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  1. I think there needs to be some acceptance that Eagle projects involve lots of opportunities for one-on-one contact with folks not registered in the BSA. Contact with a district representative while the scout's parent is nearby should be the least of our worries.
  2. qwazse

    Methods in Scouting

    I'll push back on that ... Leadership Development (through responsibility, service projects) is a method. Actual leadership (e.g., scout gets his friends to pick up litter, leads a school assembly in the national anthem, calls a buddy out on pushing drugs, etc ...) is the expected outcome. Personal growth as a method is embodied in the Scoutmaster Conference. In fact GBB's handbooks calls it a personal growth conference. The outcome is a young adult who can take is place among other noble adults in the wide world. Most of us would agree that providing the scouts opportunity for responsibility, service, and conferences with caring adults is a linchpin of the program. Other groups have outdoor components, high-minded ideals, uniforms, awards, teams, etc ... But few really strive for leadership and personal growth in the rounded fashion that troop life offers. That said, I see these methods as overlapping (e.g., to advance, you must attend to leadership and personal growth) and can't imagine one outweighing the other.
  3. qwazse

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    My barista, a senior, is my cookie contact. She hasn't been in the shop since she took my order. oh no! Maybe the cookie police have her in interrogation!
  4. qwazse

    Ideas for Wood Badge gift

    This old crow is happy to help!
  5. qwazse

    Snow Days?

    We took our kids out of school to attend a wedding in Rapid City. Son #1 was assigned a lot of journaling. He had a lot to write about. We took a drive to the Badlands one day.
  6. qwazse

    Ideas for Wood Badge gift

    We woodbadge earners are fairly simple folk. The favorite memento from my crew for my beading ceremony was a picture with the first and only venturer in my crew to earn a bronze award. Even if you get him a book, I'm sure your CM would like a picture of him with your scouts as a bookmark!
  7. qwazse

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    FWIW, I also think a UC (or any of us who are friends of a unit) should critique positively when a new SM/ASM is by-the-book regarding advancement. It's likely that they are getting flack from someone for it, and if you don't voice your positive reinforcement, you may not hear that a leader may be struggling with parents on that issue. Sometimes someone from the outside can provide the necessary unified front before such parents. I've often found myself in that position, and leaders and parents have thanked me for walking them through the advancement method.
  8. qwazse

    Snow Days?

    That black soot went away with most of our steel jobs. The debate is out as to if those stacks "seeded" more than "heated" the clouds.
  9. qwazse

    Snow Days?

    Not presently, but we have in the past. Since we attend week 1 of summer camp (which is usually synced to the week after Pittsburgh Public Schools' last day) it has impacted us. Fortunately, in those years, our school district didn't take as many snow days as PPS, so it only cause problems for a minority of scouts. I can't remember how they resolved this issue. I do remember them camping with us, so either they came mid-week or were granted an early dismissal. (Being a good student comes with some perks.) For us, the serious issue is that it cuts into long weekends for backpacking, or spring break for high adventure. We just can't do last-minute camp outs on snow-days (although I'd certainly rather).
  10. qwazse

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    Yes. Without question. What's at issue is how to deliver that critique. I started advising a crew after being a seasoned ASM; however, I still felt inadequate. And I felt that I had to respond quickly to things that were coming up. So, I sought out folks who could give me a blunt critique quickly. And the venturing commissioner was pretty good at laying out "must do" vs. "must stop doing" vs. "take it or leave it" advice. And for the "must stop doing", I could go back to my youth next meeting, apologize, and promise to do better. I think this SM and ASM are in a similar situation. The only question is if they will take brusk advice, if they will allow such critiques at a committee meeting, or if they need a let's-sit-and-have-a-coffee approach.
  11. qwazse

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    There's a reason I called it a "challenge." No adults want to be accused of not delivering on the promise of scouting. The UC in this thread might have an advantage in that this is a new unit. He might not if these are old scouters wanting to run things "better" than their former unit did.
  12. qwazse

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    @Treflienne, your daughter has some good quotes to work from! Kids usually get it. The challenge is to convince scouters that it's more fun to make good on the promise of scouting than dole out bling.
  13. qwazse

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    Thicker skin, @Ranman328, please. You didn't say that they actually have the leader's sign-off in their books for "whipping and fusing." If that's the case, the UC has to come down firmly and say 3/4 of scouting is outing, and 1/2 of outing is working with fire. If it's bad outside, surely they can light candles somewhere in that church! (The kitchen?)
  14. @mrkstvns is right. It's great that you Scoutmaster is just learning "the ropes." That means he's citing the rules based on how he's read them - not how he's made it work for hundreds of scouts. If that's the case, then the best thing your son can do for this troop is ask the SM if a counselor for each of those MB's can come visit the troop, do a presentation and explain how a scout and his buddy would go about earning those badges with him/her. If the sailing camp has a representative, they might be happy to speak to this group of scouts, teach some new knots, and pitch their camp to parents. And, most Hiking MB counselors have pictures and maps of trails where they like to hike. They might even be a part of a club who holds family events. Rather than dickering over the rules, find ways for everyone to learn together. (Oh, and if your son and his buddies really like sailing, start saving. A week at Seabase might be in their future.)
  15. I think most leaders split hairs over this: How do you test that someone has hiked a hike? Or righted a capsized sailboat? If an SM has seen too many scouts just flash a sailing certificate (or affidavit of whatever requirement) at a counselor, he's likely to insist on his pick of counselors and his way of implementing requirements. Its almost worse than the "naive SM" (like @mrkstvns describes) in that the cynical SM is trying to fix a problem in other scouts that might not even pop up in the next round of scouts.