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  1. This is true. As a roundtable commissioner, I can do so much better of a job with a few other roundtable Commissioners. I love how our DE brainstorms with the district commissioner and chair for new resources.
  2. I like these. One thing I then do “back for the pros” is my list here. I’ve had pretty good DEs, so YMMV. For me, by doing these things, when I need their help/resources they have been there. 1. Listen to the DEs. 2. Fully support FOS so the DEs don’t have to push a rope on something that is important to them, but we don’t want theM to focus on it. 3. Really work your own issues at the unit level and only involve DEs when needed. Leverage the resources by not burdening them with items that don’t need to be handled by them. 4. Support your council camps, camporees, and other co
  3. New Mexico: All councils are equal opportunity employers. In addition to offering a competitive salary of $35,600 – $44,000. Mississippi: In addition to offering a competitive salary of $40,000 Indiana: In addition to offering a competitive salary range of $38,000 – $40,000 based on experience
  4. I would be very sad if our unit didn’t wear one, but actually it is up to the PLC.
  5. The presentation said that ONLY the AOL is intended to be prep for Scouts (6 months for AOL) vs. previously all of Webelos (18 months Webelos and AOL) being prep.
  6. Pretty poor for us. Our troop is down from 20 to 13. Our Pack peaked at ~73 last year and will peak only at 63 this year. The higher fees PLUS needing to pay for 1 year really put a damper on recruiting for us. A school that netted about 20+ in one night, yielded 0 in the one night. We had maybe 5 over about a week as people thought it over.
  7. Alps tents through hikerdirect. Many many troops in our use the Taurus Outfitter models. Our troop uses 4 person ones. Full tarp to the ground, vestibules on both sides, not a ton of mesh (hotter in the summer, but true 4 season), ticker floor, tougher zippers, and very inexpensive. They have held up for 5 years for us and are like new camping each month. The boy troop have used them for 10+ and they are holding up well. Much better headspace than the A frame Timberlines we used as a kid. No "magic flute" to lose either. For adults, we use the 5 person. On the big side, but totally can stand u
  8. True, but an adult would address the issue instead of banning everyone.
  9. That is how we did it. Also, our dues mainly go to things like adult fees, so those don’t scale by the month.
  10. We will have to see the requirements. Maybe, maybe, maybe they have 8, but the AOL ones are shorter?
  11. No, you didn’t. In ‘86 it was the Scout badge. In ‘95 it became the Scout Rank. One was a joining badge and the other involves a lot more and is a rank. So, yes the badge was eliminated and replaced with a rank. In this case a joining badge of bobcat becomes an adventure. Times change.
  12. We didn’t / we don’t. It became the Scout rank in 2015. Things change.
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