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    • Hey cousin, I'm sorry if I made unpopular posts but I never said one word about whiney parents, the virus, or anything that didn't have something to do with the downfall of the Boy Scouts.  I think it's funny and hypocritical how people dance around their opinions by being polite. The problems that have caused this whole thing are simple.  Allowing the LGBTQ society to openly function in the Boy Scouts weather or not they are welcome; watering down the program so it doesn't come close to being in line with the Boy Scouts; allowing openly LGBTQ to be adult leaders;  over pricing everything from scout socks to a Philmont trip, overspending for projects that aren't needed like the white elephant the Summit Bechtel Reserve with its boutique type shops, national park like visitor center, and super size learning centers that can house hundreds of people.  All of this when membership is still dropping like a rock.  And dont give me any more crap about allowing outside corporate use because no big business is going to a place where the closest airport is three hours away.  Then, because "the parents love the idea" or "the girls are excited" and in reality it was a final last ditch effort to increase membership, they allowed girls into every program of the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scouts.  That's where the real problems l are and that has nothing to do with the virus or with crying parents.  I doubt this post will be around long, but I said out loud what everybody else didn't  have the brass to say.  
    • Even high adventure can be done at a lower cost when not through BSA (which I think uses it as a profit center).  When we go to BWCA we never go through Northern Tier (too expensive). The good news is that our insurance rates should drop a ton after bankruptcy.  With no assets left, the lawyers would have nothing to sue to obtain.  Will we see fees drop back down with the reduction in insurance costs?
    • There is a sense that bigger is worse. Growing up, our default camping locations: Adjacent a water dam (no swimming, just hiking and fishing) Lakes on conservancy land (again no swimming) The trail that cut across our county. The back of a farm The county fair grounds (our campsite actually was an "exhibit" for the Bicentennial) Town/township parks A church camp that needed a trail built during the off-season The county airport (SM put a gnarly orienteering course there) The nearest summer camp ... we'd do Klondike there in the winter We had so many low-budget options that state park rangers would have to ask us to camp in their primitive sites.
    • So true.   DON'T GO THERE!  I thought I read somewhere that a council was either considering an Eagle Application Processing fee, or implemented one,
    • Congrats.   you also have figured out the way out of bankruptcy.....they will use the "cent " sent to your council for his paperwork.🤑
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