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  1. Well, at work it was behind a pay wall but from home it works. Go figure.
  2. Hawkwin

    First Women

  3. Suggesting that he "greesed the wheels" is to imply he did something less than ethical. It calls into question his character and motives. Another comment (not from you) stated that he was a "rich lawyer" (class envy?!?) and that he "shamelessly exploited loopholes." Again, impugning character. I think we can discuss the merits of her situation without calling into question the motivations of her father or herself for that matter.
  4. Can we PLEASE get off this kick of trying to impugn her father, and by extension (and sometime outright) the scout? It is really really ugly and I would hope we are both better than that and that we can discuss our positions intelligently without turning to logical fallacies about a person's perceived motives.
  5. Again, my reply was in support of her being recognized as having completed the work for 1st Class. I stated nothing about Eagle - and the G2A seems rather clear on that point, regardless of citizenship or prior service in any other organization.
  6. What you quoted is not contrary to what I quoted. She must complete the requirement of Eagle after achieving the First Class rank as specified in G2A. I post in support of her council recognizing her prior work in granting her First Class.
  7. I think people are conflating different portions of the G2A. I will quote the individual sentences in order. Youth From Other Countries This section clearly allows for non-citizens to join BSA. This section clearly states that prior progress made in another scouting organization may be considered and recognized by the council (note, this is not a call made by Nationals - the authority to recognize resides with the council). The G2A never envisioned the idea that a US citizen would have foreign scouting experience that they would want to apply to BSA so the language does not account for such. So, I ask, what does BSA accomplish by creating such an odd exclusion? Why would we grant more options and freedoms to a non-citizen than we do our own citizens? Lastly, I will quote one more section of G2A: How to Approach Issues Not Covered in the Guide to Advancement I fail to see how anyone would argue that it is common sense to allow a female Canadian the right to have their prior service recognized in BSA but disallow a citizen of the United States the same right. What do we accomplish as an organization by creating such a prohibition?
  8. Hawkwin

    Tan Velcro for patches?

    Weird! The link from my order history is a completely different color (and is clearly tan on my son's uniform). I didn't notice such because I simply copied the link without revisiting the page. The seller must have changed it instead of making a new listing.
  9. Hawkwin

    Tan Velcro for patches?

    Odd, I have ordered this multiple times and it is nearly identical in color to the uniform. Perhaps your order was simply wrong? (edit) Scratch that, this is the one I ordered that was the same color as the uniform (I think!). https://www.amazon.com/Gourd-Wide-Sew-Hook-Loop/dp/B01N5WFT0X/ref=pd_bap_rp_40_pd_ys_c_rfy_rp_crs_1_atc_o_2?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=8Y13BEJ3PZ0HEB36789W
  10. Hawkwin

    Neckerchief Slide

    Ha! My Webelos daughter lost three in half a year. When we finally find a troop (don't ask), I will encourage her to make something new as well.
  11. Hawkwin

    Privacy of Health Forms

    It isn't about the scouts, it is about the parents (and siblings) that now must also complete the forms and turn them in. I can see where a parent might be hesitant to turn over their medical information to another adult just for attending a camp out.
  12. I was reading a question about health forms on scoutingmagazine.org forums. Apparently, my.scouting.org states that all individuals (parents, scouts, and siblings) that attend or otherwise participate in scouting events must complete Part A and Part B of the health form. I was surprised by this but after a bit of thought, it makes sense from a liability perspective; but then I wondered about privacy rules regarding such. I could see where some parents may be uncomfortable disclosing some health information to other adults that are not medical professionals. And of course, some parents might not be convinced that such documents would be kept private (and I don't see any disclosure in the document that claims it would be kept private or otherwise provides recourse to the adult if it isn't). How to handle such? How does your troop or pack handle such? I might have a future as a CC or a ASM/SM and I'd rather know how to handle this possibility now they have to deal with it in the moment.
  13. Why should a scout NOT expect the SM to inform them that they will not receive the SMs recommendation? You don't find it odd that a scout would not learn of their lack of recommendation until the election? No one wants to wait until election time to learn that they were not nominated but otherwise qualified. That has to be a terrible feeling considering the fact that the ONLY reason they didn't get nominated was some perceived but otherwise unknown and undefined deficiency determined by the SM. Shouldn't that conversation happen in advance? That would seem to be a critical part of any SM conference or generally open lines of communication - ESPECIALLY in cases where some 1st class scouts might be on the ballot and others were not. A scout shouldn't have to go to the SM and ask "why" after the fact.