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  1. qwazse

    Signing Scout Phrases (ASL)

    @FireStone, sorry to say I can't help you. I've used online sites for religious terms in ASL, but not scouting. However, you might want to call around to agencies that serve hearing impaired. Your local hospital or county courthouse could be a good start. Round here, I would call the school for the deaf. Sometimes they can send a volunteer. They might even know a few scouts in your area who sign ASL. It's definitely more fun to learn from someone who uses it as a first language.
  2. Didn't realize it at the time, but we spawned a Sooner! She's a great hiking buddy! There's one.
  3. qwazse

    Where would you go?

    A neighbor kid of mine collected handbooks and did just that. I'd see him and his "patrol" on some trails in our community's park. @Sentinel947, your church's and mine ... someplace between here and Hogtown. The coffee will be strong and hot.
  4. qwazse

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    Nobody ever claimed that we Yanks were masters of the English language!
  5. qwazse

    Scouts Uniform & Halloween

    Confession from Junior Leadership Training: I had a choice between letting my uniform be "altered" or losing British Bulldog to a bunch of city boys. I took the win on the field*, the loss on inspection, and an irate Momma when I got home! *Quite literally, I was on the field gripping ground for dear life, half my shirt was in some scout's hands.
  6. You know what would change recognition value? NESA recognizing girls who earned Gold Award. But, then again, they wouldn't recognize venturers who earned BSA's highest award for them ... and that one has an Eagle on it!
  7. Given that the best scout I ever knew aged out at 2nd class, I will say, that I cared ... First class scouts are the best!
  8. qwazse

    Guide to Advancement #33088 2019 Edition

    Thanks. Look forward to the point-by-point comparisons! (USSCouts does a pretty good job of that, as long as you're not red-green colorblind.)
  9. qwazse

    possible fee increase coming

    Most of my older venturers compared the last cost increase to the cost of a night camping with a decent dinner and breakfast. They concluded they could do just as well without the BSA.
  10. qwazse

    Where would you go?

    On a practical level, for me, a fee increase means postponing some gear purchase. Not a big deal. On a troop level, I think that's the same thing. But, if not ... TL/USA has delivered the promise of scouting to my young relatives. Not sure about their price structure. BPSA looks good on paper. Never camped with one in person. Campfire was very good to my Aunt ... nearly a century after she participated. That should count for something. There will always be youth who want to camp and hike independently with their mates. It's only a matter of who will lead them.
  11. qwazse

    Fooled to want foil?

    It's like I'm one of a set of evil triplets! I was in the Flaming Arrow patrol! And, being more lark than owl, I got up before dawn and restarted the campfire. It was really endearing to my heart when on a crew campout, I woke up early, peeked out of my tent, looked across the field, and saw my daughter and her friend and a campfire coming to light between them.
  12. qwazse

    And the Teens Shall Lead

    I was wondering about the author's tone of amazement, then he got down to his scouting experience: It breaks my heart every time I hear of adults sacrificing the promise of scouting on the idols of lossless hikes and perfect meals.
  13. Well, give the scout unit applications to hand out. Got bullies? We got bear country! A great opportunity to work the 4th and 10th points of the law at the same time. Doesn't matter, our troop didn't meet this week so getting the word out is a non-starter. In general, BSA's fad-chasing doesn't impress me. I wore my uniform to school Feb. 8th. That's timing that I can get behind.
  14. qwazse

    possible fee increase coming

    Not bad logic, but why round down? $49.20/12 = $1.10 a month. Brother, can you spare a dime?