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  1. mrjohns2

    ASMs at PLCs

    You had me until point 3. Why do you think it is ok to not follow the mandated rules?
  2. mrjohns2

    Scout Law

    Is is true that truthful isn’t listed since Scouts were used as spies during the African campaign and good spies aren’t truthful?
  3. mrjohns2

    Tent fire buckets

    Scouts BSA's welcoming of girls has brought me back into the fold after 24 years out. This eagle scout was required to have a fire bucket on each side of a tent in addition to the stenciled "no flames in tents!" on the rain fly. Should we buy / obtain from recycling small 1/2 gallon buckets for this purpose and make the stencils? Or is this not done any longer? Do people still do this? I see no mention of this in the handbook.
  4. mrjohns2


    I think you letter is fine. You focus on examples of letting youth leaders lead. I do think you place a heavy emphasis on this “CAN DO” concept be “have done”. I do not believe that language or focus is part of the official program. If so, can you point to a reference?
  5. mrjohns2

    Scouts BSA FAQ dated 9/14/18

    Thanks, but no, that is from a particular council. The one I am looking for was from national. It was the source document for the link you provided.
  6. I am looking for a Scouts BSA FAQ posted on the scouting.org website dated 9/14/18. It was called "Scouts BSA Program Information FAQ document dated September 14, 2018". I am trying to pull together the national information, and I can't find this one. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Matt