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  1. Yes, it would be nice to have empirical data — not for individual decisions, but to determine how to help schools make better policy going forward. Unfortunately camps aren’t required to — nor would they be capable of — fielding a public health officer who could report either COVID or salmonella outbreaks. (The latter could be truly harmful in this population.) That would be a mission of your state’s public health office. Volunteer to pay more taxes and it might happen. Data costs real money, and statisticians don’t come cheap. But, based on the few studies that I’ve read from last y
  2. Way to take something to the dark side @jcousino. I’m sure @5thGenTexanwould have acted and not posted if the “poke” were a physical assault. The CM is a an uninitiated insignia wonk. That’s all.
  3. I wouldn’t stop him/her. The SPL may dock a point on inspection but it would be worth it if the scout is that loyal to the den.
  4. 2.5 MB’s a week. If each MBC in your district counsels 5 or more different MBs, that’s 25 people to contact. Even without any “high-speed, low-drag” adults in the vicinity, it sounds doable for a scout who starts at a more mature age, and this is his/her sole hobby. My wish is that one in ten of those badges sticks with the scout and forms a hobby or occupation for the rest of their life.
  5. Pre-camp testing seems impossible to enforce. To be practical, campers and staff would have to test the week before remain socially isolated, and retest. Since seemingly few camps experience outbreaks (this doesn’t seem like an outbreak), testing one camp of residents as confirmed cases arise is the most effective use of resources. It means that a handful of camps will close, but most will go forward with campers reinforcing social distance practices in advance of the school year. Close attention to local public health reports is critical at this time.
  6. Whenever someone thinks “very Christian,” I think Byzantium.
  7. I also like to stress how that's not the final point along the trail. About as three months hence (and quarterly thereafter), expect the scout to meet with you to fulfill Palm requirement #5.
  8. Are you saying that EDGE is not enough to teach a scout skill? That a referencing is essential, and any method that omits it falls woefully short? Heretic!
  9. More media churn. This article is not about BSA. If it was, it would admit that the "demise" is more of a "denouement" ... protracted over a half-century. It would talk about how membership began to decline in concert with policies intended to appeal to its (assumed) majority base. Nor is it about TL/USA. If it was, it would admit that this organization has not taken up the "slack" of scouts who left BSA before aging out -- in 2013 or any other year. It has not attracted the vast majority of Christian communities. It's a fun ride, but nothing "like wildfire." If it cared, it
  10. You've made my point. Leadership was not a method of scouting in 1933. As @fred8033, scouts have a reputation for treating the roughest parts of boot camp as another night out under the sky. It's their self-reliance and resilience that are selling points. People have sacred cows. They love to carry them wherever they go. They think it makes them special. It does, to the other people carrying those same cows. But what about the folks carrying sheep? Could a lot of our potential membership be shepherds who are intimidated by those cow-pokes? Some of us know that the Almighty finds a lot of
  11. Or, is it like saying, “We’ll provide chocolate wafers, and and the scouts, the filling!” We all know that we’re not taking leadership out. We’re just removing it as a method … possibly replacing it and personal growth with “service” and “responsibility.” I saw yet another post on the scouting forums from a leader who was bothered about an SPL and PL who already earned Eagle wanting to hold their positions while he/she wanted to let younger scouts to have a crack at those while Star or Life scouts. Our adults aren’t getting the message. Not all of them. Maybe not even most of them
  12. So, time to think out of the box … Will we increase membership by removing Leadership Development from the methods of scouting? Why would that make any sense at all? I can think of two reasons. LD not distinctive. Sports claims to be leadership development. Academics claims to be leadership development. Music/band claims to be leadership development. Same for lots of other organizations and many religions. Kids hear it, and it is just another phrase of doublespeak to them. Not everyone is looking for it. I’ve only met a handful of youth who were all about LD, and they wer
  13. @Oldscout, the story that TAHAWK found may not have anything to do with the OP. It's not clear how personal this case is to the OP. So "recently" could be 5 years ago, or not. Regardless, the bottom line is that stuff like this gets out, and action is usually taken at some level. I think most of us prefer it be handled at the unit level, but sometimes units don't react. Or, they don't communicate their actions to their district or council. In that case, councils will respond.
  14. Yep, @yknot, this is pretty routine. A scout is trustworthy. A person who betrays trusts is not a scout. Usually this is a troop committee decision, but when the matter is of public trust the dismissal can just as easily come from Council or National. It is not a fun day when an exec calls you about a member in your unit.
  15. The way the US code reads, a criminal charge would be a very high bar.
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