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    • Well the ivory tower did very little to protect us victims/survivers but done everything to protect the pedophiles and The Boy Scouts name.How are they gonna tell me the scouts will make you an outstanding member of society. Telling us scouts wil turn you into a fine man. How you gonna preach on what it takes to be productive member of society while protecting pedophiles?! Brother im really nit interested in anything you got to say.I guess your scout experience was wonderful but mine has been pure hell for 37 years of drinking,drugs,failedmarriage,nightmares. So  you chew on them facts. Im not the only one that feels this way.You gonna take up for the very ones that allowed this to happen.You really need to learn to be respectful to every single person's life that the BSA knowingly allowed to be ruined. Good day
    • I agree that the initial cost does hurt. Worse is when council tack on insurance and service fees. Frankly, if I was a unit leader and council wanted to do FOS I'd be sorely tempted to tell them it's one or the other... I don't like local council fees. I don't like excessive camp fees and 'training' fees. We are getting a new SE in 2 months and I intend to have a sit down with him/her and express myself on several points. The city of Syracuse is lacking for Scout Units. That's 19,000 youths with no Cub, Scout or Venture programs available to them. That is a sin. There are solutions to every problem if folks care enough to find them. 
    • And there a families that do not do sports for just that reason as well. As for putting it on plastic, again you have families that if it is a choice between $150 worth of food, or paying for a program your child may not be interested in after 1-2 months, food wins. One reason I liked prorated fees, it gave families time to get money together. And sometimes packs could help out, but that was when the fees were sub $35. $150 is a lot for some units. But not every one. Some councils are not breaking even, and others barely. As for savings plans, that helps long term, but not the immediate registration question of coming up with all the fees, sometimes over $150. Best example I comes from when I was a Scout. I crossed over in May, and was told to If I wanted to go to summer camp in 6 weeks, I needed to come up with $75 (about $214 today) get as physical, etc. And there was no way my family could come up with that fee. But I agree budgeting is the way to go. I did just that, plus fundraising, to be able to go on trips. Once a campership was also given. But again budgeting is not the problem it is the high initial cost.  
    • My grandson's sports programs get paid up front... I do agree that some families may find the up front fees to be a hardship but they can put it on plastic the first time around and then budget for the next year or participate in the unit product sale. Also, a unit can give a family a month to get their paperwork together and register. Some councils have programs to assist lower income families and troops could/should have unit savings plans much like a lay away for summer camp and rechartering so families can put a bit down each meeting/week/month. That's what I did as a kid. I recall taking my weekly payment and getting it recorded each week with the ;unit treasurer/scribe. It was good practice for real life and planning for expenses by setting a little bit aside each pay.  Where there is a will there is a way!  However, we need to get our image back... we need Scouting to be seen for what it is, a great growth opportunity for kids along with adventure, fun, leadership, friendship and citizenship.... Scouting has been overshadowed by a lot of 'stuff' that isn't nearly as good. Scouting needs to be the competition, not shrink from the competition. 
    • Troops are probably more apt to 'create' their own culture and depart from BSA practices. Some troop leaders (like some sports coaches) are controlling or mired in out of date practices. Sadly, in many cases no one will challenge them and their programs tend to be weak and not hold membership. Of course there is the other end where a leader does a great job with his/her junior leaders and oversees a solid, well functioning program with great retention and advancement. 
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