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  1. In a day full of history making achievements for women and people of color, Boy Scout Troop 358 (PA) played its own critical role in the inauguration of 46th President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. "This year we knew it was going to be virtual, so we felt safe about applying. We applied and waited and we had to film a video. We filmed it at the Art Museum, something to represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia and the Boy Scouts and the church," explained Wallace. And, the video will now be seen all over the country, throughout Inaugu
  2. ... my search was easier but for an Underwood No. 5 which predated ASCII and digital computers for that matter. Typed my Eagle Project write-up (two pages, double space). As I recall the we punched IBM cards with either the IBM 026 or 029. The fun feature with 029 was duplicating a pre-punched card. It sounded like a machine gun, well a Mattel machine gun. But I digress...
  3. Up arrow for photo of DECWriter II LA36...takes me back
  4. There has been no agreement as to what is minimally required to allow the BSA to continue to operate/function and I would further say the sides are far apart. After nearly a year of Chapter 11: 1. There are ongoing asset evaluations by both sides , however, there has been no ruling whether local Council assets are on the table. 2. Insurance responsibility (payouts) remains a question. 3. There is a complete creditor list (guess who is at top of the list) 4. There is a bounded victim list (95,000 which is far more than estimated) though not yet verified
  5. ❤️ Copy and paste as you like. Now if I could just upload it into forum directory....
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong, this will be the first Presidential Inauguration since 1913 where no Boy Scouts will participate? President-elect Joe Biden was a Boy Scout. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/05/19/vice-president-joe-biden-a-former-scout-says-scouting-teaches-valuable-life-lessons/ https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/01/17/scouts-and-presidential-inaugurations-have-a-long-interesting-past/
  7. Get 'em Timo. Good dog Timo! Only two weeks on job and .... "Thanks to the keen eye and partnership of K-9 Deputy Day and K-9 Timo the Boy Scouts trailer wasn’t stolen!" the sheriff's office wrote in the release.
  8. Yes, an example, state lobbyists' fees. I'm old school. I want to know the reason you want my money before I give it to you. Later, I will verify how you spent it. My $0,02,
  9. IMHO, let's discuss the new transparent explanation of proposed Council spending and how it is approved before discussing any new means of funding it.
  10. A reasoned voice for Scouting. Scout salute and farewell.
  11. I understand the cost issue, but it is helpful maybe even required in their job hunt for scouts (and scouters) to have business recognized first aid certifications from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, SOLO, NOLS.
  12. IMO, 1972, 1999 was a return to choice. In some cases, a scout could select a preferred "required" merit badge from a subject groups as I did back in the day. At my EBOR, I would have answered that Lifesaving was most important as I was a lifeguard and rescued a few people. Today, I might say Public Health. Would I have First Aid, Swimming, Personal Fitness, Cooking merit badges? Nope. First Aid should be a yearly re-certification with each year requiring more skills. Every FC scout should be strong swimmer, physically strong, and a passable patrol cook. What groups for Eagle
  13. IMHO it would also be a good time to rethink "Eagle required" merit badges - subject areas, number, difficulty...
  14. IMHO, Councils should be scrambling to deliver their summer camp 2021. Otherwise Councils will meet the above percentage quotas of new demographics by default that is, by losing existing demographics. Meeting new Churchill membership metrics by losing existing members, what a thought. Another diversion from National?
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