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    • Remember (and you know doubt live this) that unit volunteers and professionals approach this with different agendas Unit volunteers will look to what quality program can I provide to the youth and what is the long term window (hopefully years) for participation with the youth coming to my unit Professionals see youth as a commodity and are mainly interested in the numbers NOW, this month, this year.  Goals must be attained.  If they can get the money (make the sale / ABC Always Be Closing) and add widgets to the spreadsheet, their job is done Cajoling or bullying a unit is doing what it takes to be successful.  No issue with professionals, they are doing what they are being incentivized to do.
    • DE's do some stupid things when the pressure is on. Unfortunately that's a by-product of the toxic professional culture.  Forcing girls into an All-boy unit is just asking to have volunteers hate you. 
    • That is crazy DEs would do that to a unit... unbelievable.  If a DE wants a girls Pack in the area and existing Packs are boy only then: - Find a willing CO - Find if any Pack would be interested in mentoring their leaders or identify key council volunteers who will help. - Recruit girls and parents making it clear they would help found a new Pack. Sending then your way is garbage and lazy. In my area 60-70% of the Packs have decided to go coed, but not sure of the results yet. We have at least one girl from another Pack who decided to remain Boy only.  
    • Best of success to you. 
    • Folks, Even this forum has changed. I'm having to climb that learning curve right now so bear with me. It turns out that two of the boys are entering the cubs, one at the entry level and the other one a little further along. They are just like boys always seem to have been - interested in knives, fire, food, gross stuff.....you all probably remember it well.  The one thing I'm sad to report (and this will be relevant to everyone else as well), advanced age evidently hasn't allowed me to remain immune to all the childhood illnesses. My youngest grandsons seem to be 'sharing' with grandpa....if you get my drift. That's one aspect of 'doing it again' that I could live without, lol, but that's life. 
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