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  1. Eagle94-A1

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    Custom orders require 2 to be made.
  2. Eagle94-A1

    Committee voting

    Why is the committee involved in what type of tents to buy? Back in the day, our QM was responsible for gear selection. He was given a budget and did all the research. Sadly the committee member didn't follow his advice, and bought different tents that were on sale. The bulk of those tents were destroyed on the first camp out, the rest of them on the second. The Scouts know their needs better than adults.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Recommendations for off-brand Scout pants

    @SteveMM This look VERY similar to BSA pants. Also check out Walmart. I once saw pants that were 95% identical to the uniform canvas pants, and it was approx $20. https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Convertible-Lightweight-Fishing-Trousers/dp/B07M5N1VGX/ref=sr_1_41_sspa?crid=278PX1XRQZ01Y&keywords=green+outdoor+pants+mens&qid=1575567166&s=outdoor-recreation&sprefix=green+outdoor+pants%2Cfashion%2C193&sr=1-41-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUE4M1U1NUgwVDFFMTEmZW5jcnlwdGVkSWQ9QTA0MzYyODMzMVlPWElWQkhEM0wwJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTA1MTEyNTAyVDBHWldNVDdOVkw1JndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfbXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==
  4. Eagle94-A1

    Recommendations for off-brand Scout pants

    Are there any thrift stores in your area? Does your son's troop have a uniform closets that sell uniforms? Is eBay or Craigslist an option? One cool thing about the older Oscar De La Renta pants with elastic, the size was with the elastic fully expanded. You could move up a size, and in some cases 2 sizes, and hem the pants so that you can let out the legs as they grow. Recommended that when i work in Supply, and did that with my sons' pants. I know way back in the day, I went to a army surplus store and used pants i got there.
  5. Eagle94-A1

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    @ianwilkins, I thought it was because he was a sneaky son of a gun of an intelligence officer who caused panic German Intel folks during WWI. Abwer were seriously concerned about him, evan at his age.
  6. Eagle94-A1

