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  1. David CO

    SM dividing the troop in need of opinion

    or...they could elect 5 or 6 youth leaders who will listen to them. They do have unit elections, don't they?
  2. David CO

    SM dividing the troop in need of opinion

    Let each patrol get together and decide for themselves. They don't need either you or the scoutmaster to do this. Once they decide, suggest that they take their plans to the committee.
  3. David CO

    BSA Youth Advisory Panel

    This is the part I dislike the most. Too many people are promoting boy scouting as a tool to build a resume.
  4. David CO

    Right way to initiate Troop/Patrol Service Projects

    Unsolicited requests for help from outside organizations go to the Chartered Organization. If the CO wants us to look at it, we will. If the CO wants some other branch of our organization to look at it, they will. Otherwise, the CO responds to the outside organization with a polite refusal letter. It's better if the outside organizations feel like they were turned down by the Chartered Organization rather than the boy scouts.
  5. David CO

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Some sports programs have the same problem.
  6. David CO

    Advice for New Cubmaster

    Same thing.
  7. David CO

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Really? I've known quite a few. It seems to me that, if scouting had little risk of long-term negative consequences, there would be no YP training. It wouldn't be necessary. YP training is necessary because there is a risk. I think, perhaps, it is more fun and glamorous for us old folks to complain of our old football injuries. It is a statistical fact that there are more old people of my generation who claim to have old sports injuries than there were athletes when we were young. Funny how that happens.
  8. David CO

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Sports teams usually have a much closer identification with their towns and schools than scout units have with their Chartered Organizations. As a result, the towns and schools come out to support the teams. This often makes kids feel like they are playing for the honor of their town or school. I think it was a big mistake for scouting to replace the name of the community (on the uniform) with the council patch.
  9. David CO

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    Have you ever read mythology? Zeus would never be compliant with YP. He is constantly taking strange forms and sexually molesting young people as they sleep. Zeus is the perfect example of what BSA is trying to keep out of scouting.
  10. David CO

    2019 World Jamboree

    That is certainly true.
  11. David CO

    2019 World Jamboree

    Not hypocritical at all. I don't drink. But that doesn't really matter. One doesn't need to be a "teetotaler" to hold to the policy against alcohol use at scouting activities.
  12. David CO

    2019 World Jamboree

    Not at scouting activities.
  13. David CO

    What to wear?

    Ooh. A Hawaiian themed event. I could go for that!
  14. David CO

    Embarrassing: The Lawyers in GSUSA v. BSA

    BSA is a business. Its sole purpose is to make money. We should not be surprised when they behave this way.
  15. David CO

    Youth Protection and Bankruptcy

    I won't.