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  1. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @mds3d Letting us know your EP was 2002 would have been good to know. The Current procedures were started in 2011.
  2. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    Back on topic...I saw a facebook post from a SE which points out the glaring disconnects between the National and Council organizations. He says he has to wait by the phone on the 23rd just like everyone else. All SE's have a weekly conference call with National every sunday. For the over 250 SEs which are the direct contacts of the 2M BSA customers to have zero idea what is going to happen to their operations is ridiculous if true. If they haven't done their own risk analysis on the impacts to their operations shame on them. They have to know each dollar increase, especially if off the rails, which be one less dollar for them and likely a loss of membership and units. They also pay a $1000 Charter fee to the BSA, unless you turn your paperwork in on time (silly) will that also be increased?
  3. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @mds3dRemember you signed the Eagle Workbook saying you had read the entire workbook which includes following the above paragraph
  4. PACAN

    Council lost application

    @Eagle94-A1 The photo idea is brilliant!
  5. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @ParkMan that clarifies it for me. Now I understand why DEs standard answer is "that's not me".
  6. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @ParkMan and @carebear3895 If DEs have no influence at the council level why do we need them?
  7. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @Eagle94-A1 As long as your son has completed his Eagle requirements and submitted his application, he does not need to be registered at the time of his EBOR. GTA
  8. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    Unscientific poll....at what level of increase in the national fee do you believe members will decide to or need to quit?
  9. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    I'm sure they have done the analysis on how much each dollar of increase will reduce the number of those who will join or recharter. 🤔
  10. PACAN

    Personal Fitness merit badge question

    Stick to the requirements...no more no less. Has he actually read the MB pamphlet? The program is for the scout to improve in each of the original exercise tests...if he doesn't due to a poor exercise program...No MB.
  11. PACAN


    @RichardB So help me out here...from National's area of influence, at what point to Incident reports generate a compliance document? Since councils are not required to comply with incident reports the Camp Directors and Scout Execs they can ignore them. Seems disjointed. Anyway...thanks for the responses...always good to learn how things work.
  12. PACAN


    @RichardB Thanks for your response.... What is the national's process to have all these ga ga pits that are on BSA property and are not in compliance with what you said either removed or corrected? Admittedly my data set is small but three BSA camps I have been to with these pits are on dirt or asphalt. All of these camps were fully certified. I just did a google image search on ga ga pits and there were also numerous Eagle projects not in compliance either (I did see one where there was mulch inside up as high as the top of the 2nd board). There are lots of cool things in BSA publications from the early days. One of my favorites is the required 14 mile hike either solo or with one other scout for 1st class. 🙂
  13. PACAN


    RichardB I saw someone post this on facebook Please explain incident #4 https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/incident-report/incident-reviews/gaga-ball/ It says the mulch or sand much be 2 FEET in depth in the pit. Pits are almost always made with 3 2x10" boards so you would only have 6 inches inside the pit???? Also another person posted a book on Scout Games written by a Scout Exec in Hartford in the 1920s listing Dodge Ball as one of the allowed games...any record on when this was changed?
  14. PACAN

    Blastcars and Model Building

    That is the response we should all have expected from the merit badge folks. The "requirements cannot be added to or subtracted from " statement is in my earlier reference book (1911). my experience is that councils have no clue on this. BSA should have pulled all these blast cars and taken the wording off them.
  15. Just wondering how many of your scouts do not want an ECOH and maybe why or what you did.