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  1. Should it matter? Does the so-called "accused" get to tell the victim that it is less offensive because it was above her belt instead of below and he used something other than his hand to hit her? Maybe she just needs it mansplained to her.
  2. Sure it was. He did this on live tv. Some behaviors are crimes against society and not just the individual.
  3. Are you really suggesting a qualifying timeline to her reaction, as if she took too long then his behavior was less offensive or that she would somehow be less entitled to be outraged? So by implication, if he didn't misbehave, then they could't call him out? You would be basically admitting to those moms that this guy is a potential risk so if/when he misbehaves, you should be prepared... You certainly are not having this conversation about what to do regarding any other leaders that have not demonstrated poor behavior. I think I would find another pack if you told me that - and report the CC to the district and council.
  4. Hawkwin

    Committee voting

    That is what the SM ended up doing. Bought 4 from Hikerdirect. We initially were looking at the Taurus but it sold out.
  5. Hawkwin

    Committee voting

    Because we are all brand new and trying to figure this out on our own. Until the first response in this thread, I had not even considered that we could simply leave it up to the SM.
  6. Hawkwin

    Committee voting

    I understand BSA does not give a lot of direction on this issue but I am trying not to recreate the wheel for our 1st year committee. When it comes to spending money on purchases, does your committee always vote? Our committee wants to buy some tents for our new troop for few hundred dollars. Trying to get us to decide on 2-3 tents is as hard as trying to get a bunch of scouts to decided on the same - too many options, too many opinions. As such, we are now weeks into discussion without new tents. For this and other items, how does your committee handle it? Does someone eventually just make the decision or are you able to come to consensus? I don't want to steamroll the other members but I also don't want paralysis by analysis. On a side note, know of any good tents for sale? 😵 Ideally, we have them in hand a week from how for our COH.
  7. Hawkwin

    Changing BSA's Image

    A scout Fortnite skin. Just sayin. https://www.digitalspy.com/tech/a862410/fortnite-characters-movie/
  8. Hawkwin

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    You mistakenly conflate the methods by which one learns as the same things as the topic being taught. Yes, people (let's acknowledge that not all boys or girls learn in the same way) have different methods by which they assimilate knowledge but none of that should have any bearing whether or not a person, should be taught how to tie a bowline knot or how to use a compass properly. BSA teaches life skills, not boy skills.
  9. Hawkwin

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    What you call a rule change and not standing on principle, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls "Continuous Revelation." I'd call it changing with the tides. LDS Church rule change on baptisms reverses 2015 'revelation' in midst of era of change https://kutv.com/news/local/lds-church-rules-change-reverses-2015-revelation 20 changes the new Mormon president has made to appeal to Millennials and Generation Z https://religionnews.com/2019/06/18/20-changes-the-new-mormon-president-has-made-to-appeal-to-millennials-and-generation-z/ One wonders what the reaction would have been if BSA Nationals said that god told them to make these changes.
  10. The Jaycees case was different because they in fact already admitted women; but at a lower standard of [non-voting] membership - basically second class citizens/members. The Jaycees also treated older men the same way. The result of the case was that women would be able to seek full membership. I don't think it helped older men. I would imagine that if the Jaycees had completely excluded women, then the result of the case would have been different.
  11. If you can't trust trained adults, regardless of age, then it should not matter the gender of the scouts they are supervising. There are enough lawsuits currently that illustrate that point.
  12. No, our rules are discriminatory to this family. Boys in scouting may be lead by two women or two men but girls in scouting require a registered female leader. Now, we are well within our right to discriminate in such a manner - nothing requires us to do otherwise, but with the need for 2-deep in most cases, it seems antiquated and unnecessary - and certainly a determent to BSAs desire to be welcoming to both genders..
  13. Affluency and bullying (both the perpetrator and the victim) do not appear to be significantly negatively correlated. https://theconversation.com/who-are-more-likely-to-be-bullies-poor-kids-or-rich-kids-27411 As far as it being justified? I think so. Teens currently have the highest rate of suicide in nearly 20 years (2000). It is the second leading cause of death for people 15-24. The opioid crisis likely impacts that stat but then so does cyber bulling. The idea that a bullying event can go viral and live forever online (much longer than the actual incident) is terrifying, not only for the kids impacted but probably for their parents as well.
  14. Oddly enough, I think my daughter read my son's BL more when she wasn't a scout - but then, we don't get the magazine any more I think.
  15. Hawkwin


    Curious, I had assumed any and all temporary and otherwise non-uniform patches (like aquatics and equipment decorations) could be placed on the back of the merit badge sash but the above link would suggest otherwise. Anyone aware of something more recent or definitive? That was posted back in 2011 and last updated 2014.