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  1. I would rather see the bench and birdfeeders than the Lego Model. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/12/08/eagle-scout-creates-lego-models-of-historic-hotels-for-his-eagle-project-and-for-fun/
  2. COVID is here to stay. Read the research and listen to epidemiologists, and they all say the same thing: vaccines will be effective for 6 - 9 months, and then a booster will be needed to cover the variants. back in June/July there were over 30 variants. When I checked in March there were over 660 variants. This is one nasty bug.
  3. Then why is the BSA responsible for the abuse if they had an internal database, similar to the recommended CDC database, that they checked volunteers against to prevent known and/or suspected abusers from joining? Kosnoff et al have used the IVF to say that the BSA knows there is an abuse problem and did nothing to prevent it. They used the IVF to find victims to start suing the BSA. The IVF, a tool to prevent abuse before a time of mandatory reporting, is now being used to kill the BSA.
  4. After what is happening to the BSA because of their internal database, I do not think any lawyer for a youth organization in their right mind would say this is a good idea. It opens them up to lawsuits.
  5. It' s not just in schools either. Good friend of mine was placed in the IVF because a Scout accused her of making a pass at him. She caught him after lights out in the women's showers area being a peeping Tom, among other things. A criminal investigation occurred, and they found enough evidence that he left to verify her story. She was never charged with a crime, but she was still barred from being a Scouter because of his accusation. Further her reputation was ruined because she was she was removed. This is the same "Scout" who lied about me and another adult giving him permission to stay ou
  6. When oldest was planning his ECOH, the wife told him that he should plan his ECOH like he would his wedding, except for the wedding it will be the fiancee/ future MIL show as he will have no say.
  7. If you call summer camps turning into merit badge factories and weekend merit badge colleges where the expectation is you show up you get the MB more resources, then yes. But the quality of instruction has gone down. Ever worked a summer camp, and have 30 people in you Lifesaving MB class? Ever been told you cannot kick out Scouts when they misbehave, cut up, and cause issues where you cannot go over the skills with those who are behaving? No, but the standard has. Reading my 1979 edition of the BSHB, the standard was "Master the Skills." By the time you earned eagle, the standard was
  8. Scouting was never intended to be family oriented. Scouting was intended to allow youth to develop themselves on their own. It was designed to replace the gangs of Victorian and Edwardian England, and give them a direction and purpose that would make them better citizens. I have seen first hand what can happen with "family Scouting." It is not pretty, and Scouts will leave. They will get fed up by the constant parental interruptions at meetings and on camp outs. They will get fed up with the parents overruling their decisions on their program. They will get fed up with parents allowing th
  9. THIS! One of my proudest moments as a DE was starting a minority unit. It took a lot of time to get it done, and I needed the right folks in the right positions. Sadly when the key to that unit left Scouting after 5 years, the unit I started folded because they could not find anyone else. I would NOT want my kids with anyone with just BSA training, even WB, at the Scouts BSA level. At the Cub Level, you have other DLs and the CM to bounce ideas off of and get help. And sadly the commissioner corps is non-existent in most places. You gotta develop relationships. Those relatio
  10. These two quotes concern me: National is already using the term "Family Scouting," and I have seen it used by troops to include all members of the family. It nearly destroyed the troop.
  11. Oh yeah weather can be unpredictable. I went camping with my family on a bald. Checked weather prior to going on the trip, again in the parking lot, a third time on the climb up, and a 4th time prior to setting up camp. Wife was in the kids tent reading to them, and something told me to check the weather radio one more time. Sure enough lightning storm was a few miles away and headed in our direction. took us two trips to move everything, and the wife and I barely made it on the second trip before the storm hit.
  12. Yeah, I saw those labels when I was looking for compasses. Some BSA licensees do sell on Amazon. But national does not.
  13. No. Does the name Norton? That was the Quartermaster's last name who served as SM when I was an ASM.
  14. My thoughts on the matter. 1. regarding this quote: How often does BSA policies change? How long after a policy change does it take to get full compliance? Venturing started on August 1, 1998, and almost 23 years later folks still call Venturing Crews, "Venture Crews," and Venturers, "Venture Scouts." 2. Has anyone besides myself ever taken off insignia to be compliant with uniform, or in my case work, regulations, and have very noticeable "spots" where the insignia was at? 3. The Guide to Awards and Insignia State, Do you know how much of a pain it i
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