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The Patrol Method


  1. The Patrol Method

    Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program


    • The SCOUTER.com virtual campfire has been lighting our community now for more than 25 years. It's hard for me to imagine that so much time has passed, and the thousands of Scouts and Scouters around the world that have learned and shared together. These are obviously incredibly trying times for Scouting and enormous transition for the organization. But I have always believed that the very best of Scouting was at the grassroots, found in the mentoring relationship of a leader and young Scout, honed on cold winter campouts and sharpened by the lessons of leadership and service. And these forums have always been in support of the grassroots of the Scouting Movement. Moderators help keep this community conversation as Scoutlike as possible, reminding us that tens of thousands of guests (including many, many young people) quietly read these forums each month.  Moderators are just Members that have taken on extra responsibilities to pitch in and help us all.  They are still Members, and hopefully share and contribute to the conversation just as much (or more) than everyone.  They are easy handed, and certainly (rarely) might make a decision about content that isn't popular. But they deserve all our gratitude and thanks. I'm pleased that @Eagle1993 and @T2Eagle and @elitts and @gpurlee have all agreed to join the Moderator team. Please be kind to them and to each other, and extend a Scout's left handshake to welcome them to this new role! TERRY HOWERTON  
    • But: "Only 52% of parents plan to vaccinate kids against COVID, poll reveals" https://www.wave3.com/2021/04/07/only-parents-plan-vaccinate-kids-against-covid-poll-reveals/
    • The project isn't finished yet, he has one more "feature" at the end of the trail.  Also a missing hand rail at the start.  He hopes to have it completed by next month.   It started as total woods, so the project started as making the trail. The rest was to make the downhill Slopestyle mountain bike course.  He built this for a local mountain biking non-profit.  The community responded to his fundraising efforts (raised almost $4000, wood prices went up exponentially this year) and calls for help on workdays Before: After (almost complete)  
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