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  1. Also, if there are any badges that require fitness tracking, rehab is a good opportunity to do that sort of thing.
  2. Glad someone got a laugh. But for anyone who wants to take this seriously … One line of thinking is that this rechartering delay is an adult debacle. So, indeed, if the scouts pull of their camp out, even if it’s essentially under the auspices of he CO with no help from BSA, they should be recognized for it. And chances are, your council advancement committee would agree. On the other hand, when I was a kid, campouts — especially in winter — were just for fun as @MattR described. If you told me the night would not meet the “under the auspices of BSA” requirement as written, I’d st
  3. The dropping of Bird Study from the required list occurred shortly after National enforced the age limit on rank advancement. The more people thought of this is a badge for kids, the more they thought that what needed to be required was what might not have been taught in school. It took 30 years to get Cooking back on the required list. One of our ASMs is a birder. He’s a great example to the scouts, if they take note of how he does things.
  4. If only scouts were required to learn to track such beasts. Stats for MBs earned 2016-2020: Bird Study 5,199 4,965 5,101 5,629 3,950
  5. So, like what my troop was camping in last November. Truth be told, it was a little rough on the boys.
  6. We’re getting a lot of that here, too. I think partly because it’s risky business demolishing a church. Renovation can be, in the long run, cost effective. It’s interesting to see churches spring up in warehouses while beer gardens move into some old church buildings.
  7. It just won’t count for camping nights!
  8. @InquisitiveScouter, ours seems to have gone through. But, maybe because we were merging troops (again) this year and transferring a lot of scouts, we got pushed through. We made sure clearances were well organized three months ago. I haven't seen a certificate yet, but that's not much of a surprise. The transferred scouts are now visible to us, so something worked.
  9. Just make sure the laundry that you need for the week gets done before he comes back! His will deserve special treatment. ☢️
  10. I don’t like your situation, but I do like your attitude. For yourself, see if the scouts or other youth group near where you are could use a volunteer for “one hour a week”. Think outside of the box. You never know what opportunities may be there. For your family, bust hump keeping them in the loop. Nice thing about the Army, you got plenty of folks who know that drill. Get your replacement up and running. The Mrs. should do the same. That’s gonna be the hardest job. I wouldn’t commit to any specific committee job besides being a sounding board for the new CM. You’re about
  11. I’m going to be my own opposition’s advocate a bit in this reply, but in the service of understanding what befalls our youth and young adults … Some US studies showed that parents who abuse alcohol (severe substance use disorder) are twice as likely to commit child sexual abuse as those who do not. However, the causal chain is uncertain, substance abuse doesn’t capture a spectrum of users, it’s hard to generalize from parents to youth leaders, and our health system doesn’t track people very well. A recent study of Swedish men found other factors (age of parents, low education, prior co
  12. There is no such provision https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title36/subtitle2/partB/chapter309&edition=prelim
  13. The official description of FBI identity history, and how to check it, may be found here: https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/identity-history-summary-checks
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