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  1. And probably by a good number of your class attendees as well.
  2. Sad sign of the times

    "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." It also doesn't say there isn't a relationship between those that are born with two eyes and those that commit crimes but I bet the correlation is higher than those that use drugs and commit crimes. Because the study doesn't say it doesn't exist, we might want to start poking out everyone's extra eye based on that absence of evidence. We can clearly infer that there is a correlation between having two eyes and crimes. Good thing correlation isn't the same thing as causation.
  3. Sad sign of the times

    To clarify, that study doesn't state what you think it does. The study did not try to determine "crime related to drug use." That study simply determined that people arrested had drugs in their system at the time of their arrest. That doesn't mean that they smoked pot and while high, decided to car-jack someone. Correlation is not causality. As your link stated, if they tested individuals arrested for crimes for having consumed water in the last 24 hours, such would not mean that 100% of crime is related to water consumption. More likely the study suggests that individuals with the propensity to commit crimes are also likely to use illegal drugs. Not a rather shocking discovery.
  4. Do they? What proof of that is there? What is specifically different about those scouts? Absent the gender issue, what new types of male boy scouts do you think BSA is trying to get? Of the actual program changes made in the last few years, I think all of them have been to strengthen the traditional aspects of scouting, not to weaken them. National BSA doesn't control your local camp experience. No one obligates you to even use your local camp if they fail to live up to your ideals. Pick a different one if you don't like it - or ask them to better represent what scouting should be.
  5. OK, but then your daughters are not likely signing up for Boy Scout summer camp. It is fair to assume that anyone that does so, self-selects because they do enjoy the same things about camp. In this way, Boy Scout camp need not really change. The girls that want to join and attend camp are self-selecting for the sort of activities that we already offer. This isn't like a summer Y camp that has to try and appeal to everyone with all interests.
  6. How so, can you elaborate? The "entire experience?" I think of the activities my son has had at Boy Scout camp and I can't think of a single thing about his experience that would have changed in any meaningful way. Hiking, just the same. Rappelling, just the same. Campfire activities, just the same. Religious service, just the same. Kayaking, Totin' Chip, Woodcarving, Horsemanship, Wilderness Survival, Rifle Shooting, again just the same. All camps are not made alike so perhaps the activities at your local camp are different but even after having gone to my camp's website and looking at every activity for every day, I don't see a single activity or experience that would have to be different (and not in a good way).
  7. My assumption is that it is cultural. My son indicated he would be fine with his sister in scouts and there are two other fathers of daughters who also have sons in my son's patrol and both of them indicated they were strongly on-board with the change - yet my female cousin, who was Scoutmaster for a troop in another state, along with my other female cousin (same state as the Scoutmaster), strongly objected to the change. I used to live in their state so I can understand why culturally it would be less acceptable to change gender norms in this manner. I probably would feel that way too if I still lived there. Don't discount peer pressure to feel one way or another too.
  8. I don't necessarily disagree, but where do you draw the line? All of my local grocery stores sell liquor and cigs. Do we prohibit scouts from fundraising in front of (or inside of) such businesses? We also fundraise at sporting events where alcohol is served (and where pot is consumed), do we avoid those locations as well? I would not likely have made the same choice as this father and daughter but I also have difficulty passing judgment on them when I consider the fact that the store is legal in that state. It doesn't seem right for me to impose my morals on then from a state thousands of miles away - just like I don't think it would be right for me to impose my morals on what is right or wrong to do in another country where their government and citizens have already decided to legalize.
  9. Point of clarification. While it might be an issue of integrity to some/many, it should not be considered an issue of either safety or questionable activities inside the business. While the feds can't seem to make up their mind on this topic, the state has deemed it legal and is heavily regulating it. There is no reason to assume that the customers that visit that store are any more dangerous or have a desire to be any more questionable than the person that goes to the local grocery store (where they are likely selling GS cookies) to buy a bottle whiskey.
  10. There was an outstanding program on NPR about this very topic a few days ago: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/637/words-you-cant-say
  11. I emailed my SDE shortly after the announcement offering my support and volunteering to help make it a success. Will have to wait and see if I am called on my offer as implementation gets closer. In the meantime, I might volunteer for an early adopter pack.
  12. Will you poach our crew's women?

    The same draw that exists now for boys and girls, yet more existing boy scout girls will have an awareness of it? I don't assume to know what will happen but my hypothesis is that having more girls in BSA is probably better for girls in Venturing than having no girls in BSA.
  13. I can agree with that.
  14. That isn't my contention. They can do as much as they like together, and probably will, but per the graphic put out by Nationals, they will be a separate program. For example, the boys will elect their own SPL and the girls will elect their own SPL. Now Nationals may indeed change from what was initially put out but until they do, it doesn't benefit any of us to operate on rumor or assumption.
  15. Let's not jump to conclusions by calling people liars. Their intent may indeed be and have been to keep them completely separate but upon further examination of the plans for implementation, they may end up determining that the final result has to be different. That doesn't make them liars. I often tell my kids we are going to do this or the other but sometimes life happens and we have to change our plans.