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Wood Badge and Adult Leader Training


  1. Wood Badge and adult leader training

    Post Wood Badge specific topics here.


    • Below is a tent that we are trying out.  We usually treat our tents with Camp Dry, even if they are supposed to be "waterproof". Pros:
      -Fast set-up, because it's basically a pop-up tent  (recommend you set up at home before taking it on a campout)
      -Nice tall height Cons:
      -Getting it back in the bag is a bit of a challenge
      -A bit on the heavy side (30 pounds)
      -Kind of bulky, because it is basically a pop-up tent Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent, Easy Instant Set Up in 90 Seconds, Sunset Orange, 4 Person, Family, Overlanding  
    • Hydration.   My high school band uniform was worsted wool. We had no "seasonal"  uniform.  Dry clean after every parade in the summer months.   Sweat and sweat.  Long cotton or nylon pants aren't a problem.   Uniform means "uniform"  so the Scouts at least in the color guard should all be uniformed the same.  Same long pants, same type of Scout shorts,  same caps,  same socks, same type of shoe/boot.    
    • My sons troop leadership requires long pants at all courts of honor, ceremonies & parades... so I was told. Although, only myself and 1 other new parent of a crossover scout were told this. All communication about the parade has just started Class A uniform - no specifics. To my mind,  Class A uniform shorts are an approved BSA uniform. Just wondering if other units allow shorts during a parade.
    • Sorry - I dont understand the question.  Why wouldn't they be allowed to be in shorts?  As long as they are in uniform and looking sharp I dont care.  In fact - at 90 degrees I would expect my Scouts to be in uniform shorts.
    • When walking in a parade in 90 degree weather, do you require long uniform pants? Would your unit allow BSA uniform shorts with BSA socks? TIA.
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