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    Meet people from other Venture Crews and discuss program.


    • The local councils and the national council have rosters of their members that are maintained.  That said, some records can be lost and a few councils have experienced fires.  Our council pays for professional storage and has for many years.  Membership fees, until very recently, all went to national so national has 'complete' rosters.  Youth can come to a few meetings without joining but being sure that everyone is covered by insurance compels units to require official membership.  Once again, in our council there are a substantial percentage where there is no record locally or nationally of membership and the claim does not list a unit ever known to have existed or accuses volunteers that likewise have no record of ever being in Scouting.  No doubt, a fraction of such claims may be legitimate, but one has to doubt that that a large fraction would be when the claim has little or no evidence that can be substantiated.   My estimation from our council would be 25% to 33% (and maybe as high as 50%) but no where close to 95% as stated.  This is just my estimation.   Seems to me that now is not the time to investigate the likely validity of the claims.  That should have been done nearly a year ago when there were allegations of poor vetting.  Everyone has proceeded based on the current number of claims.  
    • What I found very interesting was the following point.  BSA councils are saying that they cannot even find the vast majority of claimants on their rosters.  They are also saying they have so many rosters from that time period they cannot possibly scan them all in.     Century is preparing some big hits during plan confirmation 
    • "If the troops have lost that number of rosters it does not look good. " Not sure why that looks bad.  Many troops do not keep historical records, or they purge files over time; if nothing else for space and so on.  Now, unit charters that are part of annual recharter, the copies at the Council offices, I do not know if there is a legal time they need to be kept.  Most types of files are no more than 7 years I have been led to believe.  So, not having them would not be odd.   Considering how many emails appeared in my spam box soon after the advertising began, and also the ads coming on FB and other sites where my Scouting involvement was noted, it is obvious that the accumulators were seriously beating the bushes.  Even recently I got another ad in my spam list.  
    • I had forwarded this recent item to our local church, who just a few weeks ago told us we are theirs as far as they are concerned, but maybe under the lease option.  Now she tells us that should they not arrive at a satifactory agreement, they are being told that too is out the door.  A century of service with our church; it is simply maddening.  The church loves us, but they cannot put themselves in a position of legal danger, especially as they too, as the oldest protestant church in our city, are struggling.  The really sad thing of course is that the mainline churches are at the forefront of working with transients and the less fortunate.  Our facility leases to a half dozen or more groups that serve the community social issues.  In the next few days, or youth from all three very tiny groups will be helping make cards for seniors, and collecting food for local pantries.  
    • 5% seems extremely low. That would mean only about 4,250 were actually scouts. Wonder how they came to that number?  If the troops have lost that number of rosters it does not look good. 
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