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  1. If teasing in group showers counts, I was both a victim and a perpetrator. They got me with a few zingers, but I like to think I gave as good as I got.
  2. The COR's in Chicago didn't win. At best it was a tie. They did save the camp, but they lost control of the council to national (after national threatened to pull their charter if they didn't approve a hand-picked slate). I thought they should have fought it out to the bitter end in federal court, but they didn't. Sad.
  3. That's what it says on paper. In reality, the SE has more control over the council board members than they have on the SE.
  4. I have had all of that happen to me (by the execs). Unfortunately, my unit is not allowed to keep the identities of our unit officers a secret from the council. I wish we could. It would make running a unit much easier.
  5. I totally agree with you. Young adults deserve greater respect than our society seems willing to give them. I might also say the same of my middle school students. With a few exceptions, I have found my students to be remarkably understanding, insightful, and kind. Much more so than they are often given credit for. It is true that brain development continues until about age 25. This fact has important implications when discussing many health issues (like drug abuse). I don't see how this makes them any less deserving of respect. I am at that point in life when my physical and mental abilities are on the downslope. I don't think this fact should deprive me of any of the dignity and respect I enjoyed as a middle-aged adult. Since I would not want less respect given to me as a senior citizen, I will not deny that respect to teenagers and young adults.
  6. It is from our CO. This is getting to be a thing. A prominent Catholic speaker gave a speech last summer on the topic of Catholic moral values as they relate to modesty. (I think you can find it on the internet.) She stated that she doesn't allow her boys out in public without a shirt. She strongly recommends that Catholic boys wear shirts in the pool or at the beach. I have heard LDS people say something similar before. This was the first time I heard it from a Catholic conference speaker. It sounds nutty to me. Historically, the Catholic Church has been known for having nude statues and frescos, even in our churches. Catholic high schools often had nude swimming in their gym classes. Growing up, I never considered Catholicism to be a prudish religion. My point was that our CO is coming up with new rules and restrictions. I don't think it would allow the unit to expand the scouting age to 21.
  7. I agree. A lot of new rules/restriction are being imposed. We recently got a new rule that boys are not to remove their shirts. No shirts and skins in basketball. No changing shirts on the field. If a boy is wearing a sweatshirt underneath his uniform shirt, and it gets warm, he cannot just remove the sweatshirt. He must go to the locker room to change. Things are getting Victorian.
  8. The sexual abuse scandals. First we had the scandal in the Catholic Church. Then we have the scandal in the boy scouts. Put them together and it is quite a mess. Our pastor would never approve of us having young adults in the unit. It could be a deal breaker. Extending the age limit might increase membership in some units, but it might cause others to drop their charters entirely.
  9. I can think of one. Many Chartered Organizations wouldn't like it. My CO wouldn't like it at all.
  10. I did very poorly at finger painting in kindergarten, but I have never had any desire to go back and finish the job. That time is past, and I have moved on to bigger and better things. None of the goals/achievements of my childhood, whether I succeeded at them or not, compare with the goals/achievements of my adulthood. This is the way it should be. I have no desire to be a Boy Scout again. I think the most important lesson we men can teach our teenage sons is that there will someday come a time when they will need to put away childish things and become a man. Once they become a man, they can never go back to being a boy again. So they should enjoy their boyhood now. They can only travel this road once.
  11. People won't care what BSA exactly admits to. The numbers will tell the story. If the numbers are anywhere close to what they are now claiming, BSA will be found guilty in the court of public opinion.
  12. Just about everybody will see a settlement as an admission of guilt.
  13. You make some excellent points. But I don't think this is an either/or situation. We can pursue all groups that molest children.
  14. I'm frustrated too. Been so for a long time now.
  15. I don't think so. The problem isn't that BSA is getting bad press. The problem is that many thousands of scouts were sexually molested in scouting. There is no faux outrage here. The outrage is real.
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