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  1. PACAN

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    @carebear3895 It doesn't work the other way either. A poorly run council or one that violates the charter agreement doesn't get shut down by National and units are trapped to move to other councils by the geographic franchise rule.
  2. PACAN

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    I heard that some councils will be changing their names to Leave No Trace council numbers x, y, z etc on December 31st. 😉
  3. PACAN

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    @ValleyBoy Returned to council with letters yes. Sent to National no. Application is electronically sent to national 99% of the time. SEs like to flip through their project binders prior to signing the application.
  4. Pardon my lack of knowledge but does the GS have a required YPT course like the BSA does? And are GS leaders mandated reporters? Thanks.
  5. PACAN

    Fee increase - observations

    @shortridge Amen to that. My beef with commissioners are they don't stay current with what's actually going on in the program and telling units absolutely false information which is particularly dangerous to newer units. The biggest problem of course is that there would be no one working on their Doctorate of Commissioner Science...the dumbest thing the BSA has. Also they need to hire from the outside for senior positions. Get from expertise from financial, change management and IT to fix these long standing functional and organizational issues. The Franchise model the BSA uses which traps units in poorly run councils/districts needs to go. Why not let units sign on with councils for service with any council that provides them with better than they get locally, in other words get councils to earn your business by treating you as a customer...not the other way around. Just my big nirvana thoughts.
  6. PACAN

    Fee increase - observations

    @ParkMan These are all things that have been said on the forums/blogs. Instead of quoting those folks Individually I just wanted to show the wide range of reactions to the fee increase. Clearly the WTH one has the most hits.
  7. From going through various forums and blog: The Don't worry be happy..."we have a benefactor who is paying the 2000 increase.....nothing to see here" The ones getting a council bail out or assistance vs the crickets The OMG...we are out of business. thanks BSA The WTH...how incompetent is national announcing this just before recharters. No Transparency with the risk analysis. A lot of folks concurring with this one. The look down the nosers ...It's only $5 a month or two cups of coffee, suck it up not knowing the individual financial situation of others or volunteering to pay it for them. The "it's a bargain" compared to sports ..of course never actually calculating the total annual cost of scouting and comparing apples to oranges. Probably a few others.
  8. PACAN

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Ask your DE how you can tap into this magic assistance fund the BSA put in their announcement. we all know that both national and councils completed a comprehensive risk analysis on the effects of this decision.
  9. PACAN

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Are adults who are just MB counselors still no charge?
  10. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @mds3d Letting us know your EP was 2002 would have been good to know. The Current procedures were started in 2011.
  11. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    Back on topic...I saw a facebook post from a SE which points out the glaring disconnects between the National and Council organizations. He says he has to wait by the phone on the 23rd just like everyone else. All SE's have a weekly conference call with National every sunday. For the over 250 SEs which are the direct contacts of the 2M BSA customers to have zero idea what is going to happen to their operations is ridiculous if true. If they haven't done their own risk analysis on the impacts to their operations shame on them. They have to know each dollar increase, especially if off the rails, which be one less dollar for them and likely a loss of membership and units. They also pay a $1000 Charter fee to the BSA, unless you turn your paperwork in on time (silly) will that also be increased?
  12. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @mds3dRemember you signed the Eagle Workbook saying you had read the entire workbook which includes following the above paragraph
  13. PACAN

    Council lost application

    @Eagle94-A1 The photo idea is brilliant!
  14. PACAN

    possible fee increase coming

    @ParkMan that clarifies it for me. Now I understand why DEs standard answer is "that's not me".