  11. Found this news story...Boy Scouts Straight Outta Quarantine (OH)... No masks or social distancing evident from photos, huh? Summer Camp, held this year at the Paulding County Fairgrounds from June 14-20. It turned out to be an ideal weather week, and the Scouts participated in numerous events both at the Fairgrounds and in the area. With outstanding support of the scout parents, the Troop was able to offer numerous merit badge opportunities and a fun-filled week of activities. Several former scouts of the troop also helped in teaching these merit badges and supporting the activities, many thanks to all. Activities throughout the week included, swimming at Blue Water Campground, shooting sports at the Antwerp Conservation Club, Sunday evening church service provided by Pastor Ricky Grimes, community service work at LaFountain Park in Paulding, an overnight outbound campout in the woods, and a fun-filled Family Night on Friday that included a pizza buffet and a spirited game of kickball where the youth played against the parents. https://www.westbendnews.net/autonews/2020/07/07/boy-scouts-straight-outta-quarantine/
  12. Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation (Conesville,OH) open - four weeks of scout camps and a cub scout resident camp running until Aug. 1. Pool is open Campers can earn a Social Distancing Championship Team patch for meeting qualifications like washing their hands, wearing face coverings and practicing other social distancing and health precautions. The patch features Bigfoot wearing a mask. Masks have also been put on animal heads, like deer and bears, in the dining hall and elsewhere. All campers were screened when they arrived and every morning for any health issues. Scouts are now sleeping one per tent, which has required troops to bring their own tents. Typically, tents are provided by the camp, but they didn’t have enough. Camp tents are being used to supplement. More details and photos at source: https://www.coshoctontribune.com/story/news/local/2020/07/05/scout-staff-followed-their-motto-allowing-conesville-camp-open/5363940002/
  13. William Boyce would be another. Back to the OP, whatever new literature (program or merit badges) comes, there should be an accurate historical account of the BSA in this regards. Discuss Negro scout troops, Interracial Service, Japanese-American scouts during WW2, how we can be a character building organization with flawed characters, ...There is bad but IMHO more good in our history, and the lessons to be learned support our mission - prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. A young boy when the attacks on Pearl Harbor occurred, Shishima has vivid memories of the dehumanizing treatment (internment camp) he endured. One of the things that helped him maintain his youth and humanity was his participation in the Boy Scouts at Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming, which had enough troops to have its own Boy Scout council. "Scouting," Shishima says in a short video filmed at JANM, "that was my life, actually." After World War II, he went on to serve in the military and later returned to become a scout leader. Today, Shishima travels across the United States sharing his story of survival and speaking out in favor of civil rights and against social injustice. https://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/boy-scouts-and-barracks-learning-about-japanese-american-incarceration-ahead-national-youth My $0.02,
  14. I hope that was old video - no masks or social distancing and a high risk old fart walking around! If not, a pox upon us. The BSA should insist covid scout stories use new video showing what safety measures being taken. IMHO, all news video should be time and location stamped. Perhaps a story comparing safety and fun of maskless people packed in at the beach vs masked scouts at camp. A scout is obedient, follows the safety rules. My $0.02,
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