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  1. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2012/10/boy_scout_perversion_files_off.html For a background on why were are here in bankruptcy, this case is likely the one many will point to. One question I would have is on a case by case bases ... who knew what & when and how quickly did they act. That should determine liability regardless of any systemic issue. The second question ... should the BSA have recognized, through their massive file system and decades of reports, that there was an epidemic of sex abusers within the BSA ranks. Should they have seen that simply removing and
  2. I certainly hope they remain on public display. It seems like rich people like to have at least some of their collections circulate in public museums. Note that the bankruptcy settlement gives ownership of the art to the settlement trust not the money from the sale. They can decide when and how to sell the collection.
  3. Until a decision is made about HA bases, legal status of LCs and an estimate of the abuse claims, the proposals and voting should stop. I'm surprised we are 14 months into this and we have yet to have a single court rule on these critical aspects of the bankruptcy.
  4. Updated Plan (which includes the Toggle Plan) https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/886292_2594.pdf Redline Document https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/886294_2595.pdf
  5. BSA just released their new plan. I figure that its a good time to lock this topic and start a new, part 3, Chapter 11 discussion. Hopefully it will keep these large threads manageable.
  6. We lost all of our 6th graders due to Covid this year. Many of our early outdoor activities were cancelled and we had to go to Zoom as all of our typically meeting locations cancelled reservations. Getting new scouts excited about Scouts BSA is tough in a Covid year. I started following up with their parents this spring and there is some general excitement/interest in returning this coming fall. I pushed a bit about going to summer camp, but many of the kids just want to hang with their close friends in town as they haven't been able to do that for a year. I think a lot of kids are just d
  7. I expect the TCC will go after all unrestricted assets that National owns. They have already signaled that includes Philmont & Summit. The BSA lead lawyer told the AP they expect litigation will be required to determine the outcome of some aspects of the plan. HABs are the big target/asset National has ... the courts will decide if they stay with the BSA or are sold off.
  8. Hikes, EBORs, camps, COHs even Troop Meetings are all a great cure to doom scrolling through the Chapter 11 thread(s). Great to hear the good news!
  9. Partially ... what he wants (and some other lawyers per their submissions) is the following. 1) Continue to reject all plans from National BSA. By doing this, you essentially force National into Chapter 7 as they have no other path to exit bankruptcy. 2) When National BSA goes Chapter 7, argue that since there is no entity left to renew charters of local councils, every local council charter is not renewed. Per LC agreements, if a charter is not renewed, all assets from the local councils go to National and are then part of the Chapter 7. The result is the complete and total l
  10. Given that BSA is now saying (in the media & court documents) if the grand bargain fails, councils will likely go bankrupt, I think they realize and are admitting those claims are likely worthless.
  11. I have no idea what those internal conversations are, but this is a VERY tough sell to councils. 1) For councils with high likelihood of bankruptcy if this fails ... they will still debate what is restricted vs unrestricted assets. Having them turn over their friends of scouting funds, most of their camps, etc. with out a court order will be nearly impossible. 2) For councils that believe they are at a low likelihood of bankruptcy/lawsuits ... why would they want to part with key camps or endowments? I think attempting to have a grand bargain is nearly impossible. I think Na
  12. Agreed. The HA bases are the major asset National has available. Most of this seems like a waste of time until a judge rules on their status. We are well over a year into bankruptcy and we have yet to be to see any judge rule on the bases. It’s time to get that moving.
  13. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/886060_2577.pdf This one has an interesting footnote (new plan coming in 36 hours or less): New plan will be a toggle plan ... from what I can see, the BSA believes that plan (which appears to drop the protection of LCs and COs) will be a worse outcome form claimants than their other proposal. However, it does seem like they may be offering that plan as well... we will see.
  14. Did they announce any replacement strategy? Are the looking to limit sub-committees to the territory level only? I'm curious how they are transitioning from National - Region - Area - Council to National - Territory - Council for both professional and volunteer staff/committees.
  15. I would expect the TCC and the future claims rep are not willing to bet on future payments from BSA. It seems like it would be best from all parties to arrive at a final number, write the check and move on. For future claims, my understanding is that there would be a bucket of money that would pay out for those claims not submitted by the bankruptcy filing deadline. I tend to agree with @David CO that parents and donors (and I expect COs) will want to have a hard line in the sand that future dues, fees, fundraising are all going 100% to the current youth activities and not past
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