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  1. You can "request reconsideration" along with a check for $1000. If they deny "reconsideration", they simply keep the $1000. More abuse.
  2. I have received a determination. The claim was allowed. But the amount allowed was under 5% of the maximum for the bracket and just over 10% of the minimum. This is all due to legal technicalities of the state where I was abused. I probably will appeal but can see where it's headed. And I'm sure it will be years if I ever actually receive even that amount. Not surprised. If they only pay 10% of that amount based upon recovery, this will not even begin to have been worth it. Just wanted to update others that determinations have begun.
  3. Welcome Bzzy. You may have just joined, but you have covered enough in this post to have been here all along. Yes, so much of this is patently unfair. I did some significant research and found that the Matrix is clearly inequitable. In the state of my abuse, CSA cases are being allowed far past the SoL but are treated in the Matrix as discounted by 75-90%. Tolling of the long expired SoL's on the basis of concealment and fraud are moving right along in civil court, yet the drafters of the Trust slapped arbitrary limits by state. This has indeed pitted scout against scout and has left me
  4. I opted for (what was then called) Indian Guides through the YMCA for my boys. There was not a moment at an event or meeting where we fathers were not there with our boys. As I recall, parental attendance was required for the child to participate in an activity. It was more family oriented and inclusive of the fathers (and mothers for Indian Princesses). I never observed anything that was out of line, because the fathers would have quickly taken care of any questionable situation. We did tons of activities with our boys but we did NOT do camping. And camping was not only the situation of
  5. Thanks for visiting us and I'm thrilled that you're happy. In my world, we call this trolling and I'm jumping on the hook. Survivors have been dealt a great injustice, once again. Just last night, our local news headline was the indictment of an adult abuser who, just last year, installed spy cams in the bathrooms of the VERY SAME BSA CAMP where I was molested 50 years ago. There are over a dozen new victims and hundreds who are unaware and worried that they may also have been victimized. I'm so proud to have refused to allow my children to be exposed to the potential of the abuse I s
  6. In my case, I will not proceed outside of bankruptcy. So this is it, for me. Missouri only occasionally allows the SoL to be tolled by fraud and perhaps that will benefit those who are able to pay or persuade an attorney to try. But it will be an uphill slug with low percentage victories and appeals. Not going to live out the time I have left even trying.
  7. My file was shared with the local council, the "Catholic Insurance" organization, and who knows exactly where else. So, if the bankruptcy goes south, I have shared my most private details with multiple organizations (which also potentially places me at risk for retaliation) and the SoL still applies. I am so P##### off about this turn of events. Not that I was ever going to see much money (due to matrix sol), but I WAS going to have a feeling of some justice being served. Since the early promises, this has done nothing but further damage my life. I had built a big wall around my abuse and
  8. I have not looked at the financials of the trust, lately. Has the trust even received $1B? I understood much of the $2.4B did not need to be paid while litigation was pending. Wouldn't be ironic if those who filed the motion to discard the $3500 election and lost the ruling actually end up with MORE $$? Not an impossible outcome, with the ongoing litigation AND the possibility of a huge advance of up to 1.5% or $1000.
  9. While I feel bad for anyone in this position, if they were filling out their own forms, without assistance, then they likely didn't have lawyers or didn't seek their advice. But, yes, if an attorney filled it out and checked the box, that would not be good on them.
  10. https://www.reuters.com/legal/litigation/boy-scouts-victims-cant-change-quick-pay-decision-judge-rules-2024-02-06/
  11. Clearly, the trust has to have claims submitted before knowing the aggregate exposure and therefore the individual settlements. So, this is a step forward.
  12. I first discussed my abuse with close family when I was in my late 20's. I told my parents and asked what I should do. My dad's attorney advised on the criminal and civil statutes, and that was that. It did not produce justice nor compensation. More like injustice, knowing that my Boy Scout employed abuser received a blessing from the state. So far as the bankruptcy goes, I will stone-clad guarantee you that this 3-4 year process (so far) has produced nothing but more heartache and pain-especially given that I was pretty much required to re-live all of the events in order to properly
  13. So it sounds like this will stop the Trust to some extent. In all of the various cases I read about, with appeal after appeal, I'm stuck between Justice Served and Justice Denied. If we have gone through this for nothing, it will clearly be the latter.
  14. Thanks so much for the detailed response. The trust is pretty quiet about moving forward beyond the $3500 payouts and related issues. I wonder if they are going to start evaluating claims anytime soon and running them through the matrix. Like I said, I completed my entire submission on day one of the opening, so I would think I would know earlier than some. Obviously, those with aggregious medical issues get bumped up. Frankly, I'd rather just wait than be in that group. Though nobody here is getting any younger.
  15. Back on the Trust Settlement... How can the Trust distribute anything while this is under appeal? They clearly have been paying out the $3500 to those who agreed to it. But where does it go from there? I see a new website design, but no movement on my claim since I submitted it on day one. And if anyone can enlighten me on the status of the appeals process, or where I can follow the appeals, I would appreciate that.
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