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  1. Okay, what am I missing in regard to the Biden connection? Did they file some kind of legal involvement? I looked at the partners on the link given, and currently are no BSA groups that I saw, though I may have missed something. Also did not see anything related to Scouting in general, or for that matter hardly any major youth serving group.
  2. One, is you Cynical. You have suggested that somehow BSA did not do enough to stop this from happening. Reality is that no matter what BSA did or does, it will never be able to stop abuse entirely, other than simply not have a program or interaction with youth of any kind. Society, in the past, and still, looks the other way much of the time. Why, because it is part of the seamier side of the human animal and the cultures in which we live. You expect BSA, or The Catholic Church, or someone to guarantee that none of these terrible things can or will ever happen. That is not possible, and
  3. This whole back and forth is futile, as we have a few that simply want the BSA Corporate to somehow take total responsibility for a societal sickness for which nobody has a cure, and likely never will beyond simply no interaction between adults and children. The reality that BSA often was acting at the time on the direction of outside authorities, and also families that chose to not chance the victim being publicly visible due to the legal circus, as well as misdirected fear of embarrassment. Yes, in some instances it appears, though we often do not know for sure why, that someone in BSA may
  4. Okay, while I still feel that the tenor of the discussion from Cynical Scouter is not just cynical, but often vicious. That is me though. I might have a different opinion if I were to discuss with him directly. I saw a sea change in the direction of National by NOT putting a professional into the Chief position. I think that wherever possible, the volunteers should be more visible and have more sway. On the other hand, I admit to having had a very poor interaction with some National level volunteers in 2010, gentlemen from the OA. I had approached them in regard to my view on alternate a
  5. " My memory is that J. P. Morgan provided that money and that the BSA is paying it off. Until you can provide other factual information, I see no reason to not believe the BSA. " Surely, most that still follow this whole heavily skewed discussion understand that NOTHING that reflects anywhere positively on the BSA side will be believed or accepted by Cynical. Yes, I purposely leave the second part of his tag off, as I cannot fathom him actually being a Scouter, and he shows no connections in his profile. He may be, but he long ago appears to have lost the very basic precepts, based
  6. Trying to get some clarity. First, now the number pending is under 1000; is that just stuff to be added, or did they do some major editing? On the docs included, most of the cases seem to be in New York, Arizona, Hawaii, and scattered otherwise. On the lists of debtors, I do not understand how it could/would include the Catholic Church AND LDS in the same claim. Is it standard legal practices to use this terminology; "Does 1-5 whose identities are unknown to Plaintiff" That would seem they are saying we really do not know, so lets just put some empty spots to add peopl
  7. Got an email reminder from Scouting Wire, and just noted the link for "careers". So I looked at it. Here is the page that came up. The open jobs surprised me, as we are in a tight place and so found it interesting, especially the amount that appear to be executives. https://www.scouting.org/careers/open-positions/
  8. No, lawyers that abuse the legal system and search for "victims" with vague promises and misleading claims are worse. IF they were only going after the actual abusers or predators, they would not fall into that category, but hey are likely doing almost as much harm as the original predator by dragging emotional pain out of the past and causing many to have to again deal with it. As noted before, no amount of money will salve this, and the destruction of BSA serves no purpose, other than one of greed by these lawyer vultures. None of this is ever going to stop the predators, as they will alw
  9. First, it is simply sad that this discussion is even being made. So, if done with the right care, could LC's rewrite their own Charter to include a primary method of distribution of assets, one that does not have NC as the only option? Yes, the vultures noted above would scream manipulation, but if it is a State sanctioned non profit, does not the state have the first word?
  10. That is of course the truth and reality. But, our society seems unwilling to find the fair and better solution, depending on our warped legal system to somehow salve the wounds with money and vindictive decisions. Meanwhile, as pointed out by a number of posters, the bulk of the iceberg remains hidden and dangerous, mostly in the very places that should be the safest havens, the families and their immediate social constructs. No manner of revenge or societal water-boarding will solve the larger and most hidden elements of this. On the other hand, we should continue to find viable ways to k
  11. And there is part of the problem. A small group of people "prefer" that every lurid innuendo is thrown into the public eye. They do not care about anything but money and media attention. What is actually fair, balanced, and in the best interest of the greatest number involved does not matter in the least. Back to the local trenches.
  12. The local council comment uses the term, "must be realistic". There lies the rub.
  13. Let me simply ask please. Can anyone realistically; Make any of the claimants whole, if their claims are accurate? How much effect was there from families if the report was made? How much outside pressure from societal forces occurred when reported? How, especially when BSA was not yet a required reporter, were they to override the community responses common at the time? Today, IF the actual perpetrator(s) or even their families are still around, is anything being done to bring them into the case? And, if the facts should suggest that the family, or someone in
  14. "Also 402 for "YMCA", 167 for "Boys and Girls Club" , 89 for "Boy Scouts of America", 9 for "Police Athletic League", 5 for "United Way", 5 for "Red Cross". So, it appears that based on this both the Y and the Boys and Girls clubs in theory should be on the hook too? I do not understand if these details are accurate why we are not seeing something related to the other groups. I do not want them damaged either, but why should BSA take the full impact?
  15. As if the YP issue was not complicated enough with worrying about adult or older youth. This article is definitely fodder for consideration. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/minority-report/201904/sexual-behaviors-in-children
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