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    I don't think the concern is that GS posted the 5 justices. I think the concern is that the GS took down the post as a result of "woke" pressure because one of the justices was Amy Coney Barrett.
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    Why? They were trying to recognize success of women to the highest court in the land. Regardless of your political leading, there have only been 5 female justices. It is wholly within their mission to provide examples that women can do Anything they put their mind to. That is a positive message for young girls and women as they grow,
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    @walk in the woods, although I understand the “go out with a bang” mentality, it’s unlikely that all of the adults in a unit may share it. For example, my contributions to the troop for the past 5 years have nothing to do with my children — all adults. It would bother me greatly if those were squandered on individuals instead of helping some other troops keep rolling.
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    What is legally right is not always morally right.
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    I totally get the legal problem but what I'm talking about is the moral issue. We're supposed to be an organization that espouses morals. If BSA still has some pieces left at the end of this but community organizations around the country that chartered units are destroyed, what reputation do we have left? What will we be? The abuse scandals have been awful, but scouting also started to die when it began listening to lawyers and corporate types more interested in marketing instead of following it's own scout law. In my opinion.
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    Oh, and I'm buying cookies from any scout who knocks or phones.
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    Just a reminder, our bankruptcy is because BSA waited way too long to install hearty youth protection from abuse. Many of us (myself included) used to laugh at that … then a co worker of mine, an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member, got to visit Club Fed for child pedophilia. I remember calling the Council Director of Support Services as the word of the arrest (it was at work and public) filtered through our workforce. When I got him, he had been tipped off by the US Attorney, and was already preparing the severance letter. I've never laughed about YP since.
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    This is how our council trained us. When I received my BSA shooting sports training (now 10+ years ago ... I have to remember things right), we effectively became council volunteers. This allowed us to open ranges just for our pack. I know another trainer created a range for temporary use per the BSA shooting sports manual for his pack. But, he was functioning as a council / district representative at that point and having an event just for just his pack. I remember being invited multiple times to help district / council similar events.
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    Scout Myers, 12, has been participating in the walk since he was 4, becoming the star fundraiser of the Littleton (CO) chapter — now called the Foothills CROP Walk. This year, he brought along some friends: his fellow Boy Scouts of Troop 36, who trudged five miles up Waterton Canyon on Oct. 24 to recognize struggles faced by people far less fortunate — with several of the boys carrying gallon water jugs to symbolize how far people in the developing world must walk for clean water. “So many people in the world face hardships and hunger, and it's easy for people who have food to forget,” Myers said. “I'm just trying to do what I can for them.” ... The CROP walk, which stands for Community Response to Overcome Poverty, dates to 1947, when it started as an effort to send seeds and farming supplies to war-ravaged Europe. Managed by the Church World Service, the annual walk-a-thon raises money for local, national and international food relief efforts. https://highlandsranchherald.net/stories/boy-scouts-take-strides-for-those-less-fortunate,315727 https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=7685 Well done Scouts.
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    The way I see it, if National is allowing online outdoor training now, changes to advancement so that virtual camping is allowed for ranks AND MBs, changes to OA eligibility to include virtual camping, etc, then everything is on the table due to COVID.
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    I have not been involved with Cubs in many years - before the Cyber Chip was added - so take this from an almost-outsider. It seems to me this discussion is missing an opportunity and possibly missing the point. What I read is that your kids do have access to the internet - it is restricted and supervised - but they do have access. I read the intent of the waiver option as being for kids (families) who truly have no access - or no practical access. The requirement does not say for them to do the Cyber Chip on their own, or by themselves and I don't think that is the intent. The whole Cub program, and especially the Tiger program, is intended to be done with a parent/guardian/family. So - isn't the solution as simple as spending the time to do the Cyber Chip together with your Scout(s)?
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    Offer your equipment for sale to the families and CO membership. Spend that cash and every cent in the treasury on the biggest blow out fully catered no holds barred CoH. If there's any equipment or cash left tell council to come and take it. They arent going to lawyer up over it. Hell they wont even force a DE to visit the CO.
