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    • Certainly when I was a scout, the SMs and ASMs were nowhere to be found on my BoRs. My dad was on the committee, and they would be held after the troop meetings. The SM would go upstairs to give his report,  and any boys waited downstairs, he would come back down and then the boys "went up" for their BoRs, one at a time.
    • Just thinking out load here, but wouldn't it be better for a Scout to wear the uniform as proscribed and simply wear as many merit badges as possible on it?   I mean no disrespect, but isn't vioating the uniform rules to wear two sashes (whether double wide, one on top of each other, or bandolier) an example of a Scout breaking the rules for their own self interest?  i.e., "I know that the unform rule says one sash, but I earned these awards and so I think I'm entitled to do it."   
    • I was going to say the sash pin, but those look like Eagle Palms to me.
    • It looks weird, also not to make poke fun a teenager, but what does he have on his right shoulder? They look like like brass stars.. 
    • I live in that council, the Castle is fairly close to our council camp. I have never been, I'll see what I can do as far as hunting down more information. Found a bit of info here: http://www.lovelandcastle.com/
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