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    Share and celebrate the history of the world's largest youth Movement


    • Most of these programs are pretty well publicized to the employee and most of the council websites near me have a matching gifts/volunteer button with search tool for volunteers to find out if a company has one.  If your council isn't publicizing it, keep bringing it up at Roundtables and see what happens. Keep in mind some people like to keep their giving habits private, so saying they know nothing about it might be an easier way for them to say stay out of my stuff. 
    • Respectfully disagree. Even though the IVF has been used against the BSA in the lawsuit, at the time it was one of the best protections for youth. There are cases in there where the parents refused to prosecute the perpetrator, so it was never brought to court. One victim posted information about his perp where the records stated the parents did not want to have their children tesitify in a court martial.  Perp went to a psych hospital, and was medically discharged. Only the IVF prevented him from working for the BSA, as he applied to a job.    NOW, if you are declared innocent, then I think you should be reinstated.
    • Agree, appear to be stretching exercises as opposed to cardio or strength training.  
    • Hello @Ironfoot, and welcome back to the forum after a good break 😜 I have not seen any comparison of these to any other routine. BP's exercises seem to me to just be a brief stretching routine to get ready for the day, or an activity.  I would not call them a "workout".  Instead, these are good movements to do before you start a workout or activity. Any stretching routine will do, as long as you work the major muscle groups.  And, BP's routine does that... chest, shoulders, back, arms, abdominals, and legs. Enjoy!
    • I don't doubt it for a second, hence my RoboCop reference, but it's still not right what they are doing.
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