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Unit Fundraising


  1. Unit Fundraising

    Ideas for fundraising projects and programs for your unit.


    • National wanted short term gain with adding 1st grader in Tigers and now K with Lions.  Burned out will become more commonplace.  And maybe burned out is not the right term but definitely institutional fatigue with the program.  Too much of the same thing, too many constituencies, etc.  Basically a youth joining now will have 6 Pinewood derbies, maybe 50+ pack meetings, and God knows how many Go and Sees at the local whatever. Big challenge is Cubs and Scouts while within the same organization is really different.  Cubs are more social promotion, lockstep advancement, parents at the ready.  Scouts are the youth driving it, they make decisions, and it is less a "season" (Bear / Wolf / Webelos) it is more a long-term program they grow through
    • I understand there is a way, but I would think it requires someone to take some affirmative action to tell the computer to accept this person even though they are over-age to be a Boy Scout.  I suppose it is possible that this 15-year-old Boy Scout was permitted to stay in Cub Scouts an extra year due to his disability, and someone pushed the "allow over-age Cub Scout button" and it caused the computer to keep the person registered as a Cub Scout.  But now we are into the realm of evidence-free speculation.
    • We do this in a BOR.  At the end of the board, we tell the scout that we are done asking him questions and would like his feedback on how Scouting is going.  We explain that it is quality control. In the boards I sat it on, we seemed to get pretty good feedback. While the Scoutmaster can gather similar info - it's good for the MCs to hear.  It provides for some objective adults hearing it too - brings more people into the discussion.
    • Hawken, I've been trying to get my troop there for a while!  Good to hear it is a good program! One of my scouts attended Fingerprinting/Crime prevention at the Indiana State Police museum on the East Side of Indianapolis. They were pretty happy with it!  Prof
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