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  1. Previously stated over the years on this forum as were other good proposals by other members. If after 2+ years, more than $100 million in legal expenses, if this is an acceptable YPC/YPE in a reorganization plan approved by 86% of claimants and if you are correct, with no concerns from the judge and maybe only one female member in a passive, non-transparent advisory YPC ... I'll stop there.
  2. Tyler Ochoa, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, discusses the Boy Scouts defeating a trademark lawsuit brought by the Girl Scouts. She brought up the issue of trademark dilution and that the judge did not use the federal 6 factor test . https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2022-04-18/judge-tosses-girl-scouts-suit-against-boy-scouts-podcast
  3. Hopefully Judge Laura Silverstein will require more clarity and empowerment. My $0.01,
  4. Has the plan furthered specified the responsibilities, composition, and transparency of the Youth Protection Committee? How many female abuse victims (Venture Crews, Explorer Posts...) will be on the YPC?
  5. Thanks for info. This BSA motion has received little media coverage in the past month.
  6. I don't know if I would specifically require Youtube as there is Facebook, Instagram, ...but I like the option.
  7. In my experience with trail/historic awards, this is the largest stumbling block for scouts and maybe "writing a report" is an anachronism. What if scouts had the option to upload an informative, scoutlike 2 minute video (like college admissions)? My $0.01,
  8. This is Colin Chase's video who summited it to the Bangor Daily News which then posted on Youtube where I saw it. https://bangordailynews.com/2022/05/14/outdoors/bobcat-killing-a-mink-caught-on-a-maine-trail-cam-joam40zk0w/ More on Colin Chase and his nature videos are reported at this link: https://bangordailynews.com/2022/05/12/outdoors/a-maine-mans-perfect-filming-spots-joam40zk0w/
  9. How Mrs. Bobcat got her mink stole. Credit: Colin Chase and Bangor Daily News "This video highlights just how raw nature is. Animals have to eat to survive, and this very pregnant bobcat is an apex predator. (As a top predator the bobcat is at, or near, the top of the food chain. This position on the bobcat food chain is a critical one, because the bobcat exerts what is known as “top-down control” of ecosystems. Bobcats and other predators help to keep ecosystems balanced.) In this video you can see that she stalks and kills a large male mink. Mink is also a predator, yet
  10. This request from National apparently seemingly applies to all monetary? gifts. https://donations.scouting.org/#/national And this appears
  11. June 4 and 5, 2022: Gates open at 8:30 a.m. Show scheduled to start at 12 p.m. Show completed by approximately 4:15 p.m. * Tentative Schedule * Skydive Wissota Grant Nielsen Airshows Kent Pietsch Airshows - Jelly Belly Comedy Act Aftershock Jet Fire Truck Commemorative Air Force B-25 Jerry Conley - D.H. 115 'Vampire' Airshows Precision Exotics Kent Pietsch Airshows - Jelly Belly Comedy Act F-16 Viper Demo Team Air Combat Command Heritage Flight - P-51 Mustang Craig Gifford Power & Precision Airshows Acemaker Airshows Aftershock Jet Fire Truc
  12. I thought this might be interesting discussion material. Scoutmaster Fred Young recruited Jakayla Armstrong to their church’s troop in 2019. At the time, he had to register Armstrong as a Lone Scout, since she was the only girl in the troop. He had faith that Armstrong could handle scouting with 10 other boys, he said, but he was wary at first. “Some boys didn’t want girls in the Boy Scouts,” he said. “And you have to be prepared for that.” Young said a handful of girls have joined other troops in the area, but none are African American – and his troop is the only all-Black troo
  13. If national begins CH7, would CH11 local lawsuit stays, some over 2 years old, be immediately (automatically?) released?
  14. Back in the day, I came home after a week at Provisional with just 2 incomplete blue cards, Rowing and Canoeing. I had a great time outdoors and that was fine with my parents and scoutmaster.
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