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  1. It takes a minimum of 19 months to earn Eagle. 1 month for Tenderfoot's Physical Fitness (PF)requirement 4 Weeks ( 28 days) for Second Class and it's PF requirement 4 weeks for First Class and it's PF requirement 4 months for Star 6 for Life 6 for Eagle So technically 18 Months and 26 or 27 Days, not including Leap Year.
  2. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    One regarding BSA and Knives, while they do have policies, those policies stress"legally owned" so knife laws do need to be considered. As for school policies, how many Scouts have gotten in trouble for carrying a spork to school? Anyone remember the Eagle Scout with camping gear in the trunk of his car, including a knife and axe, that was suspended? Graduating senior, West Point bound, and a volunteer firefighter if memory serves, yet got suspended b/c of wood TOOLS ( emphasis) in the runk of his car.
  3. NYLT strip?

    One advantage of the NYLT strip if memory serves, is that once on the uniform, it stays on until they age out. It doesn't need to be worn in conjunction with a POR. EDITED: Regarding the color of the patches, Bryan stated "here are two versions: one with red letters and one with green letters. Either may be worn with any BSA uniform. It’s the wearer’s choice, though he or she may wish to match other leaders in the unit." https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/11/24/when-can-adult-leaders-wear-the-bsas-trained-patch/ And I remember readiong about the color doesn't matter in TRAINING TIMES.
  4. NYLT strip?

    They should not be using SEAL Training as a title as the BSA already has an official course by that name. It predates 1998 and stood for Sea Explorer Advance Leader Training. Then it became SEa scout Advance Leader Training. Link to an overview is here https://seascout.org/youth-training-and-education/seal/ SEAL pin can be found here: http://www.crventuring.org/Training/SEAL/
  5. Regarding sizes, I remember the 'Made in the USA" merchandise was sized properly. The shorts and pants with elastic were sized with the elastic fully expanded. So the Scouts, and some Scouters , could buy a size or two bigger and have room to grow into. Last time I bought new pants, ok the son bought them with his Christmas money, it took several tries to get the right ones for my son. And when national put the Gen 1 switchbacks on sale, I heard they were sized too big. That wasn't a joke. I took the risk and bought XLs and Ls. XLs were HUGE, and thankfully I was able to sell them to someone. The Ls I still have, and they are a little big. I should have gotten the Mediums. Regarding the quality, my son's pants were so shoddy, they wore out in the buttocks within 6 months. Got a replacement pair free, thank you warranty, and they too wore out within 6 months. By that point, we saw a pair of the old red pocket piping pants. THOSE SUCKERS WERE INDESTRECUTABLE! Only reason he doesn't have them still is he outgrew them. Now he's using a pair of ODL shorts, and they are holding up extremely well.
  6. Growing up, you had to order from JC Penny. But a local department store chain, Maison Blanche, was the primary distributor. I remember getting some stuff from them, with a discount, since my brother was an employee. When they went out of business, it was either the council distributor, or a then new army surplus store. while the council distributor had a good bit of stuff, they didn't have the hardcore camping gear, not the discounts and sales, that the army surplus store had. The jungle boots, medium ALICE pack, and other gear I needed for Canada came from them. Then the council turned over the council store to national supply. 95+% of what was in the national catalog was available. Naturally I went there for my official gear. Plus A) the office moved to 1.8 miles from the house and B) I started working there part-time in college. However, when there was camping gear I couldn't get from the shop, I went to the army surplus store. Funny story, that nearly cost me my job. Again I was a part timer in college working for national supply. The surplus store would have "Scout Night" once a year. They had deep discounts, games, and door prizes. It started before my Troop meeting did, so I go there in my 'volunteer" uniform. My DE, whom I worked summer camp with and knew I had a big mouth , dragged me over and got me announcing stuff over that store's PA system. Eventually I left for me meeting. Monday afternoon, I get called into the manager office and questioned about the "Scout Night" Only thing saving me was A) I was NOT in my employee uniform, and B) the DEs defended me saying it was their idea, that I did protest, and that they said they would take the heat for me. And they did. Sadly my area's distributorship closed shop. It's now an hour one way drive get get anything. Thankfully a council distributorship is in the same city I work in. That helps, but not always.
  7. Scouter Magazine

    Regarding Boys' Life, the new fee increases have hurt. I use to have 3 subscriptions, one for each son. When the registration price went up, I dropped it to two: one Boy Scout version and one Cub Scout version. Now that the fee increased again, I cannot afford a single copy, let alone 3. And my kids are 100% ok with that because they did not even read it because it is boring. They all it appeared to be is a giant advertisement for gear and patches with a few Scouting related articles and jokes thrown in. I remember when BL was a great magazine. Artwork was good, they had serials ( White Mountains Trilogy anyone?) and of course Green Bar Bill. Looking at the current magazine, artwork is childish, the ads are overwhelming, and several articles have really been advertisements and not articles. Regarding Scouting Magazine, it has gotten to the point that it is really useless to me. little to no information I need is offered, and I can pick up stuff faster and easier via Bryan's Blog.
  8. Snow - good or bad

    AND THIS IS WHY IT SNOWED!!!!!! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/10/nfl-assigned-former-falcons-player-to-officiate-saints-falcons-game/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Snow - good or bad

    I'm originally from New Orleans. Only twice in my memory has NO,LA had a real, true snow: when the Saints won the Super Bowl, and when the referees Atlanta Falcons beat the Saints last Thursday. In both cases, "everything" froze over.
  10. This is LDS. Their program differs slightly due to their CO placing additional restrictions/ rules. Example of the all the 11 year olds in their separate patrol with a TG and 11 year old ASM (unique POR for LDS units) citef above, and how they get to First Class in a year led to the NSP program back in 1989. Sadly these issues appear to be ingrained in some, not all, LDS units. Talking to several experienced, long time LDS Scouts, part of the challenge is that being a Scouter is a "calling" and you are appointed to the position, whether you want it or not. I've seen major issues in those LDS units with Scouters who are called and do not want to be there really. On the other hand, you got LDS units with experienced Scouters who are not only called, but are willing to do the job. Those units tend to do a heck of a lot better. The other challenge according to one LDS Scouter is that " the further away from Salt Lake City a troop is, the more likely the differences in program."
  11. Snow - good or bad

    You do realize that s n o w is a four letter word that I disapprove of? And the only reason we have it is because the referees Falcons beat the Saints Thursday. WHO DAT!
  12. In my troop they are an issue every year, but especially this year. It is so bad, that several Scouters with 3+ years with the troop, a long time for us, are fed up and want to quit. One told me 'Scouting is no longer fun" We have a adult meeting next week, and it's going to get interesting.
  13. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    Sadly this is the case this go around. Kid talked to an ASM about the situation. I got involved because I help people go back to school at work. ASM thought I might be able to help.
  14. Had anyone asked the Cubs what they wanted? I know all the Cubs, and a lot of the parents, were ticked off when this ban was announced. To my knowledge no one from national asked anyone about it before they banned it. Thankfully someone got wind of the proposed marshmallow ban before it went into affect. Maybe I'm old school, and think Scouting is for the youth. I think we need to listen to them and give them credit, especially at the Scout age and above.
  15. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    Or the Tiger Cub with a plastic spork with a cutting edge who was suspended for having a "weapon" at school. Then again, someone at my work said I was "armed" because I had a P-40 can opener on my keyring.