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Working with Kids


    • A more accurate understanding helps everyone. I'm not sure why it's taken so long to get to the point where this is being looked at but I'm glad it is.  
    • Gotcha. It makes sense that the Methodist Men would remain hopeful that something might still be worked out.     
    • Not to be mean or uncaring, but this is something with which adults simply found a way to deal with it, often with others in the group.  But, taking it to extremes and thinking somehow a local, adult confrontation should be handled beyond the immediate unit is extreme, as I see it.  Certainly the idea that somehow the National President somehow should be involved is surely not a real expectation, and really maybe not even the local head council executive.   Guess I am viewing things from my age perspective.  Today, for some reason, many people think they need to find a solution beyond their own interpersonal groups.  This often is now seen in families too, where people try to involve outside people in solving their personal problems.  I live in a HOA, and we regularly get people that complain to the management and board about so and so, a neighbor, or someone in the larger HOA area.  But, they have made little or no effort to actually deal with it, but think the board can fix it, even when there is not a clear infraction, or even absolute eviden ce that a particular person is responsible.  And they often refuse to simply call police for trespass or noise disturbances, and even threats.   I understand that people often are afraid of any confrontations, especially in our modern society where suing is a first resort, and often people are prone to overreaction and violence of some order.  Still, most problems can be solved with direct discussion and compromise.  Of course, our so called leaders have no idea how that works either, and meanwhile some people continue to bend rules and even laws with little accountibility.    
    • That she did not include the part where they note that it is still in negotiation and that the No vote recommendation would, and could change if the ongoing discussions  reach an agreement.  That is sort of important.  I have seen other articles from her that also leave bits and pieces out in realtion to the Church ongoing issues, such as the LBQT disruptions.  
    • Lately the continuum of behavior is far too often lumped together and called bullying. Not every interaction is bullying; I see parts of the continuum this way: rude-mean-bullying-harrassment-assault-battery  How to deal with the situation depends on where on the continuum the situation lies. Bullying (IMO) is at the cusp of a criminal act. Bullying gone to far can be harassment which in my non-legal-training understanding is a crime in almost every state. Certainly if violence occurs, the situation has clearly crossed into the criminal.  Earlier it was mentioned to call the police if indeed the behavior warrants it.
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