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    It is against the G2SS foe a cub pack to run a shooting sports activity with BB guns or greater. So, this seems to all be in violation, assuming it is what it says it is. just sayin’
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    Rubbish. Showing girls that they have the potential to adjudicate on the highest court of the land is no more political than having boys hear from the siting POTUS. I once attended a lecture by the director of our local Planned Parenthood. I can vouch that she was an excellent speaker. That is not a political statement. We held strikingly disparate views on specific issues and agreed on others; regardless, sitting in a hall and listening to her lecture is not political. It's called growth and understanding. The people who find political incorrectness in everything are making the "politicial" statement. Like I said, the only way to respond to such rhetoric is to double down and clear the air. A good example https://scoutingwire.org/chief-perspective-presidential-visit/
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    I hope this is ok to post. I saw this on Facebook: https://bowmansauction.com/lots/view/1-3OIZDN/1975-murray-official-cub-scout-bike-new-tires-in-working-order?fbclid=IwAR1dT30wFXExSzFSgL0MO7tRXJbkAUi2hKp8HD4pwuWi5LiI4PprMgR1BqM I was a Cub Scout around that time but I don’t remember this bike.
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    Sometimes it depends on who's doing the asking. I was CC for the better part of 4 years for our Pack before taking over as CM for most of our final year until my son earned his AOL and crossed over. One of the hardest jobs I had as CC was to fill the open committee positions, and I had a lot more say "No" than say "Yes", but what really bugged me after the fact was that many of the parents that said no to me, said yes to my replacement. It turns out that they were all very close friends outside of Scouts, and I was an outsider to them, so it became more of a club for them and an excuse to hang out more.
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    Rarely people step up. Pleas for volunteers being ignored is common in most organizations and systems. Recruiting adults (and scouts) effectively requires personal invitations. All recruitment is Cheap, Easy, Effective... choose only 2.
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    I think the point is that as horrible as the SM (who was serving as the MBC for the merit badge) has treated the scout that at this point, that if the unit really is folding and the SM really is simply refusing to work with the scout that no additional force will help. No one is going to physically take this person's hand and make them sign the card. If the situation is as screwed up as you say, and the scout really did do all the work, then the next MBC in the next unit you go to will likely be willing to accept and sign off on the prior work (which they are allowed to under Guide to Advancement).
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    Part of my job as a Senior Attorney, General Attorney, and Council at Bell and its successor entities involved ensuring compliance with the consent decree by which the System ceased to exist. I was, for a time, the Corporate Secretary for the Bell entity in Ohio, The Ohio Bell Telephone Company, and officially reviewed hundreds of pages of the documents involved in the breakup and signed and sealed the company's acknowledgements of receipt. I then helped draft "how to" memos to management to help them comply. The anti-trust case had gone on since 1974 and had been before three successive federal judges, and the decree judge, Judge Greene, retained jurisdiction for years more. I am not guessing or "interpresenting" even slightly. It's all in the court record should you wish to look. The myths had not been invented then. I also drafted hundreds of pages of legal memoranda and court briefs on post-breakup legal issues from 1984 to 1999., such as some of those those considering the issue of the circumstance under which an operating company, restricted to "supplying telephone service" by the consent decree, could build a cable television system for an independent entity. (as it turned our, by retaining "bare legal title" to the facilities,. Thus, Cleveland got cable TV at long last.) AT&T had been barred from "general trades computing" for almost three decades under a 1956 consent decree in a 1949 case and literally expected to replace IBM if freed from that decree. After all, AT&T was BIG! Bell Labs largely invented AT&T Unix programming language and Bell was the largest manufacturer of super computers in the World. We all had to view a film whose message was that IBM was trembling over the prospect of AT&T as a competitor. Strange that, given that the vast majority of the viewers already knew that we were not part of the minority who would stay on the mother ship post-break-up. Instead, we would be working for the "regional bell operating companies, groups of the twenty-two Bell operating Companies who, post break-up, would be AT&T's competition for several markets, such as long distance service (for those old enough to recall "long distances charges [revenue"]). The assumption of automatic triumph seemed arrogant. and it was in hindsight. Meanwhile, Asia increasingly priced Western Electric products, even when not black, out of the market for customer-premises equipment, and retaining Western was no small part of what AT&T had traded for giving up its twenty-two operating companies back when $80,000,000,000 was real money. Von Auw left AT&T at 65 in 1981 - before "TPC" decided (in 1982) to offer the settlement that it did. He wrote in 1983, before the break-up took place on "the end of history, 01/01/1984. He therefore missed an event of great relevance to his thesis that service was the great driver that would continue to push AT&T, now long dead, to greatness - the decision by AT&T shortly after the break-up to slash the budget of the half of Bell Labs that remained with AT&T (The other half became the transient BellCore - supposedly to equally serve seven competing Regional Bell Operating companies (the "Baby Bells') AND the simultaneous decision to require that all research show a likelihood to generate added revenue in a few years. These steps would have been unthinkable to the System prior to the new regime. "Labs" was the premiere "pure research" institution in the World. The brief of its scientists was to think deep thoughts and let management know if the found anything useful. - such as lasers and semi-conductors. I read many books by insiders least I be surprised in court by their supposed disclosures. I