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  1. "If the troops have lost that number of rosters it does not look good. " Not sure why that looks bad. Many troops do not keep historical records, or they purge files over time; if nothing else for space and so on. Now, unit charters that are part of annual recharter, the copies at the Council offices, I do not know if there is a legal time they need to be kept. Most types of files are no more than 7 years I have been led to believe. So, not having them would not be odd. Considering how many emails appeared in my spam box soon after the advertising began, and also the ads coming
  2. I had forwarded this recent item to our local church, who just a few weeks ago told us we are theirs as far as they are concerned, but maybe under the lease option. Now she tells us that should they not arrive at a satifactory agreement, they are being told that too is out the door. A century of service with our church; it is simply maddening. The church loves us, but they cannot put themselves in a position of legal danger, especially as they too, as the oldest protestant church in our city, are struggling. The really sad thing of course is that the mainline churches are at the forefront
  3. Not to be mean or uncaring, but this is something with which adults simply found a way to deal with it, often with others in the group. But, taking it to extremes and thinking somehow a local, adult confrontation should be handled beyond the immediate unit is extreme, as I see it. Certainly the idea that somehow the National President somehow should be involved is surely not a real expectation, and really maybe not even the local head council executive. Guess I am viewing things from my age perspective. Today, for some reason, many people think they need to find a solution beyond the
  4. That she did not include the part where they note that it is still in negotiation and that the No vote recommendation would, and could change if the ongoing discussions reach an agreement. That is sort of important. I have seen other articles from her that also leave bits and pieces out in realtion to the Church ongoing issues, such as the LBQT disruptions.
  5. It might be good to have a complete look at what is shared by the Church on the Methodist Mens' Site, who are responsible for the Scouts. The above is an incomplete and misleading piece, and it does not lend itself to the larger picture. Here is the link to the actual Methodist site, including the announcement. Note the additional comments regarding "ongoing negotiations", as that changes the the picture dramatically. Still a mess, but posting incomplete info is not helpful. https://www.umc.org/en/content/congregations-encouraged-to-vote-no-on-bsa-bankruptcy-plan
  6. No disagreement from me here. But, we are unlikely to see this attitude change much due to our terribly flawed legal system. Many of the lawsuits we see in this country would never even make it to court elsewhere. While common sense appears in danger globally to some extent, in this country it is on life support. JMHO of course, having ridden in pickup beds and not having had a helmet for my balloon tired, coaster brake bike, or for that matter, when I first rode a horse or rolloer skated. No pads either. That does not mean I do not agree that these safety items are not needed, only that
  7. The reason the Region 12 song was put aside, to be kind, is because it suggested sleeping in the nude, and it sort of snubbed noses at other regions in its chorus. Ane we loved it. I still occasionally sing the original, just for fun.
  8. So, for fun, not whatever contentious opinions might transpire, share some old songs and skits we used before the age of "verybody" is offended, and there is unacceptable innuendo in that skit or song. The old "mine is longer than yours" skit. It was a standard in the fifties and sixties. Or, the original Region 12 song; the one we sang literally to death at the 1960 Jamboree.
  9. https://1funny.com/allan-sherman-performing-camp-grenada-1963/
  10. While I personally understand your point, I feel calling it a lie may be a poor choice of words. To me, it is simply a sloppy use of words. Too many today are unable to write concisely.
  11. Perhaps too much redirection, but I could see a variant of the merit badge that allowed segments for various specialty areas.
  12. Not certain the above is accurate, but if somehow it is, it discourages Scouting brotherhood, sharing with other units in activities. I do not see an issue with two or even three units combining on some activities, both for the needed participation for success, and for the simple concept of Scout Spirit and sharing. IF a CO has reservations, then they can make that decision related to a specific activity. I do not see most having any real issues with other unit events and visiting and participating. Our summer camp regularly attaches occasional provisional scouts to units for various reaso
  13. Sorry, that is your view. But, perhaps I should add addressing any physical problems as well as possible? I still contend that the monetary elements should be in the form of actual help, whether physical or mental; not just a big chunk of dollars. I am sorry you find that insulting, but that was and is not the intent.
  14. My point is that the money should be put into the needed programs to aid emotional issues past and present. Such programs then open to those in need with proper vetting of eligibility. No amount of money is ever enough to make up from the past, and the concept that a payment fixes anything is fictitious. Simply giving people money out of societal guilt is likely not productive for them in likely most cases. If the money is tied to actual therapy, it is then at least sensible. I likely do not need to point out that most people, when handed unexpected dollars, tend to not spend it on
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