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  1. qwazse

    Adult Recongnition

    No plaques please! The best gift is one you cannot give: A young man who returns from overseas and stops by and catches the scouter up on all he's been doing and his plans for the future, and then they can talk about a few shared memories. Had one of those last night. Short of that, a neckerchief signed by all of the scouts is a good start.
  2. qwazse

    Linked or not linked?

    I think a shared committee would only make sense if the TC of a boys' troop was "launching" the girls' troop. They would have already had a hand in picking the leaders, and the there would be extensive overlap. E.g., on paper, the SM for the boys was an ASM for the girls and the SM for the girls was an ASM for the boys. The success of such an endeavor would really depend on a unique set of personalities. If the girls' troop was looking to take up residence at one of four possible CO's, that sounds to me like separate committees are in order. In the girls' troop, at best only 1/4 of the parents might have worked with the linked troops' committee before. But the boys' troop might loose a few good MC's that way. Volunteers can only spread their time across so many meetings. When I ran my crew, we had separate committees with the smaller crew committee having about 20% overlap with the troop committee. The crew committee demanded far less time from members, so doing both wasn't much of an extension.
  3. qwazse

    Linked or not linked?

    Our PLC doesn't vote so much as come to consensus. How much a girls patrol leader needs to attend depends on how many decisions they need to make in concert with the boys. If you are doing the same campouts having the same activities at troop meetings you want to sync up with the other patrols in the troop.
  4. qwazse

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    ? Really ? Haven't you read the annual report (especially the footnotes at the bottom of the financial statements)?
  5. qwazse

    Linked or not linked?

    Unlike others so far, I've been favorably impressed by scouts who've come up in a fully co-Ed association -- including those with co-Ed patrols, and one that made no bones about shared sleeping quarters. So a closely linked troop doesn't worry me. I do think, however, that in such a closely linked small troop, the girls and boys might realize that their patrols would run more smoothly if they weren't determined by sex. (E.g., a couple of girls might have personalities that suit one of the the boys' patrol and vice-versa.) That could lead to a little resentment. Do any of the troops have boys who are already acquainted with the girls? Especially siblings? A selling point of this excersize was to reduce the disjointed schedules of post-modern nomadic families.
  6. qwazse

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    And Pakistan. Why does everyone forget one of the larger and faster growing scout associations?
  7. You might want to run that kind of domain naming by your council since GS/USA is making a legal stink about brand infringement. In general, you might want to find out how other linked troops in your area are setting up their web presence. It might help parents and scouts navigate if troops were consistent.
  8. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    @Eagledad, Would you like me to invite you on our next hike into back-country? This fall we set up camp with 11-13 year olds. There were three other troops and a crew in the vicinity. No pre-fab latrines anywhere. @cocomax and @Jahaza I take issue with citing Eagle requirements as an indication of more/less outdoor activity. All of the outdoor-related Eagle requirements could be earned before a scout earns 1st class and a scout could avoid camping for decades. Moreover, a minority of scouts earn Eagle. In the past that minority was slimmer, and yet there is the impression that troops back then did more camping. My thesis is that the methods of scouting are independent; therefore, you can't bribe scouts with advancement to manipulate them to spend nights outdoors. They will do it, or they won't. Now, although they are independent, they are synergistic. Advancement helps scouts learn to do outdoors and patrols safely. (And outdoors gives opportunity to build patrols and practice skills for advancement.) What I think our girls are really after is that synergy.
  9. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Only partially true. It matters to Scouts BSA if just two men leading a troop for girls,
  10. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Any troop will become great with a man OR woman with utmost integrity -- and a willingness to enjoy the outdoors -- to take on the role of SM for these girls, and one other woman to support him/her in a direct contact role. If this transition happened in the 70s, we might have gotten by without that depth, the lawyers would still have had at it. @desertrat77, Latrine? The shovel in my pack has been used by venturers of both sexes.
  11. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I've actually wondered if Daughter would have earned Eagle given the chance to do so. She never pursued any such awards. GS ended at brownies. And her and her friends didn't feel that medals were what they wanted out of venturing. She and the boys had very little patience for leadership classes. The thing she really wanted was to go to summer camp with us. Her senior project was a weekend class on outdoor preparedness for the GS in the area. I think if she were given a tan shirt, she would have maybe earned First Class, held a PoR because it suited the work that she saw needing to get done, hiked the snot out of the countryside, and aged out happy. (She'd be a lot better with knots as well.) Her grandmother told me that this fall while helping get groceries, she stopped at a popcorn table, left a donation, and asked the boys about their ranks and the trips they were planning. Not sure where that puts her in the pantheon of scouting alumni, but it suits her. As far as what Eagle Scout represents, I know a desert storm vet who remembered being impressed at the skills they had coming into boot camp. I think Eagles are still living up to their brand in that department.
  12. qwazse

    use of the word "Lord" in scouting?

    I realized that I didn't answer your question in specific regarding folks from the Arab world. There are two words for Lord. They both imply master or all powerful, but differ in intimacy. One, famously recited in the Koran, "Lord of the Worlds." Another can also be translated as sire, or even landlord. That is more intimate, and more often used among Christians, specifically in reference to "my lord, Jesus". Now, a muslim may use the exact same words, but when he or she does, everyone knows they exclude the prophets (Jesus, included). And, thanks to modern media, everyone knows that those words from a Christian necessarily include Jesus. Even though I failed to teach my kids Arabic, I have tried to teach them contextualization. That is, it's entirely possible that, with the same words, someone is thinking of something different than you. And, with different words, they might be thinking the same thing you are thinking. And in both cases they may be wishing the best for you. Our language is a glass house, let the light in and use the stones to frame a welcoming hearth.
  13. qwazse

    use of the word "Lord" in scouting?

    @Treflienne that would be a very welcome grace at any BSA camp that I know of. Well, assuming that you are indeed standing beneath tall, green trees.
  14. qwazse

    use of the word "Lord" in scouting?

    Excellent topic, and ideal for Cub Scouts or Open Program! A rather fresh off the plane Saudi was trying to be polite in our company and used the phrase "God Jesus" in our company. (I think he intended to say "Lord Jesus" but had not learned how to translate either upper or lower case terms, yet. Regardless, even the lowercase "lord", which is a different word in Arabic, is not used among muslims.) I made it clear that he didn't have to do that for our sake, and that Allah most certainly would rather us use terms of endearment that we are convinced are true, until such time He convinces us of the truth of other titles. Pray how you were taught. If The Spirit is convicting you that you should do something differently, talk to your clergyman and consult your scripture. You are calling upon a Higher Power. Using anything less than the terms you were taught to call upon is denying us the blessing you were taught to give.
  15. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    This will depend on three things. 1) GS/USA continues to treat what I am now calling field science (a.k.a. the outdoor method) as a completely optional method in their definition of scouting, 2) This year's class of Eagles have daughters or their friends' daughters who find great appeal in the thought of hiking and camp independently with their mates, and 3) The girls who come up through the ranks are "all that" and make a solid impression in their community. Years before I was a crew advisor, I was impressed by a venturer camp staff who walked Son #1 (then a Wolf) through the camp's nature trail. I asked her how she liked Exploring, and she politely corrected me, then went through the opportunities she had. At the time, the program sold itself.