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Working with Kids


    • Anyone else having trouble getting on the Zoom hearing? It's never happened to me before this.
    • Insert my general rant that the cub program should be split into two groups, roughly k-2 with a lower general time commitment, and 3-5 with a higher level of engagement, but because the kids are older its less stressful for the leaders. Reducing burnout in the cub program would help a lot. I do think the rise of more organized sports (and higher levels of commitment for all extra curricular) has certainly affected scouting. There's a question of how we can either be priority #1 for a few kids or a consistent #2 option for a bunch of others. I also think that there has been a general fracturing across all of American life. The conformity of the 50s changed into the individuality of modern life, which means that each program like scouting has to compete more directly. Getting back to the basics of our core competency instead of being everything is important.
    • The issue is this.. If this is true, it is not appropriate.  It is one thing for a CC to ask for information and to discuss in a committee (though, it think you should be careful and it should be avoided in more serious charges).  That said, I find it odd to think it is appropriate to have an entire Troop meeting to discus the issue in hand.  Now, after an investigation is complete, perhaps some report to the Troop is appropriate if changes are required.   Otherwise, I have a hard time understanding why it is appropriate to have all members and volunteers involved.
    • 100% agree with this.  It is one thing asking a parent to volunteer to be a soccer coach.  That takes a few hours a week for a couple of months of the year.  Scouting takes more and is year round and a decade.  Even the most dedicated have a hard time managing that. I also think while we saw some recovery post Covid ... the impact of Covid may last a long time.   I don't mean vax, social distancing or masks.  I mean that families saw a life where little Johnny didn't have 25 hours per week of scheduled activities.  Sports seems to have bounced back, but things like music lessons, language lessons, scouts, etc. ... where there was only partial commitments are being dropped.   I definitely think less burden on volunteers is key and shortening Cubs may make sense.  I also think we need to relook at the program.  What is special and unique about scouting.  Align the program to focus on that.  Eagle merit badges, rank requirements, etc. should then be realigned.   Finally, a focus on quality and not quantity of units.  We have many units limping along.  Get scouts into fewer/better units will be best in the long run. I think this will be a tough fix and we may just need to accept being a smaller organization.  
    • No.  No, there isn't. 😛  A poorly run Troop is the worst advertisement for Scouting.  It undermines everything we are about. And yes, there are lots of them.
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