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  1. I'm not sure how this is a good idea, especially if that tribe engaged in actions that made another tribe go extinct.
  2. I wonder how you repatriate artifacts to extinct tribes.
  3. A 5-Scout troop is doable. I know a troop near St. Louis that hasn't had much more than that for the past 25 years. It actually made logistics easy. You'll have to coach the kids a bit more if they are inexperienced, but it can be fun. As far as resources, what do you mean?
  4. I don't know if the schools will let us in or not. Either way, there's no one to get into the schools. I live 600 miles away. Schools near the pack aren't in session on weekends. My kids go to school 30 minutes away. Until the kids in the pack start inviting their classmates or their parents volunteer to run a table on open house nights, we aren't getting into the schools. For us, it's a pretty big factor. It's very demoralizing to expend hours in front of a store with the kids and receive very little from it. Even worse is when those who don't put in the time and effort receive
  5. The CM and I had some discussions this weekend. He's also fed up with the lack of participation from parents and so-called leaders. He's considering a pack that meets on Sunday for his younger son. He has some behavior issues that get worse after being in school all day. Add in that he doesn't behave well when his dad is in charge of things, and a change of scenery might be best for them. We also talked to other pack leaders. The boys had fun. They didn't interact with the kids from the pack we are considering very much, but my son really liked hanging out with a kid who was considering
  6. Hard to grow when I'm the only one doing anything. I don't expect every parent to be as dedicated as I am, but I expect them to at least participate when we have a pack meeting. How hard is it to cheer for a Scout when they receive an award? The only reason we have den leaders is because I told the parents that there will be no den unless they do it. Another den got ADLs because the DL failed to put in any advancement for two months. Their kids were getting no awards and they got fed up.
  7. I wish we could do this. However, of the 5 adults in attendance, 4 are already "Leaders" - the CM, Treasurer, and 2 Bear ADLs. I really think the best course of action is to combine the units. We currently have 2 Lions, 2 Tigers, 2 Wolves, 4 Bears, and 4 Webelos, of which one will drop at the end of the year.
  8. There are other factors. For example, it gives a sheltered person something to do besides sit on their cot all day. Adds a little bit of their normal routine back to their life and gives them the opportunity to practice the human-animal bond. The animals get to see and interact with their owners, reducing stress. Most of the people running these facilities are far too busy to be engaging in routine pet care. The intake, examinations, sanitation, and other operations take up enough time.
  9. As yknot said, it's a liability thing, both on the side of the volunteer and the owner. As a person operating a facility, I wouldn't want to take responsibility if Fluffy slips her collar and runs off while I'm walking her. As a pet owner, I wouldn't want to be responsible if Fluffy bites some volunteer. It's safer for everyone if Disaster Response volunteers stick to disaster response operations and let the owners take care of their pets. These aren't rescue shelters for unowned or lost animals. They are places for people to house their animals while they are living in a shelter.
  10. I was at a veterinary conference early in November. One of my areas of interest is disaster response. The state has a group of volunteer vets that respond to emergencies. One of the roles I thought of that would be great for Scouts is operating a temporary pet housing facility. The owners are responsible for the care and feeding of their pets. The facility operators simply establish it from a trailer provided by the state (sounds like a troop going camping) and process pets into the facility. At the end, everything get cleaned up and the trailer is returned to the owning entity.
  11. I can't even get a response when asking about planning the PWD. Parents just sit. It's getting more and more frustrating every week. The WDL won't publish a schedule or even give the parents an idea of how he plans to complete the program given the concerns I have raised with him. I would love to plan some really cool activities, but I'm afraid no one will show up and those that do will just stand around expecting to be entertained.
  12. Tonight was our November pack meeting. None of the DLs showed up. I think we have 14 active Scouts and 6 were in attendance. One DL didn't bother to communicate that he wasn't coming. I'm getting tired of being one of the only ones who cares. We have a Webelos parent who didn't bother coming inside to even pay for her son's renewal, let alone be present for him to receive his advancement. Our next meeting will be the pack meeting in December because our CO won't let us meet there for the next two weeks. I'm tired of the apathy from parents and leaders alike. I'm even more tired of ha
  13. Except that the program is already essentially that way. We had a campout and knocked out requirements for every den, whether it involved knot tying, out door code, leave no trace, hiking, etc. The program already had that feature. I'm not sure what's fabulous about making AOLs now spend a lot more time finishing up. There's no way a den can complete 8 adventures in 6 months with a quality program.
  14. I like the footprint for BA tents with the fast fly capability. Lets me set up the fly in a rain storm and build the tent underneath it. That way I get less water intrusion through the mesh walls. They also are lighter than plastic and fold better.
  15. I'm liking the idea of the Eureka tents. I've found the tents for $138 and vestibules for $50. I typically lean toward Big Agnes, but I also remember that young Scouts aren't the most careful of kids. My only concern is that Eureka doesn't seem to make a footprint for those tents. Their 2 person foot print is shorter and narrower than the floor dimensions of the Timberline 2. Guess the kids will have to do what their dad did and use a plastic sheet and tarp.
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