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  1. Hey @John-in-KC I see Summit published something yesterday that gives more detail than I would. https://www.summitbsa.org/aditl-screening/?fbclid=IwAR3UYYbMGp5vUqkbRncxTGeqtLqHTeEfAWv0QbO5xiz8x7ZjyHhAKLnHZrc
  2. The course does have a lot of movement between locations plus the hike to the overnight location. At Philmont it is held in the backcountry so arranging transportation would be a challenge (though not impossible if PTC really wanted to support it). I have never been to Summit and do not know how the locations we'll use for various activities are laid out. I'll message you to get an email address and put you in touch with our course director so he can check with Summit folks.
  3. It is not my place to share specifics - I do not speak for Summit, details will vary by program or activity, and of course they are subject to change as things evolve. People who are going to Summit have been (or will be) contacted with details for their specific trek/activity/arrival. I can share some broad information, such as - the medical staff is reviewing where people/units are coming from, how they are traveling and their med forms to determine their risk level. Risk level will determine the level of screening people will receive on arrival. As you can imagine, PPE, hand sanitizing and social distancing are part of the procedures. Housing, dining and program activities will be adjusted/arranged/organized to ensure group sizes follow CDC / WV health department guidelines.
  4. As of now (May 27) the July session of Summit Leadership Challenge and NAYLE are happening. If your summer plans have been cancelled, and if you are open the travel and being around other people - this could be your chance to attend. Summit has specific health procedures for everyone visiting the reservation, and we are working with Summit medical staff to adjust our program for things like group size and number of tents. This will be the first time the Leadership Challenge course has been run independently held at Summit. When the course was held in 2015 it was basically done as an adult patrol in the NAYLE course. It has been canceled for low registrations each time since 2015. You could be part of the first! For those who TL;DR this thread, the course is 6 days of activities and scenarios which provide context to practice leadership skills. Activities include challenge events (low COPE), geocaching, wilderness first aid (with moulage), search and rescue, leave no trace and radio usage. There is an overnight backpack trek, a conservation project and a trip to the Big Zip. The course builds on the skills from WB but there is none of the WB course (i.e. no song, no totems, no critters) - the focus is on servant leadership and the participant experience. Registration is still open: https://www.summitbsa.org/programs/training/
  5. Hawkeye Area Council (east-central Iowa) has just announced that all June camps and activities are cancelled. Decision will be made by May 15 for July camps and activities.
  6. Welcome to the forums. Thanks for asking about licensing. Short version - if the shirt uses any BSA protected images or words/phrases, it must be produced by a licensed vendor to be legal. Here is all the info you need: http://licensingbsa.org/ They used to have a type of license for what you are wanting to do, and it was free (or very inexpensive). I dont find that type of license now - I'd call and ask. OR - just dont use protected images.
  7. Do some searches for a "turtledog hammock stand". TurtleDog is a user name for the person on HammockForums.net who created the stand. It is just what you are asking for - two tripods with a spreader between the tops. People make them from many materials - mine is from 2x2 lumber and a chainlink fence top-rail. The suggestion I would make is to make the tripods tall enough. I made the legs of my tripods 6ft so it would fit in my vehicle. When it was all set up with the tripods wide enough to be stable, they were so short that the hammock was less than a foot off the ground. I like it a little higher so it is easier to get in/out of.
  8. Could be $$$ as @David CO says. The ones I know were active with things and/or volunteered. One who is active at the area level with commissioner stuff got that way by being a very active local commissioner and volunteering a lot with the neighboring commissioner college. Through that he met the other area/region people so became "who you know". On the other hand - there is an opening right now for C3 NYLT coordinator. It was announced in the central region training newsletter. I gave about 1.25 seconds thought to submitting my own name.
  9. I agree @ParkMan - there is not much information about the course. And I find that to be true for all of the Training Center courses. In fact, I find it to be true for Wood Badge - except that WB has been around so long and there us such a large body of people who have attended that it is very easy to find people who talk about it and write about it unofficially. Leadership Challenge is really no different than other courses. Even though it is put on by National and held at a training center it is still run entirely by volunteers. And that includes the promotion and recruiting. I was just re-reading the flyers that they post for the course. It does a "just okay" job of stating the purpose of the course (practical application of WB skills) but there is zero marketing language. There is nothing to get someone excited. Or even pique their interest. You are absolutely right that we should do better if we want it to grow. Im going to capture the highlights of this discussion and pass it along to the course director (and the Scouting-U folks if I get the chance) so we can do better. Thank you!
  10. Ah....that makes sense. What is available seems to change from year to year. The Philmont Training Center website used to list many of the activities - that is what made me interested in attending 5 years ago. Now it doesnt mention any of the activities (and the Summit website has even less). But if you scroll way down there is a link to the PLC Guidebook. It also doesnt mention any of the activities but it does give some insight with things like a gear list.
  11. I understand - it took me 3 years to make the schedule and money work so I could attend.
  12. For both DAM and Silver Beaver we carry forward non-selected nominations for 1 year. That is - new nominations that were not selected to receive the award are automatically kept and are considered again next year. They are only carried forward 1 year - if they are not selected the second year they are destroyed and must be re-nominated for future consideration. When I facilitated the DAM selection, I had everyone read all of the nominations and decide on their own order/ranking. After that I let them decide how to choose. Since they each had the nominations in order it was usually pretty quick to narrow the choice down and "negotiate" for the final selection. Usually there were a few that everyone agreed on and a few that everyone agreed did not make the cut. For Silver Beaver, the facilitator was kind of strict - we all read the nominations and gave each a score. But it was not a ranking it was a points kind of thing. For example, we had 9 nominations but instead of scoring them 1-9 with no duplicates, we just assigned them each 1 to 9 points (1 is the best). At the end the facilitator collected our scores, added them up and the lowest scores win. There are some flaws with this approach that didnt set well with me but the discussion about it was shut down so I just played the game their way.
  13. You are right that it is 6 days of team building activities - but they are not the simple/staged/forced/artificial activities that you're probably envisioning. Things are more scenario based. Without giving anything away, the activities include: cooking (crews prepare their own dinners), challenge events (low COPE), wilderness first aid scenarios, realistic first aid (moulage), geocaching challenge, search and rescue scenarios. Woven into these is a lot of West Virginia history and several practical skills like LNT, UTM and using radios in a field exercise. There is a backpacking overnight, a conservation project and a rededication to Scouting ceremony. You can see how there is lots of team building opportunity without being traditional team building activities. And remember - this is not an outdoor skills session, it is a leadership session. You will (may) learn some new outdoor skills or activities that you can take back to your unit but the focus for the course is on the leadership aspects of the activity. Philmont is in my soul but Im excited to visit Summit and have that whole new experience. And, I too can drive so that's a bonus.
  14. Thanks for all the comments - this has gone a wee bit off topic.... There is still a bunch about the Summit session that I dont know yet, but I see in the schedule that participants get to visit the Consol Energy Bridge, the Sustainability Treehouse and get to ride the Big Zip.
  15. Hm....raises lots of questions for me but since we dont have all of the information it is all speculation.
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