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  1. On my honor, I have never withheld any information from a scout that could, one day forestall death (the scout’s or other’s) and generally make the world a better place. I dunno, why would I place an orienteering control in the middle of the woods and not give a scout turn-by-turn directions to it? Neither you nor I can be exauhstive sources of information on every path a scout may take. If you think you have been, you’ve deluded yourself. And, there is a risk, like at the start of this thread, of bemoaning the requirements of an award because it emphasizes something you
  2. I'm of the opposite view. It is the scout's responsibility to read his/her handbook, magazines, and other literature and learn what awards they might wish to earn. It is the adult leader's responsibility to inculcate a vision of the pinnacle scouting experience of hiking and camping independently with your mates. Sure, if a scout is an avid camper I might tell him, in passing, to look up the NOAC. If he's a good shot, I'll let him no about Jr. NRA. If he swims like a fiend, and is very conscientious, I'll encourage BSA Guard certification. If he masters a knot, I'll probably tell h
  3. My only wish is that all requirements were in one plain-old-ascii file. Same thing for annual reports.
  4. Regarding youth supporting basic council operations: my crew had lots of interactions with professional staff at council HQ and at VOA activities. We considered those interactions as part of their leadership training. The pros were mostly positive role models for my crew. One DE even had a spare sleeping bag for a venturer who had forgot hers. (He explained that he had just come from a cub event, and having such stuff was par for the course.) So, if put upon, I think my youth at the time would have been open to fundraising to support what you all consider "basic operations." The the boys in t
  5. My gut (and I think this is in the spirit of most regulations): if you've kept the pack running, you'll want to wait until you can share B&G with parents and grandparents, etc ... Sure, you could do something online, but folks are hankering for a celebration to look forward to. Postpone until everyone in your circles has had the vaccine. (Mrs. Q and I got round one yesterday. She's a little bit more sore than me -- but more sore that she had to wait this long. I'm only sore that my facility only doled out a sticker the size of my fingernail.) A June B&G picnic would be nice. If th
  6. So, here's the advantage of a Unit-collection: Volunteer labor spent presenting (and, from your parents' perspective, listening to) FOS presentations. As you mention, those costs are not trivial. Here's the disadvantage: Youth labor spent raising funds for other troops. The whole point of FOS is supposedly to provide facilities and camperships to scouts who couldn't otherwise afford them. It's one thing if your youth want to do that. (GS/USA youth seem to be quite proud that their cookie sales do such things.) But perhaps your youth have other charities for whom they want t
  7. If this were a scout in my troop, I would have paid for the registration in exchange for some treats (or at least a post-card) from your overseas placement. Do you use scoutbook? Does anything there say something about rechartering?
  8. I can’t remember when it was rolled out. There’s this bit of discussion with just a little snark from yours truly ...
  9. Thanks for the update. We scouts and scouters tend to be a plain-spoken bunch. So you're going to here about dislikes as well as likes. Shoot, you are even welcome dislike this post by down-voting! Now, SMs and ASMs are not on a board of review, we generally introduce you to the board, leave the room, and wait somewhat uncomfortably out in the hallway for you to join us, then wait some more while the board deliberates. So he will not be able to sway the board one way or the other. In your scoutmaster conference, you can discuss how things went down and how the approval process was emotion
  10. Oh, for the days when Maslow's pyramids were sketched with scrawled labels on transparencies and pinned on bulletin boards in the halls of academia! I should have taped pictures of fresh sandwichs under them and a rotting ones outside of them. ;) It's not that I disagree with the concept, it's that people mistakenly put intellectually demanding actions at the top of the pyramid. Can't blame them, it's an academic concept. For example, I think you've placed Swimming and Camping too low on that hierarchy. Those two in particular are about fulfilling the vision of the pinnacle scouting exper
  11. Sorry @Bowsprit, DE&I (the concept, not patch, not political mantra) is interesting. For example, to @Eagledad's point: A cultural issue, a broken family issue, and a drug and alcohol and tobacco issue. Plus, a negative feedback loop where educators in certain districts have expected less of my scouts. It's the latter that has to be defeated as it was for me about a century ago: The day that the school superintendent walked across town and explained to my grandfather why his kids should continue into middle and through high school ... is the day that rewrote history for eight
  12. They support my statement. More numbers of, and a higher percentage of, young men than ever before in our nation's history are enrolling in college, graduating from college, and getting advanced degrees. Bonus: their sisters, girlfriends, and wives are enrolling as well. Simply put, higher education has never been better for guys of any race/class. Regarding equity, minorities are still not entering academia at a desirable rate. That's a disparity creating disparities that are hard to overcome via trades. My hope is that new media will be able to help minorities sharpen their business acu
  13. @Bowsprit, you've been lied to. But, you're not the first one ... Fact: More boys (in raw #s or percentage of adult males) are entering college than ever before in our Nation's history, more are completing college, more are going on to advanced degrees. We could credit many things (the GI bill for one), and one institution would be the coeducational system allows boys and girls to be inspired by the achievements of the opposite sex. In a decade, the rates of suicide have doubled for females (tripled for black and Hispanic females), they have less than doubled for males (and increase
  14. There is also significant data (a preponderance of it so great that US public schools remain integrated) ... that shows that sex differences in learning styles is marginal at best, defined by prevailing cultures and fashion, and so biased by the educators themselves that it is not worth investing in separating sexes. The evidence leads one to conclude that a successful arrangement will keep sexes in the same environment and teach both how a given sex may acquire and retain knowledge differently. Individuals adjust accordingly and are able to segregate when needed. Most all of this only pa
  15. @Owls_are_cool, the way I read it was that the scouts' proposal was reviewed by the district and got a "good enough." The scout is now concerned that those dissenting opinions might bleed through however many months from now when he has his BoR. It's actually a pretty decent life-lesson. You could convert a run-down bowling alley into the Sistine chapel, and someone's not gonna like it. How do you muscle through that opposition when you are up for an award and the opposition is sitting on the board? It's tough to say, "Respectfully, Sir, I got approval from your district on the exact spa
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