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    Because it would make great news if something happens. I don't know these boy but I think they did a great job at handling the situation, they did some high school spirit chants to the drum beat, they didnt show anger and they arent looking for a lawsuit. There is nothing wrong with showing support for any president and the first amendment provides this freedom. I saw nothing but peace and patience from these boys and only saw provocavation from the indians.
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    David, you and I have often disagreed in the past but in this I think you are absolutely spot on. There are a number of different vids of this on line. Some 20 minutes long some only 2 or 3. If you piece them together there is over 30 minutes of coverage. We all need to see as much of the entire picture as possible before passing judgement.
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    What the others want is immaterial. The COR makes the call.
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    Oh yes. My Fearless Leader in IOLS, said "definitely" when I suggested adding copied pages from my 1958 vintage "Scout Fieldbook" for Knife and Axe pages. Well worth the copy fees....
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    As our council training chair, I guess I would say "yes" 😉 I would say that this is no different than any other position or request. Use your leadership skills to truly recruit - which means give them a reason to join that is important to them, provide whatever support they need, set clear expectations, respect their time and efforts, and show your appreciation for what they do. To @RememberSchiff comment about worker bees and a fixed script versus authority - my response would be that we have an obligation to teach the material as provided by national, but also to "make it our own" so that the session is fun and engaging (better for learning and better for "repeat customers"). That means make sure you cover everything, make sure you dont go too far off into left field, make sure you stick pretty close to the time expectations but make sure you are not a drone that reads from the book (and please use a presentation method in addition to powerpoint). I dont know what authority an instructor, or even the session organizer, would really need.
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    Is Council interested in what I can bring to training scouters or do they want worker bees who will stick to a fixed script? I would want to know the details and what decision-making authority I would have. My $0.02
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    Absolutely. I think it's equally important for district/council scouters to receive feedback as well. Not from peers (the mutual admiration society) but from the units they serve. Those outbriefs would be interesting.
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    Eagle94-A1, I'm very happy that your sons had a great time. Yes on the cooking, but even more yes on the fun. I know you enjoyed yourself as well. You deserve it. I know it's hard to let the old troop go, but you did your best, and that's all any of us can do. Many trails to go. Take care, sst3rd
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    I have been to pro-life activities with teens. This is exactly what they are taught to do when confronted by hostile and aggressive opponents. Smile. Say nothing. Do nothing. Just hold your ground and say/do nothing until the police arrive. The boy might not have intended any disrespect. His so-called "smirk" might have simply been his attempt to smile (as instructed) while being faced with a very uncomfortable situation.
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    Time to run this further up the food chain. I think you, your COR and your Chartered Organization head should contact your Council Executive and make that person aware of what is happening, and that this is happening with the blessing of one of their unit commissioners. There's no "dismissing" necessary. This person is not a registered adult, so there is no dismissal that needs to take place. And yes, you are correct, Scouts are not permitted to operate power tools per the Guide to Safe Scouting, "Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations." You must be 18 or older to operate power saws and other power cutting tools, and 14 or older for most other power tools.
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    Devotedautismadhdmom: I think I finally read your whole nom de forum. I think I understand more and your dedication is to be applauded. To my mind, here is the final tally (I hope I have all the details right) : 1) You are the CCh for your Cub's Pack. 2) You were instrumental in the rebuilding of the Pack from a near abandonment to a well functioning Cub Pack. 3) Some new folks came along, and the male of the couple wants to be a Scout Leader, and because of a lack of CubMaster, assumed that role. 3) He refuses to fill out a proper application as a Scout leader, in that he will not allow a background check or Youth Protection Training, agree to other requirements. He is, therefore NOT a Scout Leader, in name or position. 4) He is argumentative and tries to take over things, regardless of the situation. 5) He will not discuss, only declare. There is a difference, yes? 6) He seems to want the best for his (?) girlfriend's boy, but not necessarily for anyone else's. Have I understood that correctly? 7) You have discussed the situation with the CO's IH and COR. and the District Executive and Commissioner. Is that correct? 8 ) Just about everyone (COR, IH, Parents,) agrees he is the problem, not you. 9) You have heard much sympathy and advice here on Scouter dot com. NOW. . . 10) Letters must be written. Emails must be sent. To the wannabe CM, yes? There must be agreement between and signatures from you, the COR and that is all that is necessary. Copies sent to the Council Scout Executive, the District Executive and... ? The wannabe Cub Master must be told he is NOT the Cub master. YOU must find a REAL one, who is registered, trained, enthusiastic. If the wannabe CM will not abide by the CO's decision, you have more legal things to consider. A no trespass order... For that , you may need a lawyer and the clerk of the court. I wish you well. See you on the trail...
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    Correct, he was not registered. But he may try to submit the application directly to the council. I know that applications missing signatures will sometimes slip by. And I know of a case where the signatures were forged.
