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  1. David CO

    Recruiting in Scouts BSA Units

    I agree with your first comment. Scouting is not an infinite program. It ends at 18. I have to disagree with your other comment about scouts ranking out. There is no such thing as ranking out of scouting.
  2. I don't mind the discussion. It's the reality that is disheartening. I sometimes feel as if I am living out a dystopian novel.
  3. Looking down the road, I think it is almost inevitable that, sometime soon, merit badges will be entirely taught (not counseled) by council employees, in a classroom-like setting (just like school). Safe and efficient, standards-based, and totally boring.
  4. Yes. This is because Scouts BSA is now openly and actively working counter to the goals and mission of my religion. The message our scouts are receiving is very clearly articulated. There is no hidden agenda. Our boys should put their religion first.
  5. David CO

    Your Duck is Dead....

    Let's watch the fowl language.
  6. I wouldn't single out BSA. Our society doesn't trust male leaders.
  7. Really? I can think of several. A MBC might not agree with the decision to include girls in scouting. While he can't change the decision, he doesn't have to cooperate with it, and he doesn't have to donate his valuable time and skills to assist it. Passive resistance. YP protects the youth. It doesn't protect the MBC. The Chartered Organization might not want him to be working with girls.
  8. David CO

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    It was a question. That's why I used a question mark. I wanted to make sure I understood you correctly.
  9. David CO

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    So, you're saying that every scouter who chooses the troop-only option is a dirtbag?
  10. Male MBCs might not want to council female scouts.
  11. They also have the option to discontinue being MBCs. MBCs who choose the troop only option often do so because, though willing help out the scouts in their local unit, they have no desire to become unpaid employees of the council.
  12. Except that Faith is probably the next thing to go.
  13. David CO

    Hand Washing _ Winter

    My thoughts exactly. It sounds like "primitive camping" is out. Hand sanitizer is in. Welcome to modern scouting.
  14. I am supposed to oppose the Sith, not praise them.
  15. Don't be ridiculous. A lot of people work very hard for a lot less money and no benefits. There are plenty of people who would see these jobs as a step up from what they currently have. At the very least, the work experience could be used as a stepping stone to get a better job.