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  1. One of the reasons we use Scoutbook, is that if you set the RSVP and permission slip required, you can have a Scout manage this themselves. Also, the calendar now supports the Scribe, SPL, ASPL being calendar editors. It really is heading in the right direction on these sorts of items.
  2. We use Scoutbook with a GoDaddy website on the side. I would say that if you already use Scoutbook, I'd just start using that for calendar, RSVPs, permission slips, communication etc. Scoutbook does not have a public facing webpage, so you would have to choose something like GoDaddy or Facebook or others for that.
  3. I think that has been true for a long, long time, maybe "forever". I don't think unit dues are frowned upon. They are separate, but not frowned upon.
  4. From the "ineligible volunteer" files that I read these were handled by the Scout Executive, region, and their appointed "review board" for the case in question. One or 2 of the cases in question were from the mid 1980's. I knew both one of Scouters on the review board and the SE at the time. I think these were kept in pretty small circles and not heard by the larger board.
  5. Most of the alleged issues were long ago. I'd be very very surprised if anyone on the current boards or even SE positions are the same ones that were around when any coverups happened.
  6. Are you kidding? MBCs wore a sash with MBs? Really? Crazy.
  7. I don't want one enough to order one, but that is totally awesome. Amazing that someone is doing this.
  8. What state requires a fingerprint? Not the state that I live in. Not even for a "real id".
  9. The "requirement" is from national. It is too bad that the adults handled it. If Scouts would have done it, they could have explained it better. I'm not surprised of the disconnect. They could have done it a number of better ways. I think I have seen many bylaws say that all bylaws and policies must conform to national standards and policies. My daughter is on the fence about getting more involved in OA. Can she carve out a corner that is Scout led? Not sure. If she does, I will choose a different area of the lodge that isn't Scout lead, get involved, and lead the Scouts to lead. That wo
  10. The National Committee is 100% Adult lead and run. Yes, a couple of youth members, but run by adults. Local lodges? As a youth, our lodge was 100% youth lead. This was early to mid ‘90’s. A different lodge, now, is as youth lead as much as youth want it to be. Not many show up and those that do, don’t take leadership roles seriously. The adults keep asking the youth for opinions, but they don’t seem to care. If I were an active advisor, I’d scale things back to the point that the youth lead.
  11. @RememberSchiff's link shows that it is... Develop leaders with the willingness, character, spirit and ability to advance the activities of their units, our Brotherhood, Scouting, and ultimately our nation.
  12. This is a pretty good use of the 72 hour loop hole. Good reason to not register for a few years.
  13. We used one of these on Camp Staff to split wood. No wood splitter for us. It was awesome. I can't believe that nothing like it is available today. I looked a few years ago.
  14. I don't believe it ever went away, it has just been changed over the years. For example: YOU NO LONGER CUT DOWN A TREE! Come on, Paul Bunyan and you don't cut down a tree? What sort of Paul Bunyan is that?
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