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    • I'm in Kentucky and we have a similar outlook, except probably not exceeding hospital capacity. However, even if things were safe by early June, I don't know how we get ready for camp then.
    • As I read more, and get more data from work (I work at a hospital), I'm starting to think that some regions may be opened back by June and some will not. Social distancing compliance as well as population density plays a key role in all of this. In My home state, Ohio, our leaders have been very aggressive about closing things and mandating that business close. Our peak of infections is projected to be in Mid May, and we will only somewhat exceed hospital capacity during the peak. I do not think we'll have much of an early summer here if the projections prove true, and our "peak" of cases will be during that time.  Places that have already kicked off, like New York City, New Orleans, Seattle, or Atlanta, might be mostly done with it by summer, but will have a catastrophic wave over their healthcare systems, and have many preventable deaths. 
    • Don't disagree with @carebear3895 or@Cburkhardt .  One item that is very possible if the summer camp season crashes is the end of smaller councils (2500 youth or less) with their own camps) since the majority of their revenue is from the camping fees.  Sale of the property and merger with larger (remaining and now smaller) councils. Still looking forward to @CBurkhardt response to my earlier post.  Thanks. 
    • I agree with @scoutldr, the Council doesn't want the competition.  They know who their donors are and don't want to show up to solicit funds, only to find out that they've already donated their allocated Scout gift budget to a specific unit.
    • @hikeoholic Thank you!
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