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  1. That happens to be my council, and nobody has asked for my vote. I have read in this forum that there is paper mail being received at the claimant's home address. I have checked my omni account and always check my mailbox online and personally, and nothing has been received from Omni or anyone else. Are others receiving notifications?
  2. And my follow up would be: Just how many were induced to join in filing a claim BECAUSE of the high dollars that were pitched? Perhaps if the dollars were more realistic to begin with, borderline claims may have never been filed, leaving the limited funds to be distributed to a smaller pool.
  3. Just curious: To you lawyer types..... Is it tantamount to legal malpractice to draw in clients with pitches of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars when there may only be like $5k? It just seems so egregiously negligent. The wounds this has ripped open for everyone is a high price to pay for the way this has played out. It would not surprise me to hear that more than a couple of victims end up going over the edge. The whole thing is so disappointing. At this juncture, they might just as well approve the best terms and divide it up among valid claimants. Doesn't seem like th
  4. Wouldn't it be sadly ironic if we all turned down the $3500 and THAT turned out to be a better deal?
  5. Very well laid out. Though I am time-barred, I can assure the court that I have only recently, as a result of THIS process, realized the psychological damage my abuser has caused in my life. I was always aware it had impacted me, but thought I could live with it. Only now have I realized just how damaged I am, as a result of the actions of my abuser. For all of these years, I have been going through the motions of living, being the tough guy and acting like I was ok. Divorces-everybody has them. Drinking-everybody does that. But at age 65, this case has made me aware that I am not
  6. What is TCC's position on time-barred claims? Is it possible that 5.0 is rejected and the SOL "grey" scaling changes in a future proposal? I filed my own proof, but did research a couple of the larger law firms. They were actively recruiting clients in time-barred states, which is not logical if the awards are reduced to little or nothing.
  7. The response is that we have time to get the states to pass a window. (12 months after settlement is reached in this version). Some states are working on that.
  8. I would think if we were not eligible via SOL, we would not get a vote. But such a plan would be doa. And the law firms would never support it.
  9. Ok. Got it. Looks like the document is blank, but may well be the same "grey" factors as previously stated.
  10. Given that only a small portion of the claims are in open states, I don't quite understand why this plan would be floated. Who would vote for it?
  11. Does this plan have the same scaling factors for the location of the abuse? If so, where can I reference it? I don't see the referenced Schedule 1.
  12. Should BSA do everything it can to promote awareness to prevent or minimize future exposure to the children, I do not oppose the continuation of the organization. Just because they did me great harm doesn't give me the right to deny kids the future opportunity under those protections. That said, I am no attorney-just a claimant. This thing looks like it will drag on for some time. With that in mind, if I were you I would monitor and defer until we have a better picture. I would have to believe that there would not be just tons of corporate sponsorships with the media attention being given
  13. This is interesting. Are there numbers available for these subgroups? How large could the group be who indicate "No Impact Alleged" or "No Physical Abuse"? Certainly I understand emotional abuse, but what kind of claim can be made for No Impact?
  14. The disclosures that have been shown since I made the comment earlier are certainly a step in the right direction. But when I said they should put it on the brochure "like the warnings on cigarette packs" I really meant it. In addition, I don't want to be stupid and suggest an awareness merit badge, but the children need to be educated. I had no idea about what grooming was when my abuse began. I just thought he was a really nice man who cared about me a whole lot. Had I been made aware that if a man tries to get too friendly with a boy it may not turn out well and is probably not a good
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