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  1. Possibly. They may need your help. When I returned to the Light, I stayed on as a UC, because we needed UCs.. When a DE was finally hired, within a month if his hiring, he called me for meeting. We had a very "interesting: chat for about 1-1.5 hours.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with @InquisitiveScouter's SLICC assessment. While I used Native American ceremonies and dance to help restart several chapters, it was not the primary focus. the chapter did community service. The chapter did fun activities. We worked hard, and played harder. But @Eagledadis also right. The pre-1990s election process with ratio charts showing how many eligible to how many on the ballot, did weed out a lot of Scouts who only thought of themselves. OA was truly the "special forces of Scouting." Somewhere along the way, it turned into numbers game. When the adults on
  3. And at is what many COs, and probably a few councils too, believed when they paid the charter fee. That is what I was told as a DE, and what I told prospective COs. In fact it was a "selling" point. Heck I was told that as early as 1993.
  4. And for me that is a VERY big OH MY! When I was a DE one of the selling points to COs was that the charter fee to the BSA covered insurance that would protect the CO from things like this. If memory serves, language in the Charter Agreement covered this. If National, and the LCs to a lesser extent, will not honor their word and their contract, maybe BSA needs to die. I was taught "A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal... Brave...."
  5. I think there are a bunch of factors as to why many Scouters do not care about the new district in my neck of the woods. 1. We have had lousy to non-existent customer service from the council. We have not had our own DE in about 8 years now. And the last one we had was useless. He would not do anything to help get us back in the schools for recruiting, nor did he go after volunteers to serve on the district level. Worse still he and a few other pros actually ran off volunteers. And if help was needed, nowhere to be found. 2. Pros at the council have interfered with events, and ran of
  6. Just watched the new YPT3.0 training one of our soon to be new committee members did tonite. In the training it states #1 job is to remove the Scout from the situation and make sure they are safe #2 is call 911 or local law enforcement.
  7. THIS is why hate having advancement as the focus of the program instead of FUN AND ADVENTURE!. And after my two older sons' experiences with First Year camper programs, I will not force a Scout to do it. Oldest was helping Scouts in his "patrol" out at FYC. Camp middle son went to divided their program into a Tenderfoot & Second Class session and a First Class session. He and his buddies were bored with the First Class session, but the new guys from the other pack were overwhelmed. Summer Camp, as it is currently done, needs to be individualized to the wants and needs of the S
  8. I am with @qwazse on this, they are just like any other new Scout, although they SHOULD (emphasis) be able to do it quickly as @BAJ has stated. However I know the Pandaemic has really screwed things up. We got two new Scouts from my old pack, and both had my middle son's WDL as their WDL. NEITHER ONE OF THEM WAS FULLY PREPARED DUE TO COVID! (again emphasis). The WDL even apologized to me about not having his guys fully prepared this time around, and said they did their best to meet the requirements for AOL and cross over on schedule. This is not a problem for my troop as we do not believe in
  9. Sadly NCAP doesn't allow that.
  10. With all due respect, don't believe the work. 1) Greg Hallett really does not have any research credentials. 2. There are no references, citations or works cited in the chapter you cite. Where is he getting this information? IF as his bio states, he got these from interviews with KGB operatives, there would still be citations for these interviews, and even copies of the KGB records. After the fall of the Soviet Union, I have been told by well respected historians and researchers that for the right amount of cash you could get any KGB record you wanted. 3) FNZ Publishing appears to be a defun
  11. 3 months later and wanted to give an update. I do not know how the council reorg is going in other areas, but in mine not so well. We have folks refusing to recognize the new district and want to keep doing things as if the old, local district was around. My old district had the best run district wide Cub Scout Pinewood Derby in the council, and we had support from a local community organization. Person running the event, who is both a Scouter and a member of the organization, said the PWD is only for the Cubs in this county. If Cubs from other counties want one, they can create t
  12. Please keep the ideas coming! @MattRHaving adults from different counties of the new district is the game plan. Planning on having a cracker barrel for the adults, and I hope this helps. @Eagledad, That was once a tradition in the old district, and had to be abandoned because of the new NCAP accreditation standards. Even though we have been a unified district since January of 2020, at the council camporee this year we stayed in our old areas. The area my old district was at had a potluck where every unit from the old district brought food. It was believed that would be
  13. Need some brainstorming ideas that were not covered last night due to lack of time. What are some ways to encourage district unity among the Scouts, and more importantly, among the adults? Long backstory short, the new district is comprised of three old districts. 2 of those districts have some deep-seated rivalry/hatred from before I got here. that I cannot understand. At one point neither district wanted to work with the other, and when we had to share a DE, it was from another district that is actually further away. The third district does their own thing and could care less about the
  14. With the lawsuit news and everything going on with my council and district, I am depressed. When the opportunity arose to work on district camporee, I jumped at it with the hopes It would cheer me up. Me and the other two folks working on the camporee agreed to invite the SPLs and any PLC members to attend the Roundtable to get input from them on camporee. 3 Scouts from 2 units showed up. I admit, I was hoping for more to attend, especially since one of the Scouts was my son, and I have been bouncing ideas off of him from the get go. But I think it went well, and the Scouts will be pleased.
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