did not read Van Auw's book all those years ago because it was not informed by the decisions during the critical years after he retired, or the changes to AT&T's proposal by Judge Greene, and no one thought he might "spill" anything critical. Now that I have read it, I see that he pointed out that there was no drive to break-up the System, from Justice or the public. The drive was to allow competition on supplying "stuff' to the telephone business - largely meaning the System - breaking the culture that almost everything purchased by the operating companies and Long Lines came from Western Electric, "the supply arm of the Bell System." I note that he died at 95 in 2011. it would have been interesting to learn what he made of the death of AT&T values of service uber alles and the course of events that led to the death of the original AT&T, but he just wrote the one book Interpretation: AT&T did not "get" that being a monopoly is one thing and being in a competitive marketplace is another. Almost all those with customer contact experience were left behind. and it showed. Then there was the infamous failure of the AT&T desktop computer. It was a fraction of the product line but its awfulness was all over the front page of InfoWorld every week. AT&T was like the ocean liner - unable to maneuver quickly, partly due to government interference that saw AT&T as a bottomless well to subsidize its emerging competitors, one of whom, SBC, bought it in the end after buying Bell South, Pacific Bell, Ameritech, and other bits and pieces.. As I taught history at Ohio State from 1965 to 1970, before Law School, I too recall the old days - copying one page at a time on the new miracle Xerox machine with the big rubber mat and no mechanical feed. Typing. Correcting typing mistakes with Wite-Out or Liquid Paper.. Key-punch cards. Questioning Master's candidates on their dissertations. When I joined Bell from a few years of private practice, I assumed it was for my working lifetime. Instead I experienced constant downsizing ( "resizing" and "rightsizing!) from a department of twenty-eight of all titles to a mere five souls before I retired. "But look on the bright side. There's more work than ever." 😉
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    At this point, from an objective viewpoint, it seems like every CO group ought to be doing the same thing out of sense of self preservation -- American Legions, Volunteer Fire Departments, VFWs, private schools. I don't know if others were anticipating this but it seems like a mess on top of a mess to me.
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    I hope that is what happened in this case. I know for a fact the cubs would have loved it. I just wish more packs would be allowed to do this via a council shooting sports committee. The way it is worded, though, is don't even ask. I don't like "good old boy networks" where the rules say one thing, but you can workout some back deal.
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    Yep., I get that and have no issue with the strategy. I'm just suggesting there is more than one way to skin a cat, and none of them involve turning assets over to a council.
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    @CynicalScouter That's a reason why I own firearms. Ultimately, the only person responsible for my safety is me. People are free to disagree, but that's a big part of my stance. @yknot: Finishing my time with my Troop made me come to terms with my "legacy" so to speak. I've not been happy with the Troops direction for about a year or so, which led me to step back before I overstayed my welcome. After 15 years total as a youth and adult member with that Troop this has been quite painful and discouraging, along with the constant stream of bad news about the BSA in general. I think about what have I accomplished in my roughly 9 years of adult volunteering. What impact did I make? Did any of it matter? I've realized only a small bit of my "legacy" is what happens with the Troop long term. Most of the things I've done over time with the Troop will be lost. People will stumble over the remains and be confused about where it came from. The documents and the guides I wrote will likely get deleted, trashed, lost or ignored. The materials I purchased for the troop will wear out and get thrown out. The programs I developed will decay or be abandoned. The troop will face again the challenges we've already solved, and the ones which we couldn't. The troop may eventually fail and close. Or new leaders will rise to the challenge, and maybe they'll exceed even what my fellow volunteers and I accomplished. I hope they do. Either way, that's fine. It's beyond my control. It's not my full "legacy". It's not my only contribution. You talked about famous figures involved in Scouting. It's hard to imagine them as young scouts. I'm still in touch with many of my former scouts. It makes me happy to see them starting families, graduating from school/university, launching careers or serving in the military. I'm proud I helped play a small part in their development, and that lessons I helped them learn will serve them the rest of their lives. I'm excited to see what else they get up to, and I hope I get to continue to play a small part in the lives of my former scouts. I hope they view me as a mentor, and a friend. They are my "legacy", the beneficiaries of my contributions to the Troop and to Scouting. That gives me hope and reminds me that my efforts and time spent were absolutely worth it. I'm still connected with many current and former leaders I've volunteered with. I like seeing what they're up doing in their current or post Scouting endeavors. It blows my mind when I see them in Facebook photos with their grandchildren, or starting their retirement lives. I count many of them as friends, mentors and role models. Sadly I've lost a few, as time will eventually claim us all. I'm part of the "legacy" and contributions the adult leaders of my youth made, and of the adults I served with as a volunteer. Yes, there were horrific abuses committed against youth by Scout leaders or other youth. The BSA, those individuals and maybe the CO's share responsibility for that. Certainly legally, and ethically. But I've seen firsthand the impact this program has had on me, and on the people around me. When we are on the other side of the bankruptcy, current Scouters, and new parents bringing their children into the program will move forward and build the best experience possible. We'll learn from the sins of the past, and from the best of Scouting's history and traditions. Hopefully I'll have my own children someday, and my Scouting journey will take on a new, different and challenging path with them.
