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  1. A question for our legal team. There have been multiple local news reports of their councils financial contributions to the settlement. The articles are all similarly phrased with a finality tone as to the amount they will contribute. I can appreciate the Debtor trying to push "a final offer" but with Chapter 11 mediation ongoing is this permissible? https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2021/09/17/boy-scouts-settlement-2021-mid-iowa-council-pay-victims-child-sex-abuse/8377326002/ https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2021/sep/16/inland-boy-scouts-council-contributes-to-national
  2. In part, but my understanding a higher percentage of US Gymnast victims directly reported to law enforcement to no avail. The BSA failed scouts, but Olympian Simone Biles stated in a recent Congressional hearing, "an entire system that allowed his abuse" - USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the FBI. ... Advocates for the women say as many as 120 athletes may have been abused by Nassar after the FBI first heard of the charges against him. The Justice Department has not brought charges against either of the former FBI agents most closely invol
  3. "The purpose of National Camping School (NCS) is to provide adults with a learning experience and training related to the operation of council camp. The key staff members will, in turn, train and supervise other staff personnel in your council camping program. Training is offered for staff members who will serve as Short-Term Camp Administrators, Day Camp Administrators, Long-term (Resident) Camp Directors, Long-term (Resident) Program Directors, Aquatics Directors, Climbing Directors, Project COPE Directors, COPE and Climbing Program Trainers, Ecology Directors, Outdoor Skills Directors,
  4. Scouts: - fewer resources and opportunities, e.g., Chemistry MB might only be available every other year at another Council. Parents: - more turned off by registration pressure and time demands Scouters: - a new rare breed Units: - scouting as usual but with higher fees to above and covid issues. - more drop popcorn - some experience confusion and stress over Family Scouting. CO's: - save on utility bills as they close their doors and turn off their lights to scout units. Communities: - more community service proje
  5. Washington state: The Inland Northwest Council’s $164,963 contribution is one of the lowest of the 250 local councils in the nation. Many contributed $2 million, and some up to $10 million. The Chief Seattle council in the Puget Sound, for example, agreed to pay $7.5 million as part of the complex settlement scheduled to be approved by creditors and the bankruptcy court sometime in October.+ ... “Our contribution to the settlement will not result in the divestiture of any of our camps or other properties being used as part of the program, and the future is bright for our council
  6. I thought yours was a Sea Scout unit. Is a USCG Auxiliary unit a possibility as a CO?
  7. Let's stay on the legal topic, some excellent information and commentary here. The rest can go in a new topic or Thanks, RS @MattR @elitts @Eagle1993 @gpurlee @T2Eagle
  8. I fully agree with Scout Canada's vaccination decision for Canada. Canadians if not agreeable to restrictions and mandates are somewhat acclimated to months of work restrictions, travel restrictions, curfews, lockdowns at a level not approached here. It could work there, even the part where scout parents must be vaccinated. In the USA? We cannot agree to require vaccination of school children. Other than echoing government policy, what more can the BSA do? Some thoughts I think the BSA could implement a Scout Canada's policy at all their camps. If not, could 100% (confirmed) va
  9. Jersey Shore Council sells service center and Hugh C. Clayton Scout Shop building site (4 acres) to town Toms Rivers for $1M https://brick.shorebeat.com/2021/09/boy-scouts-jersey-shore-council-to-sell-4-acres-of-property-to-toms-river-for-1m/
  10. As I recall, the Judge commented on the size of the 72 member National Executive Board. IMHO the National Executive Council (15 member?) and National Executive Board (72 member) should be merged into 16-24 (new) member Board with clear responsibilities and powers defined in new bylaws, e.g., as USA Gymnastics has done. IMHO, National's goal going into bankruptcy was to maintain control during and after and they have - kept their executives and their camps (HA). So have as many review committees and independent experts as you want and National will see you back in court.
  11. I hope Judge Silverstein is also reviewing USA Gymnastics settlement and reorganization. IMHO I see little real organizational change in the BSA. New boss is the old boss.
  12. Scouting Magazine 2006 article (~ 400 consecutive months) The success of Troop 709's outdoor program is due to good planning, much of it done by the boys. And the Scouts are not averse to altering their schedule at the last minute, as they did last winter when the troop learned about an opportunity for rock climbing and cancelled the planned camp-out in favor of the new activity.... "The patrol leaders' council comes up with program ideas for the year," says former Scoutmaster Paul Newton. "They then go to their patrol members to find out what they want to do. The adults add directio
  13. Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021 "10:30 a.m. - U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein will hold a telephonic oral argument on the Boy Scouts of America's attempt to end a trademark case brought by the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. The Girl Scouts alleged in Manhattan federal court that the Boy Scouts' rebranding as "Scouts BSA" following its decision to allow girls infringes its trademarks. The Boy Scouts moved for summary judgment last year, arguing among other things that it hasn't caused and won't cause consumer confusion, and accusing the Girl Scouts of bringing the lawsuit as
  14. How has the Boy Scouts allowing girls into their organization affected the Girl Scouts, if at all? It hasn’t significantly affected us. Girls enjoy being in a girl-only organization. Our model is centered on being girl-led, learning-by-doing and cooperative learning, which resonates strongly with today’s girls. Girl Scouts remains focused on building courage, confidence and character. Marie Gieringer, CFO of Girl Scouts-Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas https://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/137157/girl-scout-cfo-marie-gieringer-opens-doors-to-opportunities
  15. Okay. I repeated your steps. In Snip and Sketch, I did ctrl-A, ctrl-C. Then in the body of the post I was trying to make, I did ctrl-V. (the Upload file gauge uploaded without error.
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