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  1. That really should be it in terms of appeals. I can't imagine this bankruptcy being undone if the Supreme Court punted now.
  2. I think we are at the point of agree to disagree and time to move on. Let's get back to the initial focus of this topic. @RememberSchiff
  3. Hope it doesn't come to this, but you have the option to file for an extension. No guarantees, but you may have a valid argument. GTA- (1).pdf
  4. If the worst case happens and the supreme Court rules non debtor/non consensual releases cannot be included in the plan AND BSA plan is not too far along, then my guess is BSA gives up including COs and Councils and could provide a much lower fund. The insurance would be a bit of a mess, but their contribution would be much less. If the plan continues to be rejected, you may see National liquidate. The individual lawsuits and bankruptcy of COs and Councils would follow over the next decade. Donors would flee as their funds could just be waiting for bankruptcy filings. I do expec
  5. Seems like some bankruptcy professors and reporters were surprised. In addition "Unlike prior such orders, Alito *didn’t* set a deadline."
  6. Thanks for this info. If they are willing to hold up a $10B bankruptcy like Purdue, why wouldn't they hold up $2.4B BSA bankruptcy based on the same arguments when only $7M was spent to date. I hope they don't hold it up and agree that it doesn't mean they plan to overrule Purdue, I just question overuse of mootness. In terms of the Purdue decision I hold to my initial thoughts post arguments... they find a way to uphold the plan, but it will be close and perhaps set a new bar for 3rd party releases. Would uphold Purdue plan: Thomas, Kavanaugh Would reject Purdue plan: G
  7. Usually when I don't respond timely to a scout, either a text cc to parent or a short email reminder helps. Perhaps just ask the SM and coach if there are other methods of communication that would work. If that doesn't work, fully agree about reaching out beyond your unit. I just checked my email .. OA elections, summer camp planning and updates, two eagle scout projects, troop meeting prep and an eagle scout SM conference... oh, and a job, sick pet, home repairs, wife, etc. 😀
  8. My understanding is that all appeal litigation must end before insurance companies make their full payments.
  9. $2,333 per survivor .... This will be a big decision. I'm not sure paying out 0.2% of the settlement is enough to say it is too late to pause. That said, I do agree that it is likely the best settlement for survivors and BSA. It will be interesting to see how the court rules.
  10. Here is the screenshot from National...
  11. Nothing beyond that screenshot. I would think everything else in the process is unchanged. I do think this could open up the option of adults having to directly use a third party for the background check. I have to do that for other youth orgs, get the certificate and then can submit my registration. We will see ..
  12. Our Troop used to go to LeFeber which was shuttered and then CFL which was shuttered. Bay Lakes is down to two Scouts BSA summer camps (Bear Paw and Hiawatha (which only runs 2 weeks)).
  13. Just received email of another delay in spending out our 2024 summer camp guide. I noted that summer 2023 seemed lighter in attendance than prior years and I think that is causing issues with plans for 2024. Has anyone else seen 2024 summer camp plans change from prior years? "With declining membership in Bay-Lakes Council, as with most councils across the country, there are serious, but not insurmountable financial repercussions. These budgetary considerations need to be dealt with wholistically to ensure the viability of the Scouting program in Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
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