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  1. Welcome to the forum, @Needhelp434. I can think of much worse mistakes to have made. I'd suggest talking to the person that was supposed to sign it. You may be at their mercy but assuming there was nothing unusual about your fundraising they may give you a pass. As usual, prepare for the worst but stay optimistic.
  2. Maybe gear is like computer storage. The more you have the more you need. As a scout, we didn't have patrol boxes or trailers. We divided up what we needed for a campout, everyone took their share. We could carry our gear, even though it often wasn't far. I tried going back to that model when I was SM but it was a battle. "We have a big trailer and lots of Suburbans, why make the scouts work hard? Bring everything!"
  3. I like the poster. Rude and mean are great opportunities for growth, so don't throw the baby out with the bath water. My experience with scouts is that rude and mean are often in context where there's conflict between scouts. Showing them how to deal with the conflict has been more productive than focusing on rude and mean. I talked to a scout once about standing up to bullies and his response was enlightening. He said that there was very little to no bullying at his school and there was a lot more fuss about it by the adults than warranted. This was a fairly shy scout in a large public
  4. This is one of the best observations I've seen. As there isn't enough money to cover typical payouts, all of the discussion about how to compute a final amount is only good for showing that there isn't enough money to go around. Past that, the only measure is "pain" to the debtors. I suspect it's the unwritten rule in the room, at least for the judge, and all the details are just a way to talk about what they can in a bankruptcy case - money - while the underlying discussion is about pain. I'm not sure why the claimants don't just bring it up directly. As for the renewed pain of the
  5. Tumbleweed? In Michigan? A few miles from Lake Michigan? And not much further from Huron? Half way to the UP? I'll be honest, I used to live in Washington and they had lots of tumbleweeds - the type where a single one would fill a 96 gal garbage can and if you hit one on the highway it would just explode. And I had to explain to people that Eastern WA is not anything like the Western side. So, tumbleweeds in MI? Really?
  6. I think there are some good ideas. Games that need some of those skills, rather than artificially wedged in are better. I would encourage the scouts have time to both practice those skills and working with younger scouts to ensure they know the skills. You might call it teaching the skills but they'll call it a competitive advantage. Finally, please call the youth "scouts" and not kids. I don't know of any 15 to 17 year old scouts that will take kindly to being called a kid.
  7. Sounds the same as our situation. We asked for the ein number and was told we can't use it because we're not part of the church. We were always told that we were lucky because we are the first outside group to get the service we have. I want to push for them to use the facility use charter. My guess is the committee will squash that idea.
  8. Or, it looks like buying a car. Maybe they're just haggling over a price. It looks to me both sides have threatened to walk away, and everyone knows that's bad for their side.
  9. Okay everyone, I asked nicely before. If this thread continues to be bankruptcy part 5b - the OA, then maybe it's time to lock it as it's nothing that hasn't been hashed out elsewhere. If you want to talk about CSA in the OA, then go ahead. If it's not specific to the OA and why you won't participate in the OA, then please take the conversation to one of the hundreds of pages that have already covered it.
  10. Getting back to the OP, my experience with the OA has been fairly neutral. It has helped a few scouts but most don't get much out of it. Unfortunately, it has become nothing but cheap labor for the camps and AOL ceremonies. That said, I like the idea of a place for scouts to up their game and, more importantly, bring that back to their troops. Done right that might really help smaller units and complement nylt.
  11. Like eradicating smallpox? @RichardB, I appreciate that you're asking. Unfortunately, this topic has been politicized and is pretty much toxic. I like the "encourage you to talk to your physician" approach. I'd also explicitly add that units can set their own standards. As much as people are afraid of losing membership over such a mandate, my council is losing quite a bit of membership due to the virus. My district has lost at least half of its packs since covid hit. People are limiting their contact with groups and scouts isn't that high a priority. Until this virus is under control
  12. Putting on my moderator hat here. Those using scatological terms to describe plans need to stop. The lawyers are doing there job.
  13. I appreciate your putting in all the details, but there's no mention of YP or any other non monetary changes. So why not just get everyone in a room, hammer it all out, and put up a plan that has a chance of being accepted? I appreciate that it's iterative but why not work multiple sections at the same time? This whole process has been piecemeal with lots of gnashing of teeth in between. Step 1 was just national. Teeth gnashing was TCC saying no way, councils are not independent. Step 2 was national & councils. Gnashing was throwing insurance companies and COs under the bus. Ste
  14. @Oldscout448, I'm happy for you. It sounds like you had a great experience in the OA and it must have been a well run lodge. I wish more were run like that and more people would volunteer. That just doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.
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