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  1. It really depends on where you are but you could probably get a tour for any US Citizens at a consulate or embassy without much difficulty.
  2. Every pack in my area that is shrinking or on the brink of folding has a history of shutting down shop on June 1st. There is no coincidence.
  3. Meeting as dens is tough to do if you want to follow YPT. My sons pack meets as a pack and breaks out into dens simply to have YPT coverage. When I hear a pack leader state that they still meet as dens 2-3 times a month I ask them how they were able to recruit so many willing adult leaders; the typical response is the deer in the headlights look and some sort of response along the lines of "Why would we need a lot of leaders?".
  4. Pretty much the OWL/WDL training is gone and no one knows it. The best advice I had, and I pass it along to anyone who reads this that is a Webelos Den Leader is to go take IOLS, and read the Troop Leader Guides. The 5th grade year I advise you to do Scouting Adventure first with your Den; everyone seems to do it last and it sets the scouts up for failure.
  5. So is the accused a pervert and a queer? Did Eagle1970 post that or is it a glitch in the matrix?
  6. Probably the easiest option is to run units slim: minimal equipment on the property book; liquidate rainy day fund into action now to prevent LC snatching later on.
  7. The advancement chairs responsibility is primarily to ensure everything gets recorded properly. It is a functionary position of responsibility with little to no authority. In my role as an advancement chair I simply cite the GTA and tell the direct leaders to fix the documentation or I will.
  8. Navy must be far less competitive than the Army. There are many branches in the Army where if you do not get picked up on your first look you will get kicked out of the Army. For example the infantry, you need to get promoted on first look at O2 or you will get kicked out for lack of career advancement by O3.
  9. Some of it makes sense, I never knew that the grapevine game was called chinese whispers, changing that seems like a good move; some of the other stuff though, wtf.
  10. We literally just wrapped up LGBT "Q" + month. Q = Queer, and the point of everything about last month and the panels, discussions, wokeness was to recognize people who identify as that were treated in the past. There are all of these narratives around the abuse where these queer folk were supposedly ignored, covered up for, etc ... but at the same time roughly 5% of the population just held rallies and parades where part of the whole thing was to bring the other 95% of the population to task over how we brutalized and had absolutely no toleration for their existence let alone presence. Th
  11. There is a lot to unpack here. I am going to assume that you were a scout in the 60's and 70's based on your alias; and assuming that is true I struggle with your narrative. Those of us old enough to remember how perverts and "queer" folk were treated prior to the 1990s know that toleration would have been a dream for them compared to the outright romper stomping and GTFO of town treatment they took from everyone in society.
  12. It was not hard to find the 2021 Annual report on my LC or the neighboring LC website. A couple of take aways are that: 1) Youth membership bottomed out last year, we're now rising back up, about a 1000 more than the floor we hit last year (but no where near historic levels). 2) The neighboring LC has 100 less youth members that my LC and my LC has the highest population density of all of the LC's in the state. I am not sure what that means.
  13. @scoutlaw74 After reading more of this I wonder if your son is being targeted because of his faith? The reality of Scouting is that there are varying levels of "reverence" and we do have some people who have a declared faith but are in reality not religious at all, and some even claim to have a faith but lash out at those who truly do. Something to consider. To the comments about the military and the Eagle Scout status. The official document says E2 these days due to a higher priority towards valuing college education; however, that is not the end all be all. When I was in the Army and
  14. Simple answer is you cannot avoid fees, not even in the first year. Also you can register to be a unit level MBC; however, it still goes through the council registration and vetting process. If the cost is a problem perhaps you can do some sort of cost sharing with the unit? Here's a tale of two units: My unit is each Scouter pays their own way, and we are struggling to get enough volunteers. My brothers unit out of state pays for all Scouter registration, and for any unit required training and his unit has full staffing. So if your unit has cash on hand maybe it's time to propose some
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