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  1. I wouldn't think a committee should be investigating a YPT report that was submitted to the council. Other than cooperating with the investigation, a unit committee should not be involved. If I were CC, I would simply ask the SE if there was any immediate action needed and if not, move on. There are times for volunteers to take the lead. There are times for professionals to lead. This is a time where volunteers should take a step back and let the professionals run the investigation/actions. They have the training, experience and any resulting liability to run a proper investigatio
  2. If you are being targeted for reporting a possible YPT violation, that is a serious issue. I think it goes even beyond the initial case. Unless the output of the investigation indicated the parent lied, I cannot imagine this was an appropriate action. Unfortunately, that has been reported in the past here. Note BSA does have an anti retaliation policy for employees, but I have yet to see one for volunteers. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/controller/BSA_Whistle_Blower_Policy.pdf @ThenNow @MYCVAStory ... do you know if the youth protection changes from bankrup
  3. Bullying-What_is_Bullying.pdf (scouting.org) Reporting_Bullying.pdf (scouting.org) Myths About Bullying (scouting.org) This is how BSA defines bullying and how to report it. An Imbalance of Power: --> yes, if it was from an adult, there is a clear imbalance of power Repetition --> Not clear. It sounds like it may be repeated. To me, that is the big difference between bullying and just someone being a bit of a jerk. Given what you said, it probably warrants reporting to SE for an investigation to get the full story .. especially if this SM/ASM has been r
  4. Depends on how many Bitcoins the foundation was invested in. I think the BSA will stay in Ch 11 as long as the current plan is on the table. They have the liquidity and the foundation will back them up for a few months if needed. The real danger to BSA if this plan is outright rejected (either by the bankruptcy court or fairly quickly by district). In one of the hearings, BSA lawyers indicated the foundation will only loan BSA $ if they are out of bankruptcy. If the foundation sees the CH11 plan rejected, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide they need to save their $ for futur
  5. Interesting ... perhaps the judge was reading scouter.com. In terms of multiple appeals, I think it really is pretty simple. If the bankruptcy court approves the case, it will go to district court. However, the plan will start implementing. If district court wants to stop the plan, they actually have to act fairly fast. If it takes them a year+ to review, most issues will be moot (basically, it will be too late to make much of an impact). So, I think we will know pretty quickly if the bankruptcy is over for BSA. Yes, there could be issues within the trust in the future, but I e
  6. Part of me is a bit suspicious of the BSA court case here. I wonder if this is a method to try and get GSUSA to drop their own case and remove their claim in bankruptcy court. The $16M is nearly identical to the $16-$17M GSUSA is seeking in bankruptcy.
  7. The GSUSA was arguing that they were not treated fairly in the BSA bankruptcy. The GSUSA was claiming that they have a good case and think they will win in appeal (or at least could win). Then they will seek a fees, etc. GSUSA estimated $17M impact but BSA only offered insurance that would pay a very small fraction of that possible outcome. The BSA's argument was that GSUSA is very unlikely to get $17M. The judge didn't buy BSA's argument. So ... GSUSA's main ask is that post bankrupt BSA backstops the plan. If GSUSA wins $15M and bankrupt BSA plan only gives them $500K, post bankru
  8. My guess - it would have to be weeks. Lock all groups in a room and work through language ... understanding that the alt path is likely CH 7. I haven't seen any update from the court. The BSA finalized voting ~March 11 and it has been over a month since the hearing ended. Purdue Pharma (which was a big bankruptcy) took from Aug 2 (voting end) to Sept 13 to get a judge's official ruling but the judge indicated he would approve Aug 27th. (So they knew approval would occur <1 month after the vote). We are over 2 months since the final vote and a month since hearing closed and
  9. @Eagledadsimply said girls are better at planning and boys may feel intimated and back off. He never said that means women belong in the kitchen (nor even eluded to that). https://www.nm.org/healthbeat/healthy-tips/battle-of-the-brain-men-vs-women-infographic Perhaps this + the differences in development (female brains mature earlier than male) could lead to some behavior differences between boys and girls in a mixed setting. I read what @Eagledadwrote. I think there is an argument to be made that boys could be better off within a single gender troop with only male leade
  10. I never said this ... and I don't think anyone has. If you are going to debate a topic, please do not utilize a strawman argument. I personally support having girls in BSA. My daughter was in Cub Scouts and as of now plans to join Scouts BSA. I have worked with girls in BSA and have found most of them to fit well into the program. My daughter is also a girl scout and has enjoyed that program (and GSUSA has been very adamant about keeping their program single gender). That said, I think @Eagledad has valid points and there is neuroscience that indicates male and female brains a
  11. I haven't been watching this thread (was pretty active this weekend in and out of scouts). However, I do think neuroscience does clearly indicate brains are different between boys and girls ... even at birth ... and they definitely develop differently. Is that due to epigenetics, genes or hormones ... the answer is likely yes. Regardless, we do know there are differences in brains between genders. Now, it doesn't mean that every female or every male fit a single gender specific behavior. I think the science indicates that differences in behaviors in a single gender exceed the differences
  12. Then BSA will go Chapter 7. They brought this up multiple times. They do not have the liquidity to continue in bankruptcy after this summer ... and a completely rejected plan would likely take 6 months to a year to get through the process (plan, voting, confirmation hearing, approval). If national goes CH7, then expect many local councils to be immediately sued and a large number to file for their own bankruptcies. LDS and some COs will also get sued. I'm not sure if the BSA can survive, but it will be ugly for much longer. Now, I think a more likely outcome is that the judge either
  13. We did a similar camp style during Covid, and honestly, I think it was the best summer camp we attended. The Troop & patrols bonded. Yes ... many more partials and less complete merit badges, but I think it was a better style and likely closer to aligning to the methods of scouting than most summer camps. We patrol cook which helps provide an experience outside merit badges which is challenging and fun. The Troops/scouts I am most surprised by and the ones that hang out at the trading post with cell phones plugged in just watching videos (or playing games). It is not many sc
  14. ATVs are at our summer camp ... so I think they must still be allowed.
  15. Could you add in "Antifa" into your comments? I almost have OAN BINGO! The DEI & Citizenship in Society MB are very mild. They are not on any sort of fringe of political stances. The early release of C in S did have some concerning content, but that was removed. So far, I see no impact to day to day operations of any unit from DEI. The biggest impact I have seen is council JTE which was actually created back in 2019 (prior to DEI). So, for 1 line item in JTE, the "goal", at the council level, is to recruit your minority ethnicity at least 45% as well as you do the
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