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Council Relations


  1. Council Relations

    Discuss issues relating to Scout Councils, districts and working with professionals


    • MBC renewal process is in the spring, for every MBC. Either your Council handles (or District, if that is what your Council designates).
    • One of our adult leaders, an ASM who was also a 5 badge MBC, needed to step in as our COR when ours passed away.  Obviously he lost his ASM position, which has been a heartbreak for all of us, but now, all of a sudden, his MB credentials have an expiration date in his SB profile.  Do MBC credentials actually expire, or are his being pulled because he is now a COR ?  
    • Hey all, let's get back to cub scouts. There are other threads about the bankruptcy.
    • Since it is not really an election, but rather a selection, now, I do not ask. What I do tell them is that Order of the Arrow is part of our UNIT program, not the Lodge program! WE use it as selection for an honor within OUR Troop. I have talked with many Scouts who fear one of three things: 1.  I'm rejected.  OK, so what? So now you KNOW, rather than walking around guessing.  And that is an indication to you that there MAY be some area for improvement... if you should decide to improve.  Would you rather know, or would you rather guess? 2.  I do not want to be in the OA.  Fine, no one says you have to go through an Ordeal.  But, if you are selected by your fellow Scouts, you now have OPTIONS. 3.  I'll deny someone else the chance (rare). NO!  Because it is not an ELECTION.  It is a SELECTION.  No one else loses a slot because of your being on the Selection Menu (versus ballot). By the way... and I have said this around here until I am BLUE in the face.  An Arrowman's FIRST duty is to his UNIT!  Not to the lodge!  Nothing obligates you to service to the Lodge.  If you choose to go through the Ordeal induction Ceremony, you are ALWAYS a member of the Order of the Arrow.  Should you not wish to pay the dues next year, you will not be a member of the Lodge.  So what?  You still may wear your sash at any and all OA observances.  Just take off the flap...
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