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    I also check out sometimes. I come here for hope but often leave depressed. However, just to share some uplifting info I just discovered: We all know about Bear Grylls but famous U.K. scouts also include John Lennon, Paul McCartney, David Beckham, David Bowie, Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Keith Richards (!!!!) and, my favorite, Sir David Attenborough. You have to laugh. Could you imagine having a young Keith Richards in your Pack or Troop?
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    The recent (2018/2019) state Child Victim Acts are not restricted to child abuse cases in just the BSA or private youth organizations. Schools, churches, and municipalities are also liable in the look-back windows.
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    Units aren't allowed to solicit funds in the name of scouting. This is just one of many contradictions in BSA policy. Units cannot raise funds in the name of scouting, but unit funds belong to BSA because they were raised in the name of scouting. Pure self-serving double-talk. BSA is just trying to intimidate CO's into turning over their property. Or, worst yet, BSA is encouraging unit leaders to steal camping equipment from their former CO's.
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    Which is based on a notice from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) https://baltimorepresbytery.org/wp-content/uploads/QAforBoyScoutsBankruptcy.pdf Methodists. Presbyterians. I would imagine that many Catholic Dioceses/Parishes will file next. That would leave LDS and the Lutherans in terms of major religious organizations. After that, VFW? The CO claimants alone could go into the thousands.
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    I do not have any insider information, but many councils in NY whose camps were struggling financially sold an easement to the State which provided a significant influx of cash in exchange for (limited) public access. A quick search shows the state does hold a public easement on the Pouch property, but I did not look to see when it was acquired.
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    First, the follow-up post made it clear: it was about optics. Second, I don't see how GSUSA putting her photo up as part of a "women on the Supreme Court" tweet forces her to recuse (or Sotomayor or Kagan for that matter). Justices are allowed to give presentations and even accept awards (but not money) from parties that appear before them. That does not create a requirement to recuse.
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    What if this isn't about optics? Suppose the GS/USA's litigation against Scouts BSA gets appealed all the way to SCOTUS. Could this be an attempt to get the judge on record with an opinion so she would in a few years have to recuse herself?
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    My gut ... If you are in a no-win situation, double down. If it's your thing, you still invite POTUS to jambo. If it's your thing, you still honor women who achieve greatness. And, you encourage the detractors in your entourage to do the same. Meanwhile, if you have a buddy who is replacing his classic Farah Fawcett poster with a full-size ACB, you call the helpline. I don't know which one, but he's gonna need it.
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    Judge Silverstein signed order authorizing the Tort Claimants Committee (TCC) to employ and retain real estate advisor Keen Summit Capital Patrners 2.The Tort Claimants’ Committee is hereby authorized to retain and employ Keen as its real estate advisor, pursuant to sections 328(a) and 1103(a) of the Bankruptcy Code, Bankruptcy Rule 2014, and Local Rule 2014-1, effective as of October 9, 2020 for the purpose of evaluating the eleven properties listed on Schedule A of Keen’s engagement letter. If the Tort Claimants’ Committee determines to retain Keen to provide any additional services, Keen shall file an amendment to the Application that will be subject to notice and opportunity for hearing, and nothing in this Order and the record relating to the Court’s consideration of the Application https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/858520_1589.pdf The eleven properties Page 28 of 96, Keen's engagement letter https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/854608_1477.pdf
