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    • I hold to the idea that if an activity is done outside, it's an 'outdoor activity,' and if it's some kind of athletic event, it's an 'outdoor sporting event.' Why try and complicate it? So yes, absolutely, any activity they play at Cub Camp can count towards this requirement. If they play, even for a few minutes, they did it. Simple and easy! I feel the reason it seems vague is to make sure people don't get too hung up over what does or doesn't "count," and focus more on getting the boys to be active outdoors. Especially in the summertime when it stays light longer into the evening, I make sure at least a few den meetings every month are done outdoors. The whole point of the award is to help get dens and packs outside. We had our Raingutter Regatta out in the Church parking lot last night, and it was lovely - parents and families sat out on the lawn, the boys got to play in the water after the races were completed - everybody had a good time.  As for conservation projects, planting things is always fun, especially quick-growing fruits or vegetables that they can enjoy in simple meals on camp-outs later in the year. Bird- or bat-houses can make for wonderful observation activities in the future, and collecting goods to recycle can involved the entire community. The key to anything is simplicity. We want the boys to learn that conservation is something anybody can do easily at home, so the more intimate the project, the deeper the lesson can sink in.
    • What kinds of activities do your dens and packs do for this?  The requirements seem a little vague in spots. What is an "outdoor sporting event" and what constitutes "participate"? Is playing Capture the Flag (and other outdoor games) at Cub Scout Camp participating in an outdoor sporting event? Or does it need to be more like being on a soccer team?  What kinds of conservation projects do you find are successful and meaningful for cub scouts?  Any other tips on this award?  http://usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/cubscout/Outdoor-Activity.asp
    • This is what we use.  My son is the SPL, a Chapter Chief (our lodge has a POR patch for that) and is a Camp Staff member, so he uses velcro.  I am an Associate Lodge adviser, chapter advisor, Troop committee member, and Unit Commissioner, and with only 2 uniforms I use the velcro POR for that change so I am wearign the right POR for the job. Jeff in KC
    • The new colors will only come out once the supply of current ones is sold, so I would guess next year, at the earliest, before we see them. 
    • " So tonight beneath the heavens sleep alone upon your ground sheet."
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