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  1. Reminder ... hearing today, 2:30 PM ET. 410a5a25-20e3-48ed-b3d1-19a0d129b9e1_8391.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com)
  2. Well, now we have Century going after Kosnoff. 01823e91-93d1-4930-acb7-9f3d3456a987_1.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) Boy Scouts of America: Documents List (omniagentsolutions.com) It looks like they are going for a restraining order against Kosnoff... Kosnoff was on twitter today, tweeting about the BSA deposition. That may not be allowed. He also plans to file a request to dismiss the Bankruptcy case. Finally, he had a few unflattering things to say about the TCC ... but I expect the hearing is about the deposition chatter, not the TCC stuff.
  3. It sounds like BSA lawyers testified today that they were aware of the coalition's eBallot, reviewed it and approved its use. It also sounds like they do plan to go after master ballots. So, expect a fight ... from both sides about ballots. Some guesses... BSA may fight power of attorney documentation to get claimants votes thrown from master ballots. TCC and others may argue eBallot was not approved by the court, caused confusion, may have not been secure, etc., and therefore, any ballot submitted through the eBallot should be tossed. I think these fights back and forth
  4. Just a reminder of the current schedule. If this plan continues to go forward, I'll be interested in seeing the plan objections that come in by Feb 4. Dec 29 Deadline to serve discovery on voting, settlements Jan 4 Preliminary voting report Jan 5 Rebuttal expert reports due Jan 7 Deadline to serve responses/objections to voting/settlement discovery Jan 14 Document production regarding voting/settlement due Jan 17 Final voting report deadline Jan 28 Deposition of expert witness & fa
  5. Hearing agenda set. 410a5a25-20e3-48ed-b3d1-19a0d129b9e1_8391.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com) No status conference listed. So, the ideas of weather, Covid, etc. are out the door. Why is the status conference not proceeding? My understanding ... TCC requested conference, 1 law firm joined them, BSA objected and then the judge set the hearing for a status update. Then ... a few days later, the judge cancelled that hearing. It seems like the only explanation is that the TCC agreed to cancel the hearing (or at least didn't object). The TCC hasn't had a townhall (I think they c
  6. I wonder if the Bates analysis would have to reconsider. In addition, the Dr. at U of Mich worked from 1966 to 2003 ... so most of the victims are older right now (and male). It seems like Bates discounted older victims. Now, the one aspect where U of Michigan may be more liable is that he was a repeat abuser. Many of the BSA abusers were only identified once (Bates indicated repeat abusers are where the bigger payouts occur). I'm sure this settlement will be utilized in the BSA mediation/negotiations when calculating value of the claims. Insurance companies will likely be the
  7. May not be a bad idea. That could shake things up a bit. I don't think she has been happy with the coalition (asking for payments from BSA, fights between Kosnoff/KR, etc.) She sees that the voting percent didn't hit high enough and now this mess. Perhaps use it as a threat for now.
  8. New hearing set January 24, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) Microsoft Word - Boy Scouts - Motion to Clarify Scope of Discovery - Notice of Hearing 4863-1975-2202 v.1 (omniagentsolutions.com) Right now it is about the coalition law firms who are not complying with the judge's ruling about discovery (per insurance companies).
  9. I expect this is likely being discussed and I wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the deal. However, it adds complexity to the insurance payouts (they will likely need to know which LCs are in/out before closing their offer) and I expect there will be great debate on how to calculate the required "buy in" amount for each LC. One benefit is actually for the Ad Hoc committee. Right now, let's say the Ad Hoc committee is asked to increase the offer by $400M. They then have to spread that out to the 250+ councils and ask each one for approval. That is a tough discussion as if even
  10. Apparently during the Coalition townhall, it was brought up that BSA & TCC are in active mediation. So, perhaps, the status hearing was cancelled to allow mediation to find a solution. Let's hope they are making some good progress.
  11. Hmmmm.. Survivors can change their votes until a Feb. 22 hearing on the deal before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein in Delaware, who must sign off on the deal. Really? I thought the judge was clear. She already saw a mess with claimants changing votes post deadline.
  12. I don't think I am cut out to be a judge. It feels like she is herding cats. It seemed clear what she approved and now it seems like she is being ignored. If I were here, I would be angry about this ... but perhaps that is just how law is practiced.
  13. A bit of insight from Prof. Jacoby's twitter feed: She doesn't expect this to be the last word on this vote ... expect both sides to fight to get votes removed. Steep battle expected to get this plan approved. (Based on prior tweets issues include voting results, requested releases) And now a group of insurance companies have asked the courts time to deal with a bunch of coalition law firms stonewalling them. Microsoft Word - Boy Scouts - Motion to Clarify Scope of Law Firm Discovery 4869-9614-2346 v.1 (omniagentsolutions.com) Basically, the law firms objected to th
  14. Opt Out - That is a question for sex abuse claimants for non abuse claims. So, if you check "opt out" that means you can sue all of the protected parties (BSA, Coalition, COs, insurance companies, Omni, TCC, etc.) for non abuse claims. $3500 - Do they simply want the $3500, no questions asked, no ability to claim more (in terms of direct abuse) Two separate and independent questions. Note that the opt out was very confusing. I think many may be confused as I've seen letters where they "opt out" so they can sue their CO ... but they voted Accept. That means they can only sue the
  15. Many moons ago I was in Ely Minnesota and one of our scouts kept going on about how he planned to "punch a bear in its face". Apart from questioning why he was so angry at an animal he never met (and if punching a bear aligns to the Oath and Law), we all had doubts. Sure enough, we saw a bear across a parking lot on one of the days we were in the bunk house area. Our SM looked for the scout who claimed he was going to punch the bear and saw him running full speed back to his bed. I don't know if the bear realized how close he came to be punched in the face.
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