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  1. On behalf of the moderators of scouter.com, welcome.
  2. On behalf of the moderators of scouter.com, welcome.
  3. While in Maine, I have been using https://www.mainetrailfinder.com It is free, as in free - no registration, no fees, simple-get-you-started, accurate directions/parking and fees (if any). Map quality is limited, i,e, topography, so you will likely need another map source. Current weather is linked but not necessarily trail conditions. It has a "earn a badge section" for those so motivated. Below is the Virtuous Volunteer patch, alas poor Pacman, ...a fellow of infinite jest... Other sites that I have used New England Trail (NET, mostly CT and MA) information. Note
  4. Back June 11, 2008 - we lost scouts Josh, Sam, Ben, and Aaron. 48 others were injured as an EF-3 tornado hit the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp Remembrance story with photos. https://www.kpvi.com/news/national_news/back-in-the-day-june-11-2008-4-killed-48-injured-as-tornado-hits-little/article_5c26943e-f9f5-56f6-ae54-4aa1610d1099.html#4
  5. I dunno. Some see insolence towards the court, I see some smuck trying to sell his old broken fridge to a client. My $0.02,
  6. Dallas,TX: Above his environmental journey started in 2019, now 2000 work hours and 4 conservation projects later, after installing the trash cans, organizing a battery drive, tracking and releasing quail at Lake Lewisville, and "installing beehives and introducing native plants to the former concrete dumping site that’s now Bonton Farms" all that remains is the paperwork. “I (Scout Baxter Perry-Miller) never saw this award and said, ‘I’m getting the award for the award,’” Perry-Miller said. “I worked on this award so that I could help the world and make an impact. I love being able to
  7. Virginia: Three generations of Koehr family men earn 22 Eagle Scout honors https://www.fauquier.com/lifestyles/three-generations-of-koehr-family-men-earn-22-eagle-scout-honors/article_86c7e9a0-c86c-11eb-b3ef-e3180905ae18.html related topic
  8. Recent sightings of new OA Camping Guides are rare. Today, I found this one 2021 Where to Go Camping Guide from the Catawba Lodge (NC). https://sites.google.com/a/catawba459.org/catawbalodge/information/where-to-go-camping-guide
  9. For those* who like org charts and job descriptions: https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Full-Position-Descriptions.pdf * and before you click, please guess how many times the word "strengthen" is used in this 21 page document.
  10. Good Lord, Territory 2 stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.
  11. IMHO, sharper, enthused, younger people heading an outdoor youth organization would haven take their 4G/5G laptop/phone outdoors for their report. Their audio and video likely would have been in sync too. As to content, well it resembled a performance review prefaced by a BTW we cannot be fired. My $0.02 and a Scout Salute to Scouting Ireland,
  12. Same here, well except the other half sounds like the bad advice I gave them.
  13. Maybe for BSA version 2.0 forget the PR firm and seek leadership help, i.e., a new leadership team and Executive Board from an experienced, successful youth organization as William Boyce did in 1910. During the years 1908 and 1909, Scout troops were starting almost spontaneously in locations across the United States, before the BSA existed, but following the publication of Scouting for Boys by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. A handful of YMCA centers were hosting troops, so Edgar Robinson, a Chicago-area YMCA administrator, had an interest in helping the BSA get off the ground so that his organi
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