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  1. It will never satisfy everyone. Some cannot see the forest as they say. Others simply cannot get beyond their own fears or bias. We are all human, and we are also prone to errors in judgment and make dumb decisions at times. On the other hand, the majority mean well and most respond if challenged in a meaningful way with education on the program and its history. One of the biggest fallacies in the ongoing media attention is that somehow they either lose track of the fact all people involved are human, as far as we know anyway, and humanity has many very flawed and messed up people.
  2. I like the digital idea. Design the shirt to have an electronic sreen of some type on the needed place and they could be uploaded to scroll or something. Might even do that for youth ranks; push a button after approval and the rank displays on the pocket. Similarly, optional patches on the other side could be loaded and chosen to show in a rotation or somethng. How exciting would that be?
  3. Most communities in So Cal seem to have a good idea of what tribes were present since the Spanish days and before. Much of the area bordering the Great Basin and the Colorado River were home to transiant tribes that moved with the seasons. In our area, the Chumash is the accepted principle tribe, and our lodge works with them to keep in touch with tribal concerns. They have often blessed some of our activities with special ceremonies. But there are records of a number of other tribes in and out, and trading inland to the ocean was common. Many tribes were very small, and after the Mission
  4. Mostly, as was the culture of the time. But there was interactions, and blacks were not banned from international events, nor not allowed. All of these challenges Evolve with the time and surrounding cultures.This predates apartheid of course, yet in 1979 at Philmont our crew met a crew from South Africa that had come due to the cancellation of the jamboree. A full crew of youth, all White except for their leader. Yet there did not appear to be any real problems with their interactions. Granted, we did spend much time with them. But, the fact that they came with that type of arrangement
  5. Both, though surely you knew that already.
  6. More trying to somehow rewrite history. The FACT that scouting was open to Aftricans when BP was still alive should be enough to negate this. But, we just have to find ways to make history read as we wish, rather than it is. Different time, different world and even local ideas and ways. Just like BP moved to respnd to the Girls that showed up in a group and told him they wanted to be Scouts too, and so they were there, he spent time and effort to find ways to mitigate much of the cultural and raceproblemsof the time. You cannot rewrite history nor hange the culture from the past to
  7. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F3j4Y4IH%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2WlZc6MVI_IPnFHRq_RxGND_2veIjZpU4ELhgrP7RsnneQKY9_bcKfgBM&h=AT20-17SoJbC_IOQqy6ZxXHbQUzXFOqFCcrh3ln_20sAoMrhdRMqRdFsaSe20Qqnvvy7WA339PxWRRW4X60eTMKKD8rVY5jjIfio83jiqo6cnrNomAprlL_C4XJV1vTIcJR9ZxJHdX3oRvLs&__tn__=H-y-R&c[0]=AT1QjwATmpAEH5Xx68P14OZ45GF93GLZmdyzSVKrAdSiRx-nC8T_9J-K1okGX7tbv-WVwwMrnqpZgqeyQCuC3UAWx4ZaslJa3fCVSLN5d2WeXAvofBxssmm1srTKmPgolohh8D_V0ZD86UuZxCQCp1bYDpDhRB5rn-5ih5MXqWywJIs5nOhutoYnztm6bTbZOMzc8DV1rbN21BlSuFIn-M0v9or1fT3eOEx7WLYF0ngoUFaagJUv
  8. Well, that is simply wrong. Just my view of course, but I would think they might use better judgment. And, the indirect effect on her daughter is shamedul.
  9. Anyone that has watched adolescent youth in school group interaction recognizes that the girls will step back often if a strong boy asserts himself; but often when a girl takes over a group activity, the boys become more active, even though not taking charge. We need to simply let the youth determine things in each incidence, but two units with the same sponsor are just superfluous and a waste of financial resources as well as available leaders.
  10. And there is considerable evidence that the best way is to simply allow coed, as does most of the rest of the Scouting world.
  11. I would suggest that Nature replaced Bird Study in that slot of natural interaction with "nature". Today, that spot is taken by Environmental Science. I also feel that during the forties and into the early sixties, when the "choose from groups" requirement was in place, that the breadth of subjects for merit badges was better served, leaving option, but also achieving some variability.
  12. Speaking of singing; I just rediscovered my 1913 Scout Song Book with very early scout songs and others. It is, as far as I can tell, the first one published. Many of the songs I have never heard, and until I find someone to read the notes, most I cannot sing. Also some interesting patriotic ones I have not seen.
  13. While perhaps not on target for this thread, the comment above regarding "adults will not let scouts Not get Eagle", or something like that, is too often true. In our litigious society, any of us around a while may have seen the legal challenges from some parents when their youth does not pass something, usually for good reason. But society, at least ours, seems wont to make failure a non thing. Yet some the biggest lessons in life revolve around failure, and how we respond it. That lesson too often is no longer learned.
  14. Hark back to the "Civics " badge. Basically the same idea.
  15. This is a valid point, and I tend to agree. It is sad though that what should be accomplished simply by living the tenets and mentoring the youth as we should is found to need to be fed to them instead of them acting and learning on their own. Again, as noted, many of our adult members fall short on these basic ideas, thus I suppose the merit badge. I might suggest that perhaps the badge material could be a leader session at camp or offered in some manner at RT?
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