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  1. I have a hard time seeing the judge make any changes to voting or pushing out claimants who don't meet the SOL window. She is all about speed to resolution now and these could cause major delays. I expect she will include SOL claims in the vote and let the trustee adjust payments. I expect she will say there is likely some fraud, but not enough to stop this process. I think the SOL/claimant debate will fall on death ears. If she was concerned she could have prioritized the hearing for that a while ago (I believe these issues have been brought up many time). Clearly I could be wrong, I ju
  2. Interesting status in the Purdue Pharma case. I've been following the journalist from WSJ who covers both this case and the BSA. There are parallels as there are channeling injunctions. In addition, both cases, the US Trustee has been fighting the plans. Now, in the Purdue Pharma case, the US Trustee (DOJ) is attempting to stop the decision. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/16/us/politics/sackler-bankruptcy-plan.html Kosnoff tweeted about this as well ... but the US Trustee has been ignored in the BSA case for a long time. He has been consistent that he sees the Plan 4, 3
  3. Last night I was present (as SM I'm not part of the BOR) at the Eagle BOR of our Troop's 100th Eagle Scout.  Great to see positives in the face of consistent negative news!

  4. Locking this thread for now as I think the OP's initial point has completed its discussion.
  5. For the units switching to facility use agreements, who signs off as COR on adult applications?
  6. I think it started with a historical reference but the attempted defense of the Klan crossed a line. For example, we could talk about the fact that Hezbollah operates the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts which is a member of WOSM. I think that would be acceptable and an interesting discussion. Perhaps some may try and say that see … this is really interesting that they do things other than being terrorists. That is also fine with me but a careful discussion. There are a lot of organizations Nazis, al Qaeda, ISIS that I’m sure have done nice things…. but I mean come on. Where I think t
  7. Good. This was a bad lawsuit by a bitter organization. GSUSA's reaction to this change was sad and I hope they and their councils grow up and allow us to work together again. That said ... BSA can't come back and sue other orgs if they use the word scouting when working with boys.
  8. There are details and details by council. There are not details by year at least as far as I can tell. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/1a12ff15-6275-4111-af0d-7c683fdd59f2_6213.pdf Page 368 for high level details., 389 by council
  9. BSA councils reported $1.651B in Long term investments Feb 28,2021. Using the S&P 500 as a baseline ... this was likely $1.41M in February 2020 when BSA filed bankruptcy. Then, looking at today, those investments ... again using S&P 500 as a baseline are likely $1.89B. So, since BSA filed bankruptcy, it is very possible Local Councils' long term investments increased by $480M. They are currently contributing $500M + $100M loan they are taking out. Their entire contribution is almost covered by the increase in long term investments since they filed bankruptcy. Now ... thes
  10. If 637 kids drowned since 2010 in BSA I would think you would say we need to relook at our water safety program .... 637 is far too many CSA claimants. I agree we have improved. I don't agree we are doing everything we can.
  11. BSA has 637 CSA claims 2010 and later. USA Gymnastics has a total of just over 500 claims.
  12. I am fully vaccinated as is my wife and son (who had Covid and got the shot 2 days after it was approved). My friends and my kids friends are all vaccinated. I live in an area with where 74% of the total population is vaccinated (not just adults). I had a coworker with no underlying issues (skinny, fit, etc.) die of Covid this year. I fully believe in the vaccine and believe it is the best path out of Covid. That said ... I think BSA has the correct policy and shouldn't change it. We are a large country and the backlash would fall on our volunteers. If there are requirements by othe
  13. I think Kosnoff may actually support a plan that does not include CH7 of BSA. The TCC plan could win a huge vote by claimants; however, I’m not sure if it would be acceptable to the BSA.
  14. That is the whole reason why we are here in bankruptcy. If the SOL said you only have 2 years to file a civil claim like a slip and fall, BSA would never had to enter bankruptcy. Several states opened look back windows and expanded their SOLs which flooded BSA with lawsuits (or was about to) and BSA went into bankruptcy proactively. One could argue that if only National BSA was being covered then those with outside SOL claims should be considered under the Future Claimants then I could agree. Where I see an issue is when COs and LCs are being covered. At that point, e
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