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  1. FireStone

    Guidance on Discipline

    I'm a little confused on how the report of drug possession was basically blown off and ignored. Or was there more to it? unless I'm reading this wrong, he told other scouts he had weed, it was reported to the SM, and... nothing happened? He possibly had drugs at a scouting event, in camp, and was allowed to stay without consequence. What am I missing here?
  2. FireStone

    Eagle Scout Shown Leniency

    There's a weird thing going on in our justice system lately. This all reminds me of the case of that college kid who was given a 6-month sentence for rape because of his student athlete status and the judge's belief that he's not a danger to anyone. The idea that judges are now passing sentences based on some sort of personal belief of future life potential rather than the facts of the case is disturbing. Especially when the facts of the case, such as this Eagle Scout case, seem to suggest otherwise. The kid not only bragged about the assault but he seemed to be proud of it, based on the text messages he sent to friends afterwards. Scary behavior, certainly not anything that would make me think he'll live out the rest of his life crime-free. It says something very "Minority Report"-esque that our legal system takes into account the subjective views of judges who think they have some crystal ball to see the potential future of the accused and judge current cases based on those views.
  3. FireStone

    How realistic is it for a Cub Scout to earn everything?

    My Wolf den this past year completed 10 adventures, out of the 19 available. We met for den meetings once per month and asked scouts to complete some requirements at home in between meetings. Usually just one or two requirements, or one project for the relevant adventure. With a pretty light meeting schedule we knocked off half of the belt loops. I have no doubt that doing all 19 is entirely feasible, and honestly not all that difficult. I've heard leaders say that a den would have to meet weekly to do all of the adventures in the book, but I don't believe that to be true. On top of the 10 we completed as a den, some scouts did additional adventures on their own with parents, some as many as 3 additional adventures. So again, with a pretty light schedule, we have scouts who completed as many as 13 adventures out of 19.
  4. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    Yeah, but we're not going to change to a night event. Think I might test clipping a blacklight over the track. Or just put one over the "on deck" area where the cars are set up pre-race.
  5. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    Here's a shot of the tracks. One of the things I've been trying to figure out for our next Pack derby is how to get black lights set up along our track. We run our derby in a school gym with lots of windows, so I'm not sure it's possible at a day-time event. Been wondering if a couple of black light tubes on each side of the track would work. Now that my Pack is allowing those black-light-sensitive wheels, it would be fun to get them glowing for the races.
  6. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    One other quick note: The organizers of this event were great. Super helpful, generous, and ran the event very well. One thing that stood out to me, and this is purely based on my observation and not on anything I know to be factual, but I'll say it anyway. They gave awards for car designs, one category being "Most Patriotic". I remembered earlier in the day seeing a car that was just amazingly painted, stars-and-stripes done perfectly in what I can safely assume was not painted by a scout. And that car was not the winner. The winning car was a different car sporting a very well-done paint job by a scout. And one more thing... One of the staff took the mic to announce that a $50 bill had been found on the ground and was handed in to staff. Only at a Scouting event do you see that kind of thing happen.
  7. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    Hahah. yep, it's one of those. The majority of participants were from the local host council and surrounding areas within driving distance, but I'd call it a national event at least, though not a "world" event. On the race results screens I frequently saw competitors listed from greater distances than the NY area, including Ohio, California, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, etc.
  8. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    Neither did I until my son qualified. After the district races our CM told us he could enter the World Championship and I said, "The what??" We also didn't have district races last year, so no scouts in our Pack could have even qualified. The World Championship has a rule that qualifying scouts must have placed top 3 in their rank at a district or council race. They used to actually run this event outside in Time Square, but it has since been moved into the Marriott Marquis. Which is still phenomenal, it's a huge venue, right in the heart of Times Square. I highly recommend going if any of your scouts qualify. The event this year was attended by scouts from all over the country. I heard something about over 100 councils and over 20 states represented.
  9. FireStone

    WTB Magic Tree House Reading Warrior

    Thanks for the tip. Mission accomplished, patch acquired.
  10. FireStone

    Pinewood Derby World Championship

    Anyone else at the Pinewood Derby World Championship in NYC today? My son qualified and we went for the first time. It was a fun but long day. Lots of waiting in long lines. No trophies for him or our other Pack scouts, but we celebrated with some really expensive ice cream cones in Times Square. I was honestly kind of surprised at how so many parents and scouts arrive with huge toolboxes of gear, extra parts, tools, etc. We had a backpack with a derby car wrapped in a rag. But then I felt like a real amateur when my son's car failed inspection (rule difference between pack/district and WCPWD that we overlooked) and we had to buy new wheels and borrow tools and glue from other scouts. Lessons learned: Pack more snacks and stuff to keep the kids busy, and read the rules line-by-line. At that level things get a lot more strict than at the local level, especially when it comes to wheels, if they all touch the track, etc.
  11. That's a problem. Minimum 3 unrelated individuals should have admin rights to any unit social media accounts or unit website.
  12. FireStone

    When and how to ask a CM to step down

    If attendance at activities is an issue, that seems like a pretty easy jumping-off point of conversation with a CC. The CM should attend a minimum XX% of Pack events/activities (insert whatever number seems reasonable for your unit). If the CM can't fulfill that, they should step down.
  13. Does anyone else have access to the administer the fb group? It shouldn't be one person with total control over it, so things like this can be deleted.
  14. FireStone

    Camp info packet

    For an organization that supposedly prides itself on the outdoors, including being knowledgeable and respectful of the environment, we have a weird habit of producing way too many printed materials and unnecessary junk. I'm fighting this battle in my own Pack often, trying to eliminate the 20-page Welcome packet we print out for new families. At the troop level, scouts are good at finding whatever info they need, especially around camp. I don't think they need a map, camp info, packet, etc. And I agree with the previous comments about the gateway, if the scouts want to participate, they can and will. I remember a summer as a youth where my troop didn't plan ahead for the gateway, we decided upon arrival to make one (the scouts decided, not the leaders), and we ended up winning the camp contest for best gateway. Let the scouts work it out, if they want to do it, they will find a way to make it happen.
  15. Thoroughly disappointing to see the road she's gone down since being given a path to Eagle. I was a support of hers. No longer.