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  1. What sounds easy for you may be a stretch for them. Just like an Eagle project, the goal is not the project but the planning and leadership (and related) skills they put to use in accomplishing the project.
  2. jjlash

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    I understand the desire to get them thinking big but I would suggest that you not present any ideas. Rather - challenge them to come up with ideas by asking what they want to do. Do they want to canoe? hike? fish? raft? bike? swim? sail? You could say something like "Ive heard great things about XYZ" or "I know of a Troop that did THIS and had a great time" to give them someplace to start. But in my experience, if you present some ideas they will pick one of those because it is easy. Another approach is to set some limits first - usually cost or duration (how much vacation time adults can take). Then research to find cool things within those bounds. That said - boundary waters is a great trek. One of my favorites for hiking was Isle Royale.
  3. jjlash

    WFA: Required or not?

    <shrug> - good question.
  4. jjlash

    WFA: Required or not?

    I agree it is useless for an end user to locate a trainer. But that is not really their model. Their model is to provide materials for the trainers or training organizations and assume that those people will make their services known to the people wanting to be trained. As for collecting fees - they dont do that either. The only cost I have to be an ECSI instructor is the book/certification card I purchase for each student. And those are less expensive than the comparable American Heart Assn materials (Im also AHA instructor) materials.
  5. Wood Badge teaches leadership skills. Things like techniques for effective listening and giving/receiving feedback and embracing diversity and handling conflict. It gives an introduction to the "others first" or "servant" style of leadership but it does a very cursory job at that. If you have had other leadership training, such as in the military or business world, you may or may not get a lot from it. I had never had any leadership training and Wood Badge was a turning point. Not because the material in Wood Badge is so great but because it set me on a path to learn about (study) leadership. On that path I have taken other training and met other people and read other authors that have truly changed my approach to everything.
  6. jjlash

    WFA: Required or not?

    If you go to ecsinstitute.org there is a "Find A Center" link top-center. You can enter info to search for an "education center" in your area. The Education Center is the organization which puts on trainings. You will have to contact each one - it doesnt show what classes they offer. In fact, many of them dont offer classes to the public, they are organizations such as schools or camps that provide training internally. But it is someplace to start.
  7. Dates and Course Directors have been announced for next year's Philmont Leadership Challenge. I have had the pleasure of working with both of these folks and know that their courses will raise the bar on what is already an amazing experience. PTC Week 4: June 30 - July 6. David Broekers from Crossroads of America council (central Indiana) is course director PTC Week 11: Sept 15 - 21. April Bethea from Grand Canyon council (Pheonix area) is course director Philmont Leadership Challenge is a 6 day session where crews practice their Wood Badge leadership skills through hands-on activities in the Philmont backcountry. Activities include challenge events, geocaching, wilderness first aid and search and rescue. Are there any other PLC alumni hanging out here?
  8. Does "will work for backpacking" mean that they backpack frequently so bulk/weight are pretty important? Or does it mean that they (might) backpack once in a while so you dont want to spend the extra on a super small/light bag that really wont be carried that much? Alps Mountaineering stuff is generally a good value when purchased with their Hiker Direct discount prices. THat is - stuff is reasonably priced and holds up well to the heavy use but is heavier and bulkier than I would want for frequent backpacking. In addition to suggestions here, I suggest you talk to the adults and older Scouts in the Troop he will be joining. They know best what kind of camping they do and what temperatures they will encounter at the places they go to frequently.
  9. jjlash

    Online Grocery Orders

    Understand - for Cubs it is great to help busy leaders be efficient. And, Im not opposed to it for Scouts either - if they come up with it on their own, in response to a challenge that they have identified. Very often we adults apply our standards to their world - that is, we like online ordering because we are busy and it saves us time. And since we like it we think they should use it. But maybe they dont really care how long it takes because they are not so busy and it really doesnt take that long and they get to goof around with their buddies. Thus - they dont face a challenge (have a problem) that needs solving. Sure, a patrol could have a meeting to do the planning and all sit around a computer to do the ordering online. That would be great, but I know in my Troop it would not happen that way - one person would end up doing it by themselves.
  10. jjlash

    Online Grocery Orders

    While I like the convenience of ordering online, I suggest you not teach this to the Scouts. I suggest you teach them the skills of planning, pricing and buying "the old fashioned way" for a few reasons. Partly so they know how to do it without the aid of the computer/website and spreadsheets that calculate everything for them. But also because preparing for a campout should be a patrol activity. It is an opportunity for a couple guys to spend time working together to achieve a goal. It is interesting and often funny to watch a few 13 year olds shopping for a menu they prepared. This often involves someone lobbying to add chips or cookies that were not on the menu and someone else realizing that they have not collected enough money for chips or cookies. And if that doesnt convince you, please consider this quote often attributed to Baden Powell - the Scoutmaster should 'never do for a boy what the boy can do for himself'. In this case, it seems like you are solving a problem that doesnt yet exist and that may or may not actually be a problem for the Scouts. If they find meal planning and grocery shopping to be a hassle they will find a way to improve it. And knowing teenagers that way will surely involve technology.
  11. How are you trying to attach them @Haukehaien? Like others, I sew them by hand - though I dont bother with keeping the pocket usable. If it is going to be there very temporarily, I'll staple them and leave it at that.
  12. jjlash

    YPT2 deadline

    Wow - just got the materials last month, that makes it tough to really help people get udpated. We got the materials in early April.
  13. jjlash

    YPT2 deadline

    I dont understand the issues some folks have reported with getting in person training. My training team has been doing a session about once a week for several weeks. National has provided all of the materials to hold the session. The only "thing" is - the material specifically says that a) the material should not be posted to any online locations and b) the sessions should only be presented by members of the council/district training team. That is - they dont want units holding the sessions for themselves. My only insight as to why so restrictive comes from another statement in the material - it says that the material in the session could bring up strong feelings for someone who has been through an abuse situation. It offers guidance to the trainers about how to warn people at the start and how to be supportive of someone who needs to leave the room etc. The ironic part is that the training team has received no extra training about how to hold this session so I dont know what makes us more qualified than any other leader.
  14. jjlash

    Scout trailer and gear

    Go to a local sign shop - they can do custom designs in vinyl. BE AWARE HOWEVER - the sign shop must be licensed by the BSA if they use any of the BSA's protected logos or phrases. Info about licensing is here http://licensingbsa.org/ - the shop will go to the "Apply" then "License Types" and look at the "Local Council Product License" Here are some pics of what our shop did for us.
  15. Sorry folks, I missed all of the requests. Also sorry that I cannot post the gazettes - I found the link when I was researching and, like others have noted, it seems to be gone now. I didnt think to download copies while they were available.