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    • Which "old" WB course, Eagledad?  There have been four different courses.  Really five, if one takes into account the BSA rewrite of the fourth course syllabus (originally by Blanchard and Associates).      
    • We some of us asked about this, we were told  "NO!" (emphasis in original) by the council. Day camps, council family camps, and Webeloree were our events.
    • This is how our council trained us.  When I received my BSA shooting sports training (now 10+ years ago ... I have to remember things right), we effectively became council volunteers.  This allowed us to open ranges just for our pack.  I know another trainer created a range for temporary use per the BSA shooting sports manual for his pack.  But, he was functioning as a council / district representative at that point and having an event just for just his pack.   I remember being invited multiple times to help district / council similar events. 
    • Scout Myers, 12, has been participating in the walk since he was 4, becoming the star fundraiser of the Littleton (CO) chapter — now called the Foothills CROP Walk. This year, he brought along some friends: his fellow Boy Scouts of Troop 36, who trudged five miles up Waterton Canyon on Oct. 24 to recognize struggles faced by people far less fortunate — with several of the boys carrying gallon water jugs to symbolize how far people in the developing world must walk for clean water. “So many people in the world face hardships and hunger, and it's easy for people who have food to forget,” Myers said. “I'm just trying to do what I can for them.” ... The CROP walk, which stands for Community Response to Overcome Poverty, dates to 1947, when it started as an effort to send seeds and farming supplies to war-ravaged Europe. Managed by the Church World Service, the annual walk-a-thon raises money for local, national and international food relief efforts. https://highlandsranchherald.net/stories/boy-scouts-take-strides-for-those-less-fortunate,315727 https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=7685 Well done Scouts.
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