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  1. This is sort of along the lines of my question. And how would a surviving member present further claim info.
  2. The longer this goes on, the more I wonder how many survivors will be gone by the time there is resolution. Average life expectancy is in the mid-70's and many of us were abused 50-60 years ago. Not getting any younger, I'm at the unfortunate point of having to document my "memories" so my wife can tell my story, should my ticket run out. And that goes for my fellow scouts (as potential witnesses) who were present at camp but not abused. In my case, several were specifically aware of my abuser's history before I was. Does anyone have input into how to best document for this pos
  3. The only state-level issue I have read about is the failure of a legislative carve-out of the Ohio SoL for the purposes of this settlement. Widely expected to become law, it was opposed by the Chamber of Commerce, among others, apparently as "bad for business". I continue to find it appalling that nearly half of the states and territories have amended statutes, while others won't even look at a bill to do so. Those abused in states that have not are subject to receiving pennies on the dollar that those in California, New York and so many others are set to receive. And many more states hav
  4. With full respect for all victims/survivors, it would be easy for a scammer to make a claim involving a deceased former leader. I hope the vetting process is thorough. That said, the insurers should be paying more, not less, because the damages per claim far exceed what is on the table.
  5. I'm sure this is too good to be true, but it says it applies retroactively. Question for the legal eagles: Does this change anything or is state law what matters? Does it apply to claims currently out of sol? From Congressional Budget office: S. 3103 would eliminate the statute of limitations—currently set at 10 years—for a minor victim to file a civil action to recover damages for several federal crimes against minors, including sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation, and pornography. The act would apply prospectively and retroactively, allowing civil suits to be brought agains
  6. Just wondering: Can any of the remaining work, such as vetting claims be done while this is pending in court? In a civil suit, there are settlement-related issues an attorney can address far before settlement (liens and so on). So what about this bankruptcy?
  7. It's a decision I would not want to be in the position of making. Likely, there are totally bogus claims. And just as likely, given the ages of many victims, there will be plenty of memory loss. Just because I remember most details doesn't mean every victim will.
  8. It will be interesting to see where they draw the line on vetting.
  9. Just wondering, with delayed sales of contribution property and future insurance settlements, how long will the trust be distributing money to survivors? Many years?
  10. The summary in this article amazes me. "claims by more than 80,000 men who say they were abused as children by troop leaders." I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only boy abused by a BSA employee at camp (especially since I witnessed him abusing another). And apparently many claims are abuse by other scouts, though I can't really pin down the facts on that. I just wish the media would think, then write.
  11. Got you beat! I was 99% sure about something twice. What's the saying? Fool me once?
  12. As I mentioned in my post, this is more a feeling than legal talk. I filed a claim after an internal struggle, as I was concerned about opening old wounds. I had no idea how I had buried my abuse and how it likely contributed to so much struggle in my life.
  13. My reaction is that "funded" appears to be a relative term. It may be technically funded, according to Bates, with the foundation being that claims in time-barred states are virtually worthless. But when some victims (at best) will end up with a few thousand dollars, the term is a misnomer, to me. When I see awards and settlements to victims in other arenas in the tens of millions, calling this "funded" for those who receive a few thousand is an insult. But I'm likely speaking in real life talk, rather than courtroom language. Frankly, the beating we have taken since this case started wil
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