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    • I will not hazard the well-being of the youth in my community by stepping back from scouting due to the prejudices of 30-somethings who, having a fraction of my training, make flawed ecological hypotheses. The worst thing that a parent can do is assume that fellow parents will have their child’s best interest at heart.
    • Let me tell you what happens when the folks with no kids, but all the knowledge, skills, abilities, time, treasure, and dedication leave: THE DISTRICT SLOWLY DIES AS THERE IS NO ONE TO TAKE THEIR PLACE (major emphasis) I know this for a fact because it has happened in my area. The professional staff has ticked off those folks, and they no longer have anything to do with the council. Training numbers and quality has plummeted. Program is very parochial, if it exists at all. The number of activities has dropped because the volunteers who ran events, usually those without kids in the program still, do not want to deal with the council. Commissioner Staff, the folks who are suppose to help units out n trouble is non existent. There is one commissioner, who has no kids in the program, although a grandchild in a few years, who is trying to hold it all together by himself because no one wants to be bullied by the pros. And trust me, ew have had some arrogant professionals. One of the best CMs I ever knew stayed around over 20+ after the son Crossed Over. In additions to being CM, served in multiple program roles, including training. One arrogant DE tried to demean and degrade them publicly. They got ticked off and yelled back, " I've forgotten more about scouting than you ever learned, and I still know more than you!" They finished the program, and then stopped being involved. WE NEED EXPERIENCED SCOUTERS! ( emphasis)
    • I am a 47 year old Gen Xer and I think that's ridiculous.  Kids were born in 2008 and 2010.  My wife had a better job with benefits.  I became a stay at home dad.  I am the one that gets up early, gets the kids ready, fix lunches, take them to school, go to the school meetings during the day.  Do laundry, take care of the dishes, mow, fix plumbing, etc.  Neither of us makes all the decisions about anything.   I am the CC for two Troops, been a DL, a CM, several committee positions.  In my 6 years of doing this across two programs and three Units, I have not run into the marriage dynamic you speak of.  I get dads that are the most involved, I have moms that are the most involved, but never do I get any indication that only the mother is making all the decisions.  The CC I took over for had not had a Scout in the Troop for years.  Yet he was the one that led the crossover Scouts on their walk of reflection.  We have another committee member who also has not had a Scout in the Troop for years who go on about half the campouts a year.  I can think of several former leaders from our Troop I WISH would come back and help out.   Counting out a dedicated experienced leader because they no longer have a Scout in the Troop is not really one of my considerations just because a new family doesnt like it,.  Makes me think of helicopter Webelos 3 ways of thinking, and we don't need that.
    • In the current bankruptcy case, I am pretty sure I saw some cases that were "estate of... " Maybe one of our legal eagles would remember or know where to find where those cases might be listed to provide an example. 
    • This is sort of along the lines of my question.  And how would a surviving member present further claim info.
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