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  1. Interesting that the number jumped so much since March. This is the news back then: https://www.wxii12.com/article/north-carolina-boy-scouts-chapters-sexual-abuse-accusations/35815111#
  2. No, Occoneechee. Everything I've seen shows 2 claims for us. East Carolina is east of us, for now. Grape vine says that may not last long. Where are you seeing a minimum of 4?
  3. This is our setup in a nutshell - no to all three. Luckily, we now have a guy in charge of the youth ministry who recognizes that we are part of his program and wants to represent us to the parish council. The very minimum goal is covering adult registration fees. The funny thing is that we have to have the Safe Environment Training, which is YPT on steroids, yet we're treated more like facility users with a blurb on the webpage. We're working on becoming more visible, but it's difficult with only 1 family that is a member of the church.
  4. What is the reasoning behind the variation in amounts each council is contributing? Can't be claim numbers. Our council has 2 claims and is paying $1.9 million, while other councils have over 100 claims and are paying six figures.
  5. Tonight was an example of our precarious situation. An hour before the meeting, the other family texted that they had a COVID symptoms case and weren't coming until the kid got tested. They tried to cancel everyone else, but I fixed that as quick as possible for most of them. Our guy who is becoming the Webelos DL also bailed for an unknown reason. We decided to put the kids in the ga ga ball pit and made it a parents meeting. We brought a laptop and set it up with a mobile hotspot. The parents who hadn't finished youth applications submitted them. The Tiger DL designee filed his applic
  6. You're assuming there are other willing and qualified volunteers. The church barely realizes that we are part of their ministry. The diocese is slightly better. Church - can't sell popcorn at the bazar. Can't sell outside after Mass. Got the last one rectified with the new CC. No one in the parish is tripping over themselves to spend time with the scouts. Even the KofC is hurting.
  7. It's a CO thing. Some don't allow for OA. Ours doesn't allow for unrelated adults.
  8. It's not a question of curtailing some of the program - the entire thing will die. My family funded the entire program last year - bought the PWD cars, paid for the B&G facilities, bought all of the adventure loops and rank patches. My wife has had enough of working 50 hours a week and then doing all the CC work, plus part of the fundraiser, membership, and major events chair jobs. She's done at the end of the year if we don't get people helping out.
  9. Bylaws state that all adults must have a child in the pack. Only exception is the COR. There's a big difference between a troop and a pack.
  10. Let's wargame this. What opportunities are available for predation for someone taking on jobs that do not involve contact with kids? I would think there are far more opportunities for predation at a meeting than there are by driving to a Scout Shop to pick up awards, or by conducting reconnaissance to find us places to hike, or coordinating popcorn sales with parents, etc. That seems a bit of a leap to me.
  11. What standards? We aren't bringing in people who don't have kids in the unit.
  12. That's a slippery slope fallacy. We're more of a "get the easy job first" kind of unit. Can't have a unit if you expect 4 people to run everything. Which is worse, a parent filling a small role or not having a unit for the kids that need Scouting the most?
  13. We have it in our by-laws, with some exceptions - spouse deployed, single parent family with no supporting adults. It's just really insulting when a stay-at-home parent tells 4 people who work full time that they don't have time, but expect a quality program, and then they sit and play on their phone during the meetings.
  14. Not really. For the bulk of the small committee jobs, there's no need to become a registered leader. Any parent can be the popcorn person. Any parent can find places to go for outings. Any parent can go to the scout shop and buy awards. Any parent can find a place to hold the B&G and coordinate who brings what. For the positions that involve direct contact with the kids, sure, but for the bulk of what we need, not at all. At this point, the pack will fold at the end of the year if no one else starts picking up some of the load.
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