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    This is one of those personally challenging times as a CC. What us really going on here is that this fellow is challenging that the basic operating model of the pack. You, as CC, need to do the very unpleasant thing and take a very hard, firm line here. No meetings, no discussions, no committee involvement. You simply talk one-on-one with the COR and follow through on your decision as the CC. His involvement with the pack is terminated. Send him a registered letter and inform the rest of the pack leadership. My email would be as simple as: You can communicate it to the district, council, or whatever. But, frankly it doesn't matter. You, as CC, are in charge. You make the decision and that's that.
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    Regardless of whether you or anyone else signs this application--and you'd have to be off your rockers at this point if you did that--this application won't make it past the registrar's desk, for reasons that you mentioned in your original post. This person refuses to sign the religious principles declaration, he refuses to authorize a background check, and has admitted there are some issues that would potentially preclude his application from being accepted. That alone should make things a non-starter. The mistake, I think, happened, when you called a committee meeting, then had this person take over the meeting, dismiss the committee, and run the show. You need to remember that YOU are in charge. Always will be, even after you get a Cubmaster. The Committee Chair and the Chartered Organization Rep are the two who are in charge of the unit. You have the ultimate authority over the hiring and firing. And I don't think it would be a good idea to have his girlfriend become the Cubmaster, because we all know she will just be the puppet Cubmaster with the boyfriend calling all the shots.
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    I would have this come from the COR. I would also include that he is not an approved leader and since he does not have a child in the program he is not welcome to attend pack/den events. If he shows up, then he will be escorted out and (if necessary) the authorities will be called. Yes, the COR and you need to be this firm. He is trying to take advantage of your willingness to "work things out". Nothing less than a complete prohibition from attendance.
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    As others have said, he isn't the CM. Perhaps I missed it, but do you have someone you want to be CM, is qualified and willing to do the job? I would send him an email explaining to him the several reasons why he is NOT CM. Then have your meetings without inviting him. If this is not going to work, then it might be time to move on as you said. It takes courage to stand and fight, but you might need to decide this battle is not one for you and your son. You can't fight it alone. If you don't have support in the pack, then move on. I wish you well.
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    Sidenote, in the 4 years, in 5th now, tgis has been a unit, tgis is the most scouts it has had and held from fall registrations to recharter with no drop outs. But was told I have run it into the ground, people are leaving because of how I have run the meetings. But we've lost no one. And parents have left meetings activities and events telling and thanking me for the great time the kids are having.
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    Thank you all for your advise. Wlmy COR and I brought in a commissioner, paraprofessional and a gentleman that holds many hats to our meeting. We were going to have a sit down meeting after the den meeting. The CM asked them why they were there. So he then went to his friends and told them to stay, in front of our pack committee and told them they can go. We just went with the additional people there, no questions asked (meanwhile my phone blowing up from the Committee as to why they were told to leave). The CM immediately said ok let's get tgis started, here is what we are here to discuss. And started his 2 page bullet points. Each of which, was responded with, tgis is already stated in the bylaws you ALL signed off on at signup and again once we got in our new charter organization. He got done, said this meeting is over I'm late for pool league. We weren't able to bring up anytging, which some things, the others didn't need to hear. After a stressful sleepless night, I reached out to one of the attendees and said tgat personally can't sign off on his application, because I do not have the right in me that appears to continue. I felt like he wishes to try to run 100% and change the way our committee runs tgings, and I won't be bullied trying to run committee meetings. He doesn't see the fact that money has to come from somewhere. And the schools we pull from, are the low income schools. Families don't have money to constantly pull from their pockets. His own, only have scraped by on fundraisers to pay for 1 recharter, pack pays for adults. I proposed we ask his GF, the scouts mom, to step in as CM, as she has a level head and understands what I am saying. Those that came from the office felt it was a good meeting. Yes, there were things answered, but not solved as far as his role. Which was the point. They feel I don't want to let go of anything, as I spent the last year with the Committee rebuilding and starting from scratch. Believe me, I want nothing more than to go back to just being a mom at the den meetings and helping and enjoying my son's venture! I have missed so much in the last year! As a cc, at a pack meeting, that's all I should be, according to the job description. I should only be running the Committee meetings, and helping with the planning and paperwork, not directly with the scouts. Isn't that correct? During this restruture, 5 months ago, my son was diagnosed with multiple disabilities. He needs scouting now more than ever! But also needs his mom there with him. Myself, I was also diagnosed at the same time with a muscular skeletal illness,t that this whole situation this past week, has put me in a lot of pain. Right now, more than ever, I need to decrease my load, but not for what I worked for, to be torn up, kids hopes to get up doing something to only be crushed because there is no money. When I said I can't sign off on his, but if they choose they want him to be CM, I said I will have to take my son and we will move to another unit, simply because I can't do they fight, mentally, with him. But I was told I am now the one in the wrong. I think it is my time to step out and wish them luck. I simply wanted a good cubmaster that will take on the proper role of running the pack and den meetings, the hands on with the scouts. As I had been told many times at the roundtables, CM = fun, deal directly with scouts, CC=paperwork, planning and deal with adults. All 16 months of restructure, my DE and FS that have been working with me have told our committee, "it's your pack, follow the guidelines to get things done, how you run your meetings and events, is your choice". I tried is all I can say. Thank you for listening and sorry for my ramble.
