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  1. I know we don't want the bankruptcy to last forever, but this seems to be one of those cases of where the autonomy of councils is called into question. If one was a well funded council and was forced to merge with another by national, it seems odd that they would have to accept the liability. Correct, it doesn't make it any less real, but it does call into question any of your recollection and the facts are totally in question. If one can't articulate what happened where, the whole system falls apart.
  2. Like everything, Scouting is local. Our council requires ALL adults attending camp to be registered. Our troop does not, but we rarely have an adult on a campout who is not registered. I can't think of one in the last year. This is often debated, but it has been clarified. The national policy is that the event itself has to be >72 hours. The "consecutive" they mean the time the adult is at the event. They can't leave and comeback to reset the clock. It is not cumulative over time, though, so 48 hour campouts each month do not trigger this 72 hours. Those events, though, must
  3. Aren’t NST leads volunteers? So, no costs. Regardless, reason to spend on this vs other areas is to recognize that the BSA must become more diverse. If the BSA remains mostly white, it will continue to become increasingly irrelevant.
  4. We’ve been using the as hooks and wearing masks. We have had good compliance. If I was OP I’d meet in the church and wear masks.
  5. Have him register as an adult leader. It seems clear that he could at least be the "supervising adult" for the Wolf. It leaves the tiger out, but that may be the best and clearest approach.
  6. I feel like the Guide to Safe Scouting bounces between using guardian and legal guardian. So, it seems at times it specifically talks of guardian vs. legal guardian. It may be good to register the boyfriend. For sure he could be the another registered adult. 2 cubs, one being a tiger, makes it harder.
  7. Actually, it isn't. For example, that page doesn't have the other Lutheran award for adults. So, again, one must go to their denomination / religious group and see what is offered. Thus the "bottom line" is much more complicated. That is more the "top line".
  8. I don't know which design you are going for, but it seems like there are a lot that look like this one going for $10. OA Papoukewis Lodge 289 S1b Fort Steuben Area Stuebenville, OH [STS323] | eBay
  9. Agreed. Also, what would a unit do about the bankruptcy? Not much. So, as long as a couple stay a bit informed, for the most part, the units shouldn't spent energy on the bankruptcy. It would be a waste.
  10. Agreed, it could get complicated. My council is mainly paying out of investments. One might say "oh, lucky them", but they were living off of the investment proceeds, so budget wise it would be harder than if they sold an less used camp. If the camp was running in the red, it would actually help the bottom line in some ways if it didn't hurt membership. Bottom line - complicated and a case by case situation.
  11. Well, the knot is a BSA award that represents a non-BSA award.
  12. 21, not 26, but 21 is still past the OMG that is too many districts level! It says they serve 36,000 scouts. Really? That seems crazy too. It blows my mind that the tools and other items of the BSA can scale from councils with 300 scouts to councils with 36,000 scouts.
  13. It still doesn’t make sense. DelMarVa’s website… ”The Council covers fourteen counties and is divided into 8 Scouting districts.”
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