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  1. If you can't trust trained adults, regardless of age, then it should not matter the gender of the scouts they are supervising. There are enough lawsuits currently that illustrate that point.
  2. No, our rules are discriminatory to this family. Boys in scouting may be lead by two women or two men but girls in scouting require a registered female leader. Now, we are well within our right to discriminate in such a manner - nothing requires us to do otherwise, but with the need for 2-deep in most cases, it seems antiquated and unnecessary - and certainly a determent to BSAs desire to be welcoming to both genders..
  3. Affluency and bullying (both the perpetrator and the victim) do not appear to be significantly negatively correlated. https://theconversation.com/who-are-more-likely-to-be-bullies-poor-kids-or-rich-kids-27411 As far as it being justified? I think so. Teens currently have the highest rate of suicide in nearly 20 years (2000). It is the second leading cause of death for people 15-24. The opioid crisis likely impacts that stat but then so does cyber bulling. The idea that a bullying event can go viral and live forever online (much longer than the actual incident) is terrifying, not only for the kids impacted but probably for their parents as well.
  4. Oddly enough, I think my daughter read my son's BL more when she wasn't a scout - but then, we don't get the magazine any more I think.
  5. Hawkwin


    Curious, I had assumed any and all temporary and otherwise non-uniform patches (like aquatics and equipment decorations) could be placed on the back of the merit badge sash but the above link would suggest otherwise. Anyone aware of something more recent or definitive? That was posted back in 2011 and last updated 2014.
  6. Hawkwin

    Youth Protection - Parent Unwelcome

    If it is legal, then how is substantively different than what we often do to boys? Is that not also form of mutilation (but with obviously less severe consequences)? Certainly not defending FGM. I think it is horrid, but I don't imagine this doc is going to be actively involved in trying to do such while on a camp out. Also doesn't make what he did sexual abuse.
  7. JR ROTC can be much more difficult to get up and running vs Explorers - and it is far more geographically compact and restrictive since linked to specific high school attendance. These days, I can't imagine a new JR ROTC unit even being starting with such difficult requirements: And, I believe that would be for just a SINGLE branch of the military whereas Explorers is "non-denominational" so to speak.
  8. Keep in mind that in 2018 (and probably at the time this article was referencing), just the early adopter program was up and running in the beginning. My daughter was the ONLY cub in our entire district to my knowledge - and we had to go to a different district to find a single pack that was even participating in the program at that time (we had none in our district) - and oddly enough, one of our three was an LDS girl from yet ANOTHER district.
  9. Your link doesn't say that. Having data potentially exposed is not the same as hacked. There was no mention of any malicious attempt which would suggest hacking. I think exposing the DOB, email, and phone number might be of biggest concern. Per your link, this vulnerability was through the sharing portion of the sales app. In other words, one became vulnerable when one posted their sale online. It is fair to assume that when I did that for my daughter, my name and her name were already shared. Phishing attempts (again, per your link) via email and or phone calls would be of the greatest concern - attempts to get MORE information that could then lead to identity theft. I don't think one can do much scamming with just someone's DOB and full name. 'Could be wrong.
  10. Hawkwin

    How to test scout on GPS usage?

    Even without cell service, your typical smart phone can determine GPS from sat coverage. There are a number of free aps where one can do such. The language of the requirement 4b doesn't seem to convey the need to learn long and lat, much less magnetic declination. It would appear that as long as a scout can use a smart phone (specifically mentioned in the requirement) to get from point A to point B, that the requirement is met. 4a is more about map and compass work.
  11. Hawkwin

