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  1. RememberSchiff

    Cub Day Camp cancelled because of proximity to shooting range

    Over-reach is a problem here in Massachusetts whether we are talking about health or building inspectors or the Attorney General.
  2. RememberSchiff

    A Scouters Motto

    My feeling is that, as a Scouter, I "guide scouts to find their own path" towards the aims of Scouting. My $0.02,
  3. RememberSchiff

    2019 World Jamboree

    UTV = utility vehicle, some call then gators , golf carts, staff cars,...
  4. RememberSchiff

    2019 World Jamboree

    "Starting in 10 days, this will be the biggest city in West Virginia," said Kenn Miller, Summit Bechtel Reserve's director of programs and operations, as he drove from a staging area where 340 UTVs and an assortment of cars, vans and pickup trucks rented for the event were parked. ... About 8,000 Scouts from the United States will take part in the world jamboree this year, and will be dispersed throughout the campgrounds to enhance interaction with scouts from other nations. ... To help keep the 43,000 Scouts safe, nearly 600 emergency services personnel will be on hand throughout the event. ... Something unique that's offered this year is an electronic wrist device that lets Scouts instantly share contact information with the people they meet and want to stay in touch with." Sorrel said that to him, the best part of a world jamboree "is to watch young people with different customs, from different cultures with different religions, come together and become friends. Even with countries in which the adults don't get along, the kids get along just fine. We could learn from them." More details at source: https://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/summit-bechtel-reserve-prepares-for-biggest-ever-event-beginning-july/article_70b134e0-d5a0-5c43-880f-24a0a2e3d01a.html
  5. RememberSchiff

    Eagle Scout Ross Perot has passed away

    Scouts remember... https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/13/eagle-scouts-remember-ross-perot-after-his-death/ Scout Salute
  6. Been there, wasn't happy either. https://www.theleafchronicle.com/story/news/2019/07/12/eagle-scout-project-destroyed-dunbar-cave-state-park/1698007001/
  7. OP story freely available https://www.allergicliving.com/2019/07/12/boy-scout-rescued-in-wilderness-after-severe-food-allergy-reaction/
  8. Scouts on a sailing trip rescue stranded couple in waters off Florida Keys. see video of rescue by scouts in their sailboat and Coast Guard. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Montgomery-County-Boy-Scouts-Rescue-Stranded-Couple-Off-Florida_Philadelphia-512655982.html
  9. Scout leader gives his side of story... Brandon Jones is one of the Boy Scout leaders and said they made this trip with Boy Scouts three years ago with no issues — this time they found themselves in a “tough" situation. Once the canoes were flipped upright again, Jones said the boys continued on their way. The trip required canoeing and camping for a few days, and the boys made it all in their handmade canoes. “This is about turning young men into men and giving them life experiences,” Jones said. “I think they learned some valuable lessons that when life throws you some curveballs and you can get by.” More including video at source: https://fox13now.com/2019/07/12/boy-scouts-in-handmade-canoes-caught-in-green-river-how-they-got-out/
  10. RememberSchiff

    History question

    2013? "The purpose of the BSA’s National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) is to help councils elevate camps to new levels of excellence in delivering Scouting’s promise to youth . Councils will engage in rigorous review of camps and properties, continuous improvement, and correction or elimination of substandard practices .In addition to the national camp standards, the NCAP involves three separate but interrelated cycles that both support the standards and ensure that camps meet continuous improvement goals: (1) the multiyear Authorization Cycle; (2) the continuous camp improvement program, which has multiyear and annual components; and (3) the annual Assessment and Accreditation Cycle . The annual cycles started in 2013 and the multiyear cycle will be phased in from 2013 through 2016 ." https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/outdoor program/pdf/430-056.pdf https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/camp-accreditation/
  11. Sgt. Vetere said the homemade canoes had “no business” on the river especially with the conditions of the water running a little high even for commercial canoes with experienced canoers. Sheriff Greg Funk emphasized that those planning on being on the river in Emery County should do their research, know their limitations and be prepared. Officials said the total time of the rescue was three hours and all were accounted for. Now the beginning of this story is amusing as the source link tells it. Can a sheriff spank a scoutmaster? https://www.abc4.com/news/southern-utah/scout-groups-rescued-after-cannoeing-trip-gone-wrong/
  12. RememberSchiff

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Speaking of Ten Mile River Scout camp His Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, arrives at Ten Mile River Scout camp. We need leaders, we have plenty of followers...God calls us not when we are old, but when we are young...
  13. RememberSchiff

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    @baishengli welcome to scouter.com
  14. RememberSchiff

    A Strategy for Handling Bedwetting

    So far in my time, just one such camp incident and the camp staff handled it, completely, discreetly,and efficiently which included machine washing and drying bags and clothes. Cots and platform were also disinfected. Other scouts never knew. Troop went to program . Many troops bring one or two spare sleeping bags to camp and most camps also have spare bags. A blue tarp across tent platform floor comes in handy.
  15. Rescuers airlifted one Boy Scout, hand-carried out another and provided water to a handful of others after a group doing trail maintenance ran into heat and medical issues outside Camp Geronimo recently. One of the boys was having trouble breathing and appeared to have heat stroke so “out of an abundance of caution” was airlifted from the trail for medical treatment, Pitterle said. Another boy was also having heat issues and TRSAR volunteers carried him out on a wheeled litter. TRSAR hauled water up for the rest of the group and they were able to walk out safely, he said. https://www.paysonroundup.com/news/local/boy-scouts-rescued-from-trail/article_9aacebce-ed73-5eb5-8cb9-dc91359e08a4.html