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    • In my experience, the many pleas for volunteers in the Troop went unanswered.  The long term Unit Commissioner had been absent, and didn't see any possible areas of concern because the Scoutmaster was 'one of my guys'.  In reality, the Unit was a mess.  Purportedly 'boy run' but the limited number of adults did everything.  The patrols and PLC were in name only.  And training?  What training?  Why bother when we've been doing it like this 'for years'?   Who has the luxury of succession planning when you can barely keep a Unit above water?  So of course you give adults guilt and ultimatums to keep the Unit chartered.  And that's how you wind up with inappropriate candidates for adult leaders because no one else would step up...
    • I think the point is that as horrible as the SM (who was serving as the MBC for the merit badge) has treated the scout that at this point, that if the unit really is folding and the SM really is simply refusing to work with the scout that no additional force will help. No one is going to physically take this person's hand and make them sign the card. If the situation is as screwed up as you say, and the scout really did do all the work, then the next MBC in the next unit you go to will likely be willing to accept and sign off on the prior work (which they are allowed to under Guide to Advancement).
    • Moot point?  Is it a moot point for the Scout who worked for years to complete this required merit badge?  Is it a moot point for the Council, who advised the Scoutmaster/Merit Badge Counselor that in their opinion, the requirements completed were acceptable?  Is it a moot point for the District Advancement Committee, who also advised the Scoutmaster/Merit Badge Counselor that the requirements completed were acceptable?  Is it acceptable that a supposed 'trusted adult leader' has lied to a Scout and now refuses to answer the young man?   A global pandemic requires flexibility in order to encourage our Scouts to continue in the program. There are many ways to adapt while maintaining the integrity of the requirements, especially when you live in an area where camping has been PROHIBITED for the past seven months...
    • Leadership Development is a method of scouting. Here is an opportunity for SM and ASM's to develop leadership skills in their SPL and ASPL and set expectations*.  Breaking down a problem and competition between groups to solve a problem could help ...hmm Patrol Method. Boy Scouts emphasize "Zoom free" activities during pandemic http://www.lamorindaweekly.com/archive/issue1418/print/Boy-Scouts-emphasize-Zoom-free-activities-during-pandemic.html * If there is not a safe, well-planned, and executed outdoor activity in next 30 days, the troop will need a new SPL, ASPL. Scouting is not about cursing the darkness, it is about lighting the candle...leadership is about where you light the candle under.  My 0.02,
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