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  1. Let’s all stop thinking the worst of one another and roll back the last three posts. @SiouxRanger’s wishing contagion on the innocents among an adversary’s family is unacceptable ad hominem (even if no such man exists), and as we see, opened the gate to taking umbrage in kind. Think well of one another. Read twice before replying. Ask clarification rather than denounce. Make only one point, send, sleep on he other.
  2. Well, you’re in for it now! (Welcome to the forums BTW.) Seriously, there was precious little more rewarding than advising Daughter’s crew. (It was also Son #1 and #2’s crew as well, but having spent 13 years on the outside looking in, I think it meant a lot more for her.) Identify your troop’s female ASM’s immediately and get them on the same training page. If the CO can recommend someone from their ranks — all the better. If you’re claiming to stand apart, you need a couple of adults with that frame of reference. FWIW - most of us on this forum push patrols to operate independen
  3. Mandates, historically, have tended to backfire in the long run. BSA’s statement is better nuanced. Although it may leave room for spread in units/districts where members are avoiding vaccination for reasons other than an established personal risk for adverse reactions, we do no service to our nation for people to avoid scouting in order to shirk a mandate.
  4. You’re welcome. I assure you, setting up and maintaining shared passwords is a life skill that our kids will bear for the rest of their lives. But, maybe that’s not the important part of the “repair.” Mounting the router and running cable is probably more significant aspect. But you definitely have a lot of latitude with this one. You’ll find the biggest challenge with counseling this badge is that scouts might think it’s not a fun one to do.
  5. Death is a strong word. Worst case scenario is the pack will be dissolved. Let me rephrase: Your family didn't fund the entire program, you all enabled a co-dependent relationship. Your wife doesn't want to give up her 50hr/week job for the sake of some scouts' smiles. We all have priorities. You did more than the adults were asking you to do. It's not fun to have your work go un-appreciated. The best favor you could do for everyone involved is for one pack meeting, announce "Sorry folks the kids will not be getting their patches because we couldn't fit in time to
  6. There's a whole lot going on at the cub level. Just being a parent doesn't qualify them. They've had at least five years to find out how talented with kids they are (or not). As @David CO points out, the best some parents/guardians can do for the unit is bring their child and hang back. It's not merely a matter of them having an adverse history. It's that they know they aren't up for the task. Other parents/guardians have not learned that they may have a lot to offer. At the very least, they could hold the rest of you accountable. You really need them to surmount that training hurd
  7. @IndyDad, welcome to the forums. And, thanks in advance for all you do for the youth! If you have a scout with a baseball, and an old house, you have needed a pane of glass replaced! Yes, blinds can be made/replaced/fitted/repaired to your house. With old artwork, the paper backing can wear off of antique frames. Waterproofing is often a matter of reshaping a lawn or cleaning out clogged drains. But, we've also had our kids digging and chinking! If scouts do take you up on this badge, your are about to learn a lot of what a scout can do! Some "new house" projects: Run Ca
  8. If you want to gripe about this organization's marketing doublespeak, you'll have to take a number behind a formidable list of parties. Case in point: at no time has BSA touted a sex-segregated program with the same awards and recognition for all, yet here we are.
  9. Shame on Dave. The unit should report to the CO at least yearly. For churches, Scout Sunday is ideal for that sort of thing. If you don't have a meaningful conversation with your COR and IH (institutional head) at least once a year, you are doing your troop a profound disservice. Now, it's time for Dave to start having meaningful conversations with the new COR ... that would be Bob. Bob's belligerent, we gather. But, is he wrong? Has he met these leaders whose applications he holds in his hand? Has he called their references? Is he representing the CO well? If Dave is concerned that
  10. There has been some psycho-social research internationally that touched on the topic of scouting in specific. If I find the articles (again) I'll share. I agree with @David CO -- not because of any concerns about socialism per se -- but because I think the cost-benefit in health-care dollars won't tip for or against underwriting youth programs. However, if the point of the class is to work through that calculus, this one is pretty creative. We all have taken the public health ramifications of youth education for granted. The ability, for example, for large numbers of people to swim i
  11. The World Scout Jamboree is in 2023 (South Korea). Scouters will be spread thin regardless.
  12. If it actually saves time. Keep an eye on that. If adults are adding to meeting agenda because it’s two units, it’s better to split the committee.
  13. Simple? Let us remember that it's a big country. So there will be no single outcome. Getting beyond stats ... National Program (which, let's not whitewash it, is driven by some of the elite businessmen and women of America who saw scouting as a key to their success) will have roughly the same facilities and materials. However, delivery of facilities and materials will be passed on to volunteers -- or they will pay more for services. Registration costs and fees will increase. Local program will have lost facilities, and some scouts will have to travel longer distances to summer camp,
  14. I don't consider anything a threat if it engages youth. Based on reports from the participants who I know, TL\USA is a whole lot of fun. But, not being chartered by Congress, the organization is not beholden to report any statistics. Their website reports "over 30K" youth in 600 units. But that stat has not been updated for quite some time. Much of their leadership are former scout executives. Many of their troops are housed in institutions that formerly housed BSA troops. So, it's only a matter of time and legal talent before an ambitious representative of abused victims connects dots, f
  15. One problem with intense litigation: … it discourages voluntary reporting. But, from what I’ve come to understand, it depends. Formidable predators (let’s consider the adult serial rapist) may get their start at an early age … but avoid getting caught at the time. Some (not all) homosexuals who’ve talked to me about their history became sexually active at an early age with young women or men just a couple of years older. It is taken as gospel by those with a permissive sexual ethic that young people either have sex or talk about it or share images/videos about it a lot … ofte
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