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    • Parents cook, we (scouts) are waiters
    • well, let's see.... Your mom attends free.  Scouts do the cooking, or is this "catered"?   (that's not very Scouty like, IMO). *  You will attend, that's one ticket... *Dad should attend, that's #2. * Any uncles?  They should attend (and be hungry).  3, 4 ??  *  Aunts?   If they are MOMS, they should attend free too.  Or.... *  Grand dads?   Grand MOMS (see above)....    Neighbors can be asked. They might be hungry.   Any "reputation" for the cuisine?   Posters in places?   Is the PUBLIC invited to attend and HONOR their mom(s) ?  Perhaps an "Honor Roll"  of moms gone by.... ?    Don't forget the flowers......   Each MOM gets a boutonnierre (spelling?) 
    • I was impressed that Ortega put up with independent youth organizations for as long as he did. Gotta keep up with the Putins, Pings, and Ils.
    • One other thing, or two … Practice with a buddy. That will help you build confidence. If he/she can record you all while giving your pitch, that will help a lot and maybe give you a few laughs when you review the film. Then, go with your buddy and with every other customer you take turns giving the pitch while your buddy listens. After a while (like maybe 20 tries) you will see your sales pitch become smoother. Bonus points: if you live in a multi-lingual community, try learning your pitch in different languages. This will require help from a people who speak that language, but it is a great opportunity to build confidence in salesmanship.
    • lol. also zhu is my last name. I don't give out my first name online. I think thats a good script, just need to find out what the menu is
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