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    • 6/15/2024: A message from Bear Grylls, UK Chief Scout "To all my friends and family in Scouts, This September will mark the end of my time as Chief Scout after three 5 year terms as Chief and a total of 15 years in the role. Being Chief Scout has been the greatest honour of my life. The kindness and commitment of our young people and volunteers is incredible.  And I’m so proud that since 2009 when I joined, over 2 million people have been through Scouts in the UK. Together we accomplished everything we set out to do – grow our movement and help millions of young people gain skills for life and access to adventure and the outdoors but like every volunteer in our movement, our roles evolve and nothing stays the same forever.  I will of course continue as Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, helping support the global movement of some 65 million international scouts." Bear Grylls Chief Scout Source: https://www.scouts.org.uk/news/2024/june/a-message-from-bear-grylls-uk-chief-scout
    • I'm not following. After you change them in my.scouting, it is best then to go and end them in Scoutbook. 
    • They could. The volunteer corp, for the most part, just gives each other awards vs. really doing the heavy lifting many would be willing to do. 
    • Hmmm... Expect someone to pick up and tow away the Troop records trailer. (Don't bother to get a receipt-trust me on this.) Deliveries of cupcakes… Fireworks… Retirement parties… Changes in gravity have been reported, but not documented scientifically…
    • Time for a dedicated volunteer corp.  Linux is based on volunteer maintenance.  BSA could do similar with leadership materials.
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