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Unit Fundraising

Ideas for fundraising projects and programs for your unit.

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    • To cut way back on the number and styles of uniform parts and insignia that BSA has to produce, distribute, and maintain in inventory, I'd suggest: The same color and style of shirt for all programs. No epaulets, no shoulder loops, only cloth badges/patches with no backing so they are easy to sew on The only insignia allowed are the BSA and Council name strips (lettering only), World Scout badge (without Messenger of Peace ring or other embellishment), unit numeral, den/patrol patch, rank badge, position patch, OA arrow strip All insignia are at least one-third smaller than current badges/patches No official pants / shorts / skirts / skorts; no official belts, socks, or hats No sashes; merit badges one-third smaller than current size, may be sewn on neckerchiefs One Cub Scout neckerchief color for all grade levels Cub Scout adventure pins and belt loops become cloth badges sewn on neckerchiefs Other awards currently worn on uniform may be sewn on neckerchiefs To cut way back on the number of publications that BSA develops, produces, distributes, and maintains, I'd suggest: All publications are electronic, printable on demand The contents of all existing publications are broken down into these collections:  Youth member "how to" information for each program; youth leader "how to" information (Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting only); adult leader "how to" information for each program Eliminate all duplication and as much inconsistency as possible from each collection Convert what is left so that at least 90 percent of each collection is in the form of (a) checklists, (b) step-by-step instructions, and (c) diagrams or illustrations; with the remaining 10 percent or less limited to text, but with no single block of text containing more than seventy-five words
    • Heritage up in PA has a Scouter Service Patch earned by helping in a Scout activity among other things.  One of our neighboring Districts asked me to do WoodTools at their IOLS, which I did to good effect. The IOLS leadership said, "and of course, everyone will earn the Totin' Chip" and were surprised when I reminded them that Totin' Chip is a Scout award, not an adult award.  I said folks would know how it is done, and have a chance to "practice" but there would be no TC patch awarded....  I have not been asked to help again.....
    • During the lockdown and dreaming about hitting the trail, I've had a few conversations with Scouting folks about backpacking towels.  I tend to keep two of the shamwow type towels in my pack.  They do the job, dry quickly, and soak up quite a bit.  I've used traditional cotton towels, but recommend these type of towels for backpacking.  Having been to Philmont a few times with a different towel each time, I'm interested in what  you use or tell your scouts are best.
    • 7. The calmer, more obedient types stayed home. 8. A more heterogeneous society than many. 9. Taught for two generations with public money  that the present economic and political systems are evil so their rules are not worthy of obedience.  "Burn it down!"   10. Societal value of youth, inexperience, and ignorance over age, experience and knowledge.  E.G. "Tear down that statute  Of Frederick Douglass  - Black Lives Matter!"  11. Told for three generations that  "You deserve more free stuff, and someone else should pay for it.," a belief that such is  "justice."       
    • Look for a local watershed and maybe he could do a stream/waterway cleanup. That might be cooler than trail clearing. Also, check with same or with municipal or county parks department to see if they would be interested in a bio blitz of a particular property.  That's a cool project and totally covid friendly. Ditto bat or bird boxes. He might also build signage for an organization in support of a conservation project, such as stay on the trail, etc.  See if a nature center wants help setting up a nature cam for their web site if he's techy.
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