    New Committee Chair for a New Troop

    Ya, we had to step outside our district, again, to find a home. At least this troop (unlike her pack) is a much closer drive (less than 15 minutes). We were working on trying to start a troop in our home town but the leadership, both within the brother troop and the district just didn't seem to have any sense of urgency. It was May and they hadn't even set up an information night (and school is out in May) so we had to find a troop before summer if I wanted her to be at all active during the summer. She got to go to a 1st Class day camp with her troop and gets her Scout patch on Sunday. They went with something else - The Sea Turtles. She missed the meeting/camp out where they picked the patrol name. Her own fault for choosing not to go. The SM has indicated that patrol names will change over time. No idea what that schedule will be but I like the idea that they can evolve. Yep, and the existing leadership seems not only VERY competent, they also seem to be very like-minded. I have been very pleased with all of the leadership so far and the methods and techniques used that have been new to my experience. For example, the troop gives all new scouts a sold white neckerchief when they join the troop. They "graduate" to other neckerchiefs as they progress in ranks. I love that idea. I've not seen or been part of another troop that did that.
  12. I've been asked to be the CC for my daughter's new Troop she joined last May. The current CC is the Advancement Chair (AC?) of the "brother" troop and she wants to step down from trying to do two roles (and who can blame her). I was originally asked to be the AC but have recently been recruited to step into the big shoes. I can log into myscouting and go through the training to learn what I need to do but we all know that such training can never really prepare one for the role so I am seeking the advice of other CCs (and non CCs) here. What do you look for most from your CC? SMs, what bugs you the most about your CC? For current or past CCs, what is the one thing you wished you knew before you started or that you wished you did a better job of in the role? What are some pitfalls to look out for? What are some tricks of the trade that really help make this job easier? Any other advice you might offer? I told the current CC that I would make my decision either way by the end of this weekend. Any feedback you can provide is certainly appreciated.
  13. Curious; anyone know why it is referred to as the "field" uniform? In my military experience, the "field" uniform is the one you would wear when "in the field" and it would generally be absent any awards. The field uniform WAS/IS the activity uniform. The BSA "field" uniform is anything but that - and is also probably why so many have come to call it the "class A" since it more closely resembles, and is more accurately worn and used in a similar manner. What is the official terminology for how to distinguish between the "field" uniform and what I most often hear as either the "full" uniform or the "dress" uniform when a scout is asked to include their sash and pants/shorts?
  14. No, two different issues and policies are being conflated here. The rules that allow for work done in a foreign scouting organization to be considered existed before the creation of the Temporary Transition Rules and are found in the GTA (https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf),, page 38. The Temporary Transition rules (https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/02/Implementation-Details-for-Scouts-BSA.pdf) apply to the extension allowed to scouts that join now who are over 16 but under 18. To summarize the two different issues: 1. Can a US citizen, who was likely domiciled in the US at the time, complete work in a foreign scouting organization and then have the work considered and credited after they join BSA. To answer that question, we turn to the GTA - but it does not answer it directly. It is my contention that this was simply an oversight and that such a situation just was not considered previously due to just how rare it would be. If it was considered, then I think it would be fair to assume that the GTA would explicitly state such - just like it explicitly states that Eagle may not be awarded via this method. I base my opinion on the idea that it would serve none of the AIMS of scouting to allow a foreign citizen to gain consideration for credit, including Merit Badges, up to but no including Eagle, for the work they did but deny that same credit for the same work to a US citizen. It seems strange to me that we would have a policy biased against US citizens based on their domicile. [Edit: And it would appear that her Council agreed with such and credited her for prior work completed.] 2. Should scouts that have prior work credited be allowed to obtain Eagle prior to the established deadline in the Temporary Transition Rules (TTR). As the document states, it takes roughly 20 months to complete the work to obtain Eagle. Absent any prior work being recognized, no new scout should be able to get it any quicker, male or female. The TTR specifically states that the first class of female Eagles will be recognized in the Fall of 2020. It creates no such restriction on males that join BSA in 2019. In general, I fully support the transition rules. In general, I don't support the idea that even if a council recognizes and credits work done in a foreign scouting organization, that one could obtain Eagle in just six months. But, if a council recognizes work performed in a foreign scouting organization for a male that joined BSA in 2019 for the first time, there is no restriction in the TTR on that individual obtaining Eagle this year. As such, the TTR does have the potential for disparate impact with this rule. From where I am sitting, my recommendation would be to quit the fight for early Eagle on her part - but I am in no way going to fault her or think less of her for her attempt to do what she thinks is right or fair. I am not in her shoes, I can't possible empathize with her plight, and it would be extremely judgmental for me (or anyone else), to think less of her for doing so.
  15. You are quoting from a section not relevant to the topic. To quote: This issue isn't about work she did as a tag-along with her brother's unit. It is about work she did while a scout of a foreign troop (not at all mentioned in the transition document). The Temporary transitions rules don't really address this issue at all (outside of the recognition section - which I fully support).