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  1. And this is why all you all need to call your district commish in 2019 and sign up to be UC's for your district's new BSA4G troops. Cross-reference the thread on quality control. It's in your hands or not at all. The tough nut to crack will be the girl who has been working amicably as a first class scout (concept not the patch) all along -- leading and serving all the while, albeit unofficially, in a BSA troop. And it will probably be some erstwhile hardliner, who upon meeting such a scout, will be her staunchest advocate. That's why I would prefer the membership requirement for BSA4G be something like "Be a girl born after January 1, 2008." (I.e., these troops start with crossovers who grow into the official program from there.) But, I suppose that poses its own can of worms.
  2. Frustrated with Eagle Application

    The application is laid out much like https://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/eagle.aspx which states, under requirement #7. I think that's also worded like that in the handbook. I guess one could diagram each sentence.
  3. BSA Hammock Rules

    Love the "use only manufacturer's replacement ropes" line. (No pun intended.) Manufacturers often ship hammocks without ropes!
  4. Snow - good or bad

    My father-in-law, consummate farmer, always opened any conversation with talk of the weather. Upon becoming a snow-bird he would routinely call us after he heard the PA forecast so he could talk to us about it. One day (when the temperature dropped here b/c some tropical depression was rolling through there) he called and-knowing full-well the temperature thanks to the Weather Channel-asked, "How cold is it up there?" I replied, "Don't know. How windy is it down there?" I forget which Hurricane hit them shortly thereafter.
  5. Snow - good or bad

    Y'all stop stealing our football weather! Just, ask, we're more than happy to share. Napping now to see if the Steelers (those still standing) can give the Ravens a warm winter welcome. In related news, Pitt's campus (among other colleges) have become late autumn havens for crows. Sidewalks glisten with new fallen guano ... https://www.utimes.pitt.edu/?p=41440
  6. My guide (who, like me, had  visited Old Economy in childhood but oversaw multiple restorations since then) was walking me through the common house, and I told her that I vaguely recalled that one of the rooms  held a vintage flea circus. Her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed "I remember that, too!"

    Restored a childhood memory ... daily good turn done.

  7. Scouters With Anxiety?

    Naw. The dog would have to be registered with BSA and take the requisite youth protection training! As far as humans, that's not a bad idea if that person is a long-time trusted companion. However, 5thGen's situation is pretty novel to him, so figuring out who to "let in" on this is a challenge. Establishing that one even has an anxiety disorder takes more than just one incident of panic. (It's enough to get an honorable discharge from boot camp, but not enough to determine a long-term treatment plan, a friend of mine learned.) So, I bet he doesn't want to blow this out of proportion. He needs someone who can be around for the worst case if action needs to be discretely taken, but will benefit from being at the course if that experience at roundtable is just a flash in the pan. That said if he had a friend who wasn't a scouter but might be interested in seeing how things work, I certainly can imagine a compassionate course director.would be welcoming (and may have an FOS card to send home with the guest).
  8. New around here

    Welcome! And thanks in advance for all you'll do for the boys. Got questions? Don't worry. We'll make up answers. Some of them might just work!
  9. Scouters With Anxiety?

    It boils down to this ... you need a friend who understands your problem, who is willing to take BALOO with you, and is willing to escort you to a safe place (that could mean driving you home) the minute you start to feel weak knees. Odds are with that buddy by your side, you won't have a problem. But even if you do, you'll be taken care of. You should feel free to turn down anything else until you have more positive experiences ... one step at a time.
  10. All Scouting is local.....

    My unit growing up wasn't even local. It had an Indonesian exchange student for a year - first person I knew who didn't say the pledge of allegiance. The CO intentionally promoted missionaries and those of us who attended its youth program were unwitting students of cultural contextualization. I later learned that our SM and his sister invested heavily in that CO's mission portfolio.
  11. Sure, let the fast-fading brick-and-mortar hawk BSA brands. The Targets/Wallmarts, etc ... Might be a good fit, except they would insist on price points that would all but lock in manufacture by their favorite Bengali peasant. Now here's a thought: Game Stop and The Exchange stores! Place those uniforms where boys want to go. Especially, these guys have a business model that includes buy-back of gently used merch.
  12. Thanks everyone. I am working off of second-hand info from the TG, so I don't know the tone or context in which the boy said what he said. But since it's something the TG brought up at the PLC, I figure it's more serious than trying to get a rise out of his peers and not as serious as imminent quitting. I'll pick a couple two-scentence solutions and relay them along.
  13. Man Saves Rabbit from California Fires

    Wonder if this was the same guy who left his thoroughbred horses locked in their paddocks? More seriously, I don't judge folks over the internet. We can't tell from the video if this is a domesticated rabbit or if this guy does animal rescue work. In general, I agree with @Back Pack, but more broadly, we are stewards of nature. So that instinct to nurture more than our own species can catch anyone unawares. The goal is to do that well.
  14. As an Arab American who feels that half of the country's problems stem from men unwilling to greet one another with a holy kiss, I'll comment no more.
  15. Scout Related Secret Santa Gifts

    Depends on the person. If they have a favorite trail, consider getting a map or hiking guide for it. A couple of bars of freeze-dried ice cream will send some boys through the roof. I've also seen fight break out over bulk packs of Ramen noodles!