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  1. Congrats. you also have figured out the way out of bankruptcy.....they will use the "cent " sent to your council for his paperwork.🤑
  2. I see none of these sacred cows going away. The closest one I can see are STEM scouts Certainly everyone of them on the list need to be evaluated and streamlined. For example...the scout rank requirements have gone beserk over the past 5 years. 2 pages of TF and 3 pages each for 2nd and 1st in the annual requirements books. Example...first aid requirements in each rank...just have FA MB required for TF. Unless your argument is since your can work on all three rans at the same time, why have three. Eagle scout projects procedures and approvals can be streamlined. The process got this way due to units running boys through sucj a meatgrinder to get approval, they gave up. Most of the time it due to one individual who didn't like the scout. CORs are like any other part of the organization, some are great, some are lousy. Turning this over to the councils would be a disaster as the CORs/IHs are one of the few ways units can call foul on their antics. Commissioners and District Committees....problem here is that these individuals do not stay current. I have seen district advancement people who had never cracked open the GTA and Commissioners who didn't know there was a new Eagle WB years after it came out. KILL the Doctorate of Commissioner service program. MB Fairs...the reason there are bad ones is because no one does any oversight from the council and SMs don't do their part to call them out on them. Same goes for summer camps. when the standard on the camp inspection is "do you have MBs here?" it's game over on execution. Council Executive Boards need to step up and do their jobs and not rubber stamp powerpoint presentations and fail to communicate with the units. Enough rambling...as I said the professionals will be so focused on staying alive, they will not do much effort on the rest. No one asked the new guy to tell us what sacred cows he thought should be eliminated either. 🤨
  3. I think dkurtenbach was using Gordon Ramsey as an example that we need some no nonsense, asking the hard questions people cutting through some of these inefficient processes. When a commissioner takes your charter and counts the names and does the multiplcation ($60x20 = 1200) on a separate "special sheet" and then says "that matches your form" it is unneccessary and makes the council look like they think we are idiots. I hit send when the charter says no errors and refuse to participate in their nonsense. My pick would be John McEnroe whose favorite saying to the umpires was "you can't be serious". And then it still takes 4 months to "process" through the black hole
  4. STEM Scouts, LFL, Scoutreach eg. Everything not CS, BS, V. Wonder how some councils can continue to fund these programs?
  5. New Key 3....Hillicourt, Beard and Seton
  6. Approximately 1650 year end.
  7. Cburkhardt....how can we watch the national business meeting? Do you have a link? Thanks
  8. Is this risk of property sales more for bankruptcy or council insolvency due to summer camp revenue losses?
  9. Cburkhardt...thanks for the info (I think). Not clear how the powers that be can say the program won't change. What do we define as the program? We will see what details get shared by our key threes or if they will be under their usual stellar communication with their councils. Also i wonder if they addressed the elimination of poor councils, property sales (Local and national both) and mergers. Given the Covid and the advent of virtual summer camps, why do we need dirt camps anymore. 😣 Anyway...keep us posted as you have as you hear more.
  10. Probably a bit late on this but my input would be: Improve communication and customer service up and down and sideways in the organization. Our forum should not be the source of official communications (but we are cool) Focus on a massive streamlining of all advancement, training and minutia that detracts from programs and makes adults not want the hassle of spending hours on non value added items Eliminate the franchise organizational set up...allow units to go to the best support they can. Units are trapped in poor service. Eliminate underperforming councils...make their JTE a true outside evaluation not an internal check the boxes. JMHO.
  11. So will there be "LDS" troops and packs registered through the local councils? They would have to be to earnBSA ranks etc . We have some scouts who were in LDS sponsored units who have joined us. If this is just a way for scouts of the LDS church to earn religious awards where will these scouts find counselors trained in the requirements of these? Their Bishop? i don't think the other religious organization would ever have an organization like what you are setting up but good luck to you.
  12. @Cburkhardt Here is what is on the Maryland DNR page..not a ringing endorsement of large attendance camps. Did you see something else? CAMPING Effective Thursday, May 7, at 7 a.m., DNR will begin accepting reservations for overnight tent and RV camping in state forests, parks, and other campgrounds, however: Campers must be with immediate family members or people with which they reside. Guidance on social distancing must be followed. No parties or reservations for more than 10 people will be granted for any one site.
  13. I saw where virtual camp outs will count toward OA camping requirements.
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