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  1. Update 3/30/2020: Judge halts lawsuits against local Boy Scout Councils Federal Bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein has granted a request by the Boy Scouts of America to halt lawsuits against local Scout councils as the BSA works on its bankruptcy plan to set up a compensation fund for thousands of men who were molested as boys by Scout leaders. The Boy Scouts initially sought to halt all litigation against local councils for six months from the date of its Feb. 18 bankruptcy filing. The agreement forged with the creditors committees calls for the lawsuits to be put on hold through May 18, with the possibility of an extension. "In the scheme of litigation, a stay of 55 days is not a long time, or for that matter, even unusual," Silverstein said. In granting the BSA's request for a preliminary injunction, Silverstein said the interests and missions of the BSA and its local councils are "inextricably intertwined." The judge noted that the BSA and local councils also are covered under a single excess insurance policy, and that BSA has played a key role in defending lawsuits by abuse survivors. The insurance policy in question once had a $25 million limit but now stands at about $18 million because of previous settlements. More at Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2020-03-30/judge-halts-lawsuits-against-local-boy-scout-councils
  2. These scouts put together a Discord and Zoom solution which was monitored by SM and ASM's. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/coronavirus-blog/2020/03/27/how-the-coronavirus-forced-a-boy-scout-troop-to-go-virtual
  3. We hope and pray for your grandson's safe recovery. Maybe "home range" for us may be considered the area bounded by the Mrs. honey-do-list.
  4. Home range is the term used to describe the space in which an individual animal spends its time and finds all the resources needed for survival. The term was coined by 20th-century American zoologist William Henry Burt, who was noted for his books on mammals and his collection of their baculums. ... Author, wildlife artist and chairman of the founding committee of Boy Scouts of America, Ernest Thompson Seton, explains, “No wild animal roams at random over the country; each has a home-region, even if it has not an actual home.” ... The concept of territory is different from home range and includes the defense of an area against other animals. Territories are well-defined and often physically marked by the dominant animal. A territory is usually smaller than the animal’s home range. ... My home range has decreased dramatically in the last week and I hope that yours has as well. Aspire to reduce it even more, since the smaller our home ranges, the better our chances for reducing the range of humanity’s newest predator. An interesting essay on Nature and these times by Suzan Bellincampi, director of the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown, and author of Martha’s Vineyard: A Field Guide to Island Nature and The Nature of Martha’s Vineyard. https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2020/03/26/home-range
  5. With this uncertainty, why not modify the summer camp business model to reduce financial risk, e.g., a rustic, patrol method camp (like a state park) . Minimum staff - just camp director and lifeguards. Better yet have troops provide water safety plan with their own lifeguards. Mess hall closed. Patrol cooking. No camp store, no nurse. Troop does its own program. Interactions, e.g. competitions, campfires with other troops lead by SPL's. Flexible schedule. Troop can register campsite for weekend, 4 days, whatever. My $0.02,
  6. Found these after reading about USC remote learning incident - some Zoom security measures to prevent Zoom bombing - unwanted trolls injecting their audio and video: https://www.cmu.edu/iso/news/zoom-bombing.html https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/03/20/keep-the-party-crashers-from-crashing-your-zoom-event/
  7. BSA National Annual Meeting (NAM) May 20-22, in Washington, D.C. ?
  8. From Scouts Australia : https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/members-services/health-and-safety/scouting-guide-to-coronavirus/ The Federal and State Governments have now announced a series of new measures and recommendations to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. They both share the view that only the most essential face-to-face interactions should continue at this time. This means Scouts NSW will no longer continue any face to face Scouting. Instead, we are activating a series of new channels to enable adults and young people to stay connected to Scouting over the coming months. We are creating Virtual groups through our Microsoft Teams platform to allow Groups and Sections to meet. The Youth program team is launching some alternative program suggestions, which will be regularly updated. They include a range of activities delivered through Project Patrols and aligned to the Special Interest Areas of our program. We are encouraging members to participate in the World Organisation of Scouting (WOSM) events including Scouts Earth Hour on 28 March and Jamboree on the Internet on 3-5 April. Our NSW Scouts Lones Group will be making some of their programs, activities and worksheets available. A series of weekly challenges will be launched, which young people can complete together with family or friends, thereby introducing new people to Scouting activities. At all times, we are guided by our priority to protect the health and safety of all our members.
  9. From: https://www.scout.org/covid-19-advisory Suspension of WOSM Meetings, Workshops and Events At the World and Regional levels, all non-critical meetings, workshops and events for March and April have been suspended or postponed to reduce the risk of spreading the illness. Among these events include the Africa Scout Day celebrations, 6th World Scout Interreligious Symposium, APR Scout Leaders Summit and others. Where possible, we strongly recommend that NSOs consider virtual participation for Scout meetings or events instead of traveling or meeting in-person, or suspending meetings altogether. Please also continue to monitor the situation in your respective countries closely, and make informed decisions that prioritise the health, safety and well-being of all members. We are aware that these are extraordinary times, and that the cancellation of events and Scout gatherings is very disappointing. However, keeping young people, volunteers and staff safe will always be our priority. We will continue to keep our Member Organizations informed of further developments.
  10. Yes. I remember when forms were 1 page and a scout responsibility. We brought our medical form to camp and stood in line at nurse's cabin. If you forgot, no problem, you hiked up to ranger station and phoned your parents who either brought your form or took you home. At the end of the week, the camp nurse returned forms to scoutmaster who returned to scouts for reuse next summer. Rewind anyone?
  11. To our Scouting community, In Scouting, we vow to help other people at all times. Now, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Scouting community must do its part to slow the spread of the virus, which will save lives and avoid overwhelming our local healthcare infrastructure. The safety of Scouts, volunteers, employees and our communities is our top priority. With safety in mind and based on guidance from national health officials, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is strongly advising that in-person meetings, activities, events and gatherings of 10 or more people be suspended through the end of March. Please also follow any restrictions outlined by your state and local health department or other state and local authorities. This applies to youth and adults out of an abundance of caution. In accordance with national guidelines, please focus on the following through the end of March: Avoid in-person gatherings; instead, utilize available digital and online resources, such as video conferencing, to continue Scouting meetings, projects and advancement, adhering to the current youth protection guidelines already in place for digital communications. If you must meet, limit participants to fewer than 10 people and remain at least six feet apart. Follow BSA blogs and social channels, as well as #ScoutingAtHome, for great examples and ideas of how to continue Scouting. If you or any member of your family feels sick, DO NOT go into the office or attend any gatherings. Contact your health professional to get care and notify your supervisor so they can take the appropriate measures while you focus on recuperating. We will continue to evaluate the ongoing situation and prioritize the safety of everyone involved in Scouting – youth, families, volunteers, employees and our communities – is our number one priority. We realize these decisions are not without their challenges, and we thank you for helping meet the needs of our communities in difficult times. The steps we are taking reinforce the many ways – big and small – that Scouting empowers character and leadership today and for generations to come. Yours in Scouting, Roger C. Mosby President and CEO Source link: https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/ Also thanks to @RichardB for notice.
  12. Confirmed telephone appearances (name, law firm, client) at Thurs March 19 conference. Some 75 attorneys. Updated status reports due to court today March 20, 4pm and again March 23, noon. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/807366_240.pdf
  13. Found this in my internet travels. In the past, I have donated directly to the scout family in need without strings.
  14. A teleconference has been scheduled for today Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. (ET) before the Honorable Laurie Selber Silverstein to review the status of matters scheduled to be heard at the omnibus hearing scheduled for March 24, 2020. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/807146_228.pdf
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