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    • Pacific Harbors Council executive Ralph Voelker might know something we don't. . .  Boy Scouts will be renamed Scouts. . .  which would explain why there is no name for the Girl's program yet. . . He said: BSA has four main programs. All of them, except for Boy Scouts, are currently welcoming girls, Voelker said. Boy Scouts, probably just called Scouts by then, will accept girls by Feb. 1, 2019. Read the whole story here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/latest-news/article208649604.html Pacific Harbor is doing fantastic with having girls join up  0.8% of their cub scouts are girls and they have skorts.
    • Its unfronate that all we hear lately is about girls enetering boyscouts at least for the last few weeks. Pictures of this girls or that girl doing cub scouts. Thats great but don't forgt the boys and the great things they are accomplishing. 
    • Here are some of the smarter comments from the news story comment section: "Never in my life would my daughters be allowed to join Cub Scouts. That's what Brownies and Girl Scouts is for. Guaranteed liberal parents." "This is heart breaking to me. As a single mom to a young boy I know he desperately needs strong male role models guiding him. He's just turned 8, this is the time he needs these men most of all, but now it's not going to happen. Why can't the girls have these activities in Girl Scouts? Girls & boys are equal, but that doesn't mean they are the same. And why would we all want to be?" "If women need and deserve their own spaces, so do men. There is nothing natural about this sort of PC progress, and it WILL backfire." "As a former eagle scout it does me well to know that I have cut off all affiliation with this organization." "I'm a Girl Scout leader and simply put, the Boy Scouts of the USA have stuck with their traditions and life skills program model. GSUSA has lost their way by changing the program so far off course from what made it successful in the first place. They've become too progressive and pushing career focused programs instead of basic life skills like changing a tire. My daughters remain GS's because of our council's canoe team (15 and 10 years respectively) but in reality would have preferred the boy scout program. Also, when you see Boy Scouts you know it because they are in full uniform. As for Girl Scouts? Only at cookie time and even then it's simply a vest. They have so lost their way." "Scouting will become so politicized it will close it's doors ." "The purpose of scouting is not just to learn skills, such as rowing, cooking, etc. It is to prepare the kids to be responsible men and women in society. Having leaders of the same sex and boys bonding with boys (and girls in the girl scouts) is very important in developing their character and identity." "Then it is no longer the boy scouts. It is something else." "This is a great thing, and not because some people think it's PC. Boy Scouts has transitioned to a "family scouting" activity. It involves the entire family that is of scouting age, without the us versus them mentality. In the troop that my family is involved with there is involvement with Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts, without conflict. Our Boy Scout activities include parents, mostly boys and a few girls. So far, the girls are sisters of other scouts. As a mom of sons, it is heartening to see girls learning that skills that my dad taught me. These days, so few girls are taught those things and they are valuable." "If only women were as capable as men at creating and organizing programs that cater to their specific gender. But alas, we found yet another thing men are superior to women at - mentoring and developing kids. Girls don't want to participating in organizations led and organized by women. Interesting....." "Boy Scouts used to be a noble group, training boys to become good team mates, respectful men and self sustaining go getters. Now, sadly, it’s a shell of its former self." "There is a great opportunity here for someone to start a new organization where boys can come together and learn traditional male skills." "What's sad is the notion that girls can't do their own scouts good enough that they have to join the boys." "Any parent of a 13 year old girl that sends them camping with a bunch of 13 year old boys needs to have their heads examined. I was in the Boy Scouts and later an Eagle Scout. It was a great time and we learned many life skills with the scout masters and our fathers. Having girls come to our weekend jamborees would only be a distraction. Why don't the Girl Scouts introduce some activities that the Boy Scouts do?"
    • True. But neither are the opinions on this forum.
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