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  1. I know at least three Troops in our area have notified council they will not be rechartering. Do not know their membership numbers, though. My guess is that they were somewhat small.... <=10 Several Scouts who want to continue are moving over to us. And we are getting some gear to help fill in a few of our gaps. Our attrition was normal. We had 53 on the books before recharter season... have gained 5 from Troops not rechartering already (so now at 58). (Expecting a few more in the weeks to come.) We will lose 6 who have been pretty much no-shows, 1 who is moving into multipl
  2. This is a fundamental truth that escapes much of the organization. Expand your net, please, to include National Service Territory and National volunteers, and professionals at all levels.
  3. We invested in North Face Stormbreak II tents... Great for local camping and some shorter backpacking trips. But, has some drawbacks... - Footprints are extra cost (probably the same with most tents) - Vestibules are a bit small and make getting into the tent a bit of a yoga exercise - Scouts must be trained well on correct set up (this is an ongoing issue). However, once set up correctly, these can endure really bad weather and keep you dry. - Tent bag isn't big enough (nylon tents needn't be folded... just stuff them into the sack, as the fabric has no "memory" th
  4. Yes. And this formula works at the unit level within councils as well...
  5. Jobs... and feeding at the trough of donations...
  6. Welcome! The very best starting advice is to ask your questions here, and ask for the source material for the answer. Most diligent posters will give you a link to the source in some BSA material for the answer they are giving. If it is something that is a matter of opinion (and there is much that falls into that category), then be prepared for a wide range of answers. 😜
  7. As a youth, he must be a registered member of a unit in order to keep his OA membership active. It can be any unit he chooses. If he is not going to be a member of his "old" Troop, then he could transfer and recharter with a different unit. That said, the primary duty of any Arrowman is to serve his unit, not the lodge. If he only wants to serve in the lodge, then he is kinda missing the point of the OA.
  8. Wow, that is so wrong... and it shows a fundamental misunderstanding by the SM on how Patrols work, advancement requirements, and Troop organization If the Patrol elected him, then only the Patrol should be able to un-elect him 😜 Make sure the SM reads the requirements for rank. PL is not the only position that works. From the Star Scout requirements, positions held for four months that qualify: "Patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, senior patrol leader, troop guide, Order of the Arrow troop representative, den chief, scribe, librarian, historian, quartermaster, bug
  9. In over 40+ years, I can easily count the number of times I have seen a Scout use the corkscrew... zero. Mostly I remember them asking "what is this for?" as they whip out the most unused extensions on their pocketknife, corkscrew included. And what, pray tell, have you carried with a corkscrew? LOL
  10. Yes, I agree! It is REMARKABLE when the parents finally become great adults 😛 😜
  11. Ask 10 different Scouters their opinion on knives/tools, and you'll get 20 different opinions 😜 I would differ from @Armymutt on the Hunter, it has the saw (see my post above), a corkscrew (which Scouts don't really need), and a "gutting blade" (again, not an activity we normally do in Scouting 😜 ) https://www.victorinox.com/us/en/Products/Swiss-Army-Knives/Large-Pocket-Knives/Hunter/p/0.8573
  12. After decades of experience in Scouting and in the military, and many years of observing Scouts in the woods, recommend you go with nothing more than the tools on a Victorinox Tinker. They are about $32. https://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Tinker-Red-Swiss-Pocket/dp/B002J94KFG Or any knock-off of it would be cheaper... And please do not get anything with a saw on it, like the Victorinox Hiker, even though you can get "more for less"... https://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Swiss-Army-Hiker-Size/dp/B0001P151M Some of the nastiest wounds I have seen on hands are from Scouts t
  13. Even if there is law enforcement involvement and a conviction, you should not "kick him out" without addressing the behavior and giving him a chance to mend his ways. Have a Scoutmaster Conference with the Scout. Focus on the behavior, rather than the person. Explain that his behavior is un-Scout-like, and violates his Scout Oath and Scout Law. Explain that his behavior has consequences outside of family and school, and will extend to the Troop. Tell him if he is involved in future incidents, then he will be removed from the Troop. Recommend the SPL remove him from his curren
  14. Yes, I was an avid Ceremonies Team member in my youth, until turning 21 (back in 1987!). Meteu was my favorite part, although I played each part at one time or another. We had really bad outfits, with really bad headdresses. We also used facepaint without regard to meaning. We "played" Indian... I was ignorant to the issue of this being offensive, in a religious-sort-of-way. (Although, I do think that card is played is little too much. It is the default when someone wants to stop you from doing something they do not like.) Now that my ignorance is gone, I do not support the use of most
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