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  1. I hope some sponsors will come forward — especially among Americans who immigrated from Georgia. I can certainly imagine scouts putting this on their agendas.
  2. “Scouting” is all that. No pretending. It’s just doing that without Scouts BSA. How many adults does it take to grab a tarp go into some woods and spend the evening? To walk to the nearest museum? To visit a municipal building? To do some good in the world. (Answer: it’s a nonnegative number less than 1.) Scouting will continue as long as there are boys, girls, and woods. It just won’t be distributed fairly to all youth. It will have increased safety risks. If National averages are correct, it will be twice to ten times more likely to expose a youth to sexual and physical abuse as
  3. You mean http://www.usscouts.org/databases/camp/ocd.cgi The TCC is probably using that for their machinations.
  4. Let's be clear about my stumping for the two-week post 2nd dose rule. I am not saying that a scouter needs to be more cautious than he/she was last year. Simply stay the course. Wave #1 was flattened yet some camps, IMHO, closed unnecessarily. The unintended consequence of that was folks traveled further to the few open camp which probably offset risk mitigation. But in general, if you were able to go camping last year, you should be able to do the same this year. Better yet, most of your scouts have their own masks and understand protocol. On the flip side, they will have access to more in-pe
  5. Last month I was giving condolences to the family of a neighbor who only got his 1st dose, so if I sound paranoid it's because the math is adding up in a boots-on-the ground fashion. We're all playing an odds game, and success is more likely if others around you have been vaccinated. Still, we're talking being exposed to uninfected youth who, if infected, tend to be asymptomatic. We're a cut above folks in E-Rs and respiratory clinics, and that comprises the folks who I know got sick 7-14 days after second dose. But then again most of the folks who had second doses last month were in thos
  6. I can't find the phrase on the page, so is this what you intend the topic to be? Oh, thanks @CynicalScouter. In any case, the solution is "Increase Skill Mastery." A pandemic is no excuse. Basically, more time in open air is also our solution. We met in a park through the warm months last year, and it really helped our boys practice and master skills. Even as we are looking at lower restrictions now that most of our adults have jabs and virus-laden kids pose 1/20th the risk, we plan on repeating that practice. We were fortunate that our district made efforts to keep things ro
  7. Gas prices were lower this last drive south, but Mrs. Q and I made up for it. If we bought any more d/o’s, I could have mounted matching hubcaps on all four wheels.
  8. Well, obviously, the victims who are convinced that filing suit does them no good would not be among the 8 in 10,000 scouts/alumni who have joined this class action. The totality of victims who’ve ever opened up to me were abused outside of scouting. Nevertheless “disease of the soul” is apt.
  9. Society has made propositioning for this thing not fall under "sexual activity/discourse." This might be unacceptable in your your scouter-verse, and for good reason. But if a complaint went up the chain, this guy probably argued a "I didn't realize that's what they meant ..." clash-of-culture defense. Bottom line: if youth didn't observe it, you'll be hard-pressed to call it a YP issue.
  10. @Armymutt, unfortunately, as clear cut as this is to you and me, this is not necessarily a YP issue. As my cousin Robbie has stumped for decades, adopting a permissive sexual ethic opens the gate for acceptance of polyamory and, consequently, adult-adult interactions involving proposals along those lines. So, you are wise to check with council, in your right to select leaders who will put youth ahead of liaisons, and in your right to have a low opinion of someone else’s ethics. But, worrying about what folks at a district level or in another unit give you ulcers needlessly.
  11. That’s not “creeped out.” It’s patently offensive (even among sexually permissive circles) to assume that a single mom would be amenable to polygamy. Stick up for your moms. Reject this guy.
  12. Of course, that calculus is impossible because families aren’t obliged to report any abuses that happen while their children are not In scouting. But based on our current understanding of the pathology, it is a reasonable guess that youth are at much greater risk when an uncle, sibling, or friend takes them camping. 84,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated millions who have been sexually abused as minors over the past 50 years. Remove BSA and its various methods of accountability, break the budget of every CO and remove them as contributors to youth programs, and we merely
  13. @ThenNow, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would beat your dad to the punch. But think on this: if you didn’t want your corrupted troop to die then, why would you want the many wholesome troops to dissolve now? ETA: To be clear ... this is not an attack. This is an attempt to understand how what happened before influences the negotiations now.
  14. So, I think the best way to implement your ticket is to lean into the patrol method and MB counseling. How about this for a goal: Develop and market patrol-oriented MB instruction. Develop an invite along the lines of “Mr/Miss Leader of the —— Patrol, You and the youth you lead are invited to schedule a weekend or set of evenings for my —— MB challenge.” Promote your program to the troop(s) you serve. In other words, think of the MB’s you teach. Go over the requirements. Identify those that might best be performed as a patrol activity — especially if there is a convenient resource in
  15. I would suggest that an intransigent attitude has nothing to do with tenure. I’ve seen this with leaders who’ve only had a couple of years under their belts and their kids are still in their unit.
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