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  1. Lumping is when a retirement plan has "Lump Sum" clauses that allow a member to take a lump sum payment or allow an employer to force someone out of a retirement plan with a lump sum payment. Normally plan advisors do not like either lump sum option as most retirement plans are tied to accruing value using available principal; bulk divestiture causes revisions in performance projections etc ...
  2. To the OP, enforcement of the Clean Water Act is relegated to state and local agencies; the EPA itself rarely gets down on the ground testing etc ... OPs state agency should have been monitoring and managing in conjunction with a local water district or municipal entity while enforcing the Clean Water Act on behalf of the EPA and enforcing any additional state and local regulations. My advice concerning your camp issue is to reach out to your states natural resources agency. If you think there is a violation it would be documented and public knowledge, if it is chronic and related to a water b
  3. If it gets instituted at the cub level it will migrate up to the troop level. Look back a couple years where girls were in packs but not yet allowed in troops, and then the first class of AOLs were eligible to crossover and BSA opened the door to linked troops. It's coming, co-ed is on the way. The 1940's crowd can't fight the future forever.
  4. Article doesn't apply to BSA. BSA requires that every camp have a Program Director and a Camp Director and both have to be NCAP certified. BSA requires that every every camp have a designated first aid provider who is current in CPR, AED, and First Aid. BSA requires all stations have at least 1 registered adult leader; with that there are the YPT and background check requirements.
  5. Call your local American Legion and VFW post. It's in their mission to support Scouting.
  6. If you're in a UMC chartered unit I suggest you start speaking with the nearest American Legion or VFW post that has a clubhouse. Both have it in their charter statements to support youth education and Scouting in particular. Veterans organizations as a whole just don't have the volunteers to get in your business, but they typically want to help and appear useful to the community. As a CO veterans organizations do not care about BSA unit resources, if on the off chance that one does the problem can quickly go away by asking all of your veteran relatives and friends to join the post and vote th
  7. Then there might be something there. I guess it depends on what your state lets the LC's do. Using the BSA Warehouse Sale as an example; BSA sold it, used some of the proceeds to lease it back, then used some of the proceeds for the settlement fund, then put the rest into paying operating expenses.
  8. Are those outright owned assets or assets leverages with mortgages and inversions? There are 2 sides to every balance sheet.
  9. I don't know about you, but the LC's in my state are basically broke, and just about everything they own is leveraged already.
  10. I am not doxing myself for your lack of understanding of the process. Everyone who hopes to get a payday out of this settlement had better pray tonight that BSA doesn't go into Chapter 7.
  11. "Everything is sold" is absolutely not correct. Lien holders, aka mortgage lenders can just say they want their property. If a property has multiple liens whether they are tax liens, mortgages, etc ... the oldest gets priority. Subsequent lien holders can ask that the liens stay on the property which can create a "toxic asset". I know this for a fact as I use to work for the #1 toxic asset holding company in the country post 2008 housing crash. Nothing just gets liquidated, that is not how the process works at all. The right of first lien holder trumps everyone and everything. Those toxic ass
  12. I am literally telling you how the law works. No one needs to go back and read anything. It is really as simple as explained.
  13. So a leader got removed from BSA totally? Not asked to leave a Troop, not asked to step down into a non leading position, totally removed from BSA?
  14. You're probably doing a lot for the Scout instead of letting the Scout learn through the patrol method.
  15. I heavily disagree with the no uniform and the no rank. I would agree that reducing the uniform requirements is appropriate due to costs. Reducing down to a shirt requirement might be best, the shirt tells a story, and signals to others what can be expected of a Scout, and where they are in the journey. Rank is a key part of that story when Scouts see each others shirts. It helps Scouts discern who should get elected SPL, it helps identify people on a glance that can help them learn rank appropriate skills, it helps Scouters gauge where a Scout is on the journey and if they should be ready
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