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    Scouting ranks, merit bades, and the advancement programs


    • I again note that the criminal pleaded guilty to nine counts of armed robbery and was sentenced for only five of those felonies and for none of the related felonies, such as nine counts of felonious assault.  So despite his guilty plea, he got off totally on more felonies than those for which he was sentenced.  I have no idea what "popular opinion" expected would be the result. in Ohio, the present Governor was previously Attorney General, elected in part on a campaign promise to test all the rape kits that had accumulated in the years since rape kits were kept.  That was done. “Everybody matters or nobody matters.” ― Harry Bosch
    • I sure hope so. He's one of the ones who is hard to defend. 
    • Will the BSA rename the William Hornaday Awards? As I understand, his alma mater Iowa State U. removed his plaque recently. 
    • If people looked at all culture of all kinds throughout history and banned it on the issue of the day, we would have nothing left.  Humans are sight oriented and use that and every sense to distinguish friend from foe, who one likes and doesn’t like, who deserves derision for conduct, Humor, satire, music and everything else.  There is no guarantee against hurt feelings.  There is no guarantee or right to be liked, desired, appreciated, respected, or even tolerated by others in a human level.  Human being seem to increasingly forget its fun to laugh at differences, draw fascination and intrigue from differences, and not be forced to have ideas and public expressions purged because one group doesn’t like having their feelings hurt.     There are changing levels of acceptance over time but the idea that past cultures and ideas should somehow be purged and wiped out because it no longer fits does a terrible disservice to those who fought to live, love, laugh and experience life on their own terms over time.  It’s an attempt to erase history.  That is precisely what it is.  Take it out of the public view, libraries, archives, etc., make it taboo, and hope it vanishes.  The Nazis, Communists, Red Revolution and religious movements have done a marvelous job of this.  It’s no wonder people push back.
    • I'm sorry, your DISTRICT covers 15 counties, or your COUNCIL does?
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