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  1. Victims would be wise to remember that this was a mediated settlement between one insurer and the BSA, and did NOT include the TCC. The total amount of the settlement will be the focus for many but victims should await some perspective from the body that is advocating for them and not from the BSA. What's critical isn't the amount of the settlement with one insurer only but the total exposure of that insurer. Think about it this way, if it was the insurer who was covering YOU at the time of your abuse, what percentage of that exposure is being offered in this deal? Would you accept say 10-
  2. Pardon the repetition but for anyone who needs a reminder and would like to discuss afterward issues that may be more connected to the "nuts and bolts" of this bankruptcy proceeding: TCC Town Hall Meeting reminder: Thursday 4/8 at 8PM EDT https://pszjlaw.zoom.us/j/84324072960 Given the TCC's objection to the BSA's attempt at submitting a reorganization plan this meeting may be of great interest to victims and local councils alike. The TCC also posts the video and transcripts afterwards.
  3. TCC Town Hall Meeting reminder: Thursday 4/8 at 8PM EDT https://pszjlaw.zoom.us/j/84324072960 Given the TCC's objection to the BSA's attempt at submitting a reorganization plan this meeting may be of great interest to victims and local councils alike. The TCC also posts the video and transcripts afterwards.
  4. From the Claim Form: For the purposes of this Sexual Abuse Survivor Proof of Claim, sexual abuse means, with respect to a child under the age of eighteen (18) at the time of the sexual abuse, sexual conduct or misconduct, sexual abuse or molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual touching, sexualized interaction, sexual comments about a person’s body, or other verbal or non-verbal behaviors that facilitated, contributed to, or led up to abuse, regardless of whether or not such behavior was itself sexual or against the law, and regardless of whether the child thought the behavior was sexual
  5. Actually, that is a portion of my comment and not the whole comment. Regardless, my intent in positing was, and is, to share information so that people can make informed decisions. Here is the claim information by year as shared by the TCC at http://www.pszjlaw.com/assets/htmldocuments/BSA Summary of Sexual Abuse Claims 003.pdf People can view it, remember that most victims do not come forward until well into their 40's or later, remember that the court has appointed a "Future Claims Representative" to deal with such victims, and decide for themselves whether the BSA is a "Leader" in youth
  6. Please don't re-word a post. At no point did the statement include "no changes since." The year 1990 was used to correspond with the "new version" of YPT. See "https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/youth-protection/100-years-of-enhancing-efforts-to-protect-youth
  7. I encourage you to become informed. Over 11,000 people have submitted claims for the years following 1990 when many of the Youth Protection Training protocols used today were enacted. If that alone isn't a "poor light" that has nothing to do with plaintiff attorneys then I don't know what is. Consider as well that it is wisely accepted that most victims do not come forward until after they are 40, and that the 11,000 claims are INDIVIDUAL claims that include MULTIPLE acts. Clearly, the days when the BSA could be considered a "leader" in youth protection have ended.
  8. Just for some perspective, the TCC's professional fees were approximately 11% at the time of the Judge's comments. Whether any amount is seen as reasonable or not is up to opinion, the comparison of the TCC's fees to that of the BSA is important to understand.
  9. I applaud you in providing the opportunity for people to understand well the extent of the claimed abuse. This has all remained hidden for too long and until people are confronted with reality they cannot make informed decisions as to how best to react and ultimately deal with what happened. Over 40,000 people claim to have been victims of the two highest categories of abuse, and those numbers do not reflect multiple instances of abuse. As well, the published numbers are the "highest" form of abuse and probably include lower forms as well. Remember too that over 11,000 of the 85,000 cases
  10. Because of the confidential nature of mediation there should be little news of the proceedings the next three days. The TCC will be holding its April Town Hall on Thursday April 8th. I suspect there will be some discussion then to the extent possible. Remember, mediation has been on-going and will be continuing so while the next three days are more "intensive" they aren't the start or end of the process and confidentiality rules will continue. Town hall starts at 8PM on the 8th. Link is https://pszjlaw.zoom.us/j/84324072960   TCCBSA.COM for links to past meeting recordings.
  11. This is all a moot point right now. The Judge has denied the motion to hold the mediation completely virtually. Regardless, rules will be put in place so that communication is orderly and on equal footing. The TCC has shared that it will have representation on-site while its bankruptcy professionals are organized across the country. Victims need to know that the TCC will be an active part of this process equal to all parties. As far as the comment above, I think it's reasonable to assume that anyone who was sexually abused while in the scouts, especially at a camp, would be "particularly
  12. The TCCs motion intends to put everyone on the same playing field by having all participants on Zoom. Suggestions that TCC members, who are victims, put their physical health at risk via traveling to a site where there Covid-19 is running rampant, after suffering years of mental effects from their abuse via BSA involvement, is what made the TCC's professionals address this. TCC members do not wish to be victims again and are thinking of the well-being of all involved; their professionals and others. As well, suggesting that any of this occur at a BSA facility is not well-considered when c
  13. This is why the TCC has employed BRG as its financial professionals to evaluate the finances of EVERY local Council, including properties and over 500 appraisals of properties have been completed. The TCC is not going to trust any local council, insurer, or the BSA. Per bankruptcy procedures BRG, who specializes in this, has had access to all internal BSA financial networks and is doing its own due diligence to determine BSA and LC financial ability to continue operation after contributions. The TCC has also employed Pasich to do the same with the insurers. Victims should not lose sleep ov
  14. I believe the point that the TCC was making was for all victims to understand that the bankruptcy process is a "business" process. As such, and the way that bankruptcy works, is that you need to generate the maximum amount of leverage. One way this is accomplished is for victims to exercise, when able, their legal rights to sue responsible parties. This often gets parties to the table when they realize it isn't someone else's problem, it's theirs. As well, it's important for victims to understand that just because they have filed a bankruptcy proof of claim it doesn't mean they have taken
  15. In case anyone is interested, the TCC, in preparation for tonight's Town Hall, just posted its summary of sexual abuse claims. From TCCBSA.COM : http://www.pszjlaw.com/assets/htmldocuments/BSA Summary of Sexual Abuse Claims.pdf This helps lend context to much and also the view of the effectiveness of YPT. Please remember that it often takes decades for victims to come forward and declining numbers are not necessarily an indication of effectiveness, but rather the reality of men not prepared to address their abuse at a young age.
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