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  1. I get that. We all need the mental break. My reason for wanting to do something covid-related, though, is that I believe this will end at some point (if the science keeps showing encouraging results), and when my scouts look back on all of this I'd like them to remember that they did something to help.
  2. I want to do a service project with my Webelos and preferrably do something that would benefit people/community in a way that addresses some covid-related problem. I'm racking my brain and not coming up with much. Anyone have any suggestions or have you done any covid-related projects with your Cub Scouts?
  3. If the BSA folds, I'll charter a BPSA-US group and just keep on doing what I'm doing, getting my scouts together, learning fun outdoor skills, camping, etc. Doesn't matter all that much to me what the name of the organization on the uniform shirt is. Since a few months have gone by on this topic, @Liz I hope you had some success since then in getting your Webelos moving on those pins. I'm a Webelos DL and I know how hard covid has made it to do things that previously would have been fairly easy.
  4. Not interested anymore. She and her dad kept pushing the BSA every step, nothing was ever good enough, no matter what the BSA did to try and make them happy. Her dad is quoted in that article singing the praises of the BSA, while on Twitter he's still yelling about discrimination. I'm over it. She's not "the first", there is no "first", that was entirely by design. I congratulate her on being among the inaugural class, but as far as I'm concerned she tarnished her achievement. All of that yelling and pushing the BSA to recognize her previous BoRs (she's had more than one), and in the end she had to play by their rules anyway. And still insists on changing the narrative and declaring herself "first". It's a shame.
  5. I've been digging for an answer to a question and can't find it: What's the BSA's stance on multi-unit events/activities currently? For example 2 Packs, 1 or 2 Troops, 1 Crew getting together for an outdoor activity. I've been comfortable with den and pack meetings, but this one has me hesitating, bringing kids together from different units, both pack and troop level, different schools, and during a week when we've some positive covid tests in local schools.
  6. Get rid of all of the badges for doing things that are part of other badges/belt loops. The entire "generic emblems" section on the scout shop website could be eliminated. My cubs don't need a police station visit badge, they get the belt loop that includes that as a requirement. They the generic hiking badge, they do Webelos Walkabout and get the pin for that. They have a parade badge, a flag ceremony badge, a campfire badge. Some stuff doesn't need a badge, it's just part of scouting and could very easily go un-badged. Also, stop making different stuff for every cub rank. One neckerchief, one belt buckle, if you want to distinguish rank with something visual, keep the rank hats, that's all. My Pack got our own custom neckerchiefs, scouts use one neckerchief all through cub scouts. We (leaders and parents) got tired of the new-rank-neckerchief-every-year madness.
  7. For anyone familiar with Virtus, do you know if there is an online course option? The CO is saying we all have to take the course in-person.
  8. Not my church, my CO, and they're asking all of our unit volunteers to sign it, which includes folks of other faiths. So I guess in this CO, if you're not Catholic, either you can't volunteer or you can and just have th sign the form without really meaning it.
  9. The Declaration of Religious Principle is fairly broad, though, and not specific to any one faith. The document I'm being asked to sign speaks directly to Christian standards and the teachings of the Catholic church. To me that seems too specific for a BSA volunteer, with the BSA being non-sectarian.
  10. Follow-up question: Can a CO require volunteers to sign a document that states that volunteers agree to exhibit Christian ethical standards and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the discipline, norms, and teachings of the Cathollic Church? I'm struggling with this one and how it potentially impacts volunteers who follow other faiths. Or gay volunteers.
  11. Thanks, folks. I had a feeling that was the case, just wanted to confirm.
  12. Our CO is requiring us to attend a church-sponsored child protection program, in addition to BSA YPT. If we don't attend, we cannot be BSA adult volunteers. As a broad and general question, are COs allowed to do this?
  13. The game we always have to play is ask for the goods, not the money, but then we can accept any money offered to buy the goods. It's all about how you say it. Or at least how you start the conversation. We can't ask for money but asking for the goods right away can be off-putting. The strategy that has worked for me has been to just put out the word that we're looking to get something and just seeing what people come back with, whether that's in the form of donated goods, funds, access to discounts, or any other assistance. When I needed to purchase things for a service project, I put out a community announcement about what we needed and the public came to me either with a donation of the actual items we needed or offering to help with funds to make the purchase. I didn't solicit money, I simply informed the local public about what we were trying to do and let the public help however they chose to. My Pack did stop me at the point of wanting to make an Amazon wishlist for items, they viewed that as solicitation. I'm not sure how exactly. We can ask people to buy popcorn to fund projects and activities, but I guess we can't ask people to buy stuff directly for those projects or activities? In the end we still got what we needed, technically without soliciting anything. It's just a silly game we have to play to get from point A to point B, even if the end result is the same as just asking for B from the start.
  14. I would suggest just re-writing it if you can remember any of it. That's what I've been doing for various ceremonies and scripts. I just did the Webelos Tribe story at a den meeting, and I took what i found online and modified the heck out of it. A lot of this stuff was never official BSA programming, and was just written and/or edited by various scouters over the years. I use those documents as a starting point, but I re-write stuff as needed. Not just for cultural significance but also just to get the right kind of story, ceremony, or script for what I'm trying to do. I even edit campfire skits, songs, and stories. Not too much that it changes the story, just to personalize it or to get it into a flow or tone that I'm more comfortable with so it sounds more natural. Or to add local flare. When I do the Horrible Pirate story and the narrator says they were down by the docks, I say "down by the [Your Town] Docks" to give it a local reference (and as a bit of added comedy since because we have no bodies of water in or near our town). My point is, scripts in scouting don't need to be adhered to exactly. These aren't exactly sacred documents, they have already been edited and revised numerous times over the years. Take what you like, remove what you don't, add whatever makes it work better for you. Same for the face painting. Don't worry about how close it is to whatever your remember being done previously. Ultimately what you want with the face painting is a color that matches rank. Put a couple of bars of the rank color on each kid's face and you're good to go.
  15. Have you bought your adult uniform yet? Might as well, it's just a matter of time if the Pack finds out you're an Eagle Scout, you'll find yourself "volunteered" for a uniformed position real soon. 😄 Welcome back!
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