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  1. A more accurate understanding helps everyone. I'm not sure why it's taken so long to get to the point where this is being looked at but I'm glad it is.
  2. No, it was addressed. I said you can have her removed from the pack. I had a bully in my troop and I had him removed. I told him he was no longer welcome and if he showed up I would call the police. He left our troop, joined another and the exact same thing happened there. The council eventually set his son up as a lone scouter. I think your challenge is that you don't know how or don't want to confront a bully. It is not easy and it takes all the fun out of scouting. I can't blame you for not wanting to deal with it. Unfortunately, nobody else is interested in leading that so it typicall
  3. I would have thought half of them would be in by now. Any idea if this really is all or does it not include the master/spreadsheet/ whatever it's called votes?
  4. Welcome to the forum, @mzzgwenf. I removed the image you posted as it wasn't an image and wouldn't display. If you would like to upload an image then copy it to your computer first and then upload it. I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you're trying to say. It seems that you were dealing with a parent that you felt was threatening you. If so, call the police. If it really was just verbal attacks then talk to some other adults and see what they think. If this other person is making it impossible for you to volunteer then bring it up with the pack committee. They do have
  5. These are the silos. Aren't they missing the "program committee" or the "fun with a purpose committee?" Shouldn't that be half of those slots? I was always under the impression that a board was people from the outside with the ability to make changes and see the big picture of how the organization fit in to the world. And yet this board sounds like it reflects the silos in the BSA. Everyone wants to feel important so it seems these silos are set in stone.
  6. "Clause 5. Membership. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of 12 members including: National Chair, National Chair- elect, National Commissioner, Immediate Past National Chair, Standing Committee Chairs, Chief Executive Officer, and two members-at-large recommended to the Nominating Committee by the National Chair or National Chair-elect. A board member serving on the Executive Committee for three consecutive four-year terms may be nominated to an additional four-year term on the Board if nominated to serve as the National Chair or National Chair-Elect or if serving as Imm
  7. Why is that? I would think if they don't come through then TCC gets to drive towards another plan/vote.
  8. I look back at all the things I learned in scouts and one of the most important, because it might have saved someone's life when I said "how do you know there's no bullet in the chamber?", was gun safety. Tool safety would be close. I just don't understand why the same idea behind teaching gun safety isn't used to teach other types of safety that could enhance the program.
  9. Until the BSA develops training for scouters on teaching and supervising scouts using power tools i doubt anything will change. I got my father in law's radial arm saw and as soon as I found out I could get $150 if I proved I destroyed it, I took them up on the offer. Does fine as a miter saw. Most dangerous thing I've seen for ripping boards. These are a clear no for me. Table saws and lathes in the hands of adults with little training or experience is just asking for trouble. I can see the BSA saying no or really limited use on those tools. Most other power tools I think could be made s
  10. Have you ever seen the human towers in Catalonia? About 30 feet high and then they walk or something. It's not good if a tower collapses. The top is usually a small teenager (?) that can climb 6 layers or so of adults like a monkey up a tree.
  11. Harry Potter was popular when I was a den leader so I made up a game called Quiditch (or however it's spelled) that involved a couple of different types of balls, basketball hoops in the gym and just enough different things going on that made it really fun. But we stopped it after five minutes when we realized the scouts would focus on just one ball and if two scouts didn't focus on the same ball, well, they could easily crash.
  12. I hope everyone gobbled till they wobbled. I have to wait until Saturday when my daughter isn't working
  13. @InquisitiveScouter Councils that don't follow rules is another thread. Case in point, camp MB counselors that aren't certified counselors. Ever notice that the best MBs are usually the ones that require certified counselors? Shooting, water, climbing - they're all inherently dangerous and therefore exciting. Further, with well trained leaders they are great ways to fulfill scouting. That sounds like a better approach to safety that also accounts for the needs of scouts.
  14. We're nowhere close to you so I have no ideas for you but the roll your own HA trips are great. Not only less money but easier to add side trips and better food.
  15. My troop played laser tag at the Airforce Academy and they had a lot of fun. But, it seems, the reasoning behind that ban has nothing to do with safety. I also don't think a "slight concussion" is anything to brag about nor sue anyone over. My guess is that one reason for the draconian rules is the fact that unit leaders have zero consequences for going rogue. Everyone knows of troops that don't participate in any district or council activities, thumb their noses at all the rules and will just do as they please. And probably most do fine but some get into a lot of trouble. Adults dri
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