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  1. I found it sort of crude or gross. Pretty far from funny.
  2. This is key. Keep this correct as you go along, and recharter should almost be a non-event.
  3. I left out that until these activity logs improve, we have our advancement coordinator make it for the troop. The Scribe, SPL, or ASPL does take attendance in Scoutbook. The advancement coordinator uses that to log nights camped.
  4. For us, it was overnight once processed. We did have 2 adults “duplicate”. Asked in the forums for this to be resolved. It was. One needed the local registrar to consolidate. Very clean and straightforward, for 2 of our 3 units processed so far. The 3rd unit has a Scout who is multipled in another council. Her troop folded and she didn’t recharter with them. This has held us up by about a week. She found a troop and is registering with them as we speak. Then, the 3rd unit can be processed.
  5. Make sure the Scout has access. This must be granted by the parent. Ask on a regular basis for Scouts to “sync the books” with Scoutbook. They can enter the requirements as done. An adult can then concur if they agree. The same can be done with activity logs.
  6. Our troop had a hard time with planning September campouts due to school just starting. We started having that as a family campout that we invited the troop families and webelos families to. This gives the moms of the Webelos to spend a weekend with the adults in the troop. Nothing builds bonds like some campfire time. Having a family campout each year also helps those families who want all campouts to be family campouts. We can easily say "well, no, younger siblings can't attend a normal troop campout, but they are always welcome at the annual family campout in September."
  7. Girls have doubled the number of children that can be recruited. The number of teens in the US vs. the 1970s is flat to less. Yes, I was surprised too. Changing demographics of number of children and adults of child bearing age. So, I looked at 2019 12-17 year olds being 25 million. 1972 25 million. No change. POP1 Child population: Number of children (in millions) ages 0–17 in the United States by age, 1950–2021 and projected 2022–2050 (childstats.gov)
  8. That is a quality unit. Quality units deliver a quality program. A unit that does not deliver a quality program is not a quality unit.
  9. Just like troops, councils and lodges are chartered by national. So, just, owned in some respects.
  10. We had the shrink from ‘21 to ‘22. From ‘22 to ‘23 we had growth in our pack and are the biggest we have seen since we became involved in 2018. We believe it is the biggest it has been in anyone’s memory (15-20 years). Our pack went from 28 to 70. We rechartered 48. Our boy troop is flat at about 25. They will cross over 4 Webelos. Our girl troop went from 18, rechartered 16, and will cross over 4-5 for about 20. That will be a high for us.
  11. Do you have a PL too? I would not have a PL too since that would be odd. I would do a SPL/PL and ASPL/APL.
  12. In the Volenteer esentials that each council releases each year, they have had pretty consistent language from their national group. The language is much clearer. "For this reason, councils are encouraged to avoid joint recruiting and/or joint participation in community events or activities." "we must ensure that we take care that the activities in which girls participate are exclusive to the Girl Scout program"
  13. We just had one patrol with one Scout who was the SPL. They were in effect the PL as well. At council and district events, they always ask for the SPL. When we got night enough for 2 patrols we moved to the standard 2 PLs and an SPL.
  14. It is an awesome achievement. It is one of the most outing Scouting award. Many parts of eagle are booksmart, NMOA is outdoor-smart. You really have to put in the hours / miles. Nice work!
  15. I heard they discontinued the actual medal. Which is sad. If you can’t find one, I’d buy one from eBay.
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