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    Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 30 million members in 151 countries around the world.


    • What was interesting, is that we never placed a value on those paintings in our filings … just listed that we have them.  I would be in favor of selling them if it helps protect some camps from sales.   What I found interesting, is that for the first time I have read, an attorney representing victims said something could be protected.  He likened it a bit to not touching "cherished religious relics".  In terms of scouting, my "cherished religious relic" would be my summer camp I went to as a youth .. or perhaps Philmont … not a painting.  Perhaps those outside the organization don't understand scouting if they think paintings should be protected but land disposed of.  
    • While I sometimes wish we would defend current practices more, I have to agree with @Cburkhardt.  Trying to fight the narrative now is like spitting into the wind.  We have to take our lumps.  I was surprised to have a couple parents come up and vigorously (in anger) defend the BSA.  I think BSA's response, "we believe you, we are upset about the sins of the past and we want you to come forward" works.   In the short term, we will be hit, but after bankruptcy, we can start anew and while holding true to the scout oath & law.
    • Idea is good. Execution is the key here.  *Informational signage, somewhere , for public. Why, how, what.  *Why did the beneficiary ask for/approve this? Did the Scout approach them? * We have a brush pile in the back of our Meeting House, in the south end of the Graveyard. Seems to serve the same purpose. We add tree limbs and such to it, groundhogs, rabbits etc, use it. Deer use it.  When it gets too big (define that !), we rent a chipper and grind it up to mulch the trees and shrubs. And the pile is started again, maybe four, five years later.  How is this purpose built "to blueprint" log/brush pile different? * I like the above comment, is this the ONLY pile being created?  * As to the money, yeah, feed the workers and , appropriately, the remainder (if any !) goes to the beneficiary.  * Conservation Project patch?   Messenger of Peace patch?  Hornaday beginning?  
    • Well, who/what are "our" competitor(s) ?   BP Scouts (BPSA)?    Royal Rangers?   Campfire?  Vanguard Scouts?  I do not see GSUSA as a competitor, as such.  Their program is complementary, not so much competatory (word?).   Cookies and entrepreneurial training, officially, so it would seem.  Ours is outdoorsy,  not so much sell as survive. 
    • As for GSUSA - they have the problem that much of the general public thinks that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are the same organization.    You can take a group of Scouts BSA girls,  all wearing the older shirts that clearly say "Boy Scouts of America"  and people assume that they are Girl Scouts.   (This has happened to my Scouts BSA troop more than once.)     I've had to explaine to numerous friends that BSA and GSUSA are completely separate organizations.      It is unsurprising that GSUSA wants people to know that they are not part of the organization that is going bankrupt.
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