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    • The problem is our committee isn’t much of a committee. The committee chair verbally stepped down and has not been involved in quite some time. 
    • A small troop has a bunch of administrative tasks that falls on 1-2 people. Talk to your scoutmaster and committee chair to see if they have some easy tasks that they want to unload...and get a ticket on how to learn the task and complete it once. Brainstorm on what the troop needs help with administratively. If you are not a Merit Badge Counselor, maybe taking on a required merit badge or two.
    • @Alaina on behalf of the scouter.com moderators,  welcome.
    • Good day all.  I am fairly new to scouting--my kids are scouts but I do not know a lot about the way scouting works.  I have learned a lot but have a ways to go. I am a committee member and recently did my first weekend of Woodbadge and I am struggling with my ticket items.  It was stated multiple times to "stay in our lanes" when it came to deciding on ticket items.  Here is my problem--I am a committee member for a very small troop--Only 5 members and not all of them are very active. Our committee chair verbally stepped down but not officially and our committee has only had maybe 3 meetings in the 2 years we have been scouting. What are some ideas you guys have to help me think about ticket items that stay in my lane? I know it needs to be diverse, be something I can do without depending on someone else completely, and be under the umbrella of committee member.  2 of my items are about training for myself but if someone could add some insight and direction I would be appreciative.   Alaina
    • That horse left the barn years ago.  The BSA has settled multiple cases in and out of court already.  You've already paid.
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