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    I could not find the quote you posted, but it's been a long night in an ice storm. You are right about lighting the candle instead of curing the darkness. When I was teaching SM Specific, the two questions that came up often during the course were discipline and dealing with bad leadership. The challenge for adults is developing the patience to not take over before the scouts learns enough about themselves to know where they have to change. It's not just leadership that is the challenge, it's personal habits of behavior. I found that most scouts will accomplish the will of the adults if they are pushed hard enough. But, giving the adults what they want doesn't help the scout grow or change. In fact, the scout is likely to resent the adults so much that they react in the opposite direct and rebel. Rebellion is typically the reaction of being forced to do something that they don't understand. The adults, as you say, need to give just enough light to the darkness to give confidence for the next step forward. The scout must be the one who decides to take another step forward, or a step back. A positive step forward maybe when the scout decides to withdraw from the responsibility because they found their limits. Maturity isn't instant, it has to grow. It has to be the scouts decision to have a positive impact on their growth. Barry
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    Moderator note. Some of those executive claim links have not redacted home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, so I hid post. @CynicalScouter if you want to re-post just those redacted claim links e.g. Mosby and Surbaugh that should be fine. Thanks, RS @MattR @John-in-KC
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    Whose is next? The Lutherans? The Catholics? Claim No Claim Date Filed Creditor C438 10/21/2020 Alamo Heights United Methodist Church C442 10/21/2020 First United Methodist Church of Del Rio C439 10/21/2020 Ingleside United Methodist Church C440 10/21/2020 Oxford United Methodist Church of San Antonio Texas C441 10/21/2020 St Luke United Methodist Church Austin C437 10/21/2020 St Mark United Methodist Church C451 10/22/2020 Bartlett United Methodist Church, Inc. C457 10/22/2020 Belle Meade United Methodist Church C466 10/22/2020 Bethany United Methodist Church of Austin C455 10/22/2020 Bethel United Methodist Church Chewsville C444 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church C471 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church C469 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church - Laredo C449 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church Brownsville C458 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church Mission, Texas Inc. C464 10/22/2020 First United Methodist Church Murfreesboro C461 10/22/2020 Gary Memorial United Methodist Church C462 10/22/2020 Glen Mar UMC C474 10/22/2020 Grace United Methodist Church Houghton MI C465 10/22/2020 Grandville United Methodist Church C472 10/22/2020 Grosse Pointe United Methodist Church C446 10/22/2020 Highland United Methodist Church C454 10/22/2020 Kerrville First United Methodist Church C459 10/22/2020 Millers United Methodist Church C452 10/22/2020 Mt Carmel United Methodist Church C473 10/22/2020 Mt. Pleasant First United Methodist Church C447 10/22/2020 Saint John's United Methodist Church C445 10/22/2020 Schertz United Methodist Church C450 10/22/2020 St. Andrew's United Methodist Church C467 10/22/2020 The Summit Church C453 10/22/2020 United Methodist Church of Brady C468 10/22/2020 Walled Lake UMC C460 10/22/2020 Wesley Grove United Methodist Church C549 10/23/2020 Alamo United Methodist Church C546 10/23/2020 Arapaho United Methodist Church C520 10/23/2020 Ardsley United Methodist Church C25 10/23/2020 Bethany United Methodist Church (187831) C531 10/23/2020 Bethany United Methodist Church (187831) C505 10/23/2020 Blanchard-Pineriver United Methodist Church C482 10/23/2020 Blanche UMC C548 10/23/2020 Bloomfield United Methodist Church C512 10/23/2020 Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church C541 10/23/2020 Derby United Methodist Church C542 10/23/2020 Dixboro United Methodist Church C527 10/23/2020 Emmanuel United Methodist Church C501 10/23/2020 Epworth United Methodist Church Gaithersburg C498 10/23/2020 First Methodist Church Colleyville Texas C540 10/23/2020 First United Methodist Church of Carrollton C507 10/23/2020 First United Methodist Church of Shelton C489 10/23/2020 First United Methodist Church, Victoria C487 10/23/2020 Flat Rock First United Methodist Church C518 10/23/2020 Gashland United Methodist Churdch C547 10/23/2020 Glen Burnie United Methodist Church C475 10/23/2020 Goodrich United Methodist Church C481 10/23/2020 Grace United Methodist Church C496 10/23/2020 Grace United Methodist Church C508 10/23/2020 Grace United Methodist Church C552 10/23/2020 Grace United Methodist Church C24 10/23/2020 Holiday Park United Methodist Church (98585) C529 10/23/2020 Holiday Park United Methodist Church (98585) C513 10/23/2020 Homestead Park United Methodist Church C20 10/23/2020 Homestead Park United Methodist Church (103240) C517 10/23/2020 Hudson First United Methodist Church C530 10/23/2020 Katonah United Methodist Church C499 10/23/2020 Kensington United Methodist Church C476 10/23/2020 Lone Oak United Methodist Church C478 10/23/2020 Marysville United Methodist Church C484 10/23/2020 Michelson Memorial United Methodist Church C510 10/23/2020 New Life United Methodist Church C509 10/23/2020 New Milford United Methodist Churcg C495 10/23/2020 New World UMC Arlington Texas C477 10/23/2020 New York Annual Conference of the C500 10/23/2020 Newington United