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    • Simple fact is local charters can function without BSA.  They can keep using the same program.  Slightly change.  Or offer a more general youth oriented, outdoor leadership experience program.  Councils can keep serving the "scouting purpose" relatively easily without BSA national.    
    • I get what you're saying: "Big fees by all." But, TCC counsel represents the TCC who are the official representatives of all claimants before the court. They are not the individual claimants' attorneys. I'm not exactly sure, but might you be mixing up the chosen counsel hired by the US Trustee-appointed Official Tort Claimants Committee with the Coalition folks, TK, other state attorneys or just lumping them all together. If the latter, the individual claimant attorneys have yet to get paid and certainly are not getting paid by the court. On the TCC firm, they have already committed to returning 10% of their fee into the Settlement Trust. That may not amount to "the goodness of their heart," but I've not seen any other firm billing the estate pony up like that. Dat's all I got on this one.
    • I accidentally tripped into a billing.  I should have figured all the groups legal fees would be visible.   Here is a TCC vendor bill.   https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/884358_2487.pdf Many more "Fee Applications" can be found by typing "fee application" into this web site: https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/documents?clientid=CsgAAncz%2B6Yclmvv9%2Fq5CGybTGevZSjdVimQq9zQutqmTPHesk4PZDyfOOLxIiIwZjXomPlMZCo%3D&tagid=1153
    • Claimant fees are racking up at similar rates.   The motion document also quotes "TCC professionals are charging the estate similarly high rates, with eight lawyers from the TCC’s lead law firm billing at over $1,000/hour in January 2021, for example."  ... How many law firms and lawyers are representing the claimants?   I'm not sure if claimants lawyers get paid every three months like BSA's lawyers or have to wait for a final settlement.   I'm just saying legal fees of both sides are arrogantly huge.    
    • What are the details of the "triggering event(s)," including the breadth of language that can flip that switch? The broader the language the easier to flip it and the more inherent control is imbedded in it. If revocation or failure to recharter are the "event(s)" - can't operate without the charter - what are the BSA's bases for revoking or refusing?
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