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    • We have done Country Meats at the pack level and I have had my son sell them to raise money for summer camp.   It was pretty successful.  Lots of flavors and $.45 is a decent profit.   People do not buck at spending $1-$10 on something like the sticks.   The looks we got our Tiger year trying to sell popcorn for $20+ forever cemented my opinion of the popcorn fundraiser.   BSA must figure out something better than popcorn.   Our council also added nuts this year.  My son is highly allergic to nuts so you can definitely count on us NOT selling them.  I also like Country Meats as they are a local company for us.  They are based in Ocala, FL which is within our council so I like to support them.  Excellent customer service.  They give you all kinds of goodies to help sell with also.  And have a patch program! 
    • Since it was brought up, our council's camping rules for camps specifically talks about Crocs are ok at the waterfront and showers.  This is for council owned properties.  It also says no sheath knives in camps.  National doesn't chime in on either, but GTSS is a must with intent met.  As I scouted in Panama, Hawaii, Canada, and Switzerland, I am still a proponent for a machete.  How this differs from a sheath knife, I don't know besides size.  We even used them to cut snow blocks in Alaska for igloos.  We used to carry one machete per patrol.  No thumbs or toes hacked off so far (knock on wood). 
    • Or as my grandad used to say, you can take a horse to water but a pencil must be lead. I’m here all week
    • I’d always say never criticise another person till you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That way when you upset them you’re a mile away. And you have their shoes.
    • How about this variant: Never let them smell the fear! Truth.  YP doesn't even allow for older boys acting like older brothers anymore.
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