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  1. qwazse

    All Scouting is Local

    @Hedgehog, I was dying to ask, but you just answered! Happy Father's Day. Glad to see you're enjoying a wild ride.
  2. qwazse

    Patrol Method and new G2SS rules

    Do you have a location (building, park) where they adults can sit centrally, but the patrols can meet in individual rooms/pavillions.
  3. qwazse

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    Excerpt from a recent reminisce with my siblings: "... when I was in high school, my neighbor (the best scout I ever knew - who aged out Second class rank) overheard an argument at the local sporting goods store over the location of the Board Tree tunnel. He asked our scoutmaster, who told him to find a buddy, and he'd take us to explore each entrance. So my buddy gave me a call, and the following Saturday we went over to the SM's house, studied his USGS maps (which showed it went under the state line) and drove off southwest. We found the PA entrance, but didn't dare the tunnel, which was flooded in parts. So we followed the old telegraph lines overland, which made for a rugged but rewarding climb to the WV side. It was an astounding fall day. I vividly remember walking down the road back to the car and reaching out to see if I was merely in front of a painted canvas. (I wasn't. It was real.) Before heading back home, our SM asked if we wanted to see the comer of the state. Of course we said yes, so we pulled over by a field, traipsed across some farmland into a stand of trees (maples and sassafras, I think), and found a cornerstone in the shape of an obelisk with WV carved on two adjacent sides, WV|PA on one side, and PA|WV on the last side. There was a smaller stone some yards off, which we assumed was the previous marker, but we couldn't make out any markings, as it was badly weathered. ..."
  4. Not speaking for @The Latin Scot, but based on my experience as a crew advisor, girls and uniforming is gonna be rough. American female cultural icons put tremendous pressure on young women to "sex everything up". I'm not referring to permissive behavior (although that sometimes applies), but to emphasizing "woman in a man's world" in every aspect of dress. They don't see it that way. And they take offense at the suggestion. But I've seen it play out with many young women -- having to convince them that yes, it is better to wear their uniform as if they are one of the boys and not some anime figure. I've also seen it play out with some young men, but not as frequently, and not for the same reasons. There's are reason why GS/USA stepped away from a head-toe uniform. @an_old_DC, I think you would be pleasantly surprised by the gun-ho attitude of girls who want the BSA program. My female venturers were my best recruiters of adult leaders. When told to do stuff, they actually listened to me ... even my own daughter. (Except the part about "venturers" instead of "venture scouts" she thought that was patently stupid, and had to hear it from somebody else.)
  5. Depends whose doing the asking. If it's a DE or other pro, no. If it's a CO, maybe. If it's 5 girls ... I've launched a crew for as much.
  6. qwazse

    Linked troops won't work

    Oh, sorry, took your "trying to think through" as as actually having a problem to solve ... not making up a unecessary excuse. :P I'm not seeing the demand here, either. But I'm thinking through this stuff because our CO has been open to this sort of thing, and life as a crew advisor has involved times of thinning rosters punctuated by kids walking up to my door wanting to go backpacking.
  7. qwazse

    Linked troops won't work

    @TMSM, where is it written that you have to have two of every POR? If you get a new patrol of boys, do you all say, "Oops, time to get another SPL, QM, Scribe ..."? When a troop is down to 16 (let alone 5) boys, we make it clear they don't need an SPL/ASPL. Two PLs and their assistants can do the trick. If they plan an activity with another troop, they may choose who will serve as SPL for the event. When I was a scout, the Girl Scouts would check out gear from the QM just like our PLs would. We didn't have them appoint their own QM to get trained before they could borrow our tents. They came back no worse for the wear than if a patrol of our boys used them ('cept for the perfume smell). If you're linked, you share resources ... PoR's are a resource. Tell your boys and girls that you'll support their decisions in how to share them. Why make this hard?
  8. qwazse

    Linked troops won't work

    @fred johnson, how dare you suggest we trust boots-on-the-ground to do it right from the get go! FWIW - I would never think a linked troop would need double the SPL, QM, PLC etc... But, you are right. This concept, as they've penned it, sets a high bar for COs who want to involve girls.
  9. qwazse

    Sea Base Sleeping Gear

    You will have to ask the captain. His boat, his rules. Ours would have. But this was a private sail. You could call Seabase, and they may know the answer for the ship and captain you'll be sailing with.
  10. It really depends an the boys you get to teach, your assistants, and any parents who may volunteer to help. Read up on the trail to first class requirements. That will give you some idea.
  11. So, if you don't use standard issue sheets for uniform inspection, have you done a technically correct inspection? As for the unit numerals not being issued by the scoutshop, the IG does not specifically speak against ordering privately designed patches. It only lists the designs available through the scout shop.
  12. Well at least we now can answer @funscout in the negative about it becoming a MB any time soon! I wonder how many of his pistol practicing scouts Eagled in spite of missing out on a pencil-whipping MB that would have speed them on their trail that summer. Ah, the joys of being out back of my Webelos DL's place learning to shoot his 38 special. It's truly a miracle any of us got our AoL.
  13. qwazse

    Cost of Being a Scout

    @oldbuzzard, how many camping nights? How many boys on average participate on the average night? Also, is $400 for 2 weeks the actual fee for the summer camp? Sounds like a really sweet deal!
  14. qwazse

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

    Maybe if you do a favor for a Massai warrior, he could you give you the hat that he made out of the first lion that he caught.
  15. qwazse

    Sea Base Sleeping Gear

    I started sleeping topside at Seabase 12 years ago, and have been tent-optional ever since! A sheet and fleece blanket, and duffel of clothes for a pillow is all you'll need. You may need to go below during rain, but your gear dries of right quick the next day. I also found rain jacket and pants come in handy for the occasional tropical storms. Hypothermia in the summer tropics is a thing! P.S. - I was in the Bahamas last month, and realized that I could have been 10x more comfortable than I was in the fore cabin had I brought my hammock to sling under the boom. (100x if I could have convinced Mrs. Q to join me!)