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  1. New merit badge idea?

    Welcome to the forums. Do submit your idea via the Email using the address in the link that Bryan's blog sent you. Be patient, it takes years ... sometimes decades ... for an idea to congeal into a Merit Badge.
  2. Call me contrarian, but Webelos really don't need to engage with a troop at all. Be nice if they do so they earn AoL etc ... But, they'll do just as well learning from scratch in a troop that their buddy invites them to the following year. I think we would all be better served to revise the AoL requirement to simply say, "Make friends with a Boy Scout, have him teach you about the Scout rank." Then revise the First Class Rank requirement to say, "Befriend an AoL Scout or someone your age, teach him/her about Scout rank, with your PL/SPL's permission, invite him/her to visit your troop on a meeting night or other activity." This takes the onus off the DL to be the perfect patrol leader, etc ... and puts it on the community of scouts, not just the den chief, to acclimate a boy to troop life.
  3. Regardless of those slight changes, our Webelos are coming in a little sharper than before. I remember when I was a cub, Webelos made you tenderfoot-ready. (Plus, in my den, we had some skill with the DL's '38 special.)
  4. Don't worry HT, E94 has his bright moments. But graft an corruption -- especially from volunteers and pros -- cause him to squeak. We really emphasize this point with the boys. If they don't know a scout, abstain. (Yes, we have to teach them what the word means and how to spell it!) Some first class scouts in a troop that's only been doing patrol-oriented activities may only be known to their patrol, SPL, and ASPL. For them, 6 honest votes (up or down) out of 10 is all that should matter ... unless between school and meetings other scouts know that he robs liquor stores to buy drugs. The opposite could be true. A scout could be in a patrol full of bullies, and he's going against their current. The thugs don't notice it, but boys in other patrols do. Either way that's why you want as much of the troop as possible to weigh in and vote: yes, no, or abstain.
  5. I'll let someone else spin this about something like who's got any news about WSJ acceptances ... @FireStone, don't get me wrong. I want boys to master first class skills ASAP. Girls too ... my crew, when active, goes for wilderness, and we only go as deep as skills allow. The sooner those skills are mastered, the sooner we can make better hike plans, do better service projects, build honor guards, support civic ceremony, cook really good meals, etc ... But, I'm in no hurry to put a patch on a scout who hasn't mastered the skills in those requirements. And for all but disabled boys that is met, not by time spent in the program, but rather time spent on the program. A boy spending 5 hours a week and an overnight a month working on advancement will rank up right quick ... an hour a week and camping once a quarter will take a good couple or five years.
  6. Hey guys! WM crossed over to the dark side! One FCFY down, umpteen thousand more to go!
  7. It's a national policy. I think the general idea is if a scout is favored by the majority of half his unit, that's a 25% of the boys registered in the unit weighing in on his election. I'm pretty sure they didn't spend a lot of time examining the properties of the multivariate binomial distribution for this one. They just figured it was a good enough number of boys to judge if the lodge was getting a decent candidate or not. Obviously, if you've screen your boys and 3/4 of ballots from 40% of the troop endorse each of them, the other half of the troop would make no difference. We've had some "just-by-a-vote" elections. So, if we ran one with less than half the membership present and the absent majority found out that they we railroaded the results, we'd catch a lot of flack from our scouts. We used to have elections at summer camp. I liked that. But then our boys started going to different camps. That made it tougher to get a majority, so we arranged for a meeting night. And, it's pretty much like @Back Pack's troop. We make a plan to collect ballots early and announce well in advance.
  8. Teaching Orienteering

    Want to be despised, yet loved? Try "tortured soul": I'd say make your course 5 points on the edges of your grounds. That's 20 possible headings (four from each control to any of the next). At night, you could set up strobes/glowsticks and drop decoys. Be sure to leave time for clean-up.
  9. Dude, where have you been? Mom's have held committee positions for a long time. The mom of the best scout I ever knew sat on my BoRs.
  10. Fat Tuesday Dinners

    No pancakes last night, just tacos and fellowship. There a friend delivered an awesom one-liner in her Midwestern deadpan .... I can think of no better mashup of holiday for a single woman than Valentines and Ash Wendesday
  11. Actually, they have had a voice. They joined venturing, rose to positions in the national cabinet (similar thing hope so via O/A) and have been telling key-three that we scouters need to stop being petty for a couple of decades. And that may be a real victory. @cocomax, have you actually talked to scouts from other associations. Or, have you camped with our boys when a couple of them were afflicted with the drama bug?
  12. Learning to drive efficiently.

    I think you're trying to mansplain something to me, but being a dude, I missed the micro-aggression
  13. i.Scout

    Replacing the period with the space in the search, I found https://iscoutgame.com/en/home
  14. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    My FL relatives don't do WDW with their Pack/Troop, but they do camp at Daytona speedway sometime on or around race week.
  15. As long as they are cool with the declaration of religious principle, I'll SM a patrol of them too!