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  1. PACAN

    Chapter 11 announced

    @Cburkhardt i was thinking the comparison would be National to Councils.....National gets sued and files bankruptcy. Councils are where the crimes were and are committed and covered up Vatican to Dioceses...Diocese gets sued and files bankruptcy. Dioceses are where crimes and act were and are committed and covered up. Neither can separate themselves from each other with regard to responsibility and immunity. JMHO
  2. PACAN

    Chapter 11 announced

    @carebear3895 This needs to be said: LOCAL COUNCILS ARE LEGALLY AND FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT FROM THE NATIONAL COUNCIL. The Chapter 11 financial restructuring will not affect your local scouting experience. A little disingenuous . While "separate" there is a cause and effect here. Let's see what the restructuring looks like and how much affect on council ops there is. Guilt by association will effect councils membership and fundraising as in the long term properties going to seed. A number of National Scout shops will likely close. Any hint of a council sending any funds to national for the victims fund will not go well. If you are talking about our troops ability to go on a hike this weekend, then there is no affect. JMHO I appreciate your insight from the internal side. The rest of us are guessing due to the top secret nature of the professional community and executive boards.
  3. Saw a letter from a council saying they were closing two scout shops, one national and one council run. Mentions there is a list at national with 18 stores plannned for closure due to the pending bankruptcy.
  4. PACAN

    Commissioner role

    No value added. Most are not current with what's going on so they are unable answer even simple questions. District gets JTE points for unit Commissioner visits which includes drive by ones or wandering around camporee asking how it's going. The Doctorate of Commissioner Service is only self serving. JMHO
  5. https://scoutingwire.org/bsa-joins-multiple-youth-serving-programs-on-investinkids-campaign/ no Girl Scouts...seems petty.
  6. I support a majority of EB members have "skin in the game" meaning they are currently registered with a unit as a leader, not the COR. Preferably there is a mix or Cub units, scouts bsa units and venture/lfl units. Do most councils use a separate executive committee who meet secretly and don't publish any information from their meetings? Are most EB meetings an "all in favor say aye" affairs? If so that could be a reason why CORs don't attend since they don't see any value to the meetings. JMHO.
  7. Maybe national has "control" over SE and maybe that was apparent during the rate increase where national must have put a gag order on SEs. The SEs were quick to say we have nothing to do with bankruptcy as we are independent fiefdoms. EB are made up of a number of folks who just want it on theIr biography or emeritus folks who are on there for the pockets. They produce nothing of value. CORs are invited but most don't go because they see no value added. how many of you have Executive Committees who meet separately and are made up of the ones approved by the SE. how many of you see ever any minutes from either group unless Mr mosby is going to hold council charters to achieve compliance nothing will happen until it might be too late. JMHO.
  8. David CO: OK. I think councils should not have a monopoly over a territory. Units should not be forced to register in a bad council (which is most of them). Units don't have a monopoly on a territory. Why should bad councils have a monopoly on a territory? Make councils compete for units. Let the bad ones go bankrupt. I have said for years that this Franchise model the BSA uses should be canned. Units that get poor or no service customer service should be allowed to pick who their service provider is. This is how we personally manage the services we get from other things. We should all join carebear3895 ! The problem is that national has almost zero control over the individual feifdoms they call councils. This is why national apparently does not, wiil not or cannot or will be unable to restructure below their level without a significant edict. aSEs are pretty much uncontrolled by those whom he supposedly works for (Executive Boards) since he picks them (or "nominates" them). JMHO.
  9. I could really care less what his title is. Some historians thought James West title was dictator. 😀 Seems like the interview is all softball questions. JMHO.
  10. Send your suggestion to MB task force email is merit.badge@scouting.org
  11. Probably have a better change to getting a First Aid requirement added explaining how to treat injuries contracted by doing the remaining requirement. 😉 The first citizenship mb called CIvics. It was a mb until around 1951. It had two requirements related to a "citizenship test". 1. State the principal citizenship requirements of a voter 2. Know the principal features of the naturalization laws of the US the Cit in nation mb used to have a requirement to obtain a birth certificate or other legal evidence of your citizenship or if foreign born, learn what a person must do to gain US citizenship.
  12. Just a question....is this scout pushing 18? Which Eagle MBs other than Cooking you mentioned ?
  13. Do your due diligence and keep good documentation for each badge on what the story is. Let your council advancement committee know what's happening Follow the guidance in the Guide to Advancement paragraphs and share what you find with us.
  14. It seems like everyone who has posted since mine on Saturday have validated the post and then some.
  15. @carebear3895 the communication flow or lack there of has always amazed me. The fact the professionals do not (or claim to not know) about things before the volunteers is amazing. The last fiasco on the rate increase where the councils feigned ignorance was ridiculous. I was told that all the SEs have a weekly conference call with national and they didn't know anything until the press released it is either incompetence or dishonest. Or if this is how national runs the organization, Mr. mosby has lots of work to do. JMHO.