Methodist Church C514 10/23/2020 Nolensville First United Methodist Church C488 10/23/2020 Oscoda United Methodist Church C539 10/23/2020 Pearl Street United Methodist Church C480 10/23/2020 Petoskey United Methodist Church C551 10/23/2020 Pleasant Street United Methodist Church C492 10/23/2020 Port Huron First United Methodist Church C493 10/23/2020 Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church C535 10/23/2020 Redeemer United Methodist Church C511 10/23/2020 Redford Aldersgate UMC C28 10/23/2020 Ringgold United Methodist Church (85845) C536 10/23/2020 Ringgold United Methodist Church (85845) C21 10/23/2020 Roxbury St Paul United Methodist Church (187944) C522 10/23/2020 Roxbury St Paul United Methodist Church (187944) C503 10/23/2020 Saint James UMC of Kingston C490 10/23/2020 Saint Pauls United Methodist Church C23 10/23/2020 Salem United Methodist Church (96644) C528 10/23/2020 Salem United Methodist Church (96644) C526 10/23/2020 Severna Park United Methodist Church C502 10/23/2020 Shepherd United Methodist Church C485 10/23/2020 Simpson United Methodist Church C22 10/23/2020 South Greensburg United Methodist Church (98643) C525 10/23/2020 South Greensburg United Methodist Church (98643) C491 10/23/2020 St. John's United Methodist Church C506 10/23/2020 St. Paul United Methodist Church C27 10/23/2020 Summit Chapel United Methodist Church (97502) C534 10/23/2020 Summit Chapel United Methodist Church (97502) C524 10/23/2020 The First United Methodist Church of Lowell C543 10/23/2020 The United Methodist Church of Peekskill C516 10/23/2020 Trinity Boscobel United Methodist Church C504 10/23/2020 Trinity United Methodist Church C29 10/23/2020 Trinity United Methodist Church (188061) C537 10/23/2020 Trinity United Methodist Church (188061) C538 10/23/2020 Trinity United Methodist Church (188061) C26 10/23/2020 Unionville United Methodist Church (96861) C532 10/23/2020 Unionville United Methodist Church (96861) C523 10/23/2020 United Churches of Durham C533 10/23/2020 United Methodist Church at Shrub Oak C519 10/23/2020 United Methodist Church of Babylon C515 10/23/2020 United Methodist Church of Bay Shore C544 10/23/2020 United Methodist Church of Sea Cliff C497 10/23/2020 United Methodist Church of Watertown C494 10/23/2020 West Hartford United Methodist Church C486 10/23/2020 Westwood United Methodist Church C550 10/23/2020 Wethersfield United Methodist Church C555 10/24/2020 First United Methodist Church, Ansonia, CT C554 10/24/2020 Fishkill United Methodist Church C556 10/24/2020 Fishkill United Methodist Church C559 10/24/2020 Grace United Methodist Church C553 10/24/2020 Iglesia Evangelica Metodista Unida de Coop City C560 10/24/2020 Montgomery United Methodist Church C561 10/24/2020 Mt Zion United Methodist Church - Highland, Md C557 10/24/2020 Naugatuck United Methodist Church C558 10/24/2020 Trinity United Methodist Parish C39 10/26/2020 Armagh United Methodist Church (97227) C40 10/26/2020 Baden United Methodist Church (95263) C46 10/26/2020 Bakerstown United Methodist Church (95285) C36 10/26/2020 Calvary United Methodist Church (100543) C52 10/26/2020 Christ United Methodist Church (89227) C47 10/26/2020 Fells United Methodist Church (99660) C48 10/26/2020 First United Methodist Church (103546) C53 10/26/2020 First United Methodist Church (103980) C51 10/26/2020 First United Methodist Church (180908) C44 10/26/2020 First United Methodist Church (85787) C34 10/26/2020 First United Methodist Church (89901) C30 10/26/2020 Glenwood United Methodist Church (60674) C42 10/26/2020 Greenstone United Methodist Church (101148) C49 10/26/2020 Haven Heights United Methodist Church (Pitt) C41 10/26/2020 Lakeside United Methodist Church (85388) C43 10/26/2020 Lakewood United Methodist Church (89307) C54 10/26/2020 Latrobe United Methodist Church (98120) C33 10/26/2020 Monroeville United Methodist Church (98324) C38 10/26/2020 Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church (101308) C45 10/26/2020 Nixon United Methodist Church (95503) C50 10/26/2020 Otterbein United Methodist Church (189475) C31 10/26/2020 Stone United Methodist Church (89626) C35 10/26/2020 Stone United Methodist Church (89626) C37 10/26/2020 Trinity United Methodist Church (100554) C32 10/26/2020 W. PA Annual Conference of the C55 10/26/2020 West View United Methodist Church (102245)
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    Actually it could be viewed the other way, National is throwing the COs under the bus. The Charter Agreement states, "Provide primary general liability insurance to cover the Chartered Organization, its board, officers, COR, employees, and Scouting members and volunteers for authorized Scouting activities. Indemnify the Chartered Organization in accordance with the resolutions and policies of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America.." This needs to come up in the bankruptcy and abuse settlement. National took on this responsibility to the COs, they need to be held responsible. And of course, the insurance companies the BSA used should be held accountable for paying these claims.
