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  1. I feel this so much where I'm at. This statement right here is 100% true. As a pack, we have done all we can do make the program as "free" as possible. This includes offering sponsorships for families with multiple youth and just can't afford it, paying for all the program fees, reducing the "requirement" for a complete uniform, and doing away with annual unit dues. Luckily, we have lots of participation with fundraisers and this is the only way we can keep the program affordable in our rural town. Sometimes, I feel like we are doing what the council should be doing. Right now, we'
  2. No, you are raising moderator awareness for something that has not happened. I never said anything about silencing folks on here or even referenced moderators to begin with. And when asked about silencing them, I gave an example on when I would think they would step in. In-person issues that have not happened? They are and continue to happen. Do I point them out on here? No, I don't even know who anyone is. I address it as I encounter them IRL. Nonsense? No haha. But now I know where you stand.
  3. What happens on this forum is not for me to decide nor is it my place to "ask". It's a public forum. I would think the moderators would silence those who become aggressive and threatening. Neither do I and I hope no one ever would. Outside this forum is another story.
  4. Upset, not at all. I just don't understand why people would say they support all youth in scouting then turn around and discuss why they disagree with having those very same youth in the program. "Can you show me the results of the membership (emphasis) survey that had the majority support current membership policies, because I have been looking for years." No, I can't. I assumed National did their due diligence so that's on me for thinking so.
  5. I have not been around as long as most, I'm sure. Having these discussions here without the "key players", those who make these kind of decisions at the National level, is not input. Just discussion among concerned members. I didn't think I would have to say it but when the actions and decisions made by the organization are just plain wrong, they obviously you have to speak up. It's not "eyes of the beholder" when the majority agrees. We're not talking about purging people who disagree, we're talking about purging those who take actionable steps against the mission of serving youth.
  6. No, because most of those decisions are made without actual input from it's members. Plus, advocating for others to join, which is an obvious positive, is different from suppressing the change when it would lead to a positive outcome. I'm not saying you have to agree with their identity or lifestyle, but everyone should agree that were here to serve the youth in the world. However, if you don't agree and you can't contain it, then why be that person?
  7. Isn't that what the topic is? It sounds like members have an issue with them in Scouting period, not necessarily in their unit or CO. Which goes back to my original point. What the CO decides is correct, however, your CO's decision doesn't speak for the entire organization, which is what is happening here.
  8. The way I see it, when you register (or re-register) as an adult leader, you are agreeing to uphold the decisions and responsibilities mandated by the organization, regardless of your personal feelings. If you can't do that, then you leave the organization (like so many already have) and carry on with your life. No different from any other private membership organization. Yes, change takes time. But getting use to the change and refusing to are completely separate feelings. And in the eyes of the organization, they are going to move on with or without you.
  9. The "new" lineup of MB's is pretty creative...emoji deciphering haha.
  10. I assume AI will be the one to overreact the most lol.
  11. And go! https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2024/04/01/a-scout-is-human-bsa-introduces-13th-point-to-scout-law/
  12. Because the world where that space is...doesn't exist. That doesn't mean we stop trying to make it so, however, it will probably never be 100% copacetic.
  13. In this case...yes absolutely. I'm talking about putting the logo on pack shirts, not something egregious. When the action you take falls on deaf ears, what other actions are there? National is a mess right now and if that means I have to break a rule in order give youth some pride in what they are wearing, I can fall asleep just fine with that decision. If the BSA wants to come after me, much like the GSUSA did with one of their own, with something so trivial because it didn't have "their approval" or they don't get the credit, then there'll probably be a similar ending.
  14. Technically...but that won't stop anyone, including myself.
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