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    All about planning and going to Summer Camp


    • Agreed...point is, they have to mark up all the other merchandise to help cover the costs of the stuff that doesn't sell. If they move to a smarter model of on-line publications, the cost savings could be translated into lower costs for other Scout Stuff...but you and I know that would never happen
    • Markup isn't the question, margin is. It doesn't matter if they have 300% markup if they are still losing money on the item. 
    • In a day full of history making achievements for women and people of color, Boy Scout Troop 358 (PA) played its own critical role in the inauguration of 46th President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. "This year we knew it was going to be virtual, so we felt safe about applying. We applied and waited and we had to film a video. We filmed it at the Art Museum, something to represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia and the Boy Scouts and the church," explained Wallace. And, the video will now be seen all over the country, throughout Inauguration Day, with Troop 358 running up the iconic Rocky steps to showcase Philadelphia’s youth to the nation. More including video at source link https://www.fox29.com/news/boy-scout-troop-358-proud-to-take-part-in-historic-inauguration-day
    • And probably thousands upon thousands printed... Having a close friend who works in a Scout Shop, I can tell you the markup on all Scouting merchandise is high.  Some things over 100% (double what was paid to National Supply at wholesale.)
    • https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer1202021&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
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