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  1. I would rather suspend the program for a while than adulterate it. Scouting is an outdoor program. We should keep it that way.
  2. You apparently never attended a Catholic school.
  3. I would tend to agree with you if the OP said outside forces were telling the unit this needs to stop, but this just isn't the case. It is the unit committee who is telling the scoutmaster this needs to stop. I am much more doubtful about the claims that this is working and succeeding, as I am with the assertion that it has unanimous support from the boys' unit. The opposition from the unit committee might indicate otherwise. In any case, if the scoutmaster and the unit committee are at loggerheads on this issue, I think the COR needs to step in and settle the issue.
  4. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that one or more of the boys actually objected to having a girl run for SPL of the boy's troop. The current climate of the two units might be such that the boys felt like they could not express their opinions about the election without facing condemnation for being sexist. Continuing on that thought, it might also be remotely possible that some of the boys expressed these feelings to their parents, who consequently raised these issues at the committee meetings. Having some committee members object to the election is a problem. If it is actually the boys who object to the election, it is a much bigger problem.
  5. You should be aware of the fact that both the COR and the IH have the authority to step in and tell you how to run the program. If the committee knows what they are doing, they will go to the COR, the IH, or both. Maybe they have already done so. The committee doesn't need to go to national. This can be handled in unit.
  6. I think this stuff just reminds people that BSA is not what it used to be.
  7. I think you're right. It's like calling dodgeball "avoid-a-sphere" and claiming it's a different game. I have no doubt that there have been sex offenders who have used scouting to make contact with vulnerable youths, and then arranged to meet them in a less safe (non-scouting) environment. I don't deny that this has been a problem. This is a classic strategy for pedophiles. As much as we want to prevent predatory relationships forming in scout units, we can't just ignore the fact that many scouts and scouting volunteers have pre-existing relationships (like membership in the Chartered Organization) that they are unwilling to give up in order to participate in scouting. We need to find a way of recognizing these pre-existing relationships without creating loopholes for negligence or abuse.
  8. What if Tom & the other kids were friends before becoming scouts? What if they have been doing sleepovers since they were toddlers? Are they now expected to stop doing sleepovers? BSA should make it clear what the rules are before people sign up. If it means that Tom has to stop having sleepovers with his friends, he should be told this before he joins the unit. It should be clearly stated on the application. It should be clearly explained at scout night. Full disclosure. No surprises.
  9. I think that is exactly what we are talking about. Do scouts and scout leaders have to follow YP in those areas of our lives which many of us would normally consider outside of the world of scouting? Some good examples were given. Can scouts invite their friends out to a movie? Can scouts invite their friends over to their house to play? Yes. As a teacher, I have run into some of the same protection issues at school. Sometimes they make sense. Sometimes they go too far. At one Catholic school I worked at, the principal and pastor were insistent that male teachers not join the local YMCA. Our students regularly used the YMCA, and the school didn't want the male teachers changing and showering with their male students. It made no difference to them that the YMCA activities were outside of school. One of my principals clearly stated that she preferred to have the teachers live in a different town. She felt it was best to have the teachers avoid contact with their students outside of work. She lived 40 minutes away from school. Said she didn't want to bump into students and parents at the grocery store, and thought it would be best if teachers took the same attitude. Public schools don't have this problem. The union would tear the administrators to pieces if they tried that sort of stuff on public school teachers. The teachers are allowed to live a normal life outside of school. If scouting rules interfere with your family's ability to have a normal life, it is time to get out of scouting.
  10. There is no way I would apply YP outside of scouting. It doesn't make sense, and it's not practical. I think most people would quit scouting if it meant they had to follow YP in their everyday lives.
  11. That might work at the unit level, but a conservative parent doesn't get a choice between a conservative or liberal council.
  12. It might help some if we stopped using academic sounding terms like University of Scouting.
  13. Let me guess. Is her salary about $375,000 each year? I might also guess it hasn't been determined that her salary is too high. It would appear that Boy Scouting and Girls Scouting do have some things in common after all.
  14. Toxic masculinity? If only that were true. Most kids today think the boy scouts are a bunch of wimps.
  15. Both. Scouting has always been a game with a purpose. It's a good game. It's a good purpose. But scouting has never been this all-important, world changing movement that many die-hard scouters keep imagining. The stewards and guides of the program broke it by giving it this inflated sense of greatness. They encouraged adults to treat scouting like some sort of religious cult. It is not at all surprising that child sexual abuse (and a cover up) arose out of this mentality. Sexual abuse often occurs in cults, or cult like organizations. Many people still fail to understand that this cult-like attitude is what created the problem. Their cult-like devotion to scouting is what perpetuates the problem. They see themselves as the solution, but they are actually the problem.
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