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  1. Just back from Summer Camp. Had a great discussion with a Scouter well-plugged into his council. He was asked by the SE to participate in a "soft release" of Citizenship in Society Merit Badge. SE gave no information other than that... Anyone out there have more intel??
  2. Much rings true...unfortunately, it seems only hard times will bring back the focus. And we are primed for hard times coming...
  3. Very easy for small numbers... check the websites, crews often have several slots open and want you to join them to help lower overall cost for everyone. Here's the Seabase Connections site: https://www.bsaseabase.org/scouts/scout-connections/
  4. Just returned from Summer Camp. 33 of 38 Scouts attended. (86.8%!!!) Would have been 34, but one pulled out last minute due to a broken foot. ($465 per head with $50 early bird discount...some came in later at $515. Plus a $40 bus ride to/from camp...so minimum $505 per camper.) Last month, we offered a 35-mile hike over 5 days/4 nights on the Appalachian Trail. We used this to conduct a Leave No Trace Trainer Course. Only five Scouts took the opportunity. ($110 per head.) We also do a Troop high adventure each summer. In two weeks, we leave for a 50-mile canoe trek (no portag
  5. Concur, but if you don't have the basics down...awareness, repellents, and good checks, then the other stuff is just more chaff
  6. We now have over 10 Scouts and adults who have contracted Lyme over the last five years...it is endemic in our area. Cannot point to all cases being contracted while on Scouting events, but at least four were, since we began using a Sharpie to circle the bite area for monitoring, and are taking pictures (with permission) if not in a sensitive area. Those who have contracted it are now absolutely religious about repellents and tick checks. It's funny how most parents (and certainly not most Scouts) will take this seriously until after exposure... BTW, BSA insurance pays supplemental for
  7. For your easy reference... https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
  8. Nearly everything you need is in a Scout Handbook, or other written resource (so that you don't really need the SHB to learn, but it helps ). Teach yourself! Scout camps are (generally) abysmal at teaching your Scouts (or you) things. Introduction and orientation, sure (IOLS is "Introduction", and from what I hear, WB has lost the bubble on skills.) The programs at camp I have seen the most teaching value in: Aquatics and Shooting Sports. YMMV.
  9. SB does not reflect everything in ScoutNET that they have on you...call your registrar and ask for your record. One problem also was, in the past, the lack of record transfers when moving from council to council. Lots of stuff was lost.
  10. Because you are, my friend....you are
  11. Concur. But you have hit the essence of this...wants versus needs. You can have anything you want, as long as you are willing to pay the price for it. Generally, I believe by focusing too much on the "wants" the BSA has unfortunately sometimes let "needs" go by the wayside.
  12. Part of the problem, too, is that we are trying to create these country-club type experiences for people. Swimming pools, air conditioning, hot showers and flush toilets, climbing towers, ATV programs, bicycle liveries, STEM centers with computer labs, bands, fireworks, catered food service...sorry, but we have lost the bead on what a week under canvas is supposed to look like. How much does a wilderness camp cost to maintain?
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