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  1. Perhaps a minor look at the talks. Century Request to Hold June 17 meeting It appears the insurance companies are out of the loop and BSA/Coalition/TCC are working on a plan (Century states a non-consensual plan will be sought). BSA also hired a law firm to handle their insurance companies. Kosnoff is tweeting as if a plan is coming soon. He is lowering the bar on expectations.
  2. We freeze ours and they seem to last pretty well. While GSUSA states girls sell their cookies, my past experience is that parents sell A LOT of cookies in the office. I can't tell you how many flyers I see from parents. With many working at home, I'm sure those office sales dropped way off. My daughter sold hers online but didn't go door to door so sales were down. I like what our BSA council did for popcorn. They created door hangers to allow Cub Scouts to go door to door without interfacing with adults and thus, avoiding the Covid risk. Then people could call/contact the sco
  3. My guess is that Kosnoff is bluffing a bit… I have a hard time imagining lawsuits against a PTA for bake sale proceeds. That said, I could see this turning into the asbestos lawsuits going forward that seem to be unending over the last decade. As laws change or COs are found to have insurance coverage or decent assets they will be sued.
  4. It could depend if they show by individual CO. While there are large groups of COs, typically each local CO is a single unit (for example, xyz Elks Club would mean 1 unit). Kosnoff is making it clear that in addition to national BSA, local councils and insurance companies, he is looking at suing the BSA legal team for malpractice (I guess that they spent too much and some of the fees should go into the trust) AND every CO he can. He just mentioned ... "large and small churches, civic orgs, VFWs, Elks, Eagles, PTA's ad infintum." So ... if this is shown at the individual CO level,
  5. This does not seem common from my experience; however, it did happen to my Troop as a youth shortly after I aged out. A new COR for our Troop decided to take our Troop funds and put it in their general fund. Any money we would need would then need to be approved by the Church. Any fundraiser would go to the commingled fund. Many of us had scout accounts and it was the only way many afforded to go to camp or BWCA. Those were taken. Our Troop disbanded within a year. Here is a FAQ for BSA’s fiscal policy. https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Fiscal_Policies_and
  6. Kosnoff just came out with some numbers. He is estimating that there were actually millions of youth abused in the BSA. BSA admitted they had 8,000 leaders listed in their perversion files BSA previously admitted they destroyed many files in the 1970s and didn't keep records of what they destroyed In 1935, BSA stated they had 2,500 leaders listed in perversion files. Based on extrapolations (assuming rate remained the same), Kosnoff estimates 45 - 50K leaders were removed from the list in the 1970s. AIS indicates 95% of their clients have identified unique abusers,
  7. Regardless of the bankruptcy outcome, no piece of paper will prevent any lawyer from suing COs in the future. I discussed this with a lawyer back in 2020 during Covid. I asked him if someone got Covid at our event and died, who would he sue. He said everyone. Sue the BSA, Local Councils, Charter Organization and individuals. Go for maximum penalties and let the court figure out who will pay. If any organization signs a piece of paper that ties them to BSA, they could be brought into lawsuits in the future. Perhaps they wouldn't be found liable, but they would need to hire lawyers an
  8. One additional tidbit from Kosnoff. He is claiming there are tens of thousands of others who didn't meet the 11/16/2020 claim date that have claims ready. Once the stay is lifted, it sounds like his and other firms are ready to sue COs and LCs with additional claimants (beyond the 84,000). (National BSA is protected if the claims are prior to Feb 2020). Now, he could be bluffing. However, I have seen advertisements running on TV recently to sue the BSA from AVA. At first, I didn't think much of it ... but now I wonder. There is only 1 reason to keep spending on ads.
  9. Kosnoff is out with his update. Is he reading Scouter.com? Basically, he believes insurance companies, non cooperative LCs and all COs will be abandoned by the BSA. I tend to agree. They have appeared to abandon their current plan and have run out of time for any other option. To me ... this sounds like Kosnoff saying that National BSA abandons any hope of protecting COs or LCs (who are not paying large settlements) and also abandons prior deals with Hartford. I think he is 100% correct here. The COs seem to have not been agreeing to the court delays, so i
  10. I think the US Bankruptcy Trustee is raising the same questions. I'm still not 100% convinced a global settlement would pass an appeals process. All it takes is 1 claimant to say, I want to sue my local council for $20M. They are not bankrupt and are legally responsible for my injury. The could sue and then go through appeals. If the appeals see the Bankruptcy Trustee objected, I wonder if that could get the settlement thrown out. I would have been more convinced if local councils never had to pay out directly from prior lawsuits. So if local councils were found liable in the past
  11. This has all 3 Mediators on the signature line. It really feels the are close. I don't believe there would be time to exit this in failure. Then have TCC/BSA present updated plans. Obtain objections/support for those plans. Hold a couple of hearings. Then a plan for vote. Wait for the results. Review the results and finally approve the plan by September (or October or possibly even November). What is the point. They need to exit mediation with an agreement from TCC & the Coalition. The only other option at this point would be liquidation and I don't see that as a viable path
  12. I think the big shock to our long term COs was BSA stating they were not covered by BSA insurance prior to 1976. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/213bd53f-b44f-45c9-97fc-246bcb7ca06b_4108.pdf
  13. I could also imagine that they either are settling on the restricted assets (which means BSA giving up the OA$ and some HA bases) OR are agreeing to binding arbitration. I do not see the TCC giving up the fight over the hundreds of millions of BSA restricted assets through mediation.
  14. Kosnoff Law "This bankruptcy may go down in history as the only instance in which the judge never made a single, solitary ruling. Survivors would have been better served by a used side by side refrigerator with a broken ice maker and wrapped in a black robe."
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