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  1. I was at $2M, but your $4M caused me to reevaluate this last week. From both a holding and liability standpoint, I hadn't done a review in 5 years or so. I am now too at $4M. It wasn't much more to go from 2-4.
  2. 2% of all youth registered. Pretty much a failure as a movement goes. This is NOT something that should be used as a model of co-ed success. I hope national only spends 2% of its resources on it (or less since many youth & adults are dual enrolled and thus not paying extra for it).
  3. Even before COVID, the numbers would say by at least that measurement, Venturing and Sea Scouting are not successful. This is from a national viability perspective. I bet there are many (hundreds) very successful crews and ships, so from the "on the ground" perspective it is great.
  4. Other than being seasonal, how is this different? Dens are grade based, like GSUSA already.
  5. Not any different than a franchisee would see.
  6. I was in that group in 1982. I believe there was also a poster with tiger paw stickers. There were hats as well.
  7. My understanding is that they are written at the 8th grade level. So, for some it would be harder than others. It really is up to the troop to make sure that it isn't too advancement oriented.
  8. Meetings are the same place and time. Campouts are the same weekend, meet at same place, same time, but 9 out of 12 are different locations. So, adults must choose who to go with.
  9. Our CO has determined that "family scouting" means meeting in the same location, same night, different rooms. It worked well until the pandemic. Cubs, girl troop, and boy troop all fit at one school. Den meetings in 6 rooms, girls troop in a community room, and boys troop in the cafeteria. It works very well for families.
  10. I wonder if it is "first year" or is it they don't "re-up" at the turn of the year. For cubs that cross over in March, it is "free" to continue with very little effort. The big question is who *really* signs up for Scouts when they have to choose.
  11. I bet it would be a lot easier to get insurance than one would think. Same group that insurers outward bound etc. Insurance for a single unit and specific adults, I assume is much simpler than a large random organization. Now they would drop you after your first incident, but you would be good up to that point.
  12. Wait, it had the same Scoutmaster for 67 years? Was it like, 87?
  13. That is their side of the argument. You keep acting like there is nothing to be decided. Have you ever seen a court proceeding? Each side makes an argument for the moon. In the end, few get all.
  14. With the speed of the courts, don't you feel that this is premature? Having a letter ready is fine to be prepared, but sending it out? I don't know if anyone knows anything. I wonder if the judge would even have a inkling of the timing. If National fails in the summer, it by no means that the LC's fail immediately. I guess you are a cynic, but wow, this seems premature to me.
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