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    • The Scoutmaster at a nearby troop says they are all in with Discord, with a troop server, and each patrol has a channel or whatever its called, and a PLC channel, and a parent channel. He said wow its great. I've done a tiny bit on Discord and yeah it's good, and would be fun to use. So I brought it up at a PLC. Our SPL said it wont work because you have to be 13yo to use Discord, so that would exclude a good many Scouts in our small troop. I just found this reddit thread. I guess all those services have a similar age limit and we ignore it. So why different for Discord? Meet em where they're at, right? okay... except my SPL said its not allowed so I guess there's the answer.  What are others doing?
    • Our lodge advisor and our Chief both have a place on the board    
    • @Mrjeff, in my area, the problem is the council execs. Because they can do whatever they want, if adults question them they are removed. And it is not just OA. I can not tell you how many folks have been removed by CEs at the district and/or council level. And the LEC cannot do anything about it. Something I learned recently, it is customary for lodge chiefs to sit on council exec board for 3 years, their term of office plus 2 years. Some of the lodge chiefs who protested to much interference were not placed on the ballot for the additional years. And yes, the national committee are for the most part pretty clueless in the field. There are a few exceptions, but they are in the very small minority, and easily outvoted.
    • My tangent - Already discussed probably over a year ago. Chapter 7 now is a path that few would "financially" want as it makes all the money spent to-date on chapter 11 mostly wasted and restarts another legal spending spree with many, many new complexities.  Different priority sequence for debt holders.  Chapter 11 negotiated third party (insurers, BSA councils, churches) releases that provided a lot of cash become new independent litigation.   "I think" (my opinion) is that Chapter 7 would reduce the amount injured parties receive and delay the payments for years.  
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