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  1. This is not complicated. Stop worrying about service hours. The only reason BSA wants you to count it is so that they can for-sure-brag about the dollar utility of scouting to this nation. The scout slogan is Do a good turn daily. If scouts are doing that -- and it sounds like they are -- then they've performed the requisite hours of service. If not, then no dog-and-pony show at an ECoH or clocking hours at some project will make a hill of beans difference in the youth's scout spirit. Tell your boys to help the old folks in your life to navigate vaccine sign-up. I assure you that the
  2. Oh yeah, they once visited the editor of the local paper. She took their picture, then they helped her write a caption, and fit it on the page for the next edition.
  3. There have been job losses for executives, does that count?
  4. File under: Why bean-counting of service hours should be stricken from all rank advancement requirements.
  5. O what a tangled web we weave when we don't add 1/3 of a week to the end of each month. ;)
  6. @ThenNow, the evolution of therapy is such that therapists determine that patients need more of it for refractory conditions. This, by the way, makes it nearly impossible for someone to complete certain kinds of therapy (e.g., strategies that require the patient participate with a family member twice a week for a couple of months are simply inaccessible to someone whose minimum wage job(s) with spartan benefits has inflexible hours). So, if the settlement is quite large, we may find that a victim of a scoutmaster has access to an expansive therapy while a victim of a family member -- especiall
  7. Regarding costs ... I am only pointing out that the rhetoric does not match the math. To be honest, I expect the cost of therapy to rise in proportion to the size of the settlement. Victims might actually get less support if they are awarded more. Regarding properties, etc ... scouting doesn't really need them. But, I can foresee a future in which independent property owners could be sued if they allowed a troop with an abuser to camp on their land. Regarding the term "arrogance" ... note that I'm not the only one using it. BSA needed to admit that it's protections only work unt
  8. So the proposed settlement would cover the costs of therapy.
  9. If we are coming in above budget, we usually cover dues or camp costs.
  10. You moved and your boys stuck with scouts. That’s a win! No personal experience. My kids are just not that creative. (They went on to study chemical engineering). Our troop had a scout or two with brothers in another unit. They all grew up just fine.
  11. @ThenNow, thanks for the perspective. It sounds like step 1 was recognizing that you didn't do enough to stop an nefarious person. Step 2 is to recognize that nefarious people know how to avoid being stopped. They game the system, and that's intimidating to a young person who barely understands how the system works. That means that, yes, you didn't do enough, but that does not mean you weren't good enough. To get the kind of victory you're thinking of, you needed a lot of other people around you to be open and brutally honest. But, the culture was not standing by the young people who w
  12. @skeptic, Fauci was on NPR 1A this morning saying that he wouldn't expect a roll-out to elementary age kids until sometime next year. (That's not to say one shouldn't vaccinate a child with asthma or other serious condition.) The fact that youth are at the least risk is a reason to hold off on the vaccine until side effect data are in from everyone under the emergency use authorization (EUA). The current vaccines have had about 1000 claims of deaths after administration to 40,000,000. That's way better then the lethality of the virus in adults, but it's not better than how infected kids h
  13. Thanks @CynicalScouter. The retention of units makes it quite clear that LDS, folks with a restrictive sexual ethic, and litigation have become a perfect storm. Nothing against pros. They are in an impossible situation ... trying to sell registration at a higher cost than many parents/scouts are willing to pay ... and trying to do it without handshakes in-person. Many CO's are on the brink of collapse. If we've hit bottom, we might see some rebound post-pandemic. But I think that won't happen until '22, based on when vaccine will be rolled out to kids.
  14. I'm not that well connected with leather workers, but I'll keep one eye open. General question for everyone ... any experience out there with 3-D printed stamps? It seems like there would be a natural synergy between the two hobbies. This trademarked material would be a no-go without permission from the owner, but it seems like there ought to be a lot of potential for home-crafted images.
  15. It's been a while, but some of my favorite visits were to: The volunteer fire house, One of the dad's commercial photography studio. Nature trails, Ball games. Marching in parades! For our district, I coordinate a flag placement one evening in advance of Memorial day. Lots of Lion/Tiger parents tell me how much they appreciate that!
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