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    Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 30 million members in 151 countries around the world.


    • Don't get too caught up in the idea that you need to "stay in your lane".  Your lane is at least as broad as your troop.  Think of a good way to help your troop, what do they need that you could dedicate some extra time and energy towards, recruiting, advancement, planning, finance, adult training --- that's your ticket.
    • You might want to look into recruitment activities since you are a small troop.  You might find that there are activities with helping your troop grow by reaching out to packs, schools, neighborhood cookouts, 4th of july parades.....  Growth is super important. How is your troop Website?  Newsletter?  
    • The problem is our committee isn’t much of a committee. The committee chair verbally stepped down and has not been involved in quite some time. 
    • A small troop has a bunch of administrative tasks that falls on 1-2 people. Talk to your scoutmaster and committee chair to see if they have some easy tasks that they want to unload...and get a ticket on how to learn the task and complete it once. Brainstorm on what the troop needs help with administratively. If you are not a Merit Badge Counselor, maybe taking on a required merit badge or two.
    • @Alaina on behalf of the scouter.com moderators,  welcome.
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