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  1. Very interesting numbers by council. Some are all cash, some all property. A lot are more than 50% property so you can see who's going to sell I guess. Only about 30% of the councils have numbers higher than the 600M/250 = $2.4 per council that was floating around. 13M in properties for Orange county is only one latrine at their camp. 😉
  2. Once you realize the LC EBs are lemmings to the SE, a lot of the "top secret management" will become clear. My B-I-L's EB voted a gentleman back on the EB who had passed away. "all in favor...say aye"
  3. GTA 2021 is on scouting.org. They no longer have a section with what has changed so in my quick look: Para removed the reference to the old Requirements books. Says the first place to check for the current requirements list is the web, not the Handbook or Merit badge Pamphlet. (No need for MBPs or Handbooks any longer) Registration should be done online. BSA ID numbers are not unique to councils anymore. (Good) The Process of Counseling Acknowledgment that while in person activities are preferred they are not required; (so do all t
  4. So when do we see Exhibit C...LC contributions?
  5. I'm assuming nothing happened on this at the NAM???
  6. Yep that extra $25 worked out well since now there are less Cub Scouts than Scouts BSA in the program.
  7. And the national fee is scheduled to go up and councils can add a matching fee and and and.... My friend did a look at the entire report (he has) and points out that about 25% of councils have 1000 or less youth. Need a lot of exponential doubling for these councils.
  8. Yes. 2021 March KPI report that the summary page numbers were shared with me. March 2020 to March 2021 comparison. I'm guessing the 2021 numbers are post rechartering. Cubs Scouts BSA V/SS Explorers Total 2021 348738 369716 13832 16787 749073 2020 641939 417360 25399 58311 1143009
  9. Ventures/Sea Scouts are fading away on their own regardless of what National does or doesn't do. V/SS have less than 14K and E less than 17K youth. More disturbing is that the numbers show that there are more Scouts BSA than Cubs. Mergers might work some but as long as Exec Bds have to approve them, no one is likely to want to merge with a failing (cash poor) council. An ever growing number of councils have less than 1000 youth. Some parents are hesitant to join as they hear about the bankruptcy and may be waiting it out to see what happens.
  10. @Eagle1993 do you think the almost 1 million (or a good chunk) previously registered will return or will this be new scouts who are willing to pay extra to join? any stats on numbers of youth that leave the program that return within the next year?
  11. Someone told me they had seen a Feb 2021 report like the one cynical shared and the total BSA was about 950K
  12. There is not much if any of a COVID reduction. March numbers reflect recharters which in this case LDS would account for the majority of the reduction. End of March 2020 total was 1143000, Dec 1199425 which is likely some of the fall recruiting.
  13. I would love to see the breakdown of these girls: Ages: 18+, 16-17, 14-15, below 14 . The 18+ are no longer members of Scouts BSA. Hopefully the next older ones will stay until 18 and help out or will they follow a lot of the boys and vanish after their BOR/COH. How many were given extensions? We know there were a number who were doing the requirements from their college dorms. Wonder how many boys joined that later and asked for extensions? What size troops were they in? We know there were approximately 33000 girls in Scouts BSA at the end of 2020. What PO
  14. Why in God's green earth would a unit have a council hold their money?
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