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  1. David CO

    Adult led and youth led

    I would argue that the main con is the pros.
  2. David CO

    Snake bites victimize parents as much as campers

    I would guess that the hospital that stocks the antivenom ends up discarding a lot of unused and expired drugs. The consumer (snake bite victim) pays for it. It would be unfair to ask a hospital or pharmacy to keep the drugs in stock if they couldn't pass on the cost of unused medications to the patients.
  3. David CO

    Hello from Eastern Washington

    I wouldn't advise it. First of all, you shouldn't introduce yourself. The Scoutmaster should introduce you. Your first goal should be to earn their trust. So don't say anything you can't follow through on. Don't tell them they can ask you anything if you can't answer everything. You can't answer everything.
  4. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    Life is hard. We don't need to make it any harder.
  5. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    "While wearing the uniform is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged." I would totally agree with that statement. The scout leaders in my unit were allowed to encourage scouts to purchase and wear the uniform. They were not allowed to make it mandatory. They were not allowed to hassle scouts into purchasing a uniform. If they did that, it ended up on my desk. I'm OK with scouts wearing the complete uniform. I'm OK with scouts wearing T-shirts and jeans. I'm not OK with mixing and matching uniform and non-uniform parts. If they cannot afford the complete uniform, they should wear the T-shirts and jeans.
  6. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    Compared to other people in my position (IH), I was considered to be very involved and supportive of the scouting program. Probably not so much if you compared me to the unit leaders. Certainly not if you compared me to many of the die-hard scouters on this forum. I think the viewpoint of the IH and the Chartered Organization is often missing from the forum. My CO couldn't care less if the scouts wear a uniform.
  7. David CO

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    I should think that a scouter would be familiar with that concept.
  8. David CO

    St George

    I would prefer St. Crispin's Day.
  9. David CO

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    Welcome to the forum. I don't think there is a legal problem here because the CO still owns all of the assets of the unit. If the CO gives the unit $1000 to buy tents, the tents are still owned by the CO. No money has changed hands.
  10. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    BSA does have a program with rules and policies. And no, we do not all wear a uniform.
  11. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    There is nothing requiring or forcing scouts to wear a uniform either. It is not a choice between wearing a uniform or not joining. It is simply a choice between wearing a uniform or not wearing a uniform. They can join either way. That's the rule.
  12. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    No, it doesn't. That may have been true in 1920, when the traditional uniform of the time was universally accepted, but that isn't even close to being true today. Every country has its own distinct uniform. There is nothing universal about the scout uniform today.
  13. David CO

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    Yes, that is the philosophical question, but there are also some practical concerns. Our public schools were recently offered the opportunity to have a Spring Swim Night for each of our schools as a special after-school activity. The school board declined the generous offer, citing the anticipated difficulties they might face with inappropriate swimwear, and with students/parents taking on the role of social activists by loudly protesting the perceived body-shaming of girls. They did a roller skating party instead. I suspect that the only result we will get from such social activism is fewer fun activities for the kids.
  14. David CO

    Hello from Columbus

    There is a very simple answer for that. They don't have do merit badges if they don't want to. The advancement program is completely voluntary.
  15. David CO

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    I guess it would depend on the religion. I had an LDS student who always wore a shirt in the pool. He didn't think it was proper for boys to expose their upper torso in public. I don't know if that was just him, or if it was part of his religious training.