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  1. Judge ruling on various discovery .... believes that it should proceed including information into the $3500 and how the claims were vetted. Most of the requests do not implicate privilege info, or they may, but discovery could be not privilege . In general, how the claims were obtained/vetted are likely not protected by privilege. She is opening up advertising, intake, proof of claim, how it was done ... pretty much everything.
  2. Other councils similar ... 3% confirmed for one. Century going through a few councils. Basically, they are finding a very small number of abuse claimants are showing up on rosters. In addition, nearly no incident reports confirming the abuse.
  3. Century is stating they are going to push back that the vast majority of claims are false and were not vetted. Century is making the statement ... BAC is saying they have a TON of data on rosters and are certifying that only 5% of claimants were really scouts.
  4. Well ... were these ever vetted? Councils have released rosters and many are showing most claimants were never scouts. There are reasons for this (records destroyed, etc.). Century is indicating there are ways to address this but councils are not supporting that (per Century). Basically, Century is claiming the BSA is paying as if most of the claims are false. However, the insurance companies as part of distribution will be paying as if the claims are all true. So, they are asking what the BSA did to vet any of these claims as clearly they think most are not valid (based on their o
  5. I'm not sure this is true, but Kosnoff is stating (via Twitter) that the Coalition has votes they are not releasing as they are not good news. So they continue to fight to get voters to switch. I think it probably is underreported as the master spreadsheet ones are being held back. Now, if the votes were good news, I don't think BSA would be pushing (as is the Coalition) to push out the deadline. I also found it interesting that the TCC was actually somewhat against pushing out the deadline. So there could be some truth in Kosnoff's tweet.
  6. Century insurance fighting for discovery. They are very concerned that the confirmed number of scouts in terms of claimants are very low. Basically, BSA has not been able to clarify that the majority claimants are actually were even scouts.
  7. Proposed schedule of dates would be ... Voting Deadline - December 28, 4PM (2 weeks delay) Voting Report (Preliminary) - January 4 Objection Deadline - January 7 Final Audited Report - January 17 Confirmation Brief Support Deadline - January 17 Confirmation Hearing - January 24 Judge is concerned as in other case she had the preliminary & final report had big differences in votes. Even the Jan 4 to Jan 7 isn't enough time. BSA lawyers agree this is a big concern. Now more and more are concerned about the resulting timelines if vote is delayed....
  8. Debtors (BSA) would like to delay, hoping mediation will lead to further settlements before the deadline.
  9. TCC - RP - Prepared to file modified motion. Would like to keep voting deadline UNLESS the changes are approved.
  10. Concern about voting deadline, sounds like most parties want to push it out including BSA. Preliminary results would be January 7, final a few weeks later. So far, no objections to pushing out the date.
  11. Hearing started ... 1) Meditation went into midnight last night. 2) Total votes to date (Wednesday before Thanksgiving) - 4,300 votes complete.
  12. @MattR is correct, if this is to the point you believe you may need a weapon, you should be talking with the police. In terms of BSA, the first person I would go to is your charter organization rep. They are ultimately responsible for your unit and should be aware of any concerns. They decide who the adult leaders are in all cases ... so they decide the Committee Chair. If their is a parent/family causing trouble, there is no reason they must remain in your pack. @David CO is a COR and has mentioned multiple times that their unit does not approve applications for every youth ... they
  13. October report released. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/815753dc-61e4-41a7-b808-4cb4a6794e7b_7517.pdf Total Ending Unrestricted Liquidity - BSA $140,975,000 Total Ending Unrestricted Cash Balance - BSA $74,518,000 So, BSA lost $3,977,000 in cash in October. There is a bit less income from supply, registrations were nearly equal to Sept. The big charge? Bankruptcy. October = $13.142M Sept = $6.379M Remember, October is when they mailed out all of those Size 4 font packages plus probably paid a ton of extra lawyer fees.
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