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  1. What is the significance of the letter I received last night titled: " Service of Notice of Designation of Additional Permitted Parties Under Bar Date Order"? I understand what it says but don't get why an additional party is becoming involved.
  2. I feared all along that there wouldn't be much money, given the number of claimants. I say claimants because how in the world could a victim proof of loss be blank, yet valid? I remember every disgusting detail of my abuse. And, while the insurers will still have to settle out (which may take years) it appears that fear was well-founded. When all is said and done, there is nothing that can heal the damage the BSA and its camp employee did to my entire life. Trust issues, 2 divorces, relationship issues--none of this can be undone and acting as if a pittance will somehow compensate m
  3. My point was that CO's are more liable than one might think at first glance. Even a ceremonial role can actually be the entire root cause of the abuse. I am likely time-barred so there may be nothing I can do about that. But to the extent it relates to the bankruptcy, I'd love to see them included.
  4. In my case, the Catholic Parish that sponsored our troop benefited by providing the complete package-Church, School, and social life consisting of youth organizations and Scouts. I can see the potential liability because even without directly running the Scout troop, the troop WAS operating under the Parish brand. And had I not been invested in the balance of the package, I may not have been a Scout. And therefore may not have been abused.
  5. So if potential insurance proceeds are put into trust, is there anything to stop insurers from simply denying claims for lack of proof, or whatever reason they choose. Deny is what they do best.
  6. If this was only about BSA and LC physical assets, I could believe a timetable for framework might happen in the near future. However, with MOST of the potential recovery coming from insurers that will not be pressed and will fight to the end, I just don't see that aspect being resolved anytime soon.
  7. Welcome 100thEagleScout! I also came over here from reddit and have found this to be an intelligent and informative group. There is a little less "Wild-West" here, which after the past couple of years I truly appreciate.
  8. I'm interested to hear about this, as well. There may be some claims not properly vetted. But there are likely hundreds of thousands that were not brought forward, a statement I make without any more basis than Century may have on theirs.
  9. Yes, Thanks for that info. I have an almost constant feeling on the timing of this whole thing, that it can't be done by Summer or Fall or Winter. I'll bet it is well into 2022 with just extensions to get it there. I don't know how long BSA can hold out or on, but legal cases (as we all know) can drag on for years upon years.
  10. To clarify, will they likely reduce awards to victims who were abused in States with expired SOL's? Somewhere I saw that when claims receive point value, that is a factor. Is there a case to remove claims that are time-barred?
  11. So how do the time-barred cases line up against those abused where statutes have been revised? The State where my abuse occurred seems to have a new bill every year to eliminate the SOL, that seems to barely fail but certainly could change with one election cycle.
  12. There are a bunch of Insurers mentioned that appear to be filing motions. To what extent do these companies have exposure?
  13. And, in fact, I have no interest in returning to the camp I was abused at. We did camp nearby it last week, and I could feel my blood pressure rise. So I get it. My idea is probably not practical, but I would really like to see BSA honor survivors somehow in this process, rather than just a minimal payout.
  14. I had an odd thought, last night. Since there will never be enough money to compensate victims for what we have gone through, how about if BSA sets aside and maintains a network of local and national campgrounds for the sole use of survivors? I, for one, would eagerly enjoy the beauty of nature for a week or two per year at, say, Philmont-or even the local camps in my council (with 50 Amp full hookups, of course). Actually, it would be somewhat healing for me AND would paint BSA in the light of acknowledging the facts and publicly welcoming the victims.
  15. In the same manner in which I disavowed my loyalty to BSA following the abuse I was subjected to, I opted to leave the Catholic Church and not raise my children within the parish or send them to the Marianist high school I attended. How hypocritical (and dangerous) would it have been for me, a firsthand victim, to subject my kids to the possibility of the same treatment I received in Scouts or the abuse that was becoming evident within the Church and Marianist organizations? My life, marriage and family relationships were forever scarred from having to make those decisions, as the remainder
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