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    • The Chapter Adviser patch would be for the Chapter Adviser, they have Associate Chapter Adviser Patches for the other Advisers. Which our Lodges plan book states that each Chapter Adviser should appoint a minimum of 3 Chapter Associate Advisers in consultation with the DE and the District Camping Committee. 
    • Hello, There are three adult leaders in our son's troop.  One of the scout is one of the troop leader's son. Since the new troop leader joined the group, most of his son rank's requirement have been signed by him.  One of the leaders also has a son in the troop but his son's rank requirements have always been signed by the other leader. We parents wouldn't notice or be curious if the new troop leader's son didn't advance two ranks in the same amount other scouts advanced to one.  And we know that his son is not lazy but not extremely motivated either.  Is there a rule or restriction on unit leader sign off on his/her own son's rank requirements.    
    • Hey all! This month I started service as our OA Chapter Secretary Adviser. Well, at our Roundtable last night the previous adviser to the secretary handed me a badge of office that says "Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser" on it, and told me I could put it on my uniform. However - isn't this patch for THE Chapter Adviser? He told me all the advisers, for all the positions, wear them, but I am pretty sure only the adviser to the Chapter Chief is supposed to wear it. Am I right? Or just hopelessly confused? Any and all information is helpful. Thanks all! 
    • I concur with the previous comments. 1) Reflect on what might have triggered such a response. Over the phone and not in person?  Interesting....  2) Reflect on the Scout Promise and Law.  Those are  upon which   Scout Leaders should base their behavior . 3)  Speak (as recommended) in person with the Committee Chair and the Charter Organization Representative.  Your sponsoring Charter  Organization ( the church or school or club that sponsors your Cub Pack) is supposed to be represented by the COR to the Scout world.  Many CORs are merely "signers" on the paperwork, but you have a right to require their participation here.  The Committee Chair , with the Committee,  helps decide the activities of the Pack that  the Cubmaster leads.   The CCh needs to hear of this event post haste.  Next in the line of responsibility for the Cub Pack is the Institution Head, or as mentioned above, the Executive Officer. This might be the club president, or the church Head Pastor, or the Fire Department Chief, who ever heads the Charter Organization. They will want to hear of your travail.  4)  Bullying?   I would consider it so. Certainly not the action of a "reasonable" adult Scout Leader.  Reflect on how these folks act toward your Cubs. Is there another problem ? 5)  Go on line and find the District Leadership.  You may know your Unit Commissioner, or not, but you can find the name and contact your District Commissioner, who would be the next resource to contact about this event.   6) Keep notes.  Write down when and what was said by whom.  Such notes may come in handy later.   7)  Try to remember, "it's for the kids".  
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