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  1. Perhaps instead of problematic trailers, how about Scouts helping (exercising animals!) at a designated emergency network of existing brick and mortar animal boarders, shelters, and vet clinics? Somewhat related, a pet food pantry challenged Scout troops to collect donations. On Nov. 18, Golden Wings Mobile Pet Food Pantry launched its first pet food drive that continues through Dec. 8. In typical Tony Blount fashion, he decided to make it fun and use the drive to help an additional cause – Boy Scouts. Scout troops from Cheney, Rosalia and Spokane’s South Hill are competing to
  2. 11/27/2023: The Maryland Forest Service and the John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery have completed a successful seed collection to grow the next generation of native trees and shrubs in the state. The collection brought in thousands of pounds of seeds, berries and nuts, from white oak to witch hazel, for planting in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ state nursery in Preston, Caroline County. The nursery grows those seeds into bare-root tree seedlings, which are then used in tree plantings across the state. Volunteers collected large hauls of seeds and berries fr
  3. A new inspection team will check if local UK Scout groups are following national policies, while an independent panel of abuse survivors will make sure victims get the right support and counseling. The Scout Association says the £2 membership fee increase will help pay for what it calls a new UK assurance function. While half of the money raised will be used to invest in the new safeguarding measures, the other half will cover rising operating costs. It comes after the survivors' campaign Yours in Scouting was highlighted by a BBC investigation. More at source: https://www.
  4. Found this from March, 2023. Perhaps needed repairs were funded by county grant. The Ashtabula County Board of Commissioners approved the distribution of just under $400,000 in funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to a trio of entities around the county. The county will provide a $325,000 grant to the Boy Scouts of America's Lake Erie Council for improvements to the Beaumont Scout Reservation. Commissioner Kathryn Whittington said the funds will be used to improve the bathhouse at the camp. "Their bathhouse currently does not fit COVID guidelines, new guidelines," she sa
  5. "We needed to upgrade one of our ovens," said Susquehanna Council SE Dennis Dugan. "There was an opportunity to use matching funds received from other foundations combined with the $20,000 from Union County to purchase a $38,800 Combination Oven. It can do many things: bake, broil, and air fry, which allowed us to remove our deep fryer, making our food healthier for the young scouts and the leaders we serve. It also could be used to keep food warm if there was a delay in scouts getting to meals on time." "The committed American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds will be used to enhance the Camp
  6. Nov 21, 2023: Arkansas It was announced Quapaw (3400 scouts in 39 counties) and Westark (2800 scouts, 17 counties) Area Boy Scout Councils will merge to form the Natural State Council. Sources: https://nwa.pressreader.com/article/281827173508349 https://www.kark.com/news/local-news/quapaw-westark-area-boy-scout-councils-announce-merger/
  7. 2023 BSA Roger Krone Thanksgiving Message Nicely done. Thank you.
  8. Update Nov 20, 2023: In a superseding indictment handed down last week, Shores now faces seven total felony charges: Three counts of attempted child enticement, three counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of distributing child pornography. The indictment alleges the offenses took place between July 2020 and August 2023. ... The Boy Scouts cut all ties with Shores upon his arrest. Anyone with information about Shores, or who believes their child or another child was a victim of Shores, is encouraged to contact the FBI at 402-493-8688 or submit informati
  9. Married, with three grown children, Tom Andrew is making a major transition at the age of 67 — from forensic pathologist to Methodist deacon. Deacons are ordained clergy who serve beyond the walls of an individual church and find their own ministries. Andrew said working with the Scouts was a natural fit for him, given his own experience as a Boy Scout. "I want to be part of giving a marvelous scouting experience to the kids who are in the program today," he said in an interview. ... Now, as a chaplain, he says his focus is less on preaching and more about being a "non-judgmenta
  10. Apple today announced it is extending free access to Emergency SOS via satellite for an additional year for existing iPhone 14 users. Source: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/11/apple-extends-emergency-sos-via-satellite-for-an-additional-free-year/
  11. Spirirt of Adventure Council (MA): https://www.scoutspirit.org/fema/ July 21, 2023 Spirit of Adventure (Council) Newsletter, Spirit of Adventure Community Emergency Response Team Train the Trainer Course Completed https://myemail.constantcontact.com/This-Week-at-Camp--Membership-Kickoffs---FEMA-CERT-Training.html?soid=1139808170475&aid=VyyvRshSVoQ FEMA: April 4, 2023: https://community.fema.gov/PreparednessConnect/s/article/Partnership-with-Scouts-Promotes-Preparedness
  12. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has begun working with the Boy Scouts of America in a new program to prepare youth for a preparedness role to help communities across the country be more resilient and prepared should the need arise. This has been facilitate in some BSA troops nationwide and there is a movement to bring it to the local Walton County (Georgia) area. Arlene Magoon, with the Spirit of Adventure Scout Council in Massachusetts, has worked with her local Scout leaders, the state Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to work within the Cou
  13. Update Oct. 11, 2023: FREDERICK, MD — The Vernon “Rick” Rippeon Memorial Fund has been created with The Community Foundation of Frederick County to support Boy Scout Troop 735 in Finksburg. Founded by Vernon Robert Rippeon, the fund honors Mr. Rippeon’s son, Rick, who died unexpectedly at the age of 51 while leading a Boy Scout hike. Rick was a college graduate and veteran of the U.S. Navy serving as a gunner’s mate from 1983-1987. He loved spending time outdoors with his family and was a dedicated volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, serving as scoutmaster and assistant scou
  14. “The scouts met at the beginning of the year and reviewed a range of topics” said Scout Leader Joshua Curry. “They reviewed elements of ‘Conservation Good Turn’. We encouraged them to achieve something bigger than themselves. Eventually they settled on building a habitat for birds.” .... “This was a relatively large and challenging project for 4th and 5th graders” said Curry. The scouts acquired plans for a suitable habitat, collecting materials and tools, building the component parts, and finally assembling all the pieces and installing it in the park. ... “The kids were i
  15. FYI. Recommend a faster playback speed setting. 1.75 worked for me.
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