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  1. She has a lot of work to do because confirmation of portions are typically appealed more than rejections. If she has issues with confirmation and must reject portions that becomes the BSA's problem to clean up. If she confirms portions and say the insurers appeal then she needs to have her case law locked down. Given the complexity of this and the historic nature and scope it should take a long time. Something else to consider. Judges ARE aware of news cycles. A long Memorial Day weekend coming up? The Friday before makes for a nice opportunity for s ruling when the press and others are
  2. Perhaps that's the most important lesson. There is no formula, no system or predictability. Our own individual treatments are as individual and varied as we are. So too will be the solution for Scouting. No rule or rules. No edict or pronouncement. A whole host of measures and actions and nothing short of cultural change and perseverance from to top to the bottom of the organization informed now and forever by what happened and reminders of it so no one ever forgets and as the ways that abusers change an ever-present philosophy of tirelessness to predict and react and stop it.
  3. An important issue. It is considered part of the human reaction to trauma. Think of it as part of the "fight or flight mechanism." Something so awfully traumatic is buried so that the mind doesn't have to deal with it again and the resulting impacts. Another way to look at it is not the lack of emotional strength but the absolute strength to keep it inside where the victim has some degree of perceived control over it. What we see then, over time, are the coming together of many factors that "allow" the abuse to be shared. For many that's just plain losing the desire or ability to hold it
  4. I should have quoted better originally. Johnsuch said "I know for a fact that survivor members of the YPT committee read these posts and some ideas may be brought forward for incorporation. " I'm not clear what Committee that's supposed to be unless one has been formed, prior to any confirmation ruling, and the BSA hasn't communicated that. I'm looking forward to a TCC Town Hall after a ruling and getting a sense of "what now?!"
  5. Which committee is this? The one that was a part of the non-monetary demands of the settlement has not been created. Of course. But as the old saying goes, "The unaimed arrow never misses."
  6. I'd suggest that has already been the prevailing opinion with parents. And here we are.
  7. I'd like to frame this discussion in a different way. A lot of it is focused on the past of course. The future can be seen as binary; it will get better or it won't. For those who believe it will get better, and I know you hope in your heart it does, I'd like you to address the degree that "better" is good enough. If the current plan goes through the reported YP violations will be known publicly. There will be reporting for anyone interested on a troop-lvelel for the preceding two years. The details are to be worked out but clearly we will have a MUCH better understanding of any REPORTED
  8. So just so I understand your view, the BSA HAD decades of knowledge that abuse WAS occuring, but because they didn't know Abuser X was going to cause abuse then the BSA has no fault in all of this? So much for logic.
  9. If I wasn't going to be thrown off this forum I'd say this in a MUCH different manner. But instead, please remember that for any Survivor telling his/her story your terminology is an insult beyond words.
  10. Just sharing. I have no connection: https://tribecafilm.com/films/leave-no-trace-2022
  11. I believe the intent is confirmed abuse cases only. This is consistent with privacy laws and why employers only report dates of employment and not cause of termination.
  12. This interests me. Given that Scouting has built-in overnight experiences central to its operation, and was until recently essentially solely male, how would predators have had a "much easier time?" I'm reminded of Willie Sutton when asked why he robbed banks; "Because that's where they keep the money." So where would the predators have gone where their horrors would have been "easier" to commit?
  13. A critical change is for troop parents to be informed when there was a YP breach in their troop and prospective ones knowing report frequency for past two years. Details to be worked out. No one has suggested impinging on privacy or due process to the best of my knowledge. Michael Johnson reported that HIS reviews of YP reports showed that 50% were youth-on-youth. THAT was a surprise and must change how we think. We all do. In the meantime, we are getting it from the person who was at the center of the reporting. By his account, trying to enact change. When that di
  14. That's your opinion and I understand it. As well, I understand the opposing opinion. Both have their sound reasoning. But, when you are calling for "truth and context" and asking that the abuse reported by 82,500 claimants (truth until it is not) include reminders of the total number that have been in scouting or some other context you feel is important then it is reasonable to ask for that context you believe is fair so our own opinions are informed. I'll only add this, a single case of abuse might not seem like a big deal "in context" until it happens to you, or your child. Finding out
  15. Okay, so please provide the context that will help some people come around to supporting the BSA's continuance. I'm not calling for its termination, or encouraging its continuance. Being a Survivor for decades whle your abuser walks free means getting pretty good at accepting to some extent things you have no control over. But, I'm interested in understanding better the context that will help those who don't agree with you come around to the thinking that "in context" the abuse was what, not so bad? Acceptable? Better than other organizations?
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