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    If you are referring to Kenneth Feinberg, he applied to the Court to be a mediator (see link below for his application). He was not selected. Judge Silverstein decided on a three person mediation panel which includes Paul Finn and Tim Gallagher who were forwarded by the BSA. For the third position, Judge Silverstein did not appoint BSA's third candidate choice rather former bankruptcy judge Kevin Carey. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/823120_773.pdf
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    Yes, but I believe you had mentioned in a prior filing the proposed plan requires 90% of claimants to agree. That's the problem. You only need 10% + 1 to dig in their heels.
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    Given the economy, covid, and individual issues, there is the possibility a majority of claimants may instruct their attorneys they need money now leading to a quicker, smaller settlement. I have found some settlement loan companies specifically advertising to claimants in this Chapter 11. I won't post their links. Some advice from nolo.com https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/pros-cons-lawsuit-loans.html Even if you need cash, a lawsuit loan might not be a good choice for you. Below are some of the main cons to taking out a lawsuit cash advance. It is not unusual for personal injury cases to take months or even years to settle or come to trial. The interest rates on a typical lawsuit loan can run between 27% and 60% a year, comparable to some payday loans. On a $25,000 loan, the interest can cost you $12,500 or more in just one year. Because the interest is usually compounded monthly, if the case takes two years to settle, you'll pay back a whopping $32,000 in addition to the $25,000 you borrowed.
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    G2SS policy was meant to prevent stupid, which happens fast. It happens real fast in units that cut corners, of which not seeking guidance from council is a hallmark. This pack sought guidance because they were in the unique situation of available qualified supervision but lack of access to other district/council wide events: In other words, they were in full compliance with the very significant, but often ignored, page 1 of G2SS. Specifically this sentence: Why review reference material when “such activities” are said to be disallowed by the pack? Well, first is to understand why packs aren’t allowed to have their own events. Second is to understand what goes into holding a district event according NCAP standards and the Shooting Sports Manual. When a group of scouters can convince their SE that they can meet and exceed NCAP standards and the council would not otherwise be providing those same standards to those particular scouts, councils will try to work with those scouters. Otherwise we risk cubs and parents doing these activities on their own. Safety lectures (the most important part, I felt, for my kids to hear) will be missed, and bad things will happen. In other words, there’s the Guide to Safe Scouting and there’s actually scouting safely. We want the former to enable, not impede, the latter.
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    Pandemic-addled (Adj) : We’ve seen the opposite. Boys are starving for interaction. So, attendance at summer camp, troop meetings, and two subsequent camp outs (plus one for older scouts), has been high. On the other hand, we’re all in different situations. Many of my troop’s parents are essential employees or own their own businesses, and have been out and about since lockdown. But the one family who has avoided social situations ... even if distanced ... as decided not to recharter with us. I told the parents that we’re close to them to not push things. Everyone has their own burdens. For example, after scouting events, I don’t watch my grandson for a week out of an abundance of caution. And, I don’t attend events if I kno I babysit that week. Fortunately we have depth on both the scout-volunteer front and baby-sitting front. (I’m not needed for every overnight, and the grandson has doting aunts and uncles.)
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    Maybe not trained in BSA policy. Shooting sports is not allowed to be a Pack activity, as this one is described as. It can only be a district or council activity.
