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    • Although the advice of your local health dept. is paramount, I would encourage outdoor in-person den meetings. Of course every den is different. And the risks are palpable. My grandson’s daycare reported one positive in the baby area. Fortunately he wasn’t there last week and tested negative.  
    • and it seems that one of the guys on the team has been nominated  and approved for the Vigil honor.  So we get to do a rare Vigil tapout as well !  This is going to be a really fun Friday evening!  I just need to find the regalia.  Its been 15 months since the last ordeal
    • Adults often volunteer for positions to get one-up on someone else.  It's sad and it's 100% wrong.  Unit commissioners have no place injecting themselves into the workings of the troop they are mentoring.   I would submit a complaint directly to the council leadership.  ... IF IT IS AS YOU REPRESENT ... he should be removed as a commissioner.  I'd argue he has the wrong attitude and he went after a scout.  It's an indicator he should not be a registered scouter ... but that's up to the council. Send a direct, specific, concise statement (incident and history) and send it to the the council scout executive, director of advancement and the council commissioner.  
    • We have not done any in-person den meetings since March. As of right now, our Charter Org is going to start letting us use their building for in-person meetings starting September 1, but I'm not comfortable meeting with my den in person. Covid cases are going up with no signs of stopping. We're going to still be doing virtual meetings. My counterpart boys den is supposedly going to meet in person (we met jointly all a last year). 
    • So, when my daughter signed on as a Wolf Cub in early 2018, I didn’t get the memo that the blue uniform was no longer considered a Webelos uniform. She wore her blue uniform all summer after finishing Bear Scout rank, and when I found out that tan was now “required” I decided that I’d start working on putting her tan uniform together - but I didn’t hurry. Her blue one still fit and her tan was still a bit baggy on her.  I finally switched her sometime that Fall. There are kids in her Pack that are still wearing blue uniforms as Webelos and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Most of this discussion has been about the relevance of uniforms in general and not about blue vs tan. As far as I’m concerned, as long as either one is worn appropriately I don’t think it’s worth worrying about.     My youngest just signed up for Lion Scouts. I couldn’t find a 2nd hand Lion t-shirt locally, and getting one on eBay and paying shipping one might as well buy new. So when COVID first hit, I was prepared to go get her a Lion t-shirt when the Scout Office re-opened, but the longer it dragged on and as we face a drastically different vision of den meetings this year, I decided I didn’t want to spend the money for a one-year t-shirt for my last child to maybe wear for Zoom meetings.  It’s only $10, but for $8 I was able to get a great used blue uniform shirt that she’ll be able to wear for 2-3 years. Since she won’t be at any in-person meetings, and the old yellow Wolf scarf looks like a Lion scarf from the front, she got a hand-me-down scarf. I was able to pick up a school uniform Skort for under $5. I figure since Lions don’t require any particular bottom wear, this part  is entirely within the rules and I’ll get her official uniform bottoms when she’s a little bigger and can wear a size I can more easily find on eBay (she’s tiny, and barely can wear a 4T). Her belt buckle has a Webelos symbol on it, but that’s temporary until her sister crosses over in around December or January and can pass her newer style buckle down (I know they can trade, but my older girl wears it more so having her use  the newer and easier to use belt buckle took priority). I noticed during the last year that about half of our Lions wore the t-shirt and half wore the blue uniform.    A Scout is Thrifty. I’m definitely “Team Uniform” but I also place an extremely high value on the Scout Law. So I say, have the kids wear the uniforms they’ve got with pride while you see if you can start gathering up some hand-me-down tans for them. There is no sense in stressing the families out about colors. 
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