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  1. Ours has already informed us that we will move to the facilities model. Other than that, they assure us that they still consider us part of their ministry, just under a different format. Since we have out centennial in December, and just got a girl troop started, that is a positive note. We had an event last Sunday in which we helped and had a small presence, and all the elder congregation were thrilled to see us, as they usually are. It will really not make a huge difference.
  2. I am not the tech or stat guy, but it would be interesting to see the youth membership for the years as well. From my reading, the peak of membership was the two decades after WWII. Also, is the date for the claim when it was files, or the year the offense may have occurred? That can sway the stats I would think. Interesting to me that you can see the sharp decline starting in the 90s. YP, or membership loss, or both. Also, where does the changes in societal view fit in, as well as the way authorities responded?
  3. Contribute to Scouting and receive your choice of popcorn thank you's depending on the donation level.
  4. What is interesting, at least in our area, many of the girls in Scouts BSA continue in GSUSA. A number of the first female Eagles already had garnered all the GS high level awards, including Silver.
  5. I continue to find it odd that Mr. K. continues to post on Twitter after being indirectly chastised by the court. Meanwhile, he claims he did not approve some of the claims with his signature and had not idea that the aggregator would do such a thing. Is that much different then than Scout officials suggesting that they did not know that some abusers might find their way into the program? There is a likelihood that Mr. K. knew full well that by pawning it off into their hands that cutting corners would occur, as he has dealt with these people for a long time, and they are known for pu
  6. Actually, the city stood behind the scouts to start, but suddenly, they decided to leave them hanging by paying off the ACLU threats. So, from my view, when it was thrown out for lack of standing, then the ACLU owed the city the bribe money. Reality is and was that the actual good to the city and the area the Scouts offered with their care and upkeep, including the summer swim access and options for those accepting the rules, was a positive element, and those bringing the suit cared less about the benefit to the city or community. Selfish and frivolous; but most of these types of attacks, as
  7. I cannot help but be reminded that dragging out and stalling are standard practice in our messed up legal system here. One great example might be the seeming indefinite lawsuit against the San Diego Council about use of Balboa Park, and then later Mission Bay. It took over a decade of wasted time, and then it was finally thrown out be a judge that actually made a decision. Meanwhile, San Diego paid the ACLU a large sum to get out out of the suit, and many youth were negatively impacted by lack of use in Balboa and for a time Mission Bay. I have often wondered if the City of San Diego ever
  8. Yes, these things did happen and were dealt with as well, though maybe not as soon as they should have been in some cases. Over the years, there have been instances of drunk leaders, leaders carrying firearms with not proper licenses, leaders and parents doing caravaning, even after it was recommended not to, units still driving kids in the backs of trucks and with improper insurance, or even none. These are all things that have happened and often were likely not even reported. But they are also reflective of what many in the larger population do regularly as well, in their jobs, in their i
  9. Anyone with rational thinking that is. There obviously are a few that seem to think it is, and has been, a huge issue, even though the "stats" would suggest otherwise. The trouble is, of course, is that those that believe that, or at least claim it, are very loud bayers and not particularly rational. I am not speaking of the actual victims that have valid claims and do exist, but the larger picture in comparative society. And, as discussed over and over, our legal system allows a great deal of overreach and irrational claims. Those that choose to not agree, that is your right, but please
  10. So, if simply the location puts them at risk, does that mean the Forest Service, or even the city that owns the park with its numerous dark and secret areas can be held accountable and sued when something happens there? It comes back to who is the "real" perpetrator and if somehow the property owner could logically know that someone would cause harm on their property. If the church or school does not offer the "place", the predator will find one if possible, as it is their nature and no manner of barriers will stop them all. And the truth is that the largest percentage of abuse occurs withi
  11. Sorry, but I believes in dollars, period. He could care less about damage today based on past issues. Again, I do not see him as a good guy, simply a greedy on on a power trip. JMO of course.
  12. It is more of a statement to those suggesting that somehow carrying YP beyond Scouting should be in the YP material. Perhaps I misread a few comments, but I got the impression a few thought National actually needed to put that idea into the program. So, my circuitous thinking is simply that we do not need National or anyone to tell us to live the Oath and Law and other precepts of the program beyond Scouting. I am old and confuse myself much of the time. I mean, I still tend to use the left handed, three finger Scout Sign handshake. But I get confused when confronted with the OA options,
  13. Does it make a real difference? IF we claim to "live the Promise", do we need an official declaration or statement to carry it beyond the program? Just asking, as my life view has almost always been affected by my Scouting experience.
  14. Sadly, this is pretty much accurate, especially here in our screwed up legal system. Until there is a major course correction in our systems, the problems will continue to show up and often play to the benefit of mostly the questionable legal people that prey on emotion and technical semantic manipulation.
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