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  1. A different, less legalistic tack is asking what level of hovering supervision is in your absolute best judgement required in the particular activity in that particular place for those particular scouts to limit their mistakes to the kind that are a matter of straightforward "let's not do that again" rather than someone thinking "I have to get out of here". Sometimes maybe yes, sometimes maybe no, like other above have said. Keeping the scouts' minds and bodies in a positive place is the objective. Rules - good ones, anyway - are ultimately meant to be an aid to that, so putting your eyes
  2. We're all busy with work and our own children. You, too, right? Does the CM ask or command? It sounds a bit like they're telling, not asking. Not a good working vibe to set in a group of volunteers. Does he ask you to make the coffee, too? 🙄 What is the rest of the committee doing? Are the DLs and any ADLs not running errands and making calls? If the CM asks you and only you despite having others to ask and you've had enough, then you've had enough. If there's not much else of a committee, then perhaps it's time to name the elephant in the room and point out that unless you two
  3. Oh yeah 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was thinking about both family trips and scout trips, but forgot that we can't share a tent at scouting events after a few years. In that case it definitely doesn't make sense to buy a big tent because the hordes of squirrelly cub scouts visiting use case expires pretty soon.
  4. That looks pretty luxurious! I saw a review complaining about water leaking in during rain and the vestibule being unusable in rain - has that been your experience also? Even if so, it's so big on the inside that might be ok.
  5. I was originally wanting to get a backpacking tent, but once I saw the big-tent culture in our pack I thought perhaps it's best to stick with heavy bulky size comfort now and buy a backpacking tent later, if things work out as I hope (that my scout will want to go backpacking with me in the back country when they're older). Yeah, the Basecamp 4 is a good 2-3 kg heavier than one would like even at the heavy end. I just didn't see any backpacking tents with good gear vestibules at REI when I was in so I gave up on the one tent to rule them all strategy, but perhaps that was premature. I fou
  6. We're a family of three, and mostly it's just me and my scout on trips so it's not sleeping space that we need. What we really need is a good gear vestibule. What I fell in love with is the GIANT vestibule on this thing! Our pack has a for me new culture of giant tents. I had previously thought of anything larger than a 4-person tent too impractical to use, but now I see all these big tents with multiple rooms and wonder if it's not as bad as I thought. @Eagle94-A1 is making me wonder if my first thought is right after all. And I am also a little wary of the setup because the only potent
  7. The price point is what made me try to find an owner to talk to. If I talk my husband into buying a $1000+ tent that collapses or flies away he will never let me live it down 😬
  8. We currently have a cheap 4-person tent without a gear vestibule because we weren't sure if our cub scout would like camping. Now that we know that they do and have also been camping in the rain in this tent that all gear has to go inside, I'm looking around for a good car camping tent with a big gear vestibule for cub scouts (and our family during private outings) to hang out in even in the rain if necessary. I have fallen in love with the REI Wonderland X, at least on paper. It's a whole cabin! Does anyone here have it? I'd be curious to hear how hard it is to find space for, and w
  9. Welcome, @Jadalexm! Despite the learning curve, it's lovely to pay the organizing forward. Our leaders organized for us, now we organize for our children's generation, passing the scouting torch down from generation to generation. 🙏 I'm only a second generation scout myself, my child is third. What has been your biggest challenge so far?
  10. Yeah, I agree. It could be that this stays the only widely violated rule, but probably not given long enough time. The thing about leading volunteers is that you have little positional authority no matter what the org chart says. You have to lead with vision, purpose, and motivate your decisions well or nothing will happen the way you wanted.
  11. Some places are like that. I talked to one unit and they said this is how they will be handling it. they will now offer two overnighters: one Friday/Saturday overnighter with one leader in charge, and a Saturday/Sunday overnighter with a different leader in charge. Families will have their choice of one or two overnighters. I don't think this rule is going to be actually followed by anyone currently doing two nights in a row without a detailed, well thought out, well-explained rationale. We may all cook up different "legal" schemes but we're effectively not going to stop
  12. This is most of ours. There are very few camping opportunities located closer than that, so we'd be doing to the same two places over and over otherwise. I just proposed one with a 3h one way drive time. Let's just say we're complying with the letter but not the spirit of the rule because of the travel time ROI. All we do on night 1 is set up tents and go to sleep because we just drove several hours after work and school. But this gives us the experience of a whole day already settled into camp. It isn't nights that need counting, it's days actually out in nature.
  13. @cmd @InquisitiveScouter @DuctTape Thanks to all of your ideas, I think we can incorporate practicing map and compass skills throughout the year! The local orienteering club leader is willing to set something up for just us - a nuts and bolts focus on orienting the map kind of exercise. The club also has meets twice a year, to which interested scouts can go to with their parents to use that Florida Orienteering plan ideas during. We will do several hikes of course, during which we can use those topo maps to mark what we see on. And during a campout, we can practice taking a bearing and us
  14. Hi @Brannigan! I'm a Wolf (soon to be Bear) ADL in Texas. My home office may or may not be covered in planning materials for the Bear scouting year. Those kids are going to swim and camp and paddle and orienteer and hike and they're going to like it! At least that's my joyful aspiration 🙇🏼‍♀️🙏🏞️
  15. I didn't really understand this either when I first heard of it. I googled it and found a number of blogs, papers, articles, and videos of Indians from various nations sharing their opinions on this. You can be a digital fly on the wall and listen to what they're saying. I didn't agree with everything I read and heard but that's to be expected. But I understand where they're coming from much better now.
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