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  1. No, “jaded” is the correct word. What we need to desperately know is relative risk. In other words, it’s not enough to know what are the odds of an insult (and consequently, injury) from a given activity. But we need to know — especially when it comes to securing the safety of our youth — if that is more or less dangerous than any other activity. For example, removal of scout camps will certainly put more youth and adults at increased risk of auto accidents (and concomitant injury/death). What we don’t know, however, is if substituting that activity for drives to soccer games and sp
  2. In fact, the event was not dismissed. At least not by BSA. Before it ever reached council, the school principal and the police had deemed it to not be an actionable offense. I only got a call about it from my director of field service because the parent finally reported it to council. Everyone else but BSA had determined to do nothing. So, no, my experience doesn’t jib with the picture you are trying to paint. The lack of transparency, however, does not tell me if this is the norm or, as you wish to assert, the exception.
  3. Actually, yes. I dealt with an instance of a parent calling that CSA. I’m certain that I’m not the first person to face that situation.
  4. “A predator would prefer to lurk in my troop.” Is one more of many reasons for someone like me to stay in scouting. We are all jaded by our experience. The adult relatives and associates who came forward about their CSA, suffered their insults outside of scouting. BSA provided me and my kids a safe haven relative to many other places where I learned CSA was happening. Increased transparency (which I favor) and reporting to independent auditors (a definite plus), although helpful, won’t tell us if an organization’s YP is improving or worsening. But, understanding those risks relative
  5. This is a very, very, dark road that this frame of mind proposes to send the nation's youth down. All one needs to do is substitute "patrol method" for "nuclear family" and we've sanctioned the state's removal of children from parents to "prevent" whatever ill-effects some classes of parents may have on their offspring. The fundamental problem: no matter how one dredges for cases in one sector, one fails to prove anything. Mainly because one hasn't dredged other institutions, including nuclear families, in the same way. So what if cases are reduced by 1/2 or 3/4? If the trend nationw
  6. All this depends on what you consider BSA's mission is regarding camps. If camps are a profit center ... sort of a "shelter" from legal assaults ... to be used to for supporting professional staff, then that's a pretty self-serving mission and LC's could certainly do better by downsizing program and charging fees for other services. This will inevitably put a financial burden on membership, but could make for leaner more efficient LC's. If camps are a community service and conservation resource, then selling them off would undermine BSA's public responsibility. I've seen multiple org
  7. American parents often want lots of details, and the announcements for both Jamborees are pretty sparse. Here’s how I informed my troop. (Iin case you are looking to do something similar for your scouts, feel free to use. No point in reinventing the wheel.)
  8. There was an official announcement. Your sources are correct. And that is the website to get on the mailing list. World Scout Jamboree opens shortly after National Jamboree closes. There’s no hard-and-fast rule that Jambos have to be on opposite did-numbered years. Each scheduling strategy has advantages and disadvantages.
  9. So, when did BSA have troops with mixed races? Sometime before 1919: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2021/03/24/new-research-reveals-an-even-earlier-black-eagle-scout-hamilton-bradley-of-new-york/. Let us not forget that this is a big country, the black experience has never followed a single narrative, and the strategies BSA deployed to reckon with varied accordingly. But to the OP, scouts can and do attend and speak at town meetings in uniform. From time to time, those events are noted here, and similar objections are raised. Invariably scouters conflate endorsing a political candidate
  10. Although I may concur with the sentiment, it’s on par with purging the organization of atheists. You’ll never know who most of them are until they’ve done a world of good for your community’s youth.
  11. Upon consideration, my gut says that these system-wide traces of YP statistics will disappoint. Whatever number comes out of them, it will either be deemed an under- or over-count, and their interpretation will be debatable. Most importantly, there's no control sample. But, equally important, there will be multiple sources of reporting bias. If the goal is to benchmark how well a program is being implemented and how safe kids are, we would do better with independent research using de-identified random sample surveys of scouts and alumni. Such controlled research will have power to actuall
  12. It's like those Arrowmen are evil twins to my Venturing. I am the guy in the troop who says, "Squirrel!" And that's why I stump that our goal is to imbue in youth a vision of the pinnacle scouting experience of hiking and camping independently with your mates.
  13. I’ve put that burden on scouts who wanted a crew. I told them if they could bring me 5 buddies who weren’t in scouts, we’d get rolling. Yep, cover the twelve steps. That will get the DE involved. It will also build the mindset that you need. Regarding churches, they really need to be able to dedicate the space and provide a COR willing to give oversight.
  14. Thanks @HelpfulTracks. The larger problem, I think, is that Eagle rank has been oversold. I fight this constantly in my troop. New parents come in and think that our troop is something special because some of us adults are Eagle Scouts. Meanwhile, the majority of other adults have put heart and soul into the life of the troop, helping us in countless ways. We Eagle Scouts don’t do all that much besides wear a nice knot. There’s a lot to be gained in taking pride in one’s advancement — be it Eagle or Tenderfoot. And it always breaks my heart when someone says, “I only earned [insert award
  15. What point diminishment? And wouldn’t the converse be true? If all a person can do is a point increment and nothing else, then that would not be contributing anything either. If it is true, shouldn’t you be aggressively asking someone to expound on why they might agree with you, if they haven’t taken the time to do so? Anyone who doesn’t see things the way I do, they are welcome to downvote. It means a lot to me. I won’t bully you for anything beyond that. I believe the only correct reply (if it didn’t clutter up the forum) would be, “Thank you for weighing in.” My apologies to anyon
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