    Stonewall Jackson Area Council Changes Name

    Also if BP was an avowed fascist, A) why would he petition to get the German Scout associations out from under the Hitler Youth, and B ) why was he on the Nazi's most wanted list if OPERATION SEA LION would have occurred and successful?
  7. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Yes it's complex, and many faceted. And I admit, you need experienced volunteers to help units with program. But what happens when you have volunteers with 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60+ years of Scouter experience who raise concerns and questions, and are ignored, browbeaten, or worse, expelled from the movement? I've seen all three happen, including the expulsion of a longtime volunteer who discovered some financial irregularities. When volunteers do not feel appreciated, they leave. When volunteers are overruled on things, they leave. When volunteers feel like they have been lied to, they leave. Mark Stinnet is the best public example of this. Over 40 years as a volunteer, served on the National Philmont Oversight Committee, and not only was he informed of decisions AFTER THE FACT on something HE HAD OVERSIGHT OF, he was then ignored and told he does not know what he is talking about when concerns were raised . A lot of long time Scouters in my area feel that they have been ignored and lied to, and they have walked with their feet. And when experienced folks leave, there is a very large place that is a void. Many excellent organizers and trainers have left altogether, while some are now focusing solely on their units. People who loved and supported the BSA for years, and some cases decades, no longer want anything to do with the BSA because of the professionals at National. And that hurts everyone.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    So you are saying these are not issues? How do expect new adults, especially ones with NO (emphasis) Boy Scout/Scouts BSA experience to provide a productive program for the youth. Training should be the answer, but it is a joke as others have pointed out. I have seen "trained" adults nearly destroy troops. Remember this is a brand new troop, only in existence since February 2019. It is one of the hundreds that have arisen this past year. The only experienced Scouter is the SM, everyone else is new to Scouts BSA. But every adult is "trained." Apparently there was was some "discussion" among the the "trained" ASMs scheduled to go camping and the "trained and experienced" SM who worked with the youth, and got them prepared to go. The "trained" ASMs had no experience cold weather camping. The "trained" ASMs had been camping since March, including summer camp. Plus their time with Cub Scout family camping. Plus SM had been working with his Scouts, and his ASMs, on the matter. The Scouts were indeed ready, it was the "trained" adults who were not. Why "back to basics" training, training that is no longer done, is so vital for having a productive program. Especially with all the new troops coming into existence. ITOLS is suppose to "" Futher I am sorry, but something is wrong with the training program if "trained" adults do not want to go camping, except for health, safety, and emergency reasons. And don't try and blame their trainers, I know them well. I helped trained them, and used one of them as staff for my ITOLS course. The other took over my job as Training Chair. Yes, a Scouter with drive and vision is important. But Scouters having the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities that come from both TRAINING and EXPERIENCE are vital to the success of a program. When a bunch of "trained" but inexperienced ASMs argue with the trained and experienced SM, and force his hand to cancel a trip by pulling out at the last minute, there is a problem. BSA's current training syllabi are no effective and need to be redone. But I know that won't happen unless changes at National occur. I, and other former pros, know BSA's corporate culture regarding volunteers: recruit ones that agree with you 100% and use them until they burn out or they start disagreeing with you and need to be removed. I was encouraged to use that approach as DE. I saw it in several districts and councils I was involved in. I have friends who have been involved on the regional and national levels that this has happened to them. Until someone at National realizes academic theories are not working, and BSA needs to get 'Back to Basics" and folks on the committee are all on board, change won't happen. So I do not blame the volunteers, but the professionals.
  9. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    That's because most of the units have Scouters who have had experience as youth and know how the program is to run, or came into established units, and were mentored by the experienced Scouters, and then took over as the experienced folks stepped down. Problem is we are now getting a lot of adults with little to no experience as youth, forming new units. We had a new troop locally whose new adults complained so much about camping in the cold, that the experienced SM was forced to cancel a trip. And these are "trained" new adults I might add.
  10. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Respectfully disagree regarding volunteers failing. IT IS BECAUSE THE PROFESSIONALS ARE FAILING. (everything is emphasis, not shouting). Yes, volunteers run the units and some units have issues. But who is responsible for developing the training materials to create the program? The Professionals. And when you have professionals with little to no experience in the movement, either as a youth or volunteeer, but instead has a rich academic career and are pushing their theories into training, there will be problems. None of the current training syllabi compares to the previous versions. And even the previous versions left out so much information compared to earlier versions. And Volunteers are being ignored, and are getting fed up. Don't believe me? let's look at some recent history. When National does surveys and polls, they either A) ignore the published results of the poll and do what they want anyway (InstaPalms); not count a segment of the membership (LDS Church members in the Western region were not counted in one poll), using leading questions to get desired results ( the girls in Scouting poll), or not even publish the results of the poll (BSA to this day has not published the MEMBER (emphasis) results of the girls in Scouting poll; they only use the public poll that leaves out the BSA's involvement). And don't forget about the last minute registration fee increases. These have happened twice now. The first time was right in the middle of Fall Round UP season when they announced it, after many units had created budgets, recruiting flyers, etc. A lot of folks were ticked off and you would think the Pros at National would have listened. NO, they did it again, and they did it AFTER Round Up season started, and 3 days before it went into effect for recharter! (Again emphasis) Don't know how other areas recruiting went, but ours was horrible, worse it has been ever. And it is apparently the Pros at National are ignoring their own, hand picked national level volunteers. We now know that long time, national level volunteers are being ignored and uninformed on matters that they are suppose to be responsible for. Look at Mark Stinnett, 1975-1978: Camp Director and Ranger (Philmont) 2009: first recipient Distinguished Service Award, Philmont Staff Association 2011: This year, Silver Sage Awards were presented to David Caffey, Edward Pease and Mark Stinnett. Mark Stinnett worked at Philmont four years in the 1970s and has served as a former PSA President and the longest-tenured editor of High Country. He has also served on the Philmont Ranch Committee, the Program and Risk Management Task Force and the Health Lodge Task Force. Stinnett has also chaired the BSA Outdoor Programs Committee, the Fieldbook Task Force and the Biannual National Outdoor Conference. Civic Involvement (from lawfirm profile ) Boy Scouts of America – National Council Chairman, National Outdoor Programs Support Committee Chairman, Fieldbook Task Force Chairman, National Outdoor Conference Chairman, Camping & Properties Implementation Task Force, National Membership Standards Study Initiative Member, National Camp Accreditation Committee Member, Outdoor Adventures Committee Member, Philmont Ranch Committee Boy Scouts of America – Philmont Scout Ranch Chairman, Program Task Force, Philmont Ranch Committee Chairman, Strategic Planning Task Force Member, Philmont Health Lodge Task Force Instructor, Risk Management Training for Camp Directors Boy Scouts of America – Pikes Peak Council Member, Troop 78 Committee Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Former Advisor, Aerospace Explorer Post 1986 National Eagle Scout Association Outdoor Organization Memberships: American Camp Association American Hiking Society Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Philmont Staff Association President, 1994-1997 National Director, 1990-1993 Editor, High Country Magazine, 1998-2008 Chairman, Presidents Committee, 2005-present Contributing Editor, High Country Magazine, 2009-present Here is a guy who has dedicated over 40 years to the Movement, and the pros at national won't even keep him informed of what they are doing to the property he is responsible for overseeing? I'm sorry but the volunteers are NOT to be blamed. I'm a former pro, and served on district and council committees in several councils. I know what the Pros want, 'Yes Men," and when you start thinking for yourself and questioning why things are done, you are removed. As a DE, I was "advised" to remove over 1/2 my district committee because they were questioning things at the council level. Seen long time volunteers removed from positions, and I have not been on a council committee for several years because I questioned things. Volunteers are NOT the reason for BSA failing, the professionals are
  11. Eagle94-A1

    Cyber Chip Sign off

    Both my Life and Star Scout hated having to do cyberchip for Star. Youngest doesn't realize he needs to do it again for Star yet. All 3 hated it.
  12. Eagle94-A1

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Can I verify it for him? I looked her up as well, and I would considered myself a pretty good researcher. As Evie O'Connell said, "I am a librarian. "
  13. Eagle94-A1

    Hair-Brained Idea du Jour...

    In the UK, Scout bands were a big deal. Usually district or county wide, and they would only perform on special occasions. Not like US marching bands.
  14. Eagle94-A1

    Hair-Brained Idea du Jour...

    It was a complete flop. Can't believe someone is going to try it again.
  15. Eagle94-A1

    Troop Pressure for OA

    I too would rather 10 serious Arrowman, than 100 going through the motions. I remember upsetting a SM when I stated that those who are not interested in the OA could leave their names off the ballots, and several of his Scouts volunteered NOT to be on the ballot. This is the Same SM who had a bunch of Arrowman in the troop, but none active I knew this would happen when they changed the election process in the 1990s. I just didn't know how long it would take. Combined with some other decisions by national OA, specifically the new new AOL and Cross Over Policies, I do not see anything inspiring Scouts to be interested. And of course, the poor Call Out Ceremony I attended really upset people.