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  1. Good luck. I’ve worked with committees faced with these kinds of decisions where every solution sounds like a bad one.
  2. I’ve known scouts who finished their Eagle advancement while in juvenile detention. So I’m quick to say anything’s possible. But … When a seasoned scouter has his doubts, it’s time to ask hard questions. What will a Lone Scout program offer the scout that he may not already have via his treatment program? Are you sure nobody in your council is trying a scouting program for kids with behavior disorders? There’s no boiler-plate. So, you need to find the scouters in your council who may handle a program specifically for this. This is one of those situations where a note to your SE might
  3. All minus most equals some of our scouts carrying for the rest of us. For a few years, Buttercup was the troop song. And no, it was not great. Then one choir boy decided to take the lead by opening with that guttural “Why do you …” just like on the record. All of summer would be up and dancing at evening campfire. The Good Book says “Make a joyful noise …” no mention of tonality.
  4. I can’t even believe I’m about to say this … … make peace with the electronics. The boys in my troop become singing fools when they start streaming old-school pop tunes. I constantly remind them that I loath whatever the tech name is for their pathetic excuse for a boom box, but I’ll abide it as long as I hear their voices rise above in passable melody.
  5. I like how you are thinking. Don’t send 1st and 2nd year scouts on HA’s. Really and truly, you want your HA contingent to have first class skills and to be practicing them throughout the year. That includes teaching them to 1st years at summer camp. In fact younger scouts see a good role model as older scouts prepare for HA. (E.g. you all are basically in the one-hike-a-month club until you go to Philmont.) So, the ideal solution is that your “elite 8” attend summer camp as well as the HA. Is there anything getting in the way of you doing that?
  6. Your mental gymnastics could come back to bite … Philmont trek is a series of overnights interrupted by hikes with full packs. Seabase sailing adventures is a series of overnights interrupted by rolling up your bunk, stowing it in the hold, and snorkeling reefs or touring islands. We could say the same for extended adventures with dog sledding, cross country skiing, or circus caravans. Look, let’s clear all of the machinations off the table and do what this forum prattles on incessantly about doing. Be boy led. Have the scout read the requirements, look at his campin
  7. Asked and answered here: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/06/24/ask-expert-isnt-camping-night-camping-mb/ Wade through the myriad comments, if you dare.
  8. I always believed the philosophy was to provide scout's fellows a sufficient amount of overnights with the troop on which to judge the candidate's merits. More nights throughout the year = more data points. Since the canoe trip was a troop excursion and not some big-ticket provisional HA, it would mean the lad's character was manifest to the rest of your scouts on that trip. If he was a saint to scouts on land where you all were watching, but a jerk in his boat every time you adults were around the bend, he won't get elected.* If your boys are like mine, word gets around if one scout made
  9. If the registrar make this a "hang-up", it's the fault of adults. The scout's application would not be rejected. An appeal to National would come down in favor of the scout. Again, this is where getting to know your advancement chair comes in handy.
  10. What is the "overall budget of the organization" when the organization offloads stewardship of it's resources (meeting space, equipment, and a boatload of management onto COs and volunteers? If council-owned troops become increasingly popular, there will be budgets will increase and the SE's pay as a percentage of that budget will decrease, even if actually salary remains constant. SE's get compensated well when a lot of other people do work for the council for little or nothing.
  11. Our SM was unavailable, so Friday I conferenced and signed the Eagle App for a scout whose birthday was yesterday. (Yes, he registered to vote.) I was in communication with the SM and other ASM's throughout. Keep the BS out of the BSA. Check in with your district/council advancement chair so that your current arrangement is well understood by all.
  12. A scouter can be taught! @curious_scouter, Regarding that sanity check, let me hand down what my advisor told me when I was an Advisor dealing with all manner of cross-talk regarding how to do my job, and I asked, "Am I right, or am I crazy." He said, "Oh, you may very well be crazy, but you are certainly right!" If I were you, I'd get the "cooler boys" a patrol of two totem for their flag. What's going to happen if that pair are the only boys from their patrol who show up on activities ready to scout at full tilt and give other patrols a run for their money? Other scouts as
  13. So ... here's how to rub the other way. Invite big donors to your program. That makes the SE pay very close attention to you. If a donor is posting on his/her media page about the attendance of a scouting event that you programmed, I assure you that that program will get funding. For any of you who are feeling an "ick" factor because you're "in it for the boys", please understand that the entire USA movement is founded by businessmen who understood cash flow far better than they understood youth development. Design a program that a businessman sees as a worthy investment, and you'll find
  14. Oh, how cute. Thinking that executives of organizations under collapse would get reduced pay. On the contrary, expect executive salaries to increase as councils merge and more demands will be placed on a professional who could find better compensation doing less for more in the private sector.
  15. There you go reminding us of a scouting-pro's-dozen annual ideas that do nothing to motivate more growth -- be it personal or numeric.
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