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    Have a patch or memorabilia you're looking to swap? Use this virtual patch trading blanket. (This area is intended to facilitate memorabilia swapping, not necessarily commerce.)


    • This is why I'm hoping to see more Scouters start getting involved outside their packs & troops. With fewer volunteers, we're seeing fewer trainings, roundtables, etc.  I think it's resulted in less institutional knowledge passed from experienced leaders to newer leaders.  Myself, I think that's a part of what we see.  I think it's a shame that we're loosing that - especially in this period where we'll hopefully see an increase in membership and leaders.  I'm hopeful that some folks will recognize that and start to engage more.
    • Remember (and you know doubt live this) that unit volunteers and professionals approach this with different agendas Unit volunteers will look to what quality program can I provide to the youth and what is the long term window (hopefully years) for participation with the youth coming to my unit Professionals see youth as a commodity and are mainly interested in the numbers NOW, this month, this year.  Goals must be attained.  If they can get the money (make the sale / ABC Always Be Closing) and add widgets to the spreadsheet, their job is done Cajoling or bullying a unit is doing what it takes to be successful.  No issue with professionals, they are doing what they are being incentivized to do.
    • DE's do some stupid things when the pressure is on. Unfortunately that's a by-product of the toxic professional culture.  Forcing girls into an All-boy unit is just asking to have volunteers hate you. 
    • That is crazy DEs would do that to a unit... unbelievable.  If a DE wants a girls Pack in the area and existing Packs are boy only then: - Find a willing CO - Find if any Pack would be interested in mentoring their leaders or identify key council volunteers who will help. - Recruit girls and parents making it clear they would help found a new Pack. Sending then your way is garbage and lazy. In my area 60-70% of the Packs have decided to go coed, but not sure of the results yet. We have at least one girl from another Pack who decided to remain Boy only.  
    • Best of success to you. 
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