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  1. Some of you have read about the litany of challenges I've been facing with troop I'm involved with. Some I am going to try and "Knock it off with them negative waves." and focus on the #1 and #2 reasons I am involved with the troop, my sons, and something positive. Oldest son spoke with his PL at the meeting about taking to time to check on tents and patrol boxes. PL said go for it. When middle son found out, he decided that would be a good thing to do as well. Since he couldn't ask his PL, he assumed it would be OK since he is APL. They found issues with the brand new, only been on 1 troop camp out and borrowed for a family camp out( that turned into a troop camp out after the families went whitewater rafting). BUT they took responsibility for making sure their patrols have what they need for the upcoming camp out. That is what I want my sons to get out of Scouting, more than even earning Eagle: seek and take responsibility to serve others. As for youngest, he finished up everything for his Parvuli Dei religious award. All he needs now is his DL and CM's signatures, and off the application goes. I needed this today.
  2. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    I always sang " Try a cookie,. buy a cookie get one for free."
  3. Greater Alabama Council got caught and it was major. Sadly their Scout Executive was allowed to retire. And I've seen it happen elsewhere. It really destroyed BSA image in my neckof the woods as it was happening here too. There is an incredible amount of pressure increase membership, and some professionals will do anything to make their goals. One of the reasons I left the profession: I do not play that game. If the girl was automatically registered without filling out an application or paying, I would be VERY concerned.
  4. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    With all due respect @Chadamus, I stated BSA is going coed and I stand by that statement. What else do you call a boys den and a girls den that have "joint meetings" but a coed den? What else are "Linked Troops" that share everything: committee, equipment, meeting times and locations, activities,, camp outs, and assistant Scoutmasters, but a coed troop? Officially BSA may not be fully coed, but in reality Cub Scouts is, and Scouts BSA will be.
  5. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    i do not think outdoor focused GSUSA troops are common at all. Otherwise BSA would not have gone coed.
  6. Eagle94-A1

    Properly wearing the OA sash on the uniform

    In my lodge growing up, "A clean sash is a sign of a lazy Arrowman." Kinda got in trouble for saying that when I told an individual who beligerently questioned my muddied, wet appearance at an Ordeal while he was in a spotless uniform and looked like brand new sash. He was the council president.
  7. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    Whomever told her that was grossly misinformed. USA Archery Certifications are valid with the BSA. I know the 2015 Shooting Sports Guide specifically mentions them, and as far back as at least 2010 that was the case.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    Standard searches I do for my medical and hospital staff goes back 5 years, although on occasion I will search for articles older if requested and/or the older article is the "gold standard" that current research compares to. So how far back do you want me to go? Also how technical do you want it? Some of the articles I have pulled up have given me a headache trying to understand them. And in all honesty some of the articles may be only understood by a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Right now I am looking at comparing male and female adolescents and their behaviors and development using research within the past 5 years. Do I need to modify this any?
  9. Eagle94-A1

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Not only do I have problems with the 6 year old being there, but the mother does not really care a fig about the Patrol Method. Regarding the 6 year old, he is left unsupervised, interferes with the patrol when stuff needs to get done, and when corrected by the PL or APL, yells "NO!" and continues doing stuff until a Scouter corrects him and tells him he needs to get back with his parents. As mentioned the mom does not get the patrol method, despite being talked to about it multiple times. This is the mom who sees no problem with her son leaving the patrol campsite and hanging out with her and the family. This mom has no problem cooking food that her son will eat, and then allowing him to eat with his family.The mom doesn't see a problem with allowing her 12 year old son to sneak into the family tent on troop camp outs. This is the mom who got her husband and son to leave summer camp and sleep in a hotel one night, only having the husband call AFTER he was at the hotel. They knew reception at the camp is spotty, and it was sheer luck that one of the other adults got the text message stating dad and Scout were at the hotel and would be back in the morning. From my perspective, the mom doesn't understand Scouting, and only wants her son to be an Eagle. She may be an enthusiastic CUB SCOUT leader, be she is problem as a BOY SCOUT, soon to be SCOUTS BSA, Scouter.
  10. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    THANK YOU for the plain English version of what I've found which is the 1st link. Everything I've found is from medical databases at work, and extremely technical.
  11. Eagle94-A1

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    UPDATE: Found out the young lady will NOT be attending the camp out last night. When the CM found out, she told the Tiger DL she didn't need to go. Tiger DL stated she will still be going, "if it's Scouting I'm going." And if she goes her Tiger goes. 😠 Family Scouting, you gotta love it.
  12. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    OK, I cannot find my old papers and what not. Going from memory. Girls mature faster because the onset of puberty starts earlier and the hormones released throughout the body. The hormones do affect behavior and that is why girls tend to be more organized and nurturing. I had some time yesterday at work to look up data, and it is very interesting. I have not read all the stuff, but from glancing over the material, women's brains and men's brains are different. Different portions of the brain control different aspects of behavior. Those areas vary in size and proportion to total brain size between males and females. Since puberty starts earlier for females than males, their brains actually increase in size rapidly faster and their brains may be larger than male brains at this point in life. Over time, male's brain size do catch up and then exceed females' brains by 8-12% BSA has come up with the "LINKED TROOPS" Model which allows the girls troop to share committee, equipment, meeting space and time, camp outs, and ASMs, If two troops are meeting at the same time, share the same leaders, and do activities at the same time and place, is it really 2 troops, or 1 troop? On paper it may be separate, reality says it's coed. And do not think this won't happen. Some packs, like the one I'm working with, have combined the girls' den with the boys' den for meetings. It is really a coed den. And at the town hall meeting I attended, I told my key three exactly what Scouters in my area told me, the girls' troops would be paper troops, they would be doing everything with the boys's troop. And many in my town hall agreed with that sentiment
  13. Needle and thread are your friend!
  14. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    Don't know how I missed that. Looks like the DEN METHODS is the future of Scouting.
  15. Eagle94-A1

    New girls in Scouting

    Oh I agree, the troop is not using the patrol method properly. As you can read from my older posts elsewhere, I've been fighting that battle for several years. Troop is very much adult driven. Pack hasn't done a great job transitioning their Webelos to Boy Scouts, we now have a bunch of parents who see Boy Scouts as a continuation of Cub Scouts. And it's not just new parents either. SM and several ASMs see no problem with it, especially since they view national's push for Family Scouting as an endorsement of the continuation of Cubs. Give me a bit.