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  1. Anyone notice that your neckerchief is just a backwards face mask?

  2. I hate when people question scouts' motives ... almost as much as I hate when scouters announce that a project "counts for service hours." I swear, nobody who likes those shenanigans should let me run this organization. I would strike all service hour requirements from every rank ... immediately after eliminating the ageist policy on rank advancement, requiring ASMs and SMs to earn 1st class from their SPL/JASMs, and re-instituting Bird Study as required for Eagle. Most all scouts have fulfilled the hours need for their next rank 10x over, most all scouts want to do something for their community, and most any project is going to take twice as long as what any scout needs for his/her next rank. Nothing personal @InquisitiveScouter, you just tapped a pet peeve!
  3. The crux of the matter is not the walk in the woods ... which I advocate for any family at this time. It's the cars needed to get there and the relatively tight parking areas (and all those door handles) ... which I wouldn't advocate. If those woods are just a walk from everyone's house, then you aren't carrying your carriers, and a service project is manageable. Honestly, litter is accumulating around people's homes. How about scouts picking that up? That nurse or doctor whose working doubles? That neighbor whose laid off? A home-cooked meal on their doorstep would go a long way! And, let's remind ourselves that, even in this pandemic, it's a big country. There is no one-size-fits-all.
  4. The scout and his patrol could make a rolling schedule of campouts. Say you missed two weekends so far, he schedules two weekends next month. And two weekends the following month or the month after summer camp.
  5. Friends, not only am I going to shake hands with my Mediterranean cousins who live through this ... we will kiss, first right cheek then left. (As opposed to some of my Eastern European left-then-right cousins ... that always ends up a little messy.) The one habit that I hope my scouts do maintain: hand washing. Our nails have never been so clean.
  6. Well, a lot of troops don't take the Librarian position of responsibility seriously. And that's a shame, because the first step in teaching a scout skill is reference. News to me about the .pdf. If you make a purchase, look into the fine print on the copyright for us. If that pdf is transferable between scouts, librarians could take advantage of it to fulfill their positions this month.
  7. @DLikens, welcome to the forums! And sorry about the scouting digital echo chamber. BSA was late to the digital game, so others went through a lot of hoops to provide what it didn't. Also, your troop library should have collected used merit badge pamphlets, and there should be a way for your troop librarian to dead-drop the desired pamphlet. If you already subscribe to Kindle, you can purchase some pamphlets. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/09/03/merit-badge-pamphlets-leader-guides-fieldbook-now-kindle/ I don't recommend it because there is no way to transfer ownership of the pamphlet to another scout once yours is finished with it.
  8. I was thinking about that for my orienteering club. Instead of punching in. Take a selfie of yourself with the control.
  9. Hey, my friend in Nigeria had her 1st baby. He's a prince alright. Still got a get a gift out to the happy parents.
  10. And there it is ... an ad for "Shop Filter face mask."
  11. Daughter and I saw a guy with a prodigious beard wearing a coffee filter. At least an N95 isn't going to waste.
  12. Thanks guys! The little guy is on the mend.
  13. The reason is not "exact", it's a bit fuzzy and boils down to answering your question with a question: What does a scout learn by asking for some extra cash outright that he/she wouldn't learn by providing goods or services (e.g., a brunch, a wreath, a dead tree collection) for a nominal fee?
  14. Firstly, Saars-Cov-2 is in no way on par with any predator. It is merely a chain letter in an envelope that cells --of our species in particular and maybe one or two others in general -- find very desirable to grab, open, copy, and disseminate. Secondly, my "home range" includes: the homes and scout-houses of SMs who insist that I visit someday, be they in Denmark, Sweden, India, Indonesia or elsewhere. a hospital ... the walls of which I may not cross ... In which Son #1's Son #1 is recovering from a necessarily invasive surgery to correct a fetal heart defect. Unlike mere beasts, I understand the necessity of withdrawing to a territory for some time, but like creatures -- from box turtles to mountain lions -- I could no more stay from walking the block outside that hospital any more than they could stay from crossing a busy road.
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