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  1. Eagle94-A1

    SOAR Act introduced in Senate

    With all due respect, why is this in Issues and Politics? THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!
  2. When I staffed JLT, NYLT's predecessor course, the #1 complaint from the Scouts at the 6 month post-course conference, was that the SMs would not let the Scouts use what they learned to run the troop. Back in the day, the SMs had a precourse meeting they attended with their Scouts going, and they could attend the graduation ceremony and banquet. Most of the problem SMs didn't attend either. Strongly recommend it, especially for new SMs.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Recommendations for canister stove

    @69RoadRunner THANK YOU!
  4. Eagle94-A1

    Why no "trained" shoulder emblem for NAYLE ?

    The folks who went to NJLIC, NAYLE's predecessor course, that I encountered were mighty proud of those patches. And uy my argument or not, BSA has a policy of only creating new patches if demand for them is over a certain number. Heck when I ordered Sea Scout stuff a few years back, I think it was 2015, the stuff still had "Sea Exploring" tags on it. and Sea Exploring died July 31, 1998. So 17 years later they still were getting rid of inventory.
  5. Eagle94-A1

    Why no "trained" shoulder emblem for NAYLE ?

    Not enough demand for it. I remember reading that there has to be X number of people eligible for it for them to produce it, excepting high level recognition like Silver Antelope. I am assuming there is a cool NAYLE temp patch. The previous course did.
  6. Eagle94-A1

    Recommendations for canister stove

    So are there any brands recommended? Brands to avoid?
  7. Eagle94-A1

    Recommendations for canister stove

    The Chinese knock off is what I am worried about. I am willing to wait and save up for good equipment. I don't like to keep buying something over and over. One reason why I am upset abut the stove. This will #3. Normal backpacking. I am not familiar with that brand, but worth looking into with 84% 4+ stars Yes I know that liquid alcohol fuels are not recommended, and "Equipment that is handcrafted, homemade....Examples include alcohol-burning “can” stoves...." are prohibited. That is why I bought one alcohol stove and received a 2nd one for a Christmas present. Both are manufactured by companies. Although I have made 2 alcohol stoves, I do not bring them to Scouts BSA camp outs.
  8. As you some of you folks know, I am in a new troop. Old troop had no problems with alcohol stoves, and my oldest carried one on the AT 2 years ago and I did last year. I love mine and have had 0 issues with it. While the troop don't mind me using one, they do not want the Scouts using one. As for my Whisperlite, it has been unreliable. Very first camp out I try to use it on, and a seal busted causing a leak. And it didn't work on a second camp out. That was when I was introduced to alcohol stoved. It seems as if the preferred stove is a canister stove any recommendations? Not looking into a system like the Jetboil, and needs to be affordable. My wife is going to kill me when she finds out I need another stove.
  9. Eagle94-A1

    Merit badge sash

    I was going to say the sash pin, but those look like Eagle Palms to me.
  10. WELCOME BACK @Kudu
  11. What about the key phrase "youth from other countries...." Unless she is Canadian, the rule does not apply.
  12. LOL 😂 Yes, BSA indeed has a history of contradicting themselves.
  13. @HelpfulTracks, I didn't post links to prior WSJs. Obviously some of them didn't have internet links. I don't remember seeing the paperwork for the 1987 WSJ I wanted to go to, So it may have been destroyed in Katrina. But I remember 13 and First Class as the requirements. The link i did post was from this site and a letter that one of the other forum member received. His letter stated First Class was being waived by national
  14. As far back as i could remember, which admittedly is 1983 WSJ in Canada, you had to be 13 and First Class. Even at the 1995 WSJ, the Scouts were 13 and First Class. Then there is this from this thread: There's a lot happening in mid-April 2019! Share your favorites with your Scouting network! World Scout Jamboree Registration Is Still Open! The 24th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, July 21 - August 2, 2019. Some 50,000 Scouts from 170 countries will take part in this once in a lifetime experience. Troops and Crews are doing unit shakedowns in April-May; many Scouts BSA Troops for girls will gather in Charlotte, NC a couple days before the start of the WSJ to conduct the shakedown with other members from across the country, before traveling to the WSJ as a group. Scouts must be between 14 and 17 years of age at the start of WSJ. To encourage participation by new Scouts BSA troops for girls, the 1st Class requirement has been waved for these units. For more information, contact Jay Eidson, NCAC International Representative and BSA North East Region Commissioner. NOW, if National did indeed begin advertising WSJ with no rank requirements prior to 2017 NSJ, I am really starting to think the decision to allow girls was made way before the town hall meeting and the poll. Too many coincidences for me to say otherwise, i.e. July 2017 youth application with gender neutral language for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, selection of CSE with limited traditional Scouting professional experience but tons of Exploring service, now the lack of advertising First Class for WSJ as well as the 2017 changes to camping requirements to 3 camp outs after being upped in 2016, as well as some other things my mind is drawing ablank on at the moment.
  15. Actually if you want to get technical, she did not meet the rules unless she is a Canadian citizen residing in New York. From reading here and elsewhere, National will not allow her to have an EBOR until some point in 2020, when every other female will be able to have theirs. Sadly this is correct. Why her SE is allowing her to wear a Life rank I can only think it is threat of lawsuit, despite her not meeting criteria UNLESS she is a Canadian citizen residing in NY. This is why I am disturbed by the entire situation. Especially since those of us who predicted major changes to the program as a result of admitting girls were labeled sexist and bigoted, and have been told by folks that we should quit Scouting, or worse in some cases. Good question as to how she got accepted.