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    • "an error in judgment"  That's buying a Fiat.    ⬇️
    • Two places: on the right pocket of the tan shirt, or on the back of the merit badge sash.
    • Only very few patches should go above the BSA name.  Directly above it should be any translator strips, above that name plates, and then above that Jambo patches are about the only thing that should be worn.  Some units, including ours, that are chartered by the American Legion will wear a Legion patch.  I have seen some councils adopt the practice of putting the NYLT patch there, though that is technically not correct.  As with anything, I wouldn't worry extensively about "the uniform police"- I tend to say looking neat and tidy is the most important thing when it comes to uniform. 
    • My son went with his troop in early July.  He had a sleeping bag that supposedly had a 20-degree rating, but in my research I saw several comments that it was really a 30-degree bag that would keep you alive at 20 degrees.  It was perfect for him.  He said he was never cold.  Speaking of cold -- be sure to bring little things like a stocking cap and light gloves.  My son moaned when I suggested he take them, but they don't weigh anything and he ended up wearing them a lot in the morning.
    • Update Friday Aug 23, 2019:  After a century, I. Goldberg Army & Navy closed Friday. Back in the 60's, my Dad bought my camping gear there.   https://www.inquirer.com/business/i-goldberg-closes-for-good-army-navy-taps-20190823.html https://www.inquirer.com/business/i-goldberg-army-navy-philadelphia-business-closing-20190820.html
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