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Unit Fundraising


  1. Unit Fundraising

    Ideas for fundraising projects and programs for your unit.


    • A scouter has resigned under somewhat unpleasant circumstances, and it is probably in the units best interest to have his name stricken from the rolls. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this. Neither is the unit commissioner, and we currently don't have a DE.   Any ideas who we should contact?
    • Cburkhardt ... okay.    50% or larger reduction in the number of councils in those states with 10 or more.  CA, GA, NY,  NC, OH, TX, PA using Michigan as the model.   25% reduction in other states.   One council in New England combining 13 into one.  250 councils for 1.5 M scouts (after March) is way too many. this is made with zero knowledge of the financial status of any councils.
    • "Scout, when you bring your son/daughter to show what you did for an Eagle project; will you be proud of this accomplishment?"  Will you be able tell him/her how you lead your team in getting this done and how you overcame obstacles? This is your chance in Scouting to leave a legacy, does this represent the best in you? Would could you do to make this a project  better, so that every young scout in the troop points to it as the best they have been involved with? 
    • Eagle 1993, I completely agree with the idea to sell artwork before camps. Artwork sold to a collector or museum isn't lost; it will be cared for and cherished and there is nothing to prevent a future exhibition of loaned paintings being brought back together. Camp properties sold, on the other hand, will likely be developed and forever lost.
    • What was interesting, is that we never placed a value on those paintings in our filings … just listed that we have them.  I would be in favor of selling them if it helps protect some camps from sales.   What I found interesting, is that for the first time I have read, an attorney representing victims said something could be protected.  He likened it a bit to not touching "cherished religious relics".  In terms of scouting, my "cherished religious relic" would be my summer camp I went to as a youth .. or perhaps Philmont … not a painting.  Perhaps those outside the organization don't understand scouting if they think paintings should be protected but land disposed of.  
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