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    • 919 awarded in 2019.  I'm betting less than 200 sold nation wide.  Maybe 400 as I'm betting counselors buy them more than scouts. 
    • Brother, you may only hate change, rather than "progress."  100 yeasrs ago,  and today, if you had/have a "telephone" hoked up to copper wires and the power in the entire area went out, the telephone worked.  It had and has it's own power suppy - humongous wet cell batteries backed up by generators.  We had a power outage and lost telephone service for over a week December, 2020., due to our "modern," "advanced, "voice-over-internet digital service."  Moreover, Spectrum, the only supplier in our area, only takes a service call when your telephone works.  YES! They lold me, when I called from the library, to call again when my telephone worked.  Otherwise they cannot schedule a "service call."   We are in a cell "black hole" and only the one cable-based supplier is Spectrum.  This is progress? 
    • I am only 66 years old but have seen much technology come and go...my Mom's 78s, 33s, 45s, cassettes, 8-tracks, LaserDisks, CDs, DVDs, iPod, slide rules, adding machines, Burroughs calculators, desktop calculators, My first "pocket calculator" was a Royal with a corded stylus, 8 digit capacity (but only 4 at a time) with Nixie tube displays..  Thought we were rich when we could plunk down $129.99 for the TI SR-10 that would do exponents and square roots.  Can't even get a CD player in a new car anymore.  And the first Pulsar digital watch with red LED display.   I hate progress.  
    • NJ's entire unemployment system basically collapsed during COVID because no one knows COBOL anymore. When did they discover this was going to be a problem? July 2003. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/05/nj-failed-to-fix-unemployment-system-for-19-years-records-show-now-murphy-pleads-patience.html  
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