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    • This is a great question and was asked to me by my therapist and honestly I had no real answer.  In the context of how this bankruptcy is unfolding I think there will never be enough monetary compensation to make a difference.  It appears  at this juncture that I as an abused will have no real recourse but just to accept whatever will awarded to me and what that amount will be is anyone's guess.  From what I have read and all that I can glean from comments and lawyer statements it looks like I will be asked to vote for something that really promises me nothing.   I will say that if to little is awarded then it will feel as if my suffering and my pain will have very little value in the eyes of those who were responsible to keep me safe. That includes the BSA, my LC and the insurance company who theoretically backed them by granting a policy.  I think it would also be fair to say that the Judge in this case might also be one to think has no real value for mine and others pain and suffering.  First I think she should be telling LC's and CO's that if they want to be channeled in then they need to pony up enough that it actually hurts them financially. Not to the point of putting them out of existence but actual financial pain.  I also believe she should have the same attitude towards the insurance company if they want to settle now.  Otherwise all of them can take their chance in state court.   I would like to add one more thought and that is I believe that no matter what the outcome will be many who are victims are being revictimized and the mental devastation that opening up these old wounds will cost many lives.
    • I sent my reply to the printer. Should be done printing in 4 or 5 hours. I will reply.  Great question.
    • Oh, I only so hope you are right. Judges really fear and hate being appealed and more so detest being reversed. But if she has learned little, that means that the abuse survivors will have to sit out an appeal.  I truly hope that is not so for them.   We, or at least I, do not have much insight as to what is happening behind the scenes, but I am totally unimpressed with the proceedings so far.
    • I really think this is good news in the BSA bankruptcy proceedings.  Imerys was her first mass tort bankruptcy and she learned what NOT to do with voting.  Let's hope she's given thought to what TO do. 
    • Drive?  We always took a boat to Whitehall.  The lake cruise was the best part of the trip.    
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