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    • Our hospital system in Ohio has gone to universal masking recommendations for everyone in the building in the hospitals: visitors, non clinical workers, everyone.  Wearing a mask provides some protection from larger droplets that other people are spewing, and it protects others from you since there are lots of asymptomatic folks walking around with it.   Wearing a mask never harms anyone, so long as you are not using up supplies that would otherwise be used by healthcare workers
    • I’m just trying to get a feel to see if any councils have canceled their summer camp programs yet. I’m hoping it doesn’t last that long to where camps can’t open. I did the other post about high adventure, but I’m wondering overall summer camp programs.
    • Thanks for your description of how the online class format worked. My council is also pushing online merit badge classes, and I am a little skeptical. On the other hand,  my daughter started a new merit badge.  Spent an hour conversing one-on-one by phone with the merit badge counselor who is an older adult who lives in our neighborhood.   It looks like it is going to be a really good experience. (Because of YPT she put the phone of speaker phone,  so I could listen in.)   Of course there are a couple of steps that she won't be able to finish until the quarantine is over,  but a great deal of the work on this badge can be done at home.   Rather that push for online mert badge classes,  I am trying (with not a lot of success) to have self-motivated scouts take initiative and work rather independently on merit badges.
    • That might be a moot point if COVID 19 testing doesn't improve and be more widely used, and if an effective antibody test is not created and distribute to test for immunity. 
    • I'm working on the hiking merit badge with one son.  It was started with a group of scouts from the troop, but can't be finished together at this point.  That's going okay, and we (I was in as a second adult and advancement chair, much to my son's dismay, lol)  just finished up a Zoom meeting with the counselor for all the boys that began the badge.  That was okay, with only six scouts and the counselor.  But the same son also started an online merit badge class with Central Florida Council... My impressions of that are varied.  This particular one is Sustainability, and son needs a couple Eagle-required badges.  I wanted to watch along with him to see what kind of content they offered and whether this would be an effective way to host 'meetings'.  So, on the one hand, it's great they're stepping up and offering something for scouts.  On the other, sitting through almost two hours, as well-prepped as it was, with a PowerPoint presentation and videos, wasn't fun or exciting or even very engaging.  I started getting the 'do I have to watch this' after only fifteen minutes, and he still has three two-hour sessions to go, plus the 30 day family portion of the merit badge. I don't see this being any kind of long-term solution.  Or even more than a one week novelty.  Online classes and meetings, imho, are not going to be enough to keep scouts scouting.  I'm just hoping most families don't drop by the wayside before this is all behind us. 
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