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  1. To the people who repeatedly stated "Venturing" the question is does the scout want to stay in the program or does the scout want to be around his friends? If it's he wants to be in the program venturing might be a good fit; however, if he wants to be around his friends venturing is not a good fit due to the primary registration rules surrounding venturing crews. Has anyone heard anything about Catalyst BSA? The supposed new program being brainstormed by national for 20-30 year olds?
  2. I think you're missing the point of his statements and now his additional proof of the matter. People are "out to get BSA" when the reality of it is that BSA is the target because BSA has money. If BSA was an open source product with no home office squating on cash this lawsuit would never have happened.
  3. Just nag them. Every time they ask a simple question that is addressed in training point out how they would already know it if they did training.
  4. Sounds like a training issue. Has this leader completed their position specific training? You mentioned "nothing safety" but how is the den meeting without a second registered leader? Either the den is not meeting properly within YPT or you have a 2 deep lack of leadership training going on. To the point of dual citizenship; our government does not recognize dual citizenship, you are either American or you are not. To emphasis this I point to the fact that non state department entities keep stating a larger number of Americans in Gaza than the state department. The reason for this is that s
  5. In my experience they are the worst; especially people who end up as a committee chair for too long. God complex is an understatement.
  6. I see what both of you are saying here. What I would like to point out is that my council absorbed several other councils and as it turns out we had a substantial liability during the settlement; however, as the story goes, of all the councils merged to make this current council, one of them had almost no issues because they were following the rules and enforcing the standards. What I would like to see is this summary really broken down to the council that existed in that time. So for example if the "modern council" has 100 claims, I would like to see a sub section that shows "Old council
  7. Scouting is a time and money drop in the bucket compared to league play sports. My 1 buddy was gritching about the commitment and money sink to be a CM, my other buddy laughed and was like "Dude! I just paid $3500 for my daughter to play volleyball for the next 3 months so she can stay in form and have a chance of making the varisity team next year; he then went on to say it was mandatory for him to attend away games which included driving as far as Minneapolis and St. Louis (from Chicago). The issue is not time, the issue is not money, the issue is responsibility. People are lazy and they col
  8. If the whole world took this climate change CO2 thing seriously there would be a per capita restriction and not random made up caps and balances. This is all about control.
  9. The number are something like 70% of scouts came out of the cubbing program. There is very little (30%) organic recruitment for troops. The focus should be on the packs, and rising tides will lift the troops.
  10. Your council has it. The question is does your registrar know where it is and does your registrar have the intestinal fortitude to work with you to find it.
  11. In my experience I think the #1 thing that a professional scouter can do to help the council/district/units is to constantly recruit new volunteers and encourage every unit to participate at the district level either through the COR or a COR delegate volunteering on a district committee.
  12. 30% is probably due to the IRS rules. The fact that your current pack puts all into the scout account is probably violating the IRS rules on dollar-for-dollar non-profit fundraising and the personal benefit rules.
  13. So you're pack is small which limits your access to adults. Think about the pool of volunteers something like this: There are only so many adults that are at the same time capable of volunteering and able to volunteer. So what you have to do is grow your pack to a level of scouts that gives you access to enough capable and able adults. Typically that number is 30-45 scouts.
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