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Wood Badge and Adult Leader Training


  1. Wood Badge and adult leader training

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    • Whatcha got for sale in that there bucket?
    • All the more reason to emphasize IOLS, I guess.   Anyone want a bucket of various axes and hatchets? 
    • Yes. Our Troop insists on meeting weekly even though the meetings are deadly dull and scouts don't want to go to them. Plus they are sitting there being bored while facing hours of homework when they get home, especially the older high school scouts who are generally in AP courses, etc. If Covid has taught us something it's that you don't need to meet much to get activities organized. The activity should indeed be the focus. 
    • "you call the helpline?" ... That's 911 and the cops.  Sort of an contradiction. ACB ?  Australian Cricket Board ?  Yep.  I'd call for help.  
    • "Weekly meeting" don't have to be a recurring, 6:30pm sit in a chair thing.  IMHO, that's part of what is killing scouting.  ... Camping?  That's a meeting.  Activity setup by the program patrol?  That's a meeting.  Service project?  That's a meeting.  ... Regular cadence of scheduled meetings is important, but scouting isn't about meetings.   My son's troop monthly cadence was:  1st & 3rd Monday troop meetings ... 4th Monday PLC (with separate committee meeting) ... one camp (11 of 12 months a year) ... one activity ... one service project.  That was five meetings a month.  Six if you count PLCs.  ... Outside that, scouts often met and socialized.   Any given month, 4 or 5 happened.  Some months we had six.  A few months had three activities.  But our cadence was 2 meetings, a campout, an activity, a service project.   ... In addition, our annual cadence was one high activity, one moderate activity and then something special.   I was exhausted with that cadence for 15 years.  Then add cub scouts.  ... Having two more Monday scheduled meetings each Monday would have been just too much. The best troops are ACTIVE, but "meetings" don't make you an active troop.  Troops should have things going on all the time.   IMHO ... if you are going to have a meeting, be productive and do something meaningful.  Scouts can see through filler and make-work meeting topics. 
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