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    All about planning and going to Summer Camp


    • This was the BSA version I am familiar with.  
    • Peter Poyser, 89, "is one of the last ever boys to have received the King’s Scout award from our previous King. In July 1951, Peter aged 16, travelled to Hampton Court Palace to be given the accolade by King George VI. The King’s Scout Award is the top achievement for senior scouts (before they become adult leaders), today that is Explorer Scouts or Scout Network members who have not reached 25 Years of Age and comprises a variety of activities to complete. Now, seventy-three years later, he will be putting his original scout shirt on once again to give a speech to Explorer scouts with many of them working towards their own King’s Scout badge. " More at source including photos and documents. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/24259287.former-scout-attend-st-georges-day-service-weymouth/ Scout Salute
    • While I was not involved in Cub Scouts at the time, a quick Google search brought up an article from the September-October 2008 edition of Scouting Magazine detailing how to use those beads, along with the white diamond that held the lanyards for them as a part of Tiger Cub advancement and immediate recognition. How to use beads to encourage Tiger Cub advancement - Scouting magazine  
    • I was a Cubmaster during that period and am not familiar with this.  Looks like a local Unit-specific thing, not official BSA.  
    • We’ve just gone through our Cub Scout closet and found this old pony bead container with a list of what colors are for what. I’m guessing mid to late 80s as Tiger Cubs are mentioned, but as it is a typed sheet (rather than printed), I’m guessing not into the 90s - any ideas?
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