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    • If you take over the assets you take over the liabilities also.  The determination of validity will lie with the trustee. If there are records of you being a scout and the files indicate an abuser was in that troop in that time frame you will most likely get compensation. 
    • "The Solicitation Agent’s E-Ballot Platform is the sole manner in which Ballots will be accepted via electronic or online transmission. Ballots submitted by facsimile, email or other means of electronic transmission will not be counted."   https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/beb124f7-e931-4b0c-97cb-006a315622e8_6438.pdf at page 51 of 278
    • I know we don't want the bankruptcy to last forever, but this seems to be one of those cases of where the autonomy of councils is called into question. If one was a well funded council and was forced to merge with another by national, it seems odd that they would have to accept the liability.  Correct, it doesn't make it any less real, but it does call into question any of your recollection and the facts are totally in question. If one can't articulate what happened where, the whole system falls apart. 
    • If you were 7 or 8 years old and now 75 to 80 and with memory becoming an issue for you (dementia) I could easily see were these things could be murky to a survivor. It doesn’t make it any less real.  In California you have to have been interviewed by a psychiatrist if you are over a certain age (I think 55) and have the psychiatrist certify that he believes you were abused. I believe if a defunct council was absorbed by another council than yes they are liable. 
    • IF, and that can be a big IF with old minds, I am reading the table correctly, over 35% of the total listed claims appear to not know where they occurred, either because they do not know the council, or it is just missing.  Also, the types of abuse, as listed, appears to have 6.7% of the total that are unknown or missing.  These figures, especially the second one, seem odd to me.  I understand time is a factor, but I would think, especially the type would not be forgotten.  Granted, if the abuse was cordonned off in their minds, it might be fuzzy; but if it is recognized, I would think it would be more than just a vague "I was abused" memory.  Not a psychologist, but it is confusing given the situation.  While the specific Council could easily be no longer in existence, the locale should give some indication as to which one it may have been.  That said, is the current council then saddled with the problem of the defunct one?        All of this is just another problem with trying to fix things from decades in the past.  
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