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    • Century Indemnity Company seeks to appeal Bankruptcy Court decision to allow retention of Sidley Austin, main attorneys for BSA, and has elected for their appeal to be heard in US District Court and not by Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/832910_1010.pdf
    • Wow, my council only charges $200. But that was before covruptcy. It looks like the exact same formula we have. They can't require it. National said as much when they said councils can't charge more than national.  We heard the same threats. We do the best we can and tell them good luck. Treat it as a recommended donation. I stopped donating all together. I'm not sure about your council but mine is doing unethical accounting at best and likely illegal. When they get their act together I will resume donating.
    • I'm always skeptical of anything I don't see in writing, so I'd start there.  Was anything put in writing announcing this? Second, no one in the world knows what the council or national structure will look like in December 2021, so again I'm deeply skeptical. I believe that we are part of the council and therefore have a responsibility to put forth reasonable efforts to support the organization, but reasonable is just that, reasonable.  Make the pitch for FOS, or allow council to make its pitch for FOS and let your families decide how much if anything they can contribute.  If you want to allow your scouts to sell things like popcorn or camp cards to help fund raise for themselves or the troop so be it;  if your scouts choose not to do that it's perfectly acceptable, fundraising for the council is NOT the responsibility of the youth.
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