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  1. RememberSchiff

    BSA’s new Background Check Authorization Form

    Yes, National discloses their membership decision ( yes or "nope, not that guy.") to Council, my unit, and let me add CO, but not the information obtained from my personal background check.
  2. RememberSchiff

    First Aid Kit Gadget: Tick Remover

    Tweezers from my Swiss army knife works for me, that and staying on the trail.
  3. RememberSchiff

    BSA’s new Background Check Authorization Form

    Remove this sentence "Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, I consent to and authorize the Company to share this information with Company’s current or prospective clients, customers, others with a need to know, and/or their agents for business reasons (e.g., to place me in certain positions, work sites, etc.). " Legally, the BSA can perform only the specific personal background checks related to YP which I consent. If I do not consent , no check is done and I am no longer a member. But if I do consent, my information (CRA, etc.) is only to be shared with me. If others want that information, they can submit a request to me stating who they are and reason. All Council and my unit need to know is National's membership decision: approved or not. I understand the BSA may revoke or approve my membership based on the information in those background checks. Either way, the BSA needs to understand I want to fact check that information (same as OK, MN, and NY folk), after all I paid for this screening with my registration fee.
  4. RememberSchiff

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    IMO , it could happen. Her REAL EBOR may raise concerns over this and the appeal process takes time. She may miss the first class of female eagles deadline.
  5. RememberSchiff

    BSA’s new Background Check Authorization Form

    Good , remove that clause. This would give the accused and his/her attorneys time to review the CRA, any other documents , and respond. Over the years, we have had a few good people rejected for reasons unknown and no appeal. If Council knew, they were not saying. Second point, understood. If I reject their conditions, I am free to serve elsewhere. Well at least there is no "do not disparage" clause , well not in writing anyway. Where would I be then?
  6. RememberSchiff

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    Not sure of the legal options, but can the BSA 1. obtain a cease and desist order against the New York assembly member and others from holding fraudulent BOR's? 2. Revoke memberships of any scouts and scouters knowingly participating in fraudulent BOR's?
  7. RememberSchiff

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    The article I read including photo of EBOR. https://patch.com/new-york/southampton/young-woman-takes-next-step-eagle-scout-rank-despite-pushback "Those present for her Board of Review were NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio, Scout Leader Jim Nedelka, Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, NOW-NYC Board Chair, Judi Polson, and Taylor Abbruzzese, MSW, she said."
  8. RememberSchiff

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    Yeah, maybe instead of red,white,blue ribbon - green and gold ribbon, like James E. West Fellowship Award knot ($1000). <--- satire
  9. RememberSchiff

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    This topic is now reopened. Ms. Ireland is now over 18, an adult. OP: @Jameson76 CR: @mrkstvns @desertrat77 @MattR @NJCubScouter @John-in-KC
  10. RememberSchiff

    possible fee increase coming

    I have wondered if FBI's National Instant Crime Background Check System (NICS) could be extended beyond firearm purchases.
  11. RememberSchiff

    Where would you go?

    I have been very impressed with the Lithuanian Scouts Association in the Boston area . I believe they have enclaves in Chicago and a couple other US cities.
  12. RememberSchiff

    BSA’s new Background Check Authorization Form

    Depending on increase, I may not submit the form. If I do, I will cross out objectionable conditions and check the box for the report. What could happen? 1. The form will be lost or go unread and National will keep registration fee and proceed regardless. Wonder if they sell my personal info to marketing companies? or 2. National drops my membership and keeps registration fee. or 3. National drops my membership and refunds my registration fee.
  13. RememberSchiff

    BSA’s new Background Check Authorization Form

    I would like a copy of my CRA report and any other information the BSA uses to determine my membership qualification. From the form, only MN or OK residents are provided this courtesy due to their state laws. I do NOT consent to sharing this information with any unnamed "clients, customers," who have no stated justification regarding a "need to know". https://www.hoac-bsa.org/Data/Sites/1/media/disclosure-forms/additional-disclosures-and-background-check-authorization-not-california-hoac.pdf
  14. RememberSchiff

    And the Teens Shall Lead

    "The best way to learn how to not get lost is to let yourself get a little lost once in a while. " Nice story about scouts leading and adults stepping back. https://highlandscurrent.org/2019/10/15/out-there-and-the-teens-shall-lead/
  15. Locally, we have done this with school Veterans Day observance activities. Do my duty...country .