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  1. Apparently they compared membership rates between packs with single gender dens and coed dens and found coed performed better.
  2. One change announced today - K4 through 4th grade Cub Scout Dens can now be coed.
  3. I believe the final financial statement has been uploaded (see attached).a467cb7b-d708-4574-bf09-af88162f82eb_11230.pdf A lot of activity on this one as it closes out BSA's immediate cash outlays to the trust. Note councils have ongoing payments and I believe BSA may have some as well. BSA leaves bankruptcy with $25.5M unrestricted cash.
  4. Agreed, but They said that limit doesn't apply to them. Other councils are already getting around this limit as well. Sounds like that limit is meaningless.
  5. In this case, it appears the council leadership and United Way are not aligned causing UW to cut funding. If my council lost UW funding, it would be a $78 per scout deficit. Don't tick off the United Way without a plan to replace their funding.
  6. One concern has to be that the >10% increase in Cub Scouts shrunk to 6.5% by April. Either we are losing scouts at a faster pace or recruiting isn't going as well Jan-April in 2023 as it did in 2022. In order to keep up the 10% annual increase in Cub scouts we will have to recruit 228K more Cub Scouts on top of the 410K we currently have ... They recruited 196K last year during the same time period so while a steep target not impossible.
  7. BSA letter to survivors. BSA-Open-Letter_042023.pdf
  8. Camping, hiking, etc. are definitely fun. I just got back from our mountain bike camping trip and the scouts had a blast. Do you know what doesn't look like a blast? Days and days of merit badge classes to complete the required merit badges for Eagle or talking about cooking/camping/etc. vs actually doing it. Uniforms that are designed for ceremonies but not actively working in cold or hot weather. Kicking kids out before/during their senior year of high school as they magically become an adult before their friends. I can go on. There is potential and a lot of scouting is fun, but I
  9. Locked as this thread hit its end. Various other topics spun off, but to continued discussion re: Bankruptcy can be found below.
  10. Sounds like those changes we discussed to Cub Scouts will come out during the National meeting. Also, how to bring in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Very disappointed to see no discussion of any discussion of changes to Scouts BSA (required merit badges that look like High School 2.0 and cooking requirements that make you lose all love of cooking). Venturing seems like a hail Mary as well.
  11. UK scouting removed duty to God in 2013, saw growth and has far more members than BSA per capita. I'm sure there were many who were upset in the early 1970s when BSA finally desegregated ... upsetting members doesn't mean you shouldn't do what is morally right. That said, most kids who are atheist don't see that as a barrier to scouting as many units are already incredibly flexible with the religious component. I don't see an issue how BSA handles religion today and my guess is any change would result in a negative outcome. However, if the want to make a change, do it sooner than late
  12. Venturing/Sea Scouts... Nearly dead. 12,000 when we nearly had 88,000 in 2017. I wonder if Sea Scouts are fairing better than Venturing Crews. Pack Growth rates needs to maintain that 6-7% for many years to come. Hopefully we see a similar recruiting year. Troops ... I'm very concerned. I'm seeing a lower percent of scouts crossing over every year. I think Lions are burning out parents and scouts before the hit the Troop. (Hopefully just my experience). In addition, many Troops, in my area, are down to 1-2 patrols and are in danger of collapse. It is much easier to build a
  13. Most bankruptcies allow businesses to lower their debts and exit in better financial health. BSA is exiting this bankruptcy, addressing the debt of the past sexual abuse, but not really addressing anything else. They are in far worse financial shape than they entered. They took out massive loans on HA bases, spent their endowment and have far less cash on hand ... this with about 1/2 the registered members they entered bankruptcy. So, National BSA likely needs to pull in more cash quickly and member fees won't do it. I see two paths. 1) Direct donations ... in the hearing, there
  14. Local council contributions hit the docket. I was hoping to get more insights into the property but the file only lists values. 74cf86b7-00e5-4564-b65e-e2ce974d9c86_11124 (1).pdf
  15. Prof. Jacoby insights below: "Impact: trust can be implemented. Even if 3d Circuit were to find flaw in plan upon further insurer or survivor appeal, almost impossible to unravel plan under 3d Circuit precedent." In addition the hearing over the coalition fees occurred yesterday and it sounds like the court is not fully on board but not yet decided. We will have to wait for a ruling.
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