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    Excellent post AnotherDad. Good leaders have vision and a plan for driving the program toward that vision. But, a successful program includes excited parents and leaders. If the parents are happy, their sons are happy. Look at any Pack with consistent high Webelos Crossovers, and you will see a program with happy adults. When I started as a CM, our Tiger dropout rate was horrible and our Webelos crossover rate was less than 50%. Three years later, the crossover rate for both age groups was 98% . All we did was make a few changes to make the program easier and more fun for the adults, not the scouts. Barry
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    I have noticed my own tendency to want to change how things are done or be critical of some of the other scout leaders. When I completed my training and recognized just how far my pack had deviated from recommended practice, the urge to point all of this out to the other leaders began to strengthen. Then I completed some face-to-face training and had the chance to hear from other leaders who were doing great things and again I had the urge to tell my CM about how everyone else was doing things and suggest that we should try some of them. It takes a conscious effort not to act on these thoughts. I suspect this individual (potential CM) has never been a leader of other volunteers and doesn't know that scorched earth strategies take years to recover from and the amount of work he is taking on is tenfold. If he ever becomes a leader (I hope not), he will start to berate the parents and other volunteers for not doing things his way. As you describe it, I am not sure this situation is recoverable. In the end, the decisions should be centered around what is in the best interest of the kids, including the child he is bringing to the meetings. Happy volunteers (adult leaders) are a necessary part of this program. So please consider what it will take to keep the most number of these adult leaders happy in the long run. This is usually the same decisions that are in the best interest of the most number of kids.
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    Well, welcome to the Forums. What an introduction. Please warm your electrical self at our virtual campfire. I hope we can give you some comfort and good advice. Amen to all the above. Not mentioned..... does this person have a Scout in the unit? Does this Scout have another adult to depend on? Understanding and sympathy is a wonderful trait, but you and your Scout Unit have other concerns. If it escalates to this point, your CO may have to go to court to get a "no trespass" order. If the person in question refuses to allow the required background check, "assumes" he is the CM because no one else (??) will step up, bullies his way into position rather than discusses and gains approval, has not taken YPT, will not accept the decision of the CO leadership, then the No Trespass order may be your only recourse. I have known this to be necessary. Make friends with your local constabulary. BSA is an authoritarian organization made up primarily of consenting, cooperating volunteers. Underline cooperating. We accept that authority inherent in our concern for our youth. If the OP's description is accurate (if emotional), then this person has other problems that your Scout Unit has no ability to address. Good luck to you and your dedication to your youth. See you on the trail.
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    As a former CC & CM, this is 100% correct. The decision on who is an adult volunteer is up to the CC & COR. If either of your rejects a volunteer - it's done. Since you both don't want him to be CM - this is easy - he's not the Cubmaster. You don't need anyone's permission to reject him - it's your call.
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    You as CC and the COR are both responsible for approving all adult leaders in your unit. Since you're both on the same page that this person should not be your CM, and it sounds like there are some red flags that would pop up on a background check, this should be a short meeting. You need to let this person know that their services are no longer needed. Inform your DE and unit commissioner of your decision. But ultimately the decision is all on you. Your council will let you know that this is a matter between you, your chartered organization, and the individual who wants to be your Cubmaster. They still, though, need to be kept in the loop on what is transpiring. The council would get involved only if this application ever made its way to the registrar's desk with all that missing information. Because this person has not had his application approved by you and the COR, submitted to council, or had a background check passed, he should not be at meetings attempting to perform the duties of a Cubmaster. His actions alone should disqualify him: he refused to sign the religious principles declaration, refuses to authorize a background check, and I'd be willing to bet he hasn't taken YPT. He needs to be informed that his services are no longer needed.
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    Our troop was in an adjacent campsite. It was no more than 150 yards from that site to hard shelter. The alarm did sound beforehand, by a couple minutes. Staff are youth also and can't be expected to go through each campsite. Moreover, the trees that fell were not nearly dead - it was wind shear that sliced them in half. Just my two cents.
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    Devote, The more people you get involved with this, the more this guy realizes you are weak and confused. He isn't even a member yet. As the CC, and evidently you have the support of the COR, you have the responsibility and power to remove this person from your meetings and site. Do it NOW. You need nothing else. If you feel he needs to be legally restricted from the meetings and site, get the COR to proceed with that. Then get going forward with your program. sst3rd