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    Discussions for OA Members and those interested in Scouting's Honor Society. Also includes a private sub-forum for OA Members only.


    • not sure how any of this is going to were in many states a scout leader is a required reporter . not just  to council level but that state child protective services
    • @BetterWithCheddar, I think that's about the same age my son got fed up with cub scouts. We took 2 years off and came back in time to do webelos and then join a troop. Kids in that midrange of cubs can be so far apart in maturity. Anyway,  for us that break really helped. BTW, my son now has his own, so this was a long time ago.
    • Update, please! It's been a few months. Is this happening the way everyone expected? I have unit leaders asking a lot of questions that I can't answer. What notifications do Adult Leaders and Scouts receive when their memberships are about to auto renew? What will happen to a registered leader with "Opted Out" on the roster under Renewal Status? I'm concerned about the number of active youth members we're randomly finding with no parent/guardian connection. Will their memberships renew smoothly or will they just expire? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, everyone!  
    • Post Confirmation Report (12 pages) 06/30/2024 This appears to be a summary of professional fees and survivor claims paid in last quarter and a cumulative total. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/76ac3a87-5de8-4990-b51a-78e5d693372a_12318.pdf
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