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  1. The current status is "the song that never ends".
  2. If sashes or tattoos raise revenue for national, they'll do it! 🤑
  3. Yes I have seen this. Just wondering if there is any change given the methodists payment.
  4. Anyone heard what the Catholic Church might be doing ?
  5. Another almost 100 pages on this topic. I know Baden Powell said Scouting is a game but this game is getting ridiculous. 2 steps forward, 5 steps back. Seemed like when there was an announcement on how much each council had to contribute, maybe the end was close...but I guess not.
  6. Quick look comparing the Jan 21 "final" requirements and these Terms Bigotry, Intersectionality, Section in welcoming environment that lists gender identity, sexual orientation - GONE Choose organization that promotes positive change such as WOSM - GONE Public presentation on community efforts - GONE Attend an event - GONE Create a Pledge - GONE - how you will act if you witness bigotry or hate Discuss careers MB can probably be done sitting around a campfire.
  7. So the NCCS statement basically is telling catholic units to keep the Charter Org model and stay away from the facilities one unless you want someone else to control your unit. My friend got a mailing from National's lawyers asking if his unit wanted to contribute to the victims fund and what insurance option he wanted. Anyone else get one of these packages? So what really happens if this is voted down? Does the bill each council got become void and start over?
  8. Lots of info to try and digest. Question though: Are the amounts required from the councils locked in concrete? Seems like that could blow up and be reopened. Thanks to those who continue to track this.
  9. Very interesting numbers by council. Some are all cash, some all property. A lot are more than 50% property so you can see who's going to sell I guess. Only about 30% of the councils have numbers higher than the 600M/250 = $2.4 per council that was floating around. 13M in properties for Orange county is only one latrine at their camp. 😉
  10. Once you realize the LC EBs are lemmings to the SE, a lot of the "top secret management" will become clear. My B-I-L's EB voted a gentleman back on the EB who had passed away. "all in favor...say aye"
  11. GTA 2021 is on scouting.org. They no longer have a section with what has changed so in my quick look: Para removed the reference to the old Requirements books. Says the first place to check for the current requirements list is the web, not the Handbook or Merit badge Pamphlet. (No need for MBPs or Handbooks any longer) Registration should be done online. BSA ID numbers are not unique to councils anymore. (Good) The Process of Counseling Acknowledgment that while in person activities are preferred they are not required; (so do all t
  12. So when do we see Exhibit C...LC contributions?
  13. Yep that extra $25 worked out well since now there are less Cub Scouts than Scouts BSA in the program.
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