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  1. I'm telling my parents to not buy the Cub Scout handbooks. At $25 a year, it's another expense that really isn't needed. Scoutbook has all the requirements and a little Google time will clarify any questions. My kids haven't opened theirs on their own at all. The Boy Scout handbook is probably more useful as it isn't a one year and done thing.
  2. I did this for my COR. Apparently our council hasn't updated anything. She has a Silver Beaver along with a bunch of other knots. Nada in the awards section.
  3. It started with me knocking over something and it wouldn't stay when I put it back up. I still need to clean out the detached garage, but I'm waiting on my shed to be built - since April. Got hit by a drunk driver in 2019 - SUV vs motorcycle. Header pipe impaled my left midfoot. My wife hates camping and isn't a big fan of road trips either. We are taking a different route of living in the country and trying to create insulation around us. Relying on our jobs to fund that. Never thought about the airBNB thing. I have trust issues.
  4. I'd like to do the AT, but that's probably a dream at this point. Just walking around my garage cleaning it for 10 hours yesterday caused my injured foot and ankle to swell. Maybe PT will eventually fix it. I always wonder what through hikers do for a living. The couple with the 5 year old for example. There's no way the Army or my wife's job would be cool with us disappearing for 209 days. Even the Scouts in '36 - where did they find 121 days to do it? I guess the missed some school?
  5. It's not me that needs convincing. Gotta get it past the District folks.
  6. I haven't figure out how to register anyone in a dual roll outside of Scoutbook. I'm the Cubmaster and Lion DL simply because the Treasurer and other Lion parent is new to Scouting. Our past CC was also last year's Tiger DL and now Wolf DL. The committee wants to put me in for the DL award as the Lion DL, but there is a line for the CM to sign off as well. Might be awkward.
  7. The reason they aren't "registered in the right position" is because in order to recharter, you must fill the CC, Sec, and Treas, but not necessarily all of the DL positions. Since we only have a small number willing to serve, we have to charter them in the committee jobs, plus the CM and ACM. Some then fulfill other roles. It would be great if parents actually volunteered, but we seem to have a high number of stay-at-home parents who don't have any extra time and very few people who work full time and have enough time to devote to the program.
  8. If we have a committee member who is also serving as a Den Leader, are they eligible for the Den Leader Award? Since committee functions don't really take place during Den or Pack meetings, we have a couple of people who filled the committee space so we can recharter, but they are also den leaders. I suppose we can send the application up and see what District or Council says, right?
  9. Sounds like they have a forester involved. That generally means a forestry plan exists, otherwise, why have a professional? It's a bit like hiring an engineer to build a house and believe that there are no plans. Unless the council bylaws indicate a bid process is required, I don't see that as a legitimate gripe. However, that does bring into question the argument against logging. Would the complainers be ok is there was a bidding process? Joel Armas seems to be a little over emotional. I also wouldn't call the harvesting of 9 trees per acre as a liquidation of the forested areas.
  10. I'm curious why Tiffany Armas thinks the logging is being done inappropriately. No where does it say that the council doesn't have a forestry management plan. Here in NC, logging is a standard practice. Our pines are another crop. My land was logged about 12 years ago according to the county forester. There's not much evidence, other than some really low stumps. Historical satellite photos show the roads they made, but there's little sign of them today. Our council has an area that they sell timber from - that's paying a large portion of our settlement bill. Having attended Camp
  11. I stopped by the council office today and talked to her. She said just cross them off the paper when we give it to the commissioner. Easy enough!
  12. Had a parent tell us tonight that their Scout isn't going to continue effective immediately. We already submitted the recharter online, but haven't turned it in to the council - meeting our commissioner this weekend. Anyone know if there is a way to remove the Scout so we don't get charged?
  13. What diocese are you in? The Diocese of Raleigh sees Scouting as an integral part of the church. It's amazing to see the variation across the country. Here is the most recent release from the diocese: https://dioceseofraleigh.org/scouting/catholic-scouting
  14. No, but I like this. I have been trying to get our Pack Meetings to be something to look forward to, but I'm not a showman. We normally do the flags, pledge, oath, and law, then greeting. After that, the CC makes any announcements. We might have a den skit, then advancement. Then, it's kind of dead air for a minute and we retire the colors. Would be nice if I could get the parents to get involved. We tried to go with a monthly theme, but it's not working out.
  15. My grand plans for sustaining the growth in my Pack are coming to a halt. Friday I found out that the Army has decided that I need to move to a different job than I planned to take this summer. The new one is 9 hours away. Depending on many factors, I'll be there by myself and my wife will step down from being the committee chair. I have one person in mind to replace me as Cubmaster, but no clear CCs. My kids will still be in the Pack as long as it exists. I may see if I can swap into a committee position that doesn't require attending weekday meetings. Our committee meetings are all do
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