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  1. FireStone

    Where's the new stuff?

    I was (possibly mistakenly) under the impression that the updated uniform pieces for Cubs would be out by summer (June). I briefly saw the new red Wolf neckerchiefs online, but then they were gone just as quickly. The only thing I've been able to find so far is the new solid-color-cover handbooks. Anyone heard anything about the uniform pieces? I was kind of hoping to tell my Wolf den we'd be wearing red in the fall, but right now it's not looking good for that to happen. I'm thinking I should plan to tell parents to buy the yellow hats and neckerchiefs.
  2. FireStone

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    I view adult uniform patches with utility in mind. How useful are they, and do they communicate something of value? There are patches that (I hope) instill a sense of trust in the parents of the kids in my Den. "Trained" for example. I realize it doesn't take much to get one of those, but I like that it suggest that I did something other than just buy a shirt and show up to be in a position to attempt to teach your kid something. Den Leader, Cub Master, etc., patches seem useful. Makes it pretty clear what each leader does, and any parent can just take a glance at your shoulder to know what you do. I view square knots as talking points. Kids ask about them sometimes, adults on occasion as well. And I welcome any opportunity to talk about what potentially lies ahead in Scouting for kids that stick with the program and work hard.
  3. FireStone

    Is this the new normal?

    I'm kind of amazed that water guns and laser tag are subjects worthy of so much discussion. It has never occurred to me that either would really be all that important in a Scouting program. If I look back at my 12 years as a youth in Scouting, I don't think I'd ever have the thought that I missed out on anything by not ever having the chance to play laser tag. Also in thinking back on my youth Scouting days, I remember my Troop ditched our Council camp for many years because of the poor camp program. The issues expressed in the original post here sound a lot like problems/concerns I heard expressed in my youth (1990s), and I'm guessing are far from new. Or normal, thankfully. Because today, just like back then, it was a simple matter of finding a better camp, and both back then and today I know that good camps exist in our area. Maybe dull/poor camp programs are more common today, but certainly they're not the new normal.
  4. The one case we know of in Scouting, the NJ boy, my understanding of that case is that the only reason anyone found out is because the mother informed leaders, and word spread to a parent who took issue with it. On appearances, no one could tell he wasn’t born a girl.
  5. I agree civics is lacking in this country, but is Scouting the best venue for teaching it? Seems like we're picking up the slack where schools should be doing a better job. Personally I'd be fine with seeing all Citizenship MBs gone.
  6. FireStone

    All Scouting is Local

    Amen. Scouting is far from doomed, because of the local effect. Scouting is thriving here in my town as well.
  7. FireStone

    When is a Scout "Recognized"?

    I can't help pointing out the contradiction in this statement. What if a scout's "own pace and time" is to reach First Class in a year? I always find it odd that we applaud a certain timeline (a longer one) for advancement while criticizing another (shorter) one, even though neither are encouraged or discouraged by the rank requirements. The time between ranks that occurs because of POR requirements is the only deciding factor. So why do we judge one choice vs. another when neither break any rules or adhere to any BSA standard best-practices? One of the most dedicated Scouts I've ever known (and now a highly involved and dedicated Scouter) was a 13-year-old Eagle. This idea that some minimum age beyond the requirements should be arbitrarily applied because of what some people "believe in" is ridiculous.
  8. FireStone

    Unit milestone anniversary - What to do?

    Love this idea. Definitely going on my list of suggestions. I know the town has a pretty rich scouting history, some names on the original charter are family names that are still around town. Probably could find a good number of people in the area with past affiliations with the unit, alumni, etc.
  9. FireStone

    McDonough, GA gunfire reported at Cub Scout campout

    It's a little tricky to figure out from the article, but it basically sounds like this woman has issues with events taking place on the church property, which she lives adjacent to. So her response, with kids present, is to fire off a bunch of rounds in what seems like a deliberate attempt to scare children. Classy. 🙄
  10. Ever looked into the BPSA? They kind of do that already, just with more progressive membership policies (no restrictions of the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or religion). But their program is definitely old-school, primarily outdoor-focused and with a much shorter list of merit badges.
  11. FireStone

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

    I think there are uniform regulation lines that just shouldn't be crossed. Maybe sometimes those lines are a little blurry (am I really going to give an 18-year-old a hard time for wearing the Eagle badge?) and then I think there are lines that are crystal clear (the 40+ year-old Council guy wearing the badge is ridiculous). Some things we let slide, while some things are sacred in the BSA and should be respected. This is one of those things that I think needs to be respected. We're not talking about an improperly worn Bobcat badge here. This is about improper wearing of an Eagle rank badge. I agree that it's tacky, and I might take it a step further and say it's disrespectful.
  12. FireStone

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

    There's a guy at my local Council office who wears an Eagle rank badge and an Eagle square knot. He's probably in his 40s or 50s. I have not yet met him directly but I've seen him around and I'm sure the time will come when we cross paths and get to talking. We'll see how long I can bite my tongue. I'm guessing I won't make it much further than, "Hi, nice to meet you. So what's up with that rank badge?" 😁
  13. FireStone

    When is a Scout "Recognized"?

    Absolutely. I'm just saying that if this online system works as it's been explained to me, it would at least cut down on those "no report, no badge" trips. Again it's all in theory at this point, but if it works, you could basically show up at the shop and get a badge for your unit that is in the ScoutBook system as complete as of the minute you step up to the register. Of course this is the BSA, and so my skepticism regarding how smoothly this will all work as it has been explained to me is of course highly suspect.
  14. FireStone

    When is a Scout "Recognized"?

    I'm at the Cub level so I don't know exactly how much variation there is when it comes to the goal of quick recognition. But I do know that it is heavily emplasized by the BSA at the Cub level that recognition should happen quickly, no more than 2 weeks after completion of something. We want the Scouts to make that connection between what they did and what they received to mark the achievement. If months go by, the system is less effective. I suspect that the intent at the Troop level has to be about the same. We always want to connect the "doing" with the "recognizing", and for the younger guys coming from the Cub experience not all that long ago, it's probably even more important to continue with that system of quickly recognizing advancement. I struggle with this in my Pack. Our advancement chairperson won't go to the shop more than once per month. And advancement reports have to be turned in 1 week prior to that trip. So in some cases if we just finished up something the week of the shop run, it will be more than a month before we even get the belt loops. I've occasionally worked around that by buying loops myself (some shop employees are helpful with this, in the absence of an advancement report), and then I just use my receipt to return the loops once I eventually do get them from the advancement chair.
  15. FireStone

    Breaking Point

    Breakdown of the intent and spirit of the Patrol Method was happening 20+ years ago by my memory, probably longer really. I don't think it's fair to try and pin any of that on the recent changes.