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    • I admire all of our paid Scouters.  Our SE is involved and engaged with our Scouts and enjoys spending time with them.  Our DEs are exceptional and work tirelessly to assist our units to be successful.  Thay are worth every penny they're paid.  When I retired I was asked to take on the responsibilities of a DE and I declined the offer as I am well aware of the work they do and the sacrifices they make.  If they were paid by the hour they would all be wealthy.   Scouting needs those professionals and I am thankful for them.
    • And many nights and weekends to boot for a DE.  Plus, little opportunity for advancement.  Board members often see the talent in DE's and hire them into their own businesses.
    • It's less than half of what our current guy gets... Your definition of similar is not similar to mine.
    • Told my (new) Troop Committee Chair we our council was hiring a new DE. He was just curious what the salary was. So I forwarded the job posting. "Part time?" he said. Nope. And this person had to cover 2-3 counties and dozens of units. That day he gained a much bigger appreciation for what DEs do.
    • Get in touch with your troop right away.  There's a good chance that even if you weren't included in the recharter this can be rectified without new paperwork and with the troop just calling council.   Charters don't actually expire until the last day of the month, although councils want the units to get them done before that. Even if you did happen to drop off the roster the fix is really simple, you just fill out a new app, which almost certainly can be done online. 
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