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  1. Yep. BSA has always said as long as I can remember that they got your back. Now we are learning otherwise
  2. Questions. 1. Is it a volunteer or a professional? 2. Are they a voting member of the Council and District?
  3. Stupid question, so here it goes. I thought the bankruptcy but a hold on all sales and transfers of property and other assets?
  4. If you mandate, you will lose volunteers and members. Do we need anymore bad publicity and membership loses. Also there is no panacea for COVID. Consulting with physcians AND doing your own, legitimate research ( medlineplus.gov for general info; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/ for the primary sources) Research is ongoing on vaccines. And there are questions about the efficacy of them. Google Israel and COVID if you do not believe me. And before anyone says I am an antivaxer, not only has everyone in my immediate family been vaccinated, but also my wife is now staffing on the COV
  5. Yep, consider the source. For Kosnoff, anything but the complete dissolution of the BSA and local council will be considered a "sell out."
  6. I know my DE was just informed that 2 COs with 5 units told their unit leaders that they will no longer charter Scouting. 1 CO wants them gone completely, and will not even do a usage agreement.
  7. Pretty much spot on. I know I made some comments at roundtable when the topic came up, and everyone, including the DE, was listening. At a district meeting with council folks in attendance who signed the NDA, I estimated how much my council will owe, based upon what I have gleamed here. Their eyes expressed shock that I knew as much as I did.
  8. UNDERSTATEMENT! Don't get me started on this. You really see the difference when it comes to retention at the Scouts BSA level.
  9. I cannot say anything about Lions, but from working with my 3 boys from Tigers, it is extremely exhausting for adults. The Den Leader is the toughest volunteer position, bar none. I was a denleader for 6 years and was burnt out on Cubs. I have been involved with troop 7 years now, and no burn out yet. Prior to Oldest becoming a Tiger, I volunteered with troops, OA, and the district for 9 years, and no burn out. As for the Scouts, they are ready and chomping at the bit to Cross Over. 4th grade is when the transition to Scouts begins, at least according to the old BSA Literature as I am
  10. My camp growing up had a very good relationship with the 4th Marine Division and the National Guard. I remember Shooting Sports had Marines running the ranges, and our health lodge was staffed by either Navy corpsman or NG medics. Bet it helps having the CG on your executive board.
  11. It's 12 Steps And here is a link from SCOUTING WIRE. Some of the steps utilized Commissioner Corps, but if you don't have an active one, you gotta do it yourself. Now I remember why I thought it was 10, steps 11 and 12 I normally did not do. Usually my District Commissioner did those. That's because I did get reprimanded for going to the meetings and presenting the charter to my first pack, which was chartered by my church's Knights of Columbus Council. When I did show up to help out, it was a CO's member, and not as a Scouter. https://scoutingwire.org/marketing-and-membership-hub/new-uni
  12. Yes, the whole time. As @InquisitiveScouter said, they are on call the entire time. And may you never have to get up at 1:30 in a thunderstorm doing a lost camper drill because 2 nuckleheads decided to sneak back to the man camp.
  13. You would be surprised. Some folks think that what they did 15, 20 years ago would affect them still.
  14. At least in my case the unit committees checked the references. In one case, they even did a background check, bu the SM was a LEO and had access to that info. Only 3 units did not check my references: the troop I grew up in, the troop my older two sons were in, and my current troop. BUT then again, I personally knew everyone in the troop, and used them as the references. Actually the unit that did the background check on me was chartered by my Catholic Church. I showed up to a meeting the second week in town. Before they turned in the app to council, the SM checked me out
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