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    Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 30 million members in 151 countries around the world.


    • If $48 or $49 was true, that would put my pack dues at $95 a year. For my 4 scouts, that puts me in a range I probably can't afford. Myself, and a lot of other families that already told me no more increases. Will take clever ideas to hold the line..... beads sound better than belt loops....
    • Well, give the scout unit applications to hand out. Got bullies? We got bear country! A great opportunity to work the 4th and 10th points of the law at the same time. Doesn't matter, our troop didn't meet this week so getting the word out is a non-starter. In general, BSA's fad-chasing doesn't impress me. I wore my uniform to school Feb. 8th. That's timing that I can get behind.
    • I'm guessing $5 a month - $60 a year.  From everything I hear, $33 to $48 is too small a jump.
    • National needs to fix the Scouting image problem before this will be doable.  I predict at most 0.1% participation.  
    • I wouldn't be surprised.  Registration was $11 fall 2000 and another $12 for Boy's Life.    As fees increased, we always found a way to reduce our recharter costs.  When the fee increased to $24, our pack went down to one Boy's Life per family.  Then, we stopped registering the partially involved adults.  For example, we stopped registering the mom who helped bake or the dad who reserved camp sites.  We focused on registering direct contact and key committee members (chair, treasurer, etc).  Then, we stopped automatically buying books for the families.  Later years, we stopped rechartering unpaid scouts.  IMHO, fee increases never result in a direct revenue increase.   I fear $48.  It might not be that huge, but the troops and packs have already collected annual dues and are well over half way through fund raising. My whole scouting career has been surviving major trends.  Dale v BSA.  Loss of United Way.  Loss of school support.  Loss of LDS.  Ridiculous lawsuits.  
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