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  1. mrjohns2

    Leadership Challenge

    I think this is what people are looking for when they ask for a syllabus. Like for a college course. 2-3 pages, maybe double sided, with an outline. A syllabus is not a staff manual or even student book. If too much is given away by a syllabus, I would question the depth of the training. For the cost and the time investment, it is funny that they don’t have a bit more than a glossy brochure and a “trust is, it is good” approach.
  2. There was a faq or a Brian on Scouting asking about adirondack trail shelters being accommodations and not using the tent rule. I would consider a yurt being more cabin like than an adirondack.
  3. It is crazy how opaque both councils are and national. They know how many LDS units and Scouts they had. They could easily release for a few years adjusted and unadjusted numbers so that we could know the LDS impact and the girl impact. They are so afraid, they try to keep everyone in the dark. I work for a large fortune 50 multinational. It is night and day about transparency. For example, our council is on a conditional charter. What were the issues? What is the plan? They are not saying anything beyond they need more funds and more scouts. The Scout executive decided to “pursue other interests”. That info was shared more than a month after he began perusing the other interests. At work, they would have an all hands at the moment a press release would be out. We would then get a copy of the action plan and scorecard on how we need to improve.
  4. Less than 5 isn’t much of a patrol either.
  5. I subscribed just for the article. It is clear now why they secured the loan with Philmont. It is considered an encumbered asset and not eligible for disbursement during bankruptcy. It is their strategy to protect it. The summit was already encumbered. :-)
  6. mrjohns2

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    I like the idea of ditching off non-core, non-productive efforts. STEM Scouts, maybe Explorer groups for those less than 13, and learning for life. If those groups aren’t “more than paying for themselves”, stop them. Is NESA or alumni groups paying for themselves? If not, stop them. Focus on the core.
  7. mrjohns2

    Med forms updated

    Why would it replace DOT forms? It would be crazy to think otherwise. What I am saying is that it is a stand lone form. No replacements, and as the form says, all participants require the form. Other activities may require other forms. DOT forms don't provide the hold harmless statements, media release statements, BMI max, and other parts of the BSA forms. The DOT forms don't have this. Your camp health officers must much less rigorous than ours. From the form "All participants in all Scouting activities complete Part A and Part B. Give the completed forms to your unit leader. This applies to all activities, day camps, local tours, and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours. Update at least annually. Part A is an informed consent, release agreement, and authorization that needs to be signed by every participant (or a parent and/or legal guardian for all youth under 18). Part B is general information and a health history."
  8. mrjohns2

    Med forms updated

    Our camps and other events require the BSA medical form. You can't provide another in place of it.
  9. mrjohns2

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    Procter & Gamble, a 185 year plus Fortune 50 company, has always promoted from within. Still does. Some say it is outdated, and some don't.
  10. mrjohns2

    Boy Scout Service Projects

    I’ve even seen the girls in Scouts BSA do projects!
  11. mrjohns2

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    I’ve seen articles; I can’t say I have seen 12 in the last year, let alone more than one per month as you indicate. I can very little in a scout trailer that could be sold for ready cash (cash in days) beyond the trailer itself. That may be what thieves are after. I bet you wouldn’t get much if you sold the contents of a trailer at a garage sale, even less if it was know to be stolen and you wanted it sold fast. I’m not at all saying they aren’t stolen, what I am saying is that I think as good of an argument can be made for decorating your trailer as not.
  12. mrjohns2

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    Sure, plenty of pawn shops want our junk. Dirty tents and cook gear over welders, wrenches, and power tools. Hummmm.... I think a troop is better off labeling it “camping junk” and the criminals move on.
  13. mrjohns2

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    Really? I think troop decals lesson the chance of theft. What criminal can turn troop gear into cash vs construction tools?
  14. mrjohns2

    ASMs at PLCs

    You had me until point 3. Why do you think it is ok to not follow the mandated rules?
  15. mrjohns2

    Scout Law

    Is is true that truthful isn’t listed since Scouts were used as spies during the African campaign and good spies aren’t truthful?