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    Counseling, inspiring and teaching kids.


    • It really depends on the scout. Sometimes we go over the board of review process. Sometimes we go over how to respond during an interview, Sometimes we review a little paperwork. But, by and large, a positive, relaxed, reflection on the scout’s career is what we’re here for.
    • Perhaps a minor look at the talks. Century Request to Hold June 17 meeting It appears the insurance companies are out of the loop and BSA/Coalition/TCC are working on a plan (Century states a non-consensual plan will be sought). BSA also hired a law firm to handle their insurance companies. Kosnoff is tweeting as if a plan is coming soon.  He is lowering the bar on expectations.
    • I have an Eagle scoutmaster conference and wondering if you do anything different?  I'm thinking of asking more about his future plans and what he's gained in scouting. I always keep Scoutmaster conferences positive, low stress. It's a good conversation.
    • And for now, that means the BSA is the responsible party for having/filing a confirmable plan.  If it wants out of bankruptcy on the schedule it already communicated then perhaps a plan will be filed in the next day or two.
    • It's probably pretty safe to assume that to a certain extent "No news is good news."  This is the largest bankruptcy related to sexual abuse in history.  Factor in CO's, LC's, future claimants, and the largest piece of the equation the insurers and the complexity is great.  Every victim had hopes for the parties with financial exposure to be lining up checkbook in hand.  That quickly vanished.  So now it's a lot of sweating the details and everyone should all be reminded that if it's a BSA-only or BSA and LC-only settlement then the litigation against insurers will continue for potentially a long time since time is on their side.  Welcome to the bankruptcy process.  As well, welcome to the speed of the judicial process.  Even those victims in States that were statute-friendly would be seeing their cases crawling through covid-impacted courts.  So for many this process that's crawling along will still result in faster resolution or any sort of resolution at all if the abuse occurred in a statute unfriendly State.  The TCC has reluctantly reminded claimants that this is "business"  and wishes it weren't so.   Safe to assume that the lack of updates and hearings means there's some sort of progress.  For victims waiting for any sort of resolution after decades of hopes on hold it's understandably hard to be patient.  Here's to better days soon.
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