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    I did, and I think of them often. Some of them (or their parents) have contacted me just to brag of how different their lives are because of scouting. Building a good scouting program was the hardest thing I ever did. It was so worth it. Barry
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    I know the history is problematic. But the fact that indigenous people were here before us is still something that stills my heart and inspires awe, no matter how horrible the history. They were still here. They still need to have their stories told. We are lucky enough to live in an area that has some local history, some of it very colorful. Oral history about trails, encampments, token local characters. I did not like the native American appropriation in the scouting program including OA, but I did try to create a sense of wonder in cubs by taking them out to hike on trails that were here before we were, to see natural artifacts -- boulders that were used as grain mortar sites, lookouts, rumored ghosts, etc. I was not above planting purchased arrowheads in waterways for cubs to "find" on hikes. I can't fix the past. I'm not exactly sure how to appropriately tell the stories today, but I try to create an appreciation for what was lost.
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    Where to begin. There's no such thing as culturally neutral. Everything we do, all of our symbols and ceremonies, occurs in the context of culture. BSA is awash in cultural appropriation. Heraldry, uniforms, patrols, salutes, etc. all came from different cultures. Woodbadge beads? Appropriation. Vikings, Trojans, Spartans, Valkyrie patrol patches? Appropriation. Heck, the entirety of the Cub Scout rank system, based on the Jungle book, was written by a racist defender of British Imperialism and stereotypes culture. Further, appropriation of culture goes way beyond the words. As you mentioned above, many cultures use face painting for any number of reasons. Some cultures use face tattoos for similar reasons (face painting is just a temporary version of the same). Therefore, the very act of face painting, even in complete silence, is potentially appropriative in its own right. Our postmodern zeitgeist tells us that it's not the intent of the actor, rather how ones words or actions are perceived, that defines appropriation. So, even if your Pack comes up with something they all agree is inoffensive (i.e. works for the culture of your Pack), anybody from outside that takes offense at the action has the postmodern moral high ground. To be clear, I'm just a stranger on the internet. I don't really care how your Pack celebrates your scouts and I'm happy that you are in fact celebrating in person. Just be honest about your reasons for change. Now, don't get me started on Yankees making grits! 🤣
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    Great question. The original vision of Lone Scouting (Lone Scouts of America) was that the organization registers the boy, not the unit. The boy can join or quit a "patrol" or "unit" or "council" without any change in registration. The boy chooses his companions. They are not chosen for him. Lone Scouts did get together to go camping. The patrol method was used. Lone scouts were expected to be more self-reliant. They were expected to pay their own way. Very little in the way of fund raising. Very little physical infrastructure. Lone Scouting was more like pick-up-games than organized sports leagues. We still played the game, and we played by the rules, but we didn't have umpires and coaches and sponsors to contend with.
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    That's jaded talk. Just about everyone who has a job wants to keep it. I want to keep my job too. I don't fault those who work for the BSA wanting to continue to do so. But it's not the real reason it exists or at least not the reason it was intended to exist.
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    This article explains why I am not as upset with BSA as others. The above cases are from 2019 !!!!!! Two decades after SCHOOL mandatory reporting laws. At least a decade after the nationwide law suits started. Happening with professionals who's job is to teach our kids. One school district had 450 reported in one year. Only 130 of the 450 had completed investigations. 36 resulting in end of employment. 300+ not investigated yet and 100 not substantiated. Imagine looking at those 400 cases 50 years later after most people are gone ... the organization would be liable for damages on something you can't defend and using laws and liability that was not on the books yet. ... but I suspect we can't find paperwork / documentation to trigger the lawsuits as a tracking path was not kept from years ago. BSA was far from perfect ... as were ALL organizations ... but it had a reporting process ... and tried to track people ... and people were often notified that the person should not be re-registered. I'm further betting that many of these cases were not perused by law enforcement at the time. I'm also betting many parents and involved people choose not to pursue. If BSA can't be held up as trying to do it's best ... who can ? If BSA is going to be destroyed by the past being judged by today's standards, all organizations, cities and government groups should be forced into bankruptcy.
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    1) It is not a "loophole". It has never been a "loophole" (see below). 2) The current Handbook does NOT a) have the kind of uniform mandate you think it does and b) it does not authorize shaming a scout for their poverty or demand they prove hardship. I've got the 14th edition in my hand. No where does it have the mandate you are claiming here. In particular Page 20-21 ("Your Scout Uniform") has no reference whatsoever to the kind of hard, fast, mandate you are describing. 3) Oh, right, that's because the modern scouts have "loopholes." Ok then, let's go back to the "good old days". I have a copy of the 1967 Handbook. Page 56. Scout Uniform. So, even back in the "good old days" there was never, ever a mandate in the Handbook. Does it make you a better scout to be in uniform? Yes, and the uniform remains one of the official 8 Methods of Scouting. But I will never compromise on the notion that poverty should be punished or that there is some hard, fast, uncompromising rule about uniforms in any of the Handbooks. Never was, currently isn't.
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