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  1. I agree. I don't like Mr. or Mrs. First Name.
  2. You summed it up quite nicely. At times, I use the Mrs./Mrs./Ms. so much, I even use it during committee meetings, but no one seems to mind. It is hard to "code switch" at times.
  3. Since council camps (including, now camporees etc.) are audited and "permitted" by trained administrators, I assume they assume it is more rigorous in its execution. Sorry for the run on sentence. Often times, it seems as though units look the other way at certain safety things beyond YPT.
  4. I know it has diamonds showing what changed, but it didn't seem to change much, did it? Does anyone have a tldr version? I glanced over it and it seemed the same.
  5. Markup isn't the question, margin is. It doesn't matter if they have 300% markup if they are still losing money on the item.
  6. It is funny, we often hear the most complaints about the pay at the top, and then a snicker of the pay at the bottom. We will have a broken professional core as long we pay entry level DEs such a tiny wage for someone with a 4 year degree.
  7. It is interesting that some of these items, even if they seemed expensive, must not have been "self sustaining" meaning that they were selling these at a loss.
  8. It will be great if they provide one large pdf guide. The Kindle edition was the same cost, and based on each year (not auto updated).
  9. That is not at all what they said. No one is talking about withholding info, it just isn't a responsibility of the leader to cover each and ever award.
  10. I agree. In all of my reading of handbooks, guides, and training, making scouts aware of all opportunities is not one of Scoutmaster responsibilities. There are so many different "areas" a Scout could get involved in, it isn't up to the SM to make all aware.
  11. There are a number of Scouters who give me the stick eye with I reference something like this on my phone. With all of this moving electronically, we need to change to culture to not be so turned off by phones, tablets, laptops at meetings/campouts/outings. Also, I have the 2019 and 2020 Kindle editions of the requirements. 2021 is not out. The BSA is "committed" to moving these to electronic resources. They keep using that word. I don't think it means what they think it means.
  12. We did ours much later than normal last year. I assume we will do the same. By doing it late, we were able to have it outside (we are in Wisconsin). We got premade subs from Subway. We had it at a place that had a bunch of spread out picnic tables for families and then moved to the fire bowl area. Families brought their own chairs so they could distance. We had very good mask compliance. We did the cross over at that time, but the Scouts had actually been with the troop for a month or 2.
  13. That makes more sense. It seems that up until 1972 the commissioner color was blue instead of red.
  14. Well, you could make a bolo or neckerchief slide out of the plaque. I like that they added the medal in your council. I read somewhere originally that it was connected to Cub Scouts and that is why the background is blue. It was then expanded to all district volunteers. That supposed history doesn't make much sense as the adult uniform for Cubs wasn't blue AFAIK.
  15. Well, the Order of the Arrow Endowment Fund which was started at the end of 1978. The claim is that everything was basically co-mingled with no records of deposits and withdrawals.
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