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  1. That's the thing. There's so much light, it's perfect for meeting. We meet in the dead of winter when it's dark before we arrive. Why not enjoy the sunshine?
  2. I just found out that our pack doesn't meet in the summer. I'm not sure why. Seems like a great way to lose members. I seem to remember Scouting being a year-round activity. We've overcome so much sluggishness to start building the pack, and then we're going to waste it?
  3. We're a year-round Pack - at least we are now. We've had some scouts join us as late as two weeks ago. I'd like to give them every opportunity to earn their badge for their grade. How do we manage the transition? On Saturday, we award the completed rank badges and they start working on the next rank. Do we keep them with their cohort and they can work toward their current goal, or do we move them into the den working toward the same rank and move them back after they complete it or the next school year begins?
  4. Anyone got one to share? Google is pulling up nothing but stuff from the time of individual advancement, beads, and mixed Dens.
  5. That's cool. Probably a bit much for our 8-Cub pack, but probably a good one for older kids. Wonder if we could do the same thing with pine straw here in NC.
  6. Tell us more. This probably beats popcorn
  7. Just to follow up in case someone else gets in a jam. I had the kids play Ga Ga ball as a gathering activity. We then came together and I had 1 den lead the Pledge and the other lead the Scout Oath and Law. I then asked who enjoyed the Cuboree, favorite activities, and pumped them up for future camping trips. After that, I had them play sharks and minnows as a team-building game. We had a family join a few weeks ago, so I'm trying to help their Tiger and Bear get as many requirements knocked out as possible. After a couple of rounds, the kids were tired - possible ulterior motive from a
  8. They aren't part of my unit yet. That was a different unit down the road and around the corner. He can't join our unit, but he's buddy buddy with the Scouting mafia families in this district.
  9. Cubmaster had an emergency pop up with his move and hasn't had time to plan. I'm the assistant. Need some idea for a Pack Meeting tomorrow night (Thursday). We have a very small pack - 2 Tigers, 2 Bears, and maybe 1 Webelos. One of my tasks is to have an annual plan by July, but for now, I need some ideas. We usually open with GaGa ball as a gathering activity. No time for dens to plan skits. We have some awards to give out, including 2 Bobcats. We can review our recent campout, and maybe discuss our next one, but beyond that, I have no ideas. I'm rusty on the Cub Scout thing - much m
  10. That's the hard part - never took place to my knowledge because the women were creeped out and left the unit.
  11. It apparently was reported to the district exec and the council exec. Nothing was done. The guy is pretty popular in the district. This literally is why we have YPT now and are looking at significant damage to the movement.
  12. I got a bit more detail on the situation. The committee chair noticed that a lot of Scouts with single moms started dropping out. She contacted them and found out that they were having the same experience she was. The individual, who is married, was proposing a three-some with the consent of his wife on camping trips.
  13. I'm guessing the non-supervised stick fights we had as kids are a non-go. Used to be fun. You find a stick and smack it against someone else. If yours breaks, you retire and find another. on second thought, technically, you aren't striking other participants. You are striking their stick. Maybe we were following the guide even in the 80s.
  14. The CO apparently didn't care - good ol' boy thing. The issue to me is that if this is happening, in light of BSA's current issues, why is this individual still on the district staff?
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