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    • As COR you should be able to move them around in the Position Manager screen.¬† Drag the name tiles to where they need to be, then "Save Changes" on the bottom right.¬† Be sure you're in the "Registered Positions" side and not the "Functional Roles" side. It probably won't let you save if you don't have a "legal" roster (ie, a SM, CC, two more committee members). As @skeptic¬†said I'd just move the retiring CC to MC or Unit Scouter Reserve then let them drop off at recharter.¬† They've already paid for the year, and you're not getting a refund.
    • Been a while since I did that type of thing, and it may have changed.¬† But we always had to wait to remove them at recharter unless we asked the council office registrar to do it manually.¬† Unless it is serious issue, just wait would be my thought.¬† Others more involved in modern paper work likely can give better answers.¬†¬†
    • Hey All,¬† I'm the COR for our troop and need some help with handling some Roster / Position Management issues.¬† Our CC is retiring as is her husband an MC and our Treasurer is stepping down as well.¬† ¬†I can't seem to find in My.Scouting where I can remove them from their positions.¬† There is a "plus sign with arrows" type icon next to everyone's name on the left but it doesn't seem to do anything except move that person around on the screen.¬† The "minus sign" to the right of their name looks like it "expires" their position but when I try that I get a "NOT FOUND" message.¬† I know that I can "end memberships" in Scoutbook but I was always told that SB is only a reflection of My.Scouting and changes need to be made there.¬† Don't know for sure if these 3 people are leaving the BSA entirely, but if not.... would "expiring" or "ending membership" take them out of the troop only ?¬† I can't imagine a COR or CO can end a person's BSA membership, but I'm not sure on that either.¬† ¬†Thanks for the help, as always.¬†¬†
    • Once more, reality of human nature rears.¬† The long discourse here proves that few paid any real attention to the material on the permits.¬† They just made sure to fill in the blanks and hopefully verified the various certifications of training and licenses.¬† In our troop we asked for verification of driver information, including coverages.¬† We also made it clear that if warranted, some might not be drivers, for whatever reason.¬† We did accomplish one thing though.¬† Almost the first thing one scout would say when all were in.¬† "Seatbelts".¬†¬†
    • I have¬†to¬†speak up as I'm an opposing view. PDF documentation enable BSA to rapidly update documents¬†and provide the documents free to the end-user.¬† BSA should just partner with a printing company that then can print and ship on demand.¬† It is wrong wrong to charge for materials that volunteers need to volunteer and have already paid their membership fees to volunteer.¬† ... Maybe, BSA should charge for bigger books like the scout handbooks.¬† Beyond that, we want BSA documentation to get into the hands of volunteers as fast and cheap as possible.¬† We don't want people volunteering and avoiding reading / seeing the materials because they have to pay yet more yet again.¬†¬† My big fear is that BSA maintaining an inventory of printed materials is a cost that needs to be off-set in sales and membership fees.¬† That creates a profit center that slows down keeping books up to date and creates a disincentive to make all the literature free as PDFs. PLUS ... Some materials already have high volunteer input / authorship.¬† ¬†GTA?¬† ¬†If this can be done with high quality, it should continue and grow.¬† ¬†It feels wrong to charge for volunteer maintained documents.¬† ... I love the GTA and G2SS being free as PDFs.¬† IMHO, many more documents should follow that approach.
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