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  1. The OA is not a unit activity. Not at all. So, it has nothing to do with the CO.
  2. I found the formatting of the screen and software objectional. It seem slipshot.
  3. The concerns are there, but there is no pre 1975 history. Also, some orgs are "dam the torpedoes" types that are willing to shoulder the burden of risk.
  4. Those uniform infractions are up to one’s unit. So, most adults don’t have “much right to say” anything about a youth’s uniform. The SPL and SM of the troop do, though.
  5. There isn't an official ratio of adults to scouts on a Scouts BSA campout, right? Just "the appropriate number registered leaders beyond 2 for the activity" or something like that? I couldn't find the ratio for Cubs when I looked for campouts. Is there one from national? Or is that just local? Thanks for the help!
  6. Awesome! Do you have 4 other girls ages 11-17? My 2 cents after being a girl troop SM for 2 years and now CC. Don’t make them a patrol of the boy troop. Let them be their own troop. Please.
  7. I had about 7 to start, but they were very formulaic and required me to only do 5.
  8. Bouncing around on awards center, commissioner awards, and the training awards page it looks like the Scouter's Training Award is for Unit Scouters and District Committee members only.
  9. <re-read, agreed with @David CO's critique, deleted>
  10. This is not true. Many schools in our council allow this. It may be a local thing for you and for me.
  11. It is my understanding the bankruptcy documents say 2023. With that said, a few weeks ago I got a survey from national if there should be a jamboree in 2022, 2023, or 2024 if I recall. I don't know if anyone knows for sure.
  12. What would you talk about? That I should self insure? That I shouldn't volunteer if it involves risk?
  13. Many people I know at work have an umbrella of at least $1MM and they are not involved in coaching or Scouting. Many sport coaches I know do the same. Friends of my daughters come over to the house all the time. It all depends on your level of risk tolerance, future earning potential, and current net worth. Not that I am wealthy, but the fact I have a good salaried job that could be garnished until retirement. Not the future life I am looking forward to.
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