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    • My opinion: At the very least this is a very good case for having no statute of limitations for child molestation in both the criminal and civil sides of law.  Who was really looking out for the two boys?  Were the parents thinking about the embarrassment or shame for the children or themselves?  Who was thinking about the long term ramifications of their mental health, the anguish and mental torture they more than likely have had to endure?  Also the monetary cost of treatment.  The ASM who committed crime did not have to answer for it.  How many more youth did he abuse?  How many more will he abuse?  If it happened in the early eighties it was more than likely not until their 30's did the worst of the mental health issues arise.   As for compensation thru the Bankruptcy I vote very much for just compensation. The abuse happened when the 2 were 10 and in the care of the Troop/Local Council/Chartered Organization/BSA National.  The ASM was an employee of the BSA which makes the BSA responsible for his actions whether anyone could have predicted it or not.
    • If enough occurred that the ASM was forced to resign then that is enough for the youth victims to seek compensation. The fact I find most chilling is that he likely went on to have other victims elsewhere afterwards. These people are sick. They don't stop. 
    • I would be interested to hear others opinion on this...
    • The wording here is that Paddle Craft is strongly recommended: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss02/#b Edit: The other reason to have this training is to protect yourself from liability in the event something happens.   
    • @ThenNow ... I'm not sure whether to ask these questions as it is part of a very painful experience for you and because it continues to haunt your life.  Please accept my apologies for asking. In #4, the "they" is law enforcement right?   Here is what I'm uncomfortable asking.  ... Obviously, the chain of events is ugly and painful.  My apologies, but I want to ask.   It sounds like either the parents or the SE or someone in the chain of events called the police.  That is what we want to happen.  That's the right thing to do.   Question ... If the police had the case and things were being reported and credible, etc, was the abuser charged with a crime?  It sounds like he wasn't.  Why?   Question ... Once the police were notified, what additional actions should be expected from the SE?  The abuser was removed and attempts were made to document his case in the ineligble volunteer files.  It sounds like significant effort was made to record that the abuser should not be allowed into scouting again.   My apologies.  I am seriously asking.  From the outside, this case seems to be handled reasonably well.  BUT, it's also being used as an example of a case handled poorly.  Considering the year and the standards at the time, it seems like the right actions happened.   Today, I would question what happened as the first adult should have called the police.  Any delay notifying police these days raises the question of trying to hide or obfiscate the abuse.   The first scouter hearing about this should have called police first.  This should have quickly left the scouting hands and gone to complete police control.  BUT, that's today's standard.  For 1973, this case seems to be handled reasonably well.  That is why I'm asking.  I know you have stated the exact reasons.  I'm having trouble connected the dots.  So, I'm seriously asking for clarification.   Please accept my gratitude for your detailed writing of what happened.  I appreciate that.  
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