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    • From  6 to 21 ?   Mustn't forget our Little Brothers and Sisters.   
    • The age could be extended, but we would need to redefine the program a bit. There's no great reason for a program to run from 11 to 21 - that's too large an age range for people to be in the same sets of activities.  I would find it unusual to send my 11 year old child off with a bunch of 19 year olds for the weekend. I would support a young adult program if we learned the lessons of the UK and had better age separation.  Something like: 5-8: Cub Scouts (Lions, Tigers, Wolves) 9-11: Webelos (Bears, Webelos/AOL) 11-14: Scouts aka "middle school scouting" (Scout through First Class) 15-18: Venturing aka "high school scouting" (Star through Eagle) 18-22: Rover Scouts "college scouting" I do agree with @David CO - as people mature, focus them on more "grown up" things.  The limit for Eagle is 18 and should remain 18.  How many kids do we lose during the high school years because they get bored of doing the same stuff since they were 11...
    • Entomologists are all kids at heart. I visited the local ag school's dept. when my son was a cub scout and they were just so into it. They were bragging about how you hadn't been stung until you've been stung by this one insect that had a 5" long stinger and they only knew it existed in this one remote corner of the state that few people ever went (hence why it wasn't extinct). Anyway, if they want to change the name of the MB, it's the kid in them and I'd let them change it to whatever they wanted because it would be a great MB.
    • The sexual abuse scandals.  First we had the scandal in the Catholic Church.  Then we have the scandal in the boy scouts.  Put them together and it is quite a mess.  Our pastor would never approve of us having young adults in the unit.  It could be a deal breaker.   Extending the age limit might increase membership in some units, but it might cause others to drop their charters entirely.  
    • Just saw this on another Scout Facebook page:   Walkathon to unveil new McMorris Lodge in memory of late Boy Scout - Riverhead News Review (timesreview.com)   
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