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  1. Absolutely a concern but as with any new founding of a troop, the vast majority of the volunteers should come from the parents. Just a guess, but I would imagine less than 10% of all active scouters in a troop are not parents of scouts in that troop. The vast majority of scouters move on when their own scouts leave. A new girls troops should pull the vast majority of their leaders from their parents. In some cases there will be overlap as well as some complete transfers (e.g. female leaders in a boys troop might move to the girls troop so that they have adequate YPT leadership). Realistically, this is something the CO and the existing committee should work out in advance as much as possible. Such changes in leadership and volunteers should not come as a shock to either the new unit or the existing one.
  2. Webelos have a requirement as part of their AOL to visit a troop. A Den leader (or other authorized YPT member of the pack) should go to that even with them. A pack should never send their Webelos off to a troop without trained leaders even if the parents are going. The safety of the Webelos is the responsibility of the Pack and if something happened at your event, and the pack did not ensure that adequate YPT leaders were in attendance, then the pack likely will be held responsible. The section I bolded would be rule #1 IMO. Doesn't make you the "bad guy" by asking those units to simply follow their own rules. Lastly, and pardon the slight pun, "man up!" Since when have scouters been afraid of being the "bad guy" by follow rules? It is our duty to follow the rules. We should take pride in such, not hang our heads in shame for asking others to follow the rules.
  3. Yes, but then the Webelos Den should supply such. It is their requirement to have one, not yours.
  4. Can you show me where it states that troops are responsible for providing adequate YPT coverage for individuals that are not members of their unit? You appear to be reading into a requirement not stated. Well, I would not deem it your "problem" but I would think you both have a DUTY and a DESIRE to not allow it to continue so reporting it is definitely your "problem." Funny, in such a situation I would be THANKFUL that I witnessed such an issue and that I could report it. I would be pleased to know that I just might have prevented the abuse of a child. Thinking of it as a problem would be farthest from my mind.
  5. I face the same issue with my daughter and I am her Den Leader. While I want to roll my eyes at much of this mess, I have to give a head nod to the idea that she is indeed a scout and should be treated as such with proper female leadership (believe me, I loathe this rule as it negatively impacts my ability to be a leader - made my wife sit through the YPT so I could at least give some lip service to having a YPT female around). You being there doesn't satisfy the YPT standards. We can imagine a different circumstance where you might be divorced and took your daughter to such an event and your x-wife filed a complaint against the camp for not following YPT rules. Accusations could be made (about you or maybe another staff member). Even if nothing happened, the camp did not follow the rules.
  6. Before you even get to the point of pack events, you need to have at least one registered female leader for the DEN. Your pack should be planning now for such possibilities by having more than a single registered adult female so that is not an issue. If you are a pack that will be taking girls, then it is your responsibility to "be prepared" for the fact that you will likely need more than a single female adult leader. No disagreement with your last two paragraphs. Not a fan of the double standard. A (YPT trained) scout is trustworthy, unless they are a male around girls then they must be under the watchful eye of a female. And of course, the assumption by extension that two YPT trained males are of no risk of violating the rules with just boys around.
  7. She isn't a member of the troop. She is, as you state, a tag along. Same rules should apply that would govern any other non-member of the troop that happens to be on site during a troop event. Correct. Not the troop's responsibility any more than a boy that was a tag along non-member of the troop. No, but we adult arm-chair lawyers can sure find ways to muck it up more than it need be. Troops are not responsible for non-members.
  8. No, again, the OP asked about a registered female cub that was a tag along. G2SS refers to members of the troop (e.g. your quote, "every unit serving females)." A tag along, even one registered as a female cub, is not a member of the troop.
  9. Ya, they muddied the water with that graphic. I think my reply still remains valid though. Non-troop scouts (cubs of either gender) at a troop event are the responsibility of the parent and not the troop and if a scouter wants to bring his family to a troop event, the troop does not have to supply female leaders just because the family might include scouting females. They are not a member of the troop - they are not the responsibility of the troop.
  10. I did see any reply to this so if this reply is redundant, ignore it. Family Scouting refers to Cub Scouts, not Troops. If there are tag alongs at a Troop outing then that tag along is there is a person unaffiliated with the Troop regardless of their youth membership in cubs and they would be the responsibility of the attending parent.
  11. Hawkwin

    "Serve actively in your troop"

    I am not sure where you are getting that implication. I simply stated that the requirements for advancement can be achieved in four months but the other recognition takes a year. In other words, the Den Chief should qualify for their Conference just like any other scout in an authorized position. Doesn't mean they quit being a Den Chief.
  12. Hawkwin

    "Serve actively in your troop"

    Thank you, yes it was procedural. Since rank advancement only requires four months but the service award requires a full year of service, how do you handle those that meet the former but not the later?
  13. Hawkwin

    "Serve actively in your troop"

    I have to quibble a little bit. The Pack the Den Chief serves does not have to be in any way connected to the Pack (or vice versa). A Den Chief could chose to serve a pack that ends up sending all of their scouts to a different troop. In our area, Packs and troops are not so connected. It is not uncommon for scouts in the same den to choose different troops.