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  1. 7/16/24: "The Scouts First Anonymous Reporting allows anyone to submit anonymous reports of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. By facilitating two-way, anonymous communications through texting, email, and QR codes, Scouts First Anonymous Reporting ensures youth and adults alike can be heard and start the path to giving them the advice or help they need." Roger Krone Chief Scout Executive, President & CEO More at source: https://www.scouting.org/executive-comms-blog/scouting-america-introduces-scouts-first-anonymous-reporting/
  2. Central Georgia Council's Camp Benjamin Hawkins is under contract to be sold. The camp began in 1927 and comprises 500 acres. The Central Georgia Council office is also for sale. Source: https://www.13wmaz.com/article/news/local/camp-benjamin-hawkins-contract-sold-nearing-100-year-legacy/93-e49907a0-d0a6-4c52-8f81-644cb5a5bf5f
  3. 07/17/2024 Boxwell Scout Reservation, Lebanon, TN "Officials say the camper, 10, was on the jet ski with a 19-year-old staff member who was driving when the crash happened. The Boy Scouts Middle Tennessee Council said the camper was part of a National Guard family and was participating in the Tennessee National Guard’s annual Youth Development Week. " Sources: https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/wilson/2024/07/17/jet-ski-crash-on-old-hickory-lake-near-tennessee-boxwell-boy-scout-camp-kills-10-year-old-boy/74437960007/ https://www.newschannel5.com/news/boxwell-reserv
  4. Found this today on Globe Newswire "IRVING, TX, July 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scouts and leaders from Scouting America joined Senate and Congressional leaders in Washington last week to highlight the importance of programs for the nation’s youth and discuss the positive impact these youth programs have on our communities. ... Washington officials were joined by Scouting America youth in the Cub Scout and Scouts BSA programs, as well as members of the Venturing, Exploring and Sea Scout programs. Bringing real excitement and competition to the meeting, Cub Scouts from Pack 98
  5. Back in the day, I earned Red Cross Swimmer, Junior Lifeguard, and Senior Lifeguard certification. These courses were taught mornings at my town pool by volunteer Red Cross Aquatic Instructors. As I recall, the total cost was $10 or $20 to cover book and card. The courses filled quickly and were physically demanding in endurance and stroke execution. My Red Cross instructor was also a Swimming and Lifeguard MBC - so WINNING. The following two summers, I would work as a lifeguard at the same town pool and help teach those courses. I never registered for BSA Lifeguard at our local camp, pe
  6. Update 7/11/2024: Today, 2024 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, David Gosik, presented Congressman Pete Sessions with a copy of the 2024 Report to the Nation. Congressman Sessions also was introduced to BSA CEO Roger Krone. Source: https://www.instagram.com/congressmanpetesessions/p/C9QjCNHyOme/ https://x.com/PeteSessions/status/1811163116178395232
  7. "Again, the best way to prepare for heat-related illnesses is to prevent the illness." I remember back in the day, wearing a cold-water soaked, full-size necker.* I do worry that global warming with more frequent, severe storms and heat waves will cause the extinction of summer camp. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/safety-moments/heat-related-illness/ *Note: Though hard to find on the trail, wrist dipping in a cooler with ice water mix also offers relief too.
  8. Throwing a log on fire with a relevant story All-girl Scout troop from Brunswick takes to the high seas for adventure camp Great story about why these girls chose to join Boy Scouts and their Sea Base trek. It was 1. Program, name was not an issue, these girls wanted to Scout, 2. parents stepping up to deliver Program - character building, service, ADVENTURE, skills. IMHO this success story is repeated daily in units across the country, Gender is irrelevant as are High Adventure Bases. Get kids who want to Scout and adults who will deliver the Program ...membership gr
  9. ABC News: Children who fled Russian invasion find community in Ukrainian scouting organization in Canada https://abcnews.go.com/International/children-fled-russian-invasion-find-community-ukrainian-scouting/story?id=111568550
  10. The group calls themselves ‘BOOTS’, which they say stands for Brotherhood of Old Tired Scouts, and they have been hiking and biking through the trails at Cameron Park for nearly 30 years, training for camping trips and helping maintain the park. “We have an adventure group,” Scott Littrell, known as ‘Mad Dog’ to his friends, said. “We go out twice a year on adventures, but we hang around a lot together. We mountain bike, we hike, we maintain trails, we fish, you name it, outdoorsy stuff.” He said the group formed out of their sons’ boy scout troop around 27 years ago. “It starte
  11. Related story: Fourteen year old scout Lily Johnson earned the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement completing 127 nights of camping, over 500 miles of hiking, 85 hours of conservation work, a wilderness first aid course, became a Leave No Trace level one instructor, earned four 50-miler awards and planned two outings for the scout troop – including one 50-mile backpacking trip. “Once I get Eagle I want to just be a model for other scouts,” said Lily, who hopes to inspire other scouts to “do cool things.” Lily isn’t going to let the outdoor adventures end when their scouting c
  12. Scouting taught me to be observant while hiking. Walking with my buddy on a jeep road on a hot sunny Philmont day, a rattlesnake slithered between my legs. I was yakking with my buddy and oblivious to my surroundings . Our SM watched, too stunned to shout out. Maybe that was a good thing but he gave me an earful afterwards in front of my patrol. Adult leaders could do that back then as a way to curb stupidity. Lesson learned. Eyes on trail and my feet. I am wary of warm surfaces, crevices, and vegetation. Last year I visited a CA poppy field with Mrs. Schiff who attempted a close-up phot
  13. There have been 257 snake bites through the first six months of 2024, according to the North Carolina Poison Control, outpacing the previous six-month record total of 247 snake bites in 2020 which ended with a year total of 733 snake bites. Scott Fedorchak, a volunteer with Scouts of America who’s taught snake recognition for more than 50 years, said lack of resources and severe heat is driving the increase in snake and human interactions. “Snakes are going to where their food and water sources are, and with the rain, or lack thereof here within the last several months, they are now
  14. 6/15/2024: A message from Bear Grylls, UK Chief Scout "To all my friends and family in Scouts, This September will mark the end of my time as Chief Scout after three 5 year terms as Chief and a total of 15 years in the role. Being Chief Scout has been the greatest honour of my life. The kindness and commitment of our young people and volunteers is incredible. And I’m so proud that since 2009 when I joined, over 2 million people have been through Scouts in the UK. Together we accomplished everything we set out to do – grow our movement and help millions of young
  15. Claytor Lake Boy Scouts Aquatic Center (Virginia) sold to Shah Development, real estate arm of Shelor Motor Mile, for $2.7 million. Lack of bookings and maintenance is mentioned, not surprising with reduced membership (covid) and competition with Summit which is 2 hours away. It is a rather new camp, predating Summit by about ten years. Will money go to bankruptcy and/or program rebuild? June 14, 2024 behind paywall: https://roanoke.com/news/local/business/development/shah-development-shelor-motor-mile-purchases-claytor-lake-boy-scouts-aquatic-center-sold-debt-free-pulaski/artic
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