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The Patrol Method


  1. The Patrol Method

    Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program


    • LOL, that's for those inconsiderate people who point them at animals. Certainly check the rules for wherever you are going.  And I recommend adults only handle the pointer.
    • Bring the binoculars, leave the laser pointers at home. Just fyi, as per below, lasers can be disruptive to bird species, especially during migration months when many migrate at night, and are not allowed in many parks.  Using lasers at night is not in alignment with leave no trace principals.   https://www.nps.gov/subjects/watchingwildlife/gear.htm Also, regulations regarding possession, safe usage, etc., can vary by state and even municipality. Some shore communities have completely banned their use. 
    • The "holy grail" app would be one that converts pictures of a signed and dated requirements into scout book entries.
    • If you read just a few of the comments you'll see that he's a scout leader with a son in scouts, who he's carrying his uniform for. A bunch of people called the author out on it being a Halloween event. I mean, this is the Daily Mail so... click bait. Many called it creepy because they thought the uniforms were only for scouts. Most complained that Kutcher no longer looks like he's 20. A lot of stupid comments. And yet the upvotes correcting the mistakes fell much more positively for scouting. That alone impressed me. I think it's nice to see. And talk about a natural cub master.
    • Actually, looking at Scoutbook to refresh my recall... There are THREE dates recorded for a rank: Date Earned Date Approved/Recorded Date Awarded The clock for advancement to next rank starts from Date Earned.
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