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Wood Badge and Adult Leader Training


  1. Wood Badge and adult leader training

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    • In theory this is good, but the challenge will be what happens in practice with the information.  If the anonymous report is not handled confidentially there could be issues.  If this report were to move forward with the authorities, not sure how this would square with the 4th and 6th amendments.  The anonymous accuser will hopefully need to be interviewed and vetted before anything should be done. BSA (sorry SA) National acting on what could be unfounded and non-verified accusations is the other side of the pendulum that swung all the way to not reporting to authorities and trying to handle internally.  Cue up more lawsuits down the road.
    • A bunch of mixed feeling on this one. I can see why being anonymous is important. I know folks who reported stuff to the council, and they become persona non grata. I had that happen to me when I reported an alcohol in camp problem. Dealing with camp staff was one thing, but dealing with the council professional staff was a completely different situation. But I also know it can be abused. As I posted elsewhere, a good friend was falsely accused of propositioning a Scout to save his own skin because he was being a peeping Tom.  
    • Your being defensive yknot when nobody criticising. But, these reporting systems are only as good or as bad as the training. And, the anonymous reporting system will have to be added to the BSA youth and adult training. Barry
    • These kinds of anonymous youth reporting systems have been around for years and are fairly commonplace -- Stop It, Say Something, etc.  I think most school districts likely have something along these lines by now. If you are actively around youth, then you've likely already been around youth that have access to one. Most of the ones I'm aware of have a mandatory LEO reporting component. It's not clear what this program entails, but hopefully it does as well. This is more BSA/SA catching up with the rest of the modern world than anything else. 
    • The problem, of course, with false or skewed reports is the damage is done before it is sorted out.  We have seen this myriad times, and it is far worse with the instant media options. Yet, the reason we ended in the mess, aside from our twisted legal system, is that such things often are very difficult to verify, and sensitive, especially to families.    
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