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  1. Because it didn’t involve a lot of camping and vulnerable situations that camping brings with it (showers, swimming, changing, sleeping, homesickness). These vulnerable / risky situations happen each month, month after month.
  2. That is the word on the street in Discord. I keep mentioning that the Areas that OA Sections are based on are gone. As are the Regions - the OA has Region Chiefs. I keep getting told TBD and IF the OA adopts the new structure. I said they should use the new NSTs and divide them into sections. Case closed.
  3. I totally agree. Over the last 2.5 years we canceled a Polar Bear where their would have been 2 adults and 2 Scouts. We decided the turnout was too low to justify the effort (4 days before). The other time we canceled due to not having the second registered adult. The old SM should shut their mouth on any such decisions. Their time has passed. They may also no longer be privy to the whole story. How rude of them to weigh in at all!
  4. I have looked at 08, 09, 10, 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21. None say own. I could not find 2013. I guess it could have been an outlier.
  5. Now those troop longevity bars are a sign of potential liability. :-{
  6. Currently, they are being promised protection (at least for charter year 2021):
  7. Why don't you leave for a bit, do some googling, and see what you can find. Your need may not be the need of others.
  8. I assume this would be a joke. I have seen some bankruptcy org names 3 card montie. The new org is called something like Boy Scouts of America Reborn (BSAR). Then they rename the old BSA Old (BSAO). Then the rename the new org Boy Scouts of America. Then they get to have the new org have the old name.
  9. How often do you meet in the school year?
  10. ? What sort of burner? Like a propane stove burner?
  11. I did one for wood badge for my troop. For our inexperienced PLC a list with places, distances, and key activities that would be exhaustive of places to camp within 2 hours would make them more self sufficient and less at the whim of adult leader ideas of where is neat (even me). My ulterior motive was to turn around and give it to the lodge. The lodge was more or less “that’s nice, maybe we will get to it, do you want to be an advisor for it”.
  12. Well, except the BSA doing alway with 2 levels of the structure and redefining what national means to councils and the focus of volunteers supporting that role. Maybe a better word is no changes to governance. The structure did change.
  13. Funny you mention this. Each year, about 10 or so, 22’ish young adults from my work go on a ad box backpacking trip in northern Wisconsin. Different people, more or less, each year, but it is totally like a high adventure trip.
  14. If this is true, it blows my mind. Our current commissioner does everything you see in the training / literature that a Unit commissioner is supposed to do. In addition to meeting with us, he HELPED (not hindered) with the charter, we have had an issue with popcorn money from council that he is working out, he helped us when we needed advice on an issue between a Scout and an ASM, and other things. We aren't very needy, but he is really part of our team of resources.
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