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  1. Assuming unique Chairs, the math is suspect as there are 7 Standing Committees Governance Standing Committees Clause 7. The governance standing committees shall be: Audit and Enterprise Risk Management Committee; BSA Mission, Reputation, and Strategy Committee; Development Committee; Diversity Committee; Finance Committee; Governance and Nominating Committee; and Human Resources Committee. 12 members including: National Chair , National Chair-elect, National Commissioner, Immediate Past National Chair, Standing Committee Chairs (7), Chief Executive Officer, and two members-at-
  2. 73 members is beyond what Bylaws states which IMHO are still too high. 12/01/2021 proposed ByLaws of BSA Article III. The Executive Board, Section 2 Membership The Executive Board of the Corporation shall consist of: Regular Members Clause 1. Beginning at the first national annual meeting following the effective date of this provision, the Board shall consist of not more than 48 members who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Corporation for 3-year terms, except as provided in Section 3, Clause 1. Ex officio members shall not be included in the regular me
  3. Plan Supplement Documents (620 pages as lettered Exhibits below) https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/9e63149b-24cd-4cf1-b209-74d0d9854bbd_7515.pdf A. Amended BSA Bylaws (as proposed Nov 30,2021, changes still under consideration) B. Assumed Contracts and Unexpired Leases Schedule C. Rejected Contracts and Unexpired Leases Schedule D. Form of Document Agreement E. Name of Creditor Representative F. Reorganized BSA Directors and Officers G. Form of Leaseback Requirement Agreement H. Names of the Initial Members of Settlement Trust Advisory Committee
  4. 12/1/2021: Directors and Officers of Reorganized BSA The Debtors’ current National Executive Board members that served prior to the Effective Date will retain their positions as board members of Reorganized BSA and continue to serve in such positions on the Effective Date, with the addition of one member. In particular, pursuant to the Amended BSA Bylaws, following the Effective Date Reorganized BSA shall appoint a qualified survivor of abuse in Scouting to the National Executive Board, who shall be recommended for appointment by the Settlement Trust Advisory Committee. This individual will
  5. Good thought. With tools (especially knives): "What happens when your hand slips, where does the tool go?" "What happens when the piece or tool moves?" "Where do cuttings go?" This all goes to preparing your worksite to prevent an accident.
  6. Same here, circa 1960's. In our junior high, boys took a 1/2 year in each of four shops: Wood, Metal, Graphic Arts (setting type, printing), and Power (electrical, small engine). We had the same restriction regarding lathe. Safety first. Our shop teachers were all no-nonsense men.
  7. Update Nov, 2021: GONE "The Patriots’ Path Council — which includes 11,000 Scouts in Morris, Somerset, Sussex, Union and parts of Middlesex County — told its members earlier this month that it entered into a contract to sell Sabattis Adventure Camp, its beloved campground in the Adirondack Mountains. ... A previous proposal to sell Sabattis Adventure Camp in 2017 was delayed by the Boy Scout council after nearly 2,000 people signed a petition to save the camp. ... The sale of the camp will help Patriots’ Path Council pay a portion of the $3.7 million the council is ex
  8. I was a Courier Post paperboy which, at the time, published Mon-Sat afternoon editions. Weather permitting, I delivered by bike, As I peddled past a house, I side-armed a folded newspaper like a boomerang from the street to front porch. The Philly papers and of course the Sunday editions were often too thick to throw. Too thick because of their greater sports coverage and classifieds sections (General, Technical, Professional, Medical, Part-Time) covering the Delaware Valley. Getting a Bulletin or Inquirer route was harder than getting a NYC taxi medallion. Occasionally I subbed on week
  9. Had not. Just had a look, well at least those I saw on National Geographic were wearing helmets.
  10. Made in USA Hiking Gear & Backpacking Gear: A Source Guide https://www.usalovelist.com/made-in-usa-hiking-backpacking-gear/
  11. Wow, Buck Buck on Wikipedia who would have thought. Remember when we got our news from The Philadelphia Inquirer? "It was almost a universal thing in Philadelphia," said Davidson, 71, who has not yet brought his deadbox to market. "I feel bad for new people moving to Philadelphia who don't know a lot of these traditions. They know about the Mummers Parade or the light show at Wanamakers. But the day-to-day community in Philadelphia evolved around street games and hanging out on rowhouse streets... If nobody fell off, that was considered a very good thing," said Rubin, who as a child
  12. "The BSA hopes to start a Family Unit in the community (Alexandria, MN), which would allow both boys and girls in grades K-5 to participate in scouting. Currently the closest Family Unit is in Carlos/Miltona." https://www.echopress.com/news/7290287-Boy-Scouts-hoping-to-establish-Family-Unit-in-Alexandria
  13. Games like viruses evolve variants. Back in the day, the "Buck Buck" we played (in South Jersey) had Team One form a chain of interlocked bent over players (bucks). First bent over with arms around a tree and second player's head locked between legs. Second player had third player's head locked between his legs and so on. Team Two formed a line of standing bucks. The first would run "Buck-Buck #1" and leap on the backs of the Team TWO and try to hold on. Buck-Buck #2 followed and so on. The goal was to break Team One chain by bringing it down. Selecting players based on their st
  14. The Twin Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America is warning people about a potential scam surrounding the selling of cookies According to a press release issued by the Twin Valley Council, on Monday, Nov. 22, a member of the Austin community was contacted by some teens pretending to be Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts selling cookies. The teens were not wearing any sort of Scouting uniform and were asking citizens to purchase cookies and collecting payment and the citizen’s phone number and were going to call once the cookies were in. “This is a scam,” said Erik Karre, district director
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