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  1. Hawkwin

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Well, with all due respect, there's your (their) problem. I have little sympathy for parents that are not willing to put in even a marginal amount of effort to make things work. Find an hour, even an hour at their local library, to take the class isn't asking for too much.
  2. Hawkwin

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    Sounds like a problem for the Council or the District, not your troop. I would refer them to the appropriate entity. I have an AOL daughter in the same predicament and I continue to work actively with the local district to find her a troop in February. I don't harass my son's troop (or their CO) about it but I have asked them what they plan to do.
  3. Hawkwin

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    So you can say with confidence that you know in advance as to whether or not an adult might end up being a sexual predator just because you know them socially?
  4. Hawkwin

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    By comparison, if you had three new girls and one of the mom's volunteered to be a YPT ADL, that new mom would be just as much of a stranger to everyone but her own daughter. At least if you get an existing scouter, you should have at least some assumption of prior good behavior. You don't have that at all with a new adult to your unit.
  5. Hawkwin

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Here is the thread where the YPT proposed changes where discussed. The proposed changes were announced in April. I don't know the official implementation date but I think it was supposed to start when all packs, not just the early adopters, opened their doors to girls. This likely left summer camps in a bit of limbo between the old and the new rules and as such, likely were not required to implement the new rules. I am pretty sure having female leaders was not a requirement when EAP first rolled out last year. If you have a reference stating otherwise, please share it. Edit: I think I discovered my confusion. While having female YPT adult leaders was a requirement for the PACK, it was not requirement on the Den level until recently. I don't honestly know how that impacted camps for the summer. I know my daughter went to cub scout day camp and while we did not have our own female YPT den leader at the time, there were plenty of other YPT females in attendance.
  6. Hawkwin

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    ? I am a Den Leader as part of the EAP and I don't recall that being a requirement. I recall it being made public that it was going to be a requirement sometime in May or there about.
  7. Hawkwin

    Girls in Venturing

    You might have to reach out the either Nationals or various alumni organizations for such information.
  8. Hawkwin

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Was the rule requiring female YPT leaders in effect by this summer? I feel like it wasn't a requirement at that time but I don't honestly recall.
  9. Hawkwin

    10,000 Girl Cub Scouts

    On a side note, we had 27 NEW Bobcats last night with 17 of them being tigers. The pack has doubled in size from last year and just three of those are girls (from my count), taking us to a total of five. I have to wonder if this might end up being one of it not the biggest jumps in applicants BSA has ever seen - and of course will get larger still in February when older girls can join.
  10. No, I asked you whose morals? Your reply claimed such actions were "possible child abuse." "Child Abuse" is defined under state (and federal) laws, not under some universally defined and accepted morality standard. You move the discussion from one of morality to legality by making a legal claim. So let's backtrack to my original question before you moved the goal posts, whose morals?
  11. I like that idea. I might add that to the recommendation. I learned at a recent sporting event that another scout parent has the same complaint as I. The SM made the parent drive four hours (two hours each way) to take their scout on a Friday night to a camp out so that the scout can get their SMC done in time for the BOR/COH. The scout completed the SMC and then turned around and went home immediately after. The scout had sport tourneys all weekend so was not available to attend the camp out. I could see the pain on the face of the parents as they shared their story with me. No one should have to jump through such hoops for a SMC.
  12. So when you misrepresent my reply, what is your desired goal? To get me to respond in kind or simply stop responding? You win. Moving on.
  13. What is the child abuse? Clearly each state has laws covering such. Does your state consider such actions child abuse? Are you suggesting that BSA create its own rules and definitions regarding child abuse that extend beyond what each state already does? Again, whose morals would establish those extra-judicial rules? Not only that, how expensive would it be to not only create those rules but then defend them against legal challenges. Are you willing to pay another $50 a year to cover those new legal fees? Again, if a CO doesn't like something about an applicant, let that CO deal with it at their level. It seems foolish beyond even worthy consideration to ask BSA to adopt a national policy that would define child abuse more extreme than what each state does.
  14. Whose morals? Since we are a religious, but non-denominational organization, whose morals would we dictate to our units? Seems like something best left to the CO and not to BSA National.
  15. High double digits. My guess is between 70-80 currently. Our Scoutlander page lists 87 but I doubt all of them are active. And I appreciate your advice on finding a smaller troop. Certainly it would lead to a very different experience - but I think there is a lesson here for my scout in that demonstrating my willingness to fix things vs simply taking the easier, and perhaps more pleasant solution, he might learn that strife and struggle are often necessary components of growth and success and even perhaps that there is value in even in struggle that ultimately results in failure. Moving to another troop will always be an option that can be explored in the future but for now, we have not exhausted our options or our efforts to make what we currently have better. Feels like an allegory for all of BSA.