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  1. What money? A handful of spiral bound books and some green/blue shirts? It’s not like there are stacks of older-youth equivalents of pinewood derby kits and other nick-knacks piling up. The remaining Venturers and Sea Scouts drop dimes on HA bases and Jamborees (or their region level equivalents), so National will be very slow to dispense with those niche markets.
  2. We have 10 Webelos from our pack visiting next week. It looks like nearly all of them intend to crossover. The crazy just keeps coming for us.
  3. I recommend calling the company and ask if they have an Israeli or Palestinian (or any other self-respecting nation) flag rug.
  4. Tarps at tractor supply are quite reasonably priced. I was just explaining to a fella who hadn’t been camping in a while that vestibules were for people who forget to leave their boots out sole side up.
  5. Your husband is right to be concerned. We scramble to be as accountable to crossover parents as possible. Any troop you all may consider should do the same.
  6. As I said with my son and all of his coaches: “This is an issue between you and you coach. Speak your desire plainly and courteously, ask if it’s possible to achieve your goal, and if so, how. As your parent, it is my obligation to say nothing but know that I’m rooting for you.” Half the time coaches would take the time to explain a negative decision for me. I made it clear that it wasn’t necessary and I am encouraging my child to talk to him/her directly. Still, them letting me know their thinking allowed me to not take things personally. Finally, we direct contact leaders don’t mee
  7. It’s also worth noting that things aren’t always in a negative direction. Over the years, I’ve seen us cycle between stellar classes of youth, and class that could use a little polish.
  8. Suspension is a very important tool. Some youth need time to decide if they want to be scouts, or something else.
  9. I’d never get one as a collectors item. But it’s a stout kit. I’d encourage a patrol to get it if they were willing to put down $50.
  10. I think it’s fair to tell the scout that his behavior in public places disqualifies him from participating in the corn maze. Then you need to get advice from the committee on how to handle this. IMHO, suspension is an option. A scout like this owes his fellows an apology for not representing, but he has to that conclusion on his own.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened before, but was kept from the press. S Korean media is very good, and they took two months to run with this story.
  12. I did not write anything about edible bio-fuel because the troop no longer participates. But we’re capitalists. If a kid can hawk a couple hundred orders, there’s hope for a lucrative sales career.
  13. You say this as if that’s a good thing. Some of us find it patently immoral to shirk the teaching of marketing, salesmanship and service industry to our youth. Our yearly dues are under $200 to cover registration and awards, then from our meatball hoagie sales at community festivals and a car wash offered by a local lawn, garden, and feed store, we cover most weekend camping costs, the occasional party, and capital expenses. Aside from increased community exposure (in both directions, citizens meet scouts and scouts meet fellow citizens) this inspires some older scouts to find jobs o
  14. Many churches and other non-profit organizations have to do emergency drills for insurance purposes.
  15. It’s like I have an evil twin five years later. Bottom line: how involved is the CO? The intent is that resources stay with the CO for the purposes of scouting. How does he COR think they will support scouting going forward if the troop folds? Does the CO have parents with teens? As far as implementing this: Your treasury is too deep. Presumably these are funds that existing scouts and parents earned. Pay fully for everyone’s registration and the scouts’ summer camp. Schedule outings with the other troop so the scouts can get to know one another. Pay for the cracker-barrel for a
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