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  1. Scouter Magazine

    Wow, Scouting Magazine compared to the newspaper of the Communist party of Russia? Tell us how you really feel about BSA National.
  2. LDS leaving BSA?

    America has been a melting pot (or perhaps more accurately, beef stew - sort of like BSA now), for centuries with far more diverse opinions, cultures, and norms than BSA. Certainly we, people that follow the Oath and the Law, can learn to "feel comfortable" with the idea that another Troop might have different members than our own - especially when we consider the fact that most if not all non-religious employers are even more accepting of diverse cultures and norms than BSA. Heck, my employer accepts cross-dressers (not that I have ever seen one in my workplace), doesn't mean I am going to quit my job. Also, as I eluded to in another thread, I am a vet. My old Parachute Infantry Regiment now accepts both gay and female soldiers. I would not avoid service to my country based on such - duty is more important than what objections I might have on their inclusion. I would hope Scouts who follow the Oath still feel a duty their country even when their country might do something that is not 100% to their approval. That is kind of what makes duty and being Brave relevant. If it was easy, we would not need an Oath or Law for it.
  3. LDS leaving BSA?

    Thank you. I'd rather not lose folks like you over the inclusion of my daughter so it is important to me that we respect your opinion as much as people that may share mine. What BSA teaches and brings to youth is far more important than any disagreement we may have over the membership changes and I'd rather have you in BSA with your disagreement (and allowed to remain "traditional") than have you leave it due to compulsory changes in values. Is your Troop chartered by your church? If so, has your Troop experience changed? I ask because I know some of the local Troops chartered by churches (my Troop is church-chartered) that have not changed under the new membership rules at all (and that may include mine, I have not asked). I would think that in those cases, the Troop and your church still reinforces those same values. I hope your Troop experience doesn't leave you feeling just tolerated. Is it possible that you are projecting something not really being experienced? Probably 95% or more of scouting is local; Patrol and Troop level. What BSA does in another council, and much less another state, has no direct impact on my Scout. If another council started letting adults in their 30s get their Eagle, it would not have a direct impact on the values my Troop teaches. I hope to share in your experience one day! My son went to the Jambo on a road trip (too young to go to camp there) and loved it. We both can't want until he is old enough to do the High Adventure stuff. I don't agree with this. They want the same kind of Scouting that appeals to the same kinds of families as they always have. This is evidenced by the fact of the greater focus and requirements as it pertains to faith. This is also evidenced by the fact that they are not forcing any membership changes on people that want to keep things just the way they were a decade ago. They also want to make scouting more available to those families where their faith doesn't object to sexual orientation or gender. Why can't BSA be both? Traditional to you and yours and modified for others?
  4. LDS leaving BSA?

    Already have those. My son's previous Den leader is an active volunteer active in the Boy Scout troop as well as the mom of a fellow scout with an older daughter (no idea of her interest in Boy Scouts). Our Pack Committee Chair (female) also is an active volunteer in the current Troop. I estimate that we have at least six active female adult leaders in our current Troop. Though, I have no idea how interested any of them would be in taking on addition duties in leading a girls Troop. I certainly want to avoid cannibalizing the existing Troop of leaders. My troop is likely very atypical. We have roughly 100 scouts with many adult leaders, both female and male. The only shortage we sometimes experience is additional drivers for camping and events. All that being stated, I have no idea yet even if our CO would sponsor a girls Troop so our excitement for such is perhaps unwarranted.
  5. LDS leaving BSA?

    I am sorry but I don't understand your metaphor. Also, who withdrew their support of what? You quoted my comment about how many religious faiths now accept non-hetero relationships. Are you suggesting that the members of those faiths "withdrew their support?" Certainly is possible and I would have no idea on that point. Obviously too soon to say if they are buying but I know at least a small part of their new market, and it is me and my GS daughter and every other younger sibling girl of my son's Patrol. There are three of us that have younger daughters (two of which are currently in GS) of Cub Scout and soon to be Boy Scout age. I have spoken to the other two fathers and all three of us, and our daughters, are looking forward to joining BSA. No idea as of yet if our CO (or another local CO) will be supporting such.
  6. LDS leaving BSA?

    Last I read (about 2 years ago), only about a third of all councils support Lone Scouts. If you are in a council area that does not support it, then you must join a Pack or Troop to be a scout. If that has changed, please let me know.
  7. LDS leaving BSA?

    I get that, and I can sympathize. That being stated, how do you differentiate between how Scouting has evolved in this capacity with how American society has evolved? You call them liberal norms on sexuality and gender but I think it might be safe these days to call them simply norms without any additional qualifiers of conservative or liberal. SCOTUS has ruled on gay marriage, and next year may rule on sexuality as a protected class (like race and gender) and even the military, including combat arms, is now accepting of gays and coeds. The fact that BSA doesn't make you conform to such should make it a refuge for you. For those with "traditional conservative values," the non-compulsory environment of BSA seems to suggest that there is still a home for you in it - just like America is still a home for you despite the changing norms.
  8. LDS leaving BSA?

    How? All the recent membership decisions have been voluntary. No Troop has been required to accept membership of gays or girls. Personally, Scouting is so much more to me than just sexual preference or gender.
  9. Pet store will be our solution, unfortunately. Likely starting this weekend.
  10. 60th JOTA Participation down 27% from 2016

    Is this event roughly the same date every year? This was to be our first year to participate but with the newly expanded Fall Break school schedule, we were out of town (hiking the AT) and could not easily coordinate such so we missed it. If it is the same date every year, then I wonder if the change in school schedules might be impacting attendance a bit.
  11. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    Perhaps, but I don't get that sense from the OP. This might be a great learning opportunity for those scouts that are dropping out of the hike - an opportunity for them to show perseverance in the face of, what appears to be, parents that have simply not been well educated on how Boy Scouts is different than Cub Scouts. A great opportunity for those scouts to perhaps learn how to politely and respectfully inform those parents as to how this particular hike functions best for the Troop. I am a parent of a 1st year scout so I can completely relate. It is a common occurrence for me to have to "cut the strings" for my Tenderfoot while at the same time, remind him to do things I wish he would already do on his own - both in and out of scouts. If I didn't hike with him all the time already, I could see how I might feel the same way those moms do.
  12. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    Wait, is this boy-lead or not? Why are those older boys letting some new moms run their program? The only "watering down" that is happening is the boys quitting in the face what appears to be some mild opposition and lack of education on the part of those new Boy Scout moms. If this is a boy-lead organization, then the boys plan the hike and if there is a planned limit on the number of adults attending as well as an understanding as to how fast of a pace will be set, then so be it.
  13. Tahawk, do you acknowledge that Venturing was not a part of BSA when this document was originally created? If so, then do you also acknowledge that the document can be changed over the decades and centuries and that it has been changed to include coed Venturing as well as many other changes? If so, then can you also acknowledge that simply because it does not state that "Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Varsity Scouting are for boys and girls" currently, that the document could be changed to state that in the future? I am confident that your interpretation that female Venturers voids the charter is incorrect as I am also confident that this document can be reworded to include girls in other scouting entities. Again, you are welcome to disagree and I encourage you to exhaust all the legal remedies at your disposal if you feel so strongly. My confident assumption is that if you had legal standing, such would have already been challenged with the inclusion of coed Venturing decades ago - either in the courts or via internal process to challenge changes to the Charter and Bylaws further up in this same document.
  14. Congressional Charter question(s) to ponder

    Is there any reason why a group of adults couldn't simply form a new organization with a different name? Seems like there is already quite a bit of competition between various youth organizations. Heck, there is even the Baden-Powell Service Association : https://www.bpsa-us.org/ (fair warning, they include girls). Welcome to BPSA The Baden-Powell Service Association offers a community-oriented traditional scouting program for youth and adults of all genders in the United States. There is no religious requirement and our groups are independent from sponsoring organizations. We offer the experience of scouting to anyone who wishes to join us. We are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America or the Girl Scouts, USA or their governing scout associations. We are members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) and as such are not in competition with other American scouting associations; we are only their brothers and sisters in scouting. Traditional Program Traditional scouting is a method that harkens back to the original principles and practices of Scouting's founder, Robert Baden-Powell. Our program and coursework are modeled after B-P's original texts, and our method is simple: we promote good citizenship, self-reliance, loyalty, and outdoor skills. Our focus is on empowering youth through hands-on practice in small